You can now purchase access to the Emirates First Class Lounge in Dubai!

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In what may be a sign of things to come with other airlines, Emirates Skywards members can now pay to access the impressive Business and First Class Lounges at Dubai International Airport regardless of the class they are travelling in.

The A380 pier at Dubai’s Terminal 3 which we covered here briefly, is technically three separate floors for Economy, Business and First Class passengers.

Each of these floors has got their own duty free shops, restaurants and bars of which the latter two are complimentary on the Business and First Class floors.  Rob will be in the First Class lounge / floor in a few weeks and will be writing a review.

emirates a380 pier dubai airport

For a fee Skywards members can now access the Business and/or First Class Lounge even when flying Economy.

  • Skywards Blue members can pay $100 to access the Business Class Lounge or $200 for the First Class Lounge
  • Skywards Silver and Gold members can bring guests who are on the same flight to the Business Class Lounge for $100 or the First Class Lounge for $200
  • Upgrade from Business Class Lounge to First Class Lounge costs $100

Children aged 2-12 get a 50% discount.

These prices are obviously not a bargain and it’s questionable whether an upgrade from Business to First Class is worth $100.  On the other hand, the food and drink on offer is meant to be impressive and it is no more than you would pay for a decent three course meal with champagne and fine wine in a restaurant.

If you are flying Economy and want to treat yourself to a unique lounge experience whilst waiting for your flight, $100 is not a bad price.  If you were planning to have a meal in the main terminal you would easily spend a fair proportion of this cost anyway, and you get the added benefit of getting a huge space in which to relax for up to four hours.

The terms and conditions of the deal can be found here and you can read more about the lounges here.

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  1. Considering flights on Emirates to HKT are only around £300 ATM, then you would probably consider the entry fee to the biz lounge anyway,mot while away your few hours layover…crazy Y prices out there to Asia ATM. Worth trying to status match at this stage…

    • I’ve seen prices ex-LON at around £370 last week, but where do you see prices at £300?

      • £230 from UK to AUS/NZ today with QF/EK. Error fare but was still around when I checked earlier.

      • Was 330 on QR, got them for my daughter and fiancé… Incredible… But they are popping up in my in box regularity. They go very quickly.

  2. flyforfun says:

    I wonder if the Maharaba lounge will improve it’s game given that it’s around half the price to enter, but what seems like not even an eighth of the benefits of the Emirates lounge. Plus you have to pay extra to use the showers there and they are not very nice. Very badly designed boxes with little space and steams up so badly you need another shower when you get out!

    • I thought the Marhaba lounge in T3 was good. Good selection of food, drink and seating. Good WiFi and plenty of power outlets. Paying for the shower is not great but it seems pretty standard.

      • flyforfun says:

        No, compared to showers at Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka and Hong Kong that I’ve used, the
        Marhaba lounge ones are pants. Only 2 per sex. No where to store your bag apart from on the sink. Premium Plaza in HKG have a loo in the room and no where near as nice. The only thing more premium is that in Dubai you get a toiletry kit, but the quality of the shower gel and shampoo isn’t that great. The cost of the shower is included with lounge entry at HKG.

        I found the food limited at DBX and I like Mediterranean food. Premium Plaza had sandwiches, soups, noodles, eggs and other breakfast items, salads, spring rolls and a whole lot more.

  3. O/T Some good sport tkts on skywards redemptions. Going to BNP Paribas/ indian wells so may go for it. Does anyone know where they will seat you for general admission tkts

  4. Not sure I agree that paying $100 to upgrade to first is the equivalent of a meal plus champagne etc. The statement fails to account for the fact that you already have a perfectly good meal and drinks in the business floor.

    I can’t see how the extra money is worth it.

    Would you pay £100 or even £50 to go from the business to first class lounge at T5? I doubt anyone would.

    • Not sure where in DXB you’d spend “a fair proportion of” 368 dirhams for a meal in the terminal anyway….

      • You don’t get far for that money in Dubai in my experience. £9.50 for a cappuccino in our hotel in October.

        • LOL that explains why it’s mainly folk from London on holiday there then, that must be about the same price? 🙂 Currently away skiing in France and pleasantly surprised how OK costs have been even with the rubbish exchange rate – just glad we picked here rather than Switzerland!!

    • Colin MacKinnon says:

      Wouldn’t pay a tenner to be in any of BA’s lounges, to be frank. Concorde Room is simple very grubby (polite word for dirty furniture!)

      • BA should be ashamed of the CCR at T5. The food there is worse than most sub par chain restaurants.

    • That is more a reflection on BA though!

  5. The business lounge does not have its own shops – just the first class lounge. Business lounge users shop in the same shops as economy passengers.

