Bits: new SPG Moments O2 tickets, Virgin East Coast sale, Clubcard bonus on HP ink

News in brief:

New Starwood SPG Moments concerts at the O2 now bookable

Starwood Preferred Guest has released a new batch of O2 concerts. It is fair to say that the list has something for everyone. You can catch (list correct as of yesterday afternoon):

  • Black Sabbath, 31st January (20,000 points for two tickets)
  • Green Day, 8th February (20,000 points for two tickets)
  • Strictly Come Dancing Live, 11th February (15,000 points for two tickets)
  • Drake, 14th February (15,000 points for two tickets)
  • Rod Stewart, 27th February (15,000 points for two tickets)
  • Kaiser Chiefs, 1st March (15,000 points for two tickets)
  • The Weeknd, 7th and 8th March (20,000 points for two tickets)
  • Country To Country, 10th March (15,000 points for two tickets)
  • Craig David, 25th and 26th March (15,000 points for two tickets)

Note that there is currently a bug on the Moments website – if you filter for events by ‘Europe’, the UK ones do not show up.  You need to search by ‘Music’ or ‘All Moments’.

You can read my review of my visit to Muse here and Rob’s review of Sting and Paul Simon here.

The SPG Suite is fully catered and is a very relaxed place to catch the music, although it is fair to say that if you want to jump around and sing along you would be better off down on the floor of the arena.

Starwood Preferred Guest is an American Express Membership Rewards transfer partner at 2:1. You can also get 10,000 Starwood points as a sign-up bonus for getting the Starwood Preferred Guest American Express card. I review the Starwood Amex here.  You can also transfer Marriott Rewards points into SPG at the rate of 3:1.

You can get your tickets via the SPG Moments site here.

SPG Moments O2 Arena suite 5

Virgin East Coast sale ends today

Virgin East Coast has been running a four days 50% off sale that will come to an end today.

If you want to travel on the Virgin East Coast route between 31st January and 31st March, head tot the Virgin East Coast website before midnight to book your tickets.

There are 400,000 seats in total available in the sale.

You can book for example:

  • Edinburgh to King’s Cross £20 (First Class £35.25)
  • York to Newcastle £6 (First Class £9.90)

The 17th – 20th February period is excluded from this sale.  The booking page is here.

Virgin East Coast

Bonus Avios on HP ink and photo paper

Finally, Tesco Direct is offering 100 bonus Clubcard points (240 Avios or 250 Virgin Flying Club miles) with selected printer ink and photo paper purchases this week.  Products start at £6.

You can learn more in this Shopper Points article.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Is there any way to get notified (apart from reading HFP!) when SPG release new events?

  2. Chelseafi says:

    With the SPG Amex card if you cancel it after getting the 10,000 (11000 on referral) points what happens to the points can they be kept unlike the MR points? Thanks

    • The points are transferred automatically to your SPG account every month and are then independent of the Amex account. Like the BA cards rather than Gold/Plat.

    • Genghis says:

      The T&Cs say you’d get the points but I’d wait until they’re in your SPG acct. There’s a window of a few days between points posting to your SPG acct and SPG cc statement being produced. If you hit the £1k spend in the first month, you can get the points and pay no fees

      • refer other half first for another 5,000 + 12,000 and remember that you can transfer points between accounts free and to Marriott.

      • Definitely wait for them to transfer – IIRC Liz had lots of issues with BA card and cancelling before they’d hit so I’d imagine similar potential issues with SPG.

  3. Thanks for the tip off Rob. Booked 2 tickets for the Weeknd!

  4. I think the amex rewards transfer rate into spg is now 3:1 not 2:1 which is a bit nasty on their part.

    • No, still 2:1

      • Peter K says:

        Still 2:1 when checked on my gold card account as well.

        • I stand corrected… The Americans have it worse then us.

        • RussellH says:

          The USD is (still) worth less than the GBP. So it is logical that the cost of Starpoint s in USD-MR points be more than the price in GBP-MR points.

          The difference is still narrowing though!

        • Not really given their higher relative earning rates, massive sign-up bonuses, 0% forex, fee refunds, etc. – they get an extremely good deal!

  5. Wally1976 says:

    Slightly OT – are children welcome in the Amex lounge at the O2?

    • Not sure if you mean the Centurion Box (Suite 308) or the AmEx Invites entrance lounge – but either way, my kids have been to both and never had an issue.

  6. Wally1976 says:

    Another OT sorry – this is the first time I’ve participated in IHG accelerate. Do bookings made before the start of the promo for stays within the promo period count? Also, when do you have to wait until the end of the promo to get the points? Thanks.

    • Usually count although sometimes app bookings do not for specific app booking bonuses.

      • Wally1976 says:

        Thanks – no app bookings here so fingers crossed 🙂

        • mark1980 says:

          I’d be interested to know when the points count too? Is it after the promo or as soon as you hit your final qualifying target?

