Here’s the full BA ‘buy on board’ menu, with pricing, which launches next week

Buy on board‘ comes to British Airways short haul flights from next Wednesday.  That is, if your flight isn’t cancelled by the strike.

(Don’t forget to claim your 1,000 Avios compensation if you had any short haul flights booked before the 29th September announcement date for travel after 11th January.  You need to drop Customer Services an email.  Note that it is 1,000 Avios per member and not 1,000 Avios per flight.  In theory flight refunds are also available although you will get some push back from Customer Services on this.)

The full menu, with cash and Avios pricing, is now available online.  You can see it here.  I have added a link to this page to the ‘Key BA links’ section of HFP which is at the bottom of the sidebar on the desktop and tablet sites.

This is what you will be able to buy:

Fresh food:

Smoked British bacon roll – served hot – £4.75 / 600 Avios
Aberdeen Angus beef and red onion chutney bloomer – £4.75 / 600 Avios
Harissa chicken and couscous salad – £4.50 / 575 Avios
Farmhouse cheddar cheese ploughmans – £3.00 / 375 Avios
Buffalo mozzarella and tomato focaccia – served hot – £4.95 / 625 Avios
Fruit salad – £3.50 / 450 Avios
Yogurt with summer berry compote and crunchy granola – £1.95 / 250 Avios

Savoury snacks:

Cashew nuts – £1.60 / 200 Avios
Wasabi peas – £1.60 / 200 Avios
Lightly sea salted hand cooked crisps – £1.00 / 125 Avios
Sea salt and balsamic vinegar hand cooked crisps – £1.00 / 125 Avios
Oat and barley porridge – £1.40 / 125 Avios
Nut assortment – £1.60 / 200 Avios
Olives basil and garlic olive snack – £1.20 / 150 Avios

Sweet snacks:

Milk chocolate covered pretzels and popping candy popcorn – £2.45 / 300 Avios
Soft apricots – £1.95 / 250 Avios
The Whippy One – fluffy light mallow encased in creamy milk chocolate with caramelised walnut pieces – £1.00 / 125 Avios
Mini oat biscuits – £1.10 / 150 Avios
Brownie bar – £1.45 / 175 Avios
Super nut, fruit and seed flapjack – £1.45 / 175 Avios
Milk chocolate mountain bar – £1.75 / 225 Avios
Percy Pig – soft gums made with fruit juice – £1.85 / 225 Avios
Salted caramel hazelnut millionaire – gluten free biscuit – £1.45 / 175 Avios
4 Finger KitKat – £1.20 / 150 Avios
All butter shortbread – pack of two fingers – £1.20 / 150 Avios

Hot drinks:

Java Republic regular coffee – 12oz cup – £2.30 / 300 Avios
Java Republic decaf coffee – 12oz cup – £2.30 / 300 Avios
Twinings English breakfast tea – £2.30 / 300 Avios
Twinings Earl Grey tea – £2.30 / 300 Avios
Twinings Pure Green tea – £2.30 / 300 Avios
Twinings Pure Peppermint tea – £2.30 / 300 Avios
Cadburys hot chocolate – 12oz cup – £2.70 / 350 Avios

Soft drinks:

Highland Spring sparkling water – 500ml – £1.80 / 225 Avios
Highland Spring still water – 500ml – £1.80 / 225 Avios
Vita Coco coconut water 330ml – £2.70 / 350 Avios
Sprite – 330ml can – £1.80 / 225 Avios
Coca Cola – 330ml can – £1.80 / 225 Avios
Diet Coke – 330ml can – £1.80 / 225 Avios
Fanta Orange – 330ml can – £1.80 / 225 Avios
Pip Organic orange juice – 200ml – £2.70 / 350 Avios
Pip Organic apple juice – 200ml – £2.70 / 350 Avios
Folkington’s Elderflower Presse – 250ml can – £2.20 / 275 Avios
Fruit shoot Orange, low sugar – 200ml – £1.80 / 225 Avios
Appletiser – 330ml – £1.80 / 225 Avios
Fever Tree tonic water – 150ml – £1.50 / 200 Avios
Fever Tree Slimline tonic water – 150ml – £1.50 / 200 Avios
Big Tom Spiced Tomato mix – 150ml – £1.50 / 200 Avios
Folkington’s Ginger Ale – 150ml – £1.50 / 200 Avios
Folkington’s Club Soda – 150ml – £1.50 / 200 Avios
Folkington’s Bitter Lemon – 150ml – £1.50 / 200 Avios

Alcoholic drinks:

Bacardi Carta Blanca rum – 50ml – £4.50 / 575 Avios
Baileys Irish Cream – 50ml – £4.50 / 575 Avios
Bombay Sapphire Gin – 50ml – £4.50 / 575 Avios
Jonnie Walker Red – 50ml – £4.50 / 575 Avios
Jack Daniels – 50ml – £4.50 / 575 Avios
Smirnoff Red – 50ml – £4.50 / 575 Avios
XO Brandy – 50ml – £4.50 / 575 Avios
Dry River Shiraz – 187ml – £4.50 / 575 Avios
Shorn Sauvignon Blanc – 187ml – £4.50 / 575 Avios
Belle Vignes Sauvignon Blanc – 187ml – £4.50 / 575 Avios
Belle Vignes Syrah Rose – 187ml – £4.50 / 575 Avios
Belle Vignes Grenache Syrah Marselan – 187ml – £4.50 / 575 Avios
Prosecco Bottega Gold – 200ml – £6.00 / 750 Avios
Heidsieck & Co. Monopole, Blue Top, Brut – 375ml – £16.00 / 2025 Avios
Heineken – 330ml – £4.00 / 500 Avios
Old Speckled Hen – 330ml can – £4.00 / 500 Avios
Magners Original Cider – 330ml can – £4.00 / 500 Avios

The first observation is that the fresh food selection seems pitifully small.  The pricing seems relatively reasonable, however, when compared to the drinks list – £4 for a can of Heineken (sold in a duty free environment, remember) is a bit of a shocker.  £1.80 for a can of coke isn’t going to win BA any friends either.