  6. Asiana has a J to F lounge upgrade offer for 30000 KRW at ICN, that’s about £20. J and *G pax only though.

  7. The last couple of times we’ve used the business class lounge complex at DXB it has been hugely busy, and very difficult to find a seat.

  8. OT_ AA mile redemption (J) on AY to Asia.

    I am thinking of booking a business class award booking AAdvantage Miles on FinnAir (Y is 20K and J is 42.5K as Rob as reported as AA Sweet spot).

    The flight is bookable on dates I want to travel.
    Just looking at Terms it seems date change is feasible without penalty but cancellation will be subject to 150 USD miles re-credit fees as below.






    Should I go ahead and book ticket?
    My first J redemption so any help will be hugely appreciated.
    If I redeem this at current (inflated) cash ticket price, I am getting little over 2p per AA mile.

    • Forgot to say AY flights from LHR to HEL is on A350 flat bed seat
      But from HEL to Asia is on A330.

      • I believe all AY 330’s have flat bed seating too now. Similar to AA 767-300 in a 1-2-2 / 2-2-1 in alternating rows style. It’s just that the A350 is the latest generation (similar to AA 777-300 in a 1-2-1 style) and features amongst other things. On board WiFi and the fact the A350 is a quieter cabin. I don’t think you’d notice an awful lot wrong with AY A330 in J

  9. Raymond Hennessy says:

    O/T. Looking at yesterdays article on the offer for the Nerf guns, would like to buy a pair for the grand kids. Do you think there would be any issues carrying these in checked luggage(LHR-BUD).
    To most people these are obviously toys but I would hate to lose them to some jobsworth at LHR.

    • the real harry1 says:

      checked luggage would be fine

      definitely NOT OK in hand luggage, though – fairly sure to be confiscated by 80% of security staff

      [we had a bit of luck at Xmas, I was carrying a big make-up kit for my daughter and rather dimly had not realised there was quite a bit of liquid involved – had to turn on the charm & jolly up the agents but they were very nice about it and hid what was going on (the present & check etc) from my kids & let me get away with it]

  10. O/T but could anyone give me some information about the Lloyds Avios cards?

    Just got my first statement dated 26th correctly showing Avios earnings to far. Nothing in my Avios account yet. Are transfers done at the end of the calendar month, or the end of the statement month?

    Also, for the £2500 limit on Amex to get double Avios, is this per statement month or per calendar month?

    Many thanks.

    • There is a link problem with some Lloyds accounts including ours. You need to phone Lloyds and speak to them and lodge the complaint that your points haven’t transferred. We called again last week when our 2nd months points didn’t transfer but they are now giving a timescale of 12 weeks to fix the problem and deal with the backlog – we will keep phong each month till it gets resolved – points will post eventually. Double points I assume will be from date of application but not 100% sure – that’s what I will go on anyway. Also double check Lloyds haven’t opened a second Avios account first.

      • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

        If it has been eight weeks already, I’d escalate to FOS to straighten it out.

        • Thanks. Its been less than a week so far, so I’ll give them another couple of days before I chase it. I wasn’t sure if they were paid at the end of the statement month or the calendar month, but I’ve re-read the T&Cs and see it should be the statement month.

  11. OT: TIP for new AY route

    Just discovered looking at new AY routes, FinnAir is starting a new service between HEL to GOI (GOA) in India from late November. I think it it s twice a week.
    In Y that is only 20K AA miles + £105 in taxes. Very cheap way to go to GOA.

  12. I used the Emirates First lounge when flying back from Melbourne in QF First – it’s certainly nice (I had breakfast and a shower then a drink at the gate, not at all interesting in the shopping), but I wouldn’t be rushing to spend $100 upgrade or $200 upgrade for sure!

  13. Can you imagine a someone from economy actually paying the $200 upgrade fee and then wanting to get value for it ?

    As they have to go back to the cheap seats and poor food once back on the plane then they would surely gorge themselves on everything to get maximum value.

    Not sure I like this idea but in any case, if you know where you are going, you can walk into the EY lounge in AUH without anyone stopping you.

  14. My girlfriend went to the business class lounge over the weekend and tried to purchase an entry. She was told that because her next flight was in 7 hours she had to pay 200 USD as the 100USD rate is for 4 hours instalment only. This seems, however, to run contrary to the terms and conditions which specify that the additional charge is due only if the guest remains in the lounge beyond the initial 4 hours, rather than at the time of entry. I guess they have no capacity to check the length of stay at the lounge at the time of exit, but this makes the costly entrance fee even less appealing.

  15. Steve Gill says:

    I was in the DXB lounge 2 weeks ago. It is busy, but my biggest gripe is the toilets are tiny – far too small for the number of people the lounge can hold.

    There was a queue about 6 or 7 people deep, which to me is unacceptable in a business lounge.

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