£1500 business class flights London-Sydney / Melbourne on Malaysia (earns Avios and tier points)

Malaysia Airlines seems to have dropped some very cheap business class flights to Sydney and Melbourne with the online travel agencies.  These deals are ONLY available if booked with a hotel – but it seems that 1 night in a hostel is enough to trigger it.

How cheap?  How about £1,500?

This is available for most dates until 26th November 2017.

You can book this fare on Expedia, where you can pick up some Nectar points as well for your trouble.  It is also available on sister sites such as ebookers.   Here is an Expedia screenshot I pulled up (click to enlarge):


You need to search for London to Sydney or Melbourne in Business Class.  You need to search for ‘flight & hotel’ and then select ‘I only want a hotel for part of my stay’.  Assuming that you don’t want to book your hotel for the trip via Expedia, select one night only.

On the next page of the booking process you are shown a list of hotels.  These are NOT sorted by price by default, so re-order them.  The cheapest will be some grotty hostel but that is fine as you won’t be staying there.

(Another alternative is to book an airport hotel at Sydney or Melbourne for the first or last night of your trip, if you think it would come in handy.)

Between London and Kuala Lumpur you will get an A380, with an A330 onwards on most routes.  The A330 business class seat is the latest version and has some very attractive solo window seats as the seating plan on this page of the Malaysia website shows.

Bangkok, Phuket and Bali are also available for around £1,100 return.  You may want to try other Asian destinations too.

The Australasian routes would earn 600 tier points in British Airways Executive Club, based on 2 x 140 and 2 x 160 tier points.

It is worth popping over to Expedia and seeing what you can price up.  Hat-tip to Flyertalk for this.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Rob!

    I get LHR-KUL as 160 TPs on the BA calculator, so LHR-SYD should actually earn 600 TPs return.

  2. Alan Wan says:

    It’s actually 600TPs. The LHR-KUL leg earns 160TPs. This is for J, C, D and Z class fares. However I THINK I read somewhere some discounted MH fares earn nothing?

  3. I have booked! £1565 per person. dates booked: 9th -26th November. Sydney return.

    • Fantastic, enjoy 😀 An excellent price! Wish the offer was around for a bit longer as fancy a trip back to Oz and this is certainly a good deal.

  4. I’ve been trying this on Expeida and Booking.com and not getting anything under £2,000 even selecting the cheapest one night in a hotel. I wonder if I am doing something wrong?

    Does anyone know if and how I can apply Avios point to purchasing or upgrading a Malaysian Airlines flight?


  5. Nick Burch says:

    I’m seeing that the Friday and Saturday departures from Heathrow are hard to find, but other days of the week leaving seem OK!

  6. LOADS OF MONEY says:

    Would not send my dog on MAS in J.
    Even F is rubbish.

    • Sam Wardil says:

      There is nothing wrong with MH J IMHO. F is also OK but hardly any better than J apart from the seat.

  7. thanks a lot for flagging Rob – booked!

  8. Thomas Tuyaerts says:

    call me crazy but I think I rather pay the premium of £300 pp and fly Qatar all the way in stead of MH?

    ,…….QR it is for me! £3200 for 10 days Bali 5 star hotel and business class flights from LHR,!!!not too bad I think

    • Thomas, l see your point. Not bad at all from LHR. But, if like us, you had hopped over to EU you would have got there for well under £1k. But your time may be precious. We too are waiting for the next QR sale, our Vietnam tickets from OSL on Sat are around £880 pp. not bad. Coming back from KUL tho as wanted the a380. Plus, a nice half weekend in Oslo. Using a 241 in CE as a treat.

      l like the look of that J layout. All seats not equal personal space tho, so would def want to prebook those spacious ones. Not a bad price to Bali at all….but QR wins out with the TPs and close to silver retention, as we don’t have any work biz travel to help retain status.

  9. Concerto says:

    There’s a lot wrong with MH. I wouldn’t fly them, full stop.

    • Care to elaborate?

    • That appears to be quite a negative comment without any facts to back it up.

    • Mrs W has also vetoed flying Malaysian airlines. Boo.