In terms of pence per Avios, 0.8p per point is not a bad deal. I have done worse flight redemptions than this.  I can’t see a scenario where I would pay cash.

(Technically, you can’t pay cash at all – it is credit cards or BAEC cards only.)

It isn’t clear whether the porridge at 1.12p per Avios is a typo or a special offer for Avios collectors – I am guessing the former!

I am told that BA will be over-stocking for the first few weeks so you should at least get what you want.  Stock numbers will be cut back once the airline has a better idea of what is required.

It remains to be seen if BA will be doing a strict ‘front to back’ service routine or not, because on short routes where you sit could be the difference between getting served or not.  I think one of the big US airlines varies it based on whether the flight number is even or odd!

Club Europe food remains separate.  If you don’t like what is on offer, you will need to pay to take an alternative from the buy on board selection.

Is this going to work or it will be a monumental flop?  We will see after next Wednesday.

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  1. I wouldn’t be wasting 2025 Avios on some bubbly, that’s half the avios to a oneway ET flight. Get carried away and you would be wasting a CE flight were you get it included in the price.

    I am more than happy for you guys to give me your avios and I’ll post you a little in flight ration pack.

  2. Flight Detective says:

    I’m pleased with the whole thing. It means there is some choice when flying in EuroTraveller in the food department. I never drink when I fly Economy and at those prices why would you? It’s a decent enough British selection and it covers everything quite nicely.

    I hope this is a big success! It makes Aer Lingus a good profit per person and they always manage to serve the entire cabin on a 1 hour flight so there’s no reason BA can’t do the same. I daresay there was some cross pollination of information from their fellow IAG airlines on how to make this a success.

    You’d never catch me using Avios for food either by the way but nice to have the option. If I was an infrequent flyer with only a few Avios why not be “rewarded” with free food. Great way to use low balances.

    • the real harry says:

      wouldn’t be free as Avios = money

      • Peter K says:

        But to those who have only a handful they would view it as free money.
        I’ve used 400k avios on a holiday to Barbados but my wife only views it as £900 on the flights!
        We know it’s not free but we’re not average Jo’s.

  3. Peter K says:

    Some comments said that they will not be buying anything to make this crash and burn basically. The thing is, if you keep flying BA then it is already a success as they are saving money by not having to give you anything!
    Personally I’ll be happy to have the option to buy something gluten free! There was no point flying BA before as all I could have was the crisps!

  4. Peter Taysum says:

    I understand someone asked on a flight I wasn’t on “when do we have to start paying” and the crew answered with “the monumental disaster starts next week”.

    I’m looking forwards to Lounge in Newcastle, then paying on board to London to then First. That’s not completely ridiculous…

  5. Well everyone bringing their own food onboard will make the fuel costs rise 🙂

  6. Seriously, nearly £5 for a bacon roll? They clearly haven’t considered Northern sensibilities!!

  7. easyjet now have Brewdog Punk IPA (craft beer) – 2 for £7 which is much better value than £4 for a Heineken!

  8. Fred Finn says:

    Better off flying with a proper low cost carrier like eurowings more legroom and choice of food BA is getting towards the bottom of the pile right now, I just feel sorry for the BA cabin crew who used to work for s full service premier carrier and the passengers like me who remember when it was among the best

    • Gerald Bowers says:

      Who would have thought that BA would become ‘just another airline’. We always thought BA was different but this is a step too far.

  9. Not much on the menu if you are vegan! I agree with you Rob, I think they need more fresh food. The more enticing it is, the more likely you will spend. I guess they need to try it out at first of all to gauge how demand is.

  10. any ‘proof’ about being able to claim 1000 miles?
    Have a party of 14 travelling soon that I booked back in July

  11. I will just continue to pack a pile of ham sandwiches as I do now for my 11 year old who won’t touch any kind of aeroplane food! What are they going to do, keep watch over every passenger for the whole flight?

    • Genghis says:

      I don’t think BA have ever said they’re banning BYO…

      • the real harry says:

        we travelled a fair bit on Ryanair, EasyJet & Wizz over the years and I don’t think I’ve ever spent a penny on F&Booze – not going to start now

        Does actually give £15 for lounge entry @ LHR a far better value though I might like to arrive an hour or 45 mins earlier than usual to get my money’s worth & since there won’t be any quaffing on board 🙂

        unlucky kids will have to slum it but as ye know I’m quite a wee smuggler lol

  12. Monopolies commission says:

    Might be fine on flights from Norway – I recall on easyjet the cost to buy on board was cheaper than in the local shops (not just cafes)…still expensive compared to the UK though.