  7. OT-Amex PRGC -> Platinum upgrade + Bits…

    When upgrading Amex PRGC to Platinum, does one get a new card number or different card with the same account number as before?
    How long does it take to receive new card, A week or so I guess. Plus some time to get Priority Pass?
    Can one ask for add-on card at the same time?
    I hope to phone up and upgrade so can ask for add-on card (for Mrs.) at the same time as upgrading and also Priority pass for her.

    I am thinking of using my current PRGC to book a car hire in future (4/5 months to pick up) and
    then upgrade (PRGC -> Platinum) nearer to my travel date to take advantage of Car Hire Insurance of Platinum card.
    Presumably car insurance benefit will be available with PRGC -> Platinum upgrade.
    If this works I hope to use the same strategy to book hotels for the same NZ trip.

    Also if someone has done any car hire in New Zealand (AKL Airport) any tips?
    Have one week trip coming up in May in and out of AKL.
    The prices seems quite expensive (without any extras) – £500 for a family car.

    • Kinkell says:

      Can’t help with the first part, but we hired a car through avisba in UK for pickup and return in AKL. Hire centre was very central, well within walking distance of our hotel. Can,t fault it, thought it was good value, but can’t remember exactly what we paid.. We took one of the taxi minibus That drops you off at hotels. Good value. Through avisba you’d get points, additional driver etc.
      Have a great trip. Loved NZ and a return to South Island is definitely on the bucket list.

    • Imbruce says:

      I would get the Amex Platinum card now as you can get Hertz Gold Status
      also to a better tier of Avis Preferred. Hertz includes an additional driver free and I think Avis does too. Also you get travel insurance and also the car hire excess insurance included.
      When I travel back home to Sydney I always use Hertz as they are cheaper than the others and
      you can prepay online in pounds instead of $NZD in your case.
      Within Hertz Gold number 1 membership you go straight to the Hertz office in the car park not to the desk in the airport so there are no forms to fill out or queues of people waiting.
      If you are renting a car at the airport you are paying a premium for it, but when you add in the cost
      of a cab to a city rental car office each way it’s cheaper to get it at the airport and it’s also the convenience of having it waiting for you and so much easier to return it to the airport.
      Cars in Australia and New Zealand are a lot dearer to buy there than they are here
      Lastly here is the link for the Toll Roads
      Enjoy your holiday

    • Different card number, but Amex seem to do some merging of the two as the Gold auto changes to a Platinum in the online account.

      The card arrives like next day I was amazed how quick they get them out. Priority pass is longer I guess under two weeks but my have been quicker.

      I am assuming there is no upgrade bonus at the moment, the webpage to do it seems to have gone.

      • Forgot to add the gold card keeps working as well after the switch. It was the new add on card that arrived next day (which can be requested at the time, or request it now for gold card and it will be ready as a Platinum to use straight away). I accidentally add the same second person again who already had the gold and was charged for the 3rd card holder which I didn’t need. There is like a £140 charge for a 3rd cardholder. Quickly sorted by amex anyway.

  8. the real harry1 says:

    O/T BA helpline slung me off saying they’re too busy so I grabbed some numbers
    Gold card phone number is 0800 123 111
    Silver card phone number is 0800 408 0009
    Blue card phone number is 0844 493 0 747

    Silver sorted me out promptly with no membership check 🙂

    • The blue 0844 is premium rate and it’s very expensive. Check it against saynoto0870 and you’ll get a cheaper alternative. Calling the silver line does work as indicated by the real Harry 1

      • Lady London says:

        Surely that’s an illegal number British Airways is offering. The 0844 is a surcharged number. Am i not remembering correctly that in October 2015 a law came in that companies may not offer surcharged phone numbers to existing customers? They have to offer a normally charged landline number that begins with 01 02 or 03.?

  9. Genghis says:

    Good post. My dispute continues on my virgin white lack of posting 10.5k virgin miles during the FC no changeover. Mbna said speak to virgin, now virgin have said speak to MBNA. Phoned up MBNA this morning who said it would be reviewed in detail through liaison with Virgin. I can see a formal complaint and potential FOS coming on though…

  10. David2910 says:

    OT. 1) is it possible to be referred from PRGC to SGP? If not, would be great to have a ref link rob? 2) travelling through LHR terminal 3 shortly on BA. I have never been to any lounges in there. Flying BA ET. Have silver status, also HSBC premier elite lounges (and lounge club). Could I theoretically access any of galleries club, Cathay, or the two third party lounges? If so, which one is most highly recommended? I’m used to the galleries T5 so I presume T3 is similar gig (champagne?). Thoughts? Any option I’ve missed? Thanks!

  11. Do tickets for SPG events have to come in pairs? I won’t even bother looking if the answer is yes.

    • Richard Spencer says:

      but I’ve not had any difficulty finding a wiling friend to come with me when they realise it’s comp food and drink in a box…

  12. Good result, nice use of AW! 😀