      • Peter K says:

        I’d consider booking for my mum but she won’t fly them after the lost plane and the one shot down.
        Things like that stick with people!

      • James67 says:

        If these fears are based on safety concerns I would hazard a guess that, in light of recent history, maintenance at MH is better than most. One incident was certainly no fault of MH, and it is entirely possible they may be blameless in the other too. Furthermore most flights with MH will be on relatively new a380s, a330s and 737-8s whilst the same cannot be said for some other airlines. With respect to quality, MH a380 is unquestionably superior to CW on any aircraft. Personally, I’d also take it over QR simply because it’s a decent nights sleep on an a380 versus a broken up journey, most likely on a noisy something else. From regions though ME3 have the advantage over MH of being one stop versus two for most major destintions other than KL.

        • +1 James. Can’t see that a plane being shot out of the sky can be laid at the feet of the airline; I’d fly MH no problem. Only thing that would make me take a QR flight in preference is if I needed the extra TPs and was going somewhere like BKK or Phuket etc. You are right though about the broken journey in Doha which is a pain once you have already experienced the the Mourjan Business lounge etc. I think QR is fine but I don’t get the general reverence and I wouldn’t go out of my way. Good sales though.

        • You could always break the journey up with a stay in the airport hotel which is great, although they have put their prices up considerably.
          I haven’t flown J or F on Malaysian, but Qatar’s J product, on the 787, is excellent imo.

        • I agree to some extent, however I seem to recall MH was the only airline still flying in Ukrainian airspace and other airlines were avoiding it. Happy to be corrected if I am wrong though.

        • James67 says:

          No, it wasn’t, there were a string of aircraft ahead of it and behind it on the same flight path. Airlines avoiding the area were the exception rather than the rule.

        • Can’t post links as it’ll be flagged as spam. There were over 150 flights over Ukraine that day, including Emirates to Kiev and Singapore airlines. Don’t see anybody avoiding them

  10. Good to know.

    However I must say, phrases such as “some grotty hostel” do the article a disservice by making it sound incredibly out of touch…

    Not everyone would balk at the idea. Feels presumptuous at best.

    • I understand your point, but what percentage of people booking £1,500 business class flights are then going to opt to stay in a 14 bed dorm, exactly? The article is tailored to the intended audience.

      • It actually offered me a night at the Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport for zero extra when I looked. Didn’t go for it in the end but would have been quite decent given the late arrival time.

      • Perhaps the ones who are not so narrow minded to think all hostels are “grotty” and by consequence in all ways inferior…

        • TGLoyalty says:

          I’m sure Rob’s comment was more you can pick the cheapest and most grotty hostel on Expedia to lock in the lowest fare possible and not stay there.

          Don’t believe it was a sweeping statement on all Hostels on the planet.

        • Then why the use of the word “grotty” if it weren’t a review of the facility itself?

    • James67 says:

      FWIW I’ve stayed in hostels before that were better than Hilton Edinburgh Grosvenor.

    • Genghis says:

      I stayed in some lovely hostels when I was younger and then last year really did stay in a grotty hostel in Newcastle while on a stag do.

    • I stay at plenty of hostels that I would myself remark as “grotty” as it allows me the money to afford a better flight ticket (like this) BUT the article/comments didn’t feel out of touch or presumptuous to me in the slightest. I actually thought it was a bit of humor.

      • Genghis says:

        Are you not better off flying Y and staying in some nicer hotels?

        • Personally I’d rather fly in business and stay somewhere cheap, whether it’s a hostel, budget hotel or whatever. For me it’s just somewhere to sleep at night when away, although I may be more likely to splash out on a private room rather than a dormitory if staying in a hostel these days.

          There’s some amazing hostels in Australia as well.

        • For me personally the comfort on a flight where I am stuck for 24 hours is more important than a place I spend most of my time asleep when I am out exploring a new country like AUZ. Sub 5 hour flights are a different story and I agree 100% to save money for Hotels.

