Avios Ireland: Supervalu, a new Irish credit card option and how HFP will cover it

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This article covers some new options for earning Avios via the new AerClub scheme in Ireland.

How HFP intends to cover Avios earning in Ireland

Before I go on, I want to write briefly about how we intend to cover the new Avios scheme in Ireland.  This is my starting position:

The majority of HFP readers are UK based and are not hugely interested in Avios earning opportunities in Ireland

There is no business model, at the moment, to justify a separate headforpoints.ie site

Aer Lingus is not being hugely co-operative so far

This is how I intend to operate in the short term:

Avios earning opportunities with AerClub which non-Irish residents can take advantage of (eg bonuses for crediting hotel stays, car hire, flights etc to AerClub) will run as main articles online and will be emailed to our subscribers as usual

Avios earning and spending opportunities which are only of interest to Irish residents – such as the two deals below – will in future run as a fourth daily article.  They WILL appear on the website, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Apple News, on LinkedIn and on Flipboard.  They will NOT be emailed to our subscriber list because the vast majority of our 9,000 subscribers would see them as irrelevant.

If you live in Ireland and JUST want to receive our Aer Lingus coverage, you could do so via an RSS reader which is set to receive the following:  https://www.headforpoints.com/category/aer-lingus/feed/


SuperValu now officially launched as an AerClub partner

Whilst Tesco has a major presence in Ireland, AerClub has teamed up with supermarket chain SuperValu.

(Is it still possible to use a UK-issued Clubcard in Irish Tesco stores, and thus earn points in the UK Clubcard scheme which can be converted to Avios? Do let me know.)

You earn one Real Rewards point for every €1 you spend in SuperValu.  You can convert Real Rewards points into Avios at the rate of 1:1 with a minimum conversion of 50  points.  This makes it roughly half as generous as the Tesco partnership which gets you 2.4 Avios per £1 spent.

Until 31st March, you will receive 250 bonus Avios when you make your first conversion from Real Rewards to Avios.  Full details can be found on the SuperValu site here.

Bank of Ireland credit card

SuperValu partnership opens up a Bank of Ireland Avios card option

If you have a Bank of Ireland personal credit card, you can now leverage this to earn a handful of Avios points on your day to day spending.

If you link your Bank of Ireland credit card to your SuperValu Real Rewards account, you will receive:

1 Real Rewards point for every €1 you spend in SuperValu on your credit card

1 Real Rewards point for every €10 you spend elsewhere

Frankly, 1 Avios point per €10 spent is weak.  It even makes the 0.25 – 0.3 Avios per £1 on UK Visa and MasterCard products look good.  However, if you’re doing the spending anyway, you might as well get some rewards.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Thanks Rob, this is great news. I’m returning to Ireland post-Brexit and thought I’d lose all miles earning opportunities… Your coverage will be much appreciated.

  2. Tried to use my UK Tesco Clubcard in a Dublin Tesco last year but it wasn’t accepted.

    • Orange-Peel says:

      Really ? My husbear working in Dublin has been racking up the points for me for several years now !! (Bord Gais also now do CC points.) #everylittlehelps 🙂

  3. Thefeenster says:

    We have SuperValu in the north too.

    I’m assuming the €1 1avios will become £1 1avios?


  4. Kevin Lee says:

    UK Tesco Clubcard does not work in the Republic of Ireland. Neither does Boots Advantage. We have an Irish and UK accounts at both these chains.

    • Robert Clarke says:

      Kevin, I live on the border and often use my UK Clubcard in Tesco Letterkenny, Donegal without a problem. I get 1 point per € so the earning rate is slightly better. Perhaps stores close to the border have a different policy?

    • Not true. Using my UK CC twice a week in Tesco Maynooth for fuel and food and never been refused.

      • I’ve used my UK CC in Ireland a number of times. Cant remember the last time but it was within the last year. You get 1 point per Euro if memory serves.

    • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

      Worked for me in Dublin last year.

  5. It’s just over a year since I last used my UK Clubcard in Tesco Ireland, so it’s possible that they’ve changed something since then. I seem to recall that some staff were not too keen on the idea, but using the self-service tills it was fine.
    Boots is another matter entirely and they have not accepted UK Advantage cards for years.

  6. Never did get the bonus Avios for pre-registering with AerClub.

    Pretty rubbish start to a new program when they can’t even get their opening offer right

    • Still not managed to get registered. Having changed Avios password to match Aer Lingus requirements I still can’t get the accounts to pair at registration.

      Raised it with the telephone support team and via staff on Twitter and still no resolution all these months later.

    • I haven’t received the pre-register bonus either – did anyone actually get it?

  7. Not sure about that comment above. My UK registered Clubcard has always worked in Ireland (used in Dublin and Tipperary frequently ) earning more points than the UK due to the exchange rate. It seems it’s exactly the same system as it will also tell you your points balance on your receipt.

  8. Why have Aer Lingus not launched a branded credit card with Amex yet as Amex operate in Ireland already?

    • Because it’s very difficult to get an Amex in Ireland, the requirements are similar to the UK International Dollar Card (which Raffles has detailed on here already). Furthermore, Irish cards have an annual tax of 30 euros and many have a per transaction fee.

    • Amex has a contract to launch if it wants, I understand. The €30 stamp duty is a damper though and there is a limit to what they can issue in a country of 6m people.

      • ROI population is around 4.7 million but ebbs and flows (actually still net migration – mainly graduates! – not quite offset by immigration).

        Most schemes for ROI don’t operate in NI (and vice versa).

        Supervalus in NI tend to be franchised by Cork based wholesaler Musgrave, which used to own Londis in GB and operates many Maces in NI. Doubt their (weak) reward scheme will ever cross border.

        New Aer Lingus programme is as rubbish as gold circle, so doubt you’ll have much to write about, Rob.

        And I’ve just just bought some junk food to go in Tesco Lr Bag & used UK clubcardd.

        Got the usual one euro one point from self-service checkout.

  9. we shop in superValue in the north and i am not aware of the rewards scheme here. if it is they do not push it. hope im wrong! sam

  10. I used my UK Tesco CC in Dublin yesterday as I always do. I have never had issues using it in the ROI. So it does work and has done for the last few years. If it will not scan then select “Item does not scan” as if it is a food item and enter the full number in then press enter.

    Supervalu Northern Ireland is not part of the rewards scheme and a different company registered in NI so no earning possible at NI stores. I checked this with them last week.

    As for AerClub 2 months on and like the guy above I still can not log in to my account to complete registration. 4 calls to the desk who pass it to IT who never get back to me. I am assured my number is active and my flights are credited.

    Award for best disasterous launch of a loyalty program goes to Aer Lingus without a doubt. They really are amateurs.

  11. There is the Irish Tesco credit card which gives Clubcard points.

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