  11. bryan19 says:

    I think the point is you dont have to stay in the hotel… But if you do want to, there are some great deals to be had at the likes of the Four Seasons, Intercontinental, etc

  12. Tickets non-refundable kills it for me. I need the flexibility to change for work needs

    • James67 says:

      Same here, flexibility is main reason I avoid these sales. I prefer to pay 300-400 more for a ticket I can change or cancel. This is easy enough to find, even with the added advantage of exUK flights.

  13. I found sub £1500pp for SYD for a fortnight from mid-May…..which is exactly when I’ll be going already ex-EU with BA for ~£360pp (in economy though!), using RFS to position out & back.

    If the MH offer had been on back in June when the BA was available I’d have snapped it up. Can’t win them all.

  14. Long time lurker, first time poster!

    Booked for a Feb departure, it would only let me book a 4 week period!

  15. I’ve just booked via Flight Centre and our consultant there says that they have the deal until the end of January. Even Auckland is available on the deal as well. I find it much easier to ask a trusted travel agent to tell me when the cheap booking class is available rather than do it myself on online.

  16. O/T what is the best way to find reward availability the site on BA seems down and I can’t get the app to work?

  17. Booked LON – KUL – HAN in business for next November…£1330 all in, including a grotty hostel for 1 night. The KUL – HAN flight is MH752 on a B738. Can’t get definite information on the seating but it may be recliner seats rather than refurb’d business cabin? Has anyone done this route recently?

    Although I’m now looking at QR flights as well as I didn’t realise there was such a big TP difference. 🙂 Agent reckons I can cancel the MH booking up until 23:59 tonight which is useful.


    • James67 says:

      The 737-8 business seating is first 4 rows with reclining seats in 2+2 configuration. Best analogy is regional first on North American airlines. Thai regional J it is not but beats anything you will experience on regular European business flights. IMO perfectly adequate for the short flight to NBI. I would recommend you base your decision on shortest journey and convenience of arrival and departure times as opposed to perceived quality. However, IIRC you are looking at a middle of night transit in DOH to HAN, if that is the case I’d definitely stick with MH a380. Either the QR flight to
      /from HAN or SGN (cannot remember which) used to stop en route in BKK but that may no longer be the case.

  18. QR Jan sale coming up next Monday, might worth holding on for a week


  19. I looked for any dates in March to Melbourne and couldnt find anything less than £2300, infact, the cheapest was Cathay!!

    Im guessing a lot the the Malaysian deals are gone, annoyingly, I have to book hotels for my trip yet and this deal will have bumped up the prices of that :-/

  20. May I know how do I get BA tier point if I booked the Malaysia airline via online travel agent?

    • You should be able to add your BA number via Manage My Booking on the Malaysia website, or call them, or do it at check in.

      • Damian Smith says:

        I was able to add our BAEC numbers through the expedia website after booking – on the confirmation page.

        I have been allocated seats for KUL – DPS (2nd row) but not allocated seats on LHR – KUL.

        Expedia has an option to choose seats – but then it says seatmap not found.

        I created a malaysia airlines account and was able to add and view my booking, but not to change anything…

  21. Anyway of stopping over in KUL for a period before catching the connecting flight with this deal?

    • The best I could manage was 21 hour connection, there doesn’t look like anyway to force a stopover of any longer onto the booking

  22. Colleague at work mentioned they were going to holiday in Oz this year. I sent them your article and they booked flights last night. They are thrilled, first time flying business class.

  23. Couldn’t get close to the £1500 number here on various dates. Closest was around £1750 and on those dates, Vietnam Airlines beat Malaysian !

    • It looks like most of the seats have gone at these prices.

      • Saves me from reconciling my desire for cheap seats with my desire to actually get there safely !

        • Rebecca says:

          I’m very tempted, the seats are available at dates which fit for my friends wedding. I’m slightly concerned about the safety record though!

        • No safety issues – of the two incidents, one was entirely out of their control (shot down) and the second looks like it was a suicidal pilot or a total loss of pressure due to an airframe failure (unlikely to be maintenance related).

  24. Iain Chalmers says:

    Malaysia Airlines has great fares in First too. LHR-SYD for circa £2,700. Ebookers and Expedia. Fares found via Kayak and for various dates in 2017.

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