100% bonus when you buy IHG Rewards Club points – THREE DAYS ONLY

IHG Rewards Club – the InterContinental, Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza etc scheme – has brought back its ‘100% buy points bonus’ promotion.  It is as generous an offer as you will ever see for IHG points.

The page to buy points is here.  The deal runs until midnight New York-time on Friday 17th.

(Remember that many of us have a ‘buy points’ offer as part of our IHG Accelerate target for this quarter.  This is a good opportunity to buy a small number, although you need to buy 5,000 to receive the 100% bonus.)

Here are the standard purchase rates which do NOT include the bonus:

  • 1,000 – 10,000 points for $13.50 per 1,000 points
  • 11,000 – 25,000 points for $12.50 per 1,000 points
  • 26,000 – 60,000 points for $11.50 per 1,000 points

You receive a 100% bonus with any order of 5,000 points or more.  

With a 100% bonus, you would be able to buy 120,000 IHG points for (at current exchange rates) £551.  This assumes your credit card has 0% FX fees.

InterContinental Times Square

Here are a few examples of how this deal may work.

At the top end of the IHG Rewards Club portfolio, you have InterContinental properties which top out at 50,000 – 60,000 points per night. That’s what you would pay for InterContinental Le Grand in Paris or the InterContinental Amstel in Amsterdam.

With a 100% bonus, IHG is effectively selling you a night at a 50,000 point property for £230 all-in.  A 60,000 point hotel would be £275.  At the bottom end, the points for a 5,000 point PointBreaks night would cost just £23.

The continual devaluation of some top IHG properties into the 60,000 points category makes this offer less generous than it was.  The fall in the value of the £ also makes this deal worse – although if you are redeeming for hotels in the USA or a ‘pegged’ country like the UAE it nets off.

You should look at this if you have a ‘buy points’ target for your Accelerate promotion – although it makes more sense to buy 5,000 and get the bonus than buy 1,000 for no bonus.  If you are topping off your account, it is also a good deal irrespective of the exact cents per point cost.

The maximum number of points you can buy per year is 120,000 (ie 60,000 plus the 60,000 bonus).

You can buy via this link.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Wally1976 says:

    Slightly OT – have people’s Accelerate points been posting for stays booked before the promo started?

    • Lewis Watson says:

      Mines have although although I only met one target for accelerate so far

    • No. Queried with them. Counting towards my numerical stay targets but not my “stay in January” etc. Misleading advertising if they’re going to try to defend that.

      • A ‘stay in January’ offer which involved booking in January would be odd.

        • but thats what the t&c says! I couldn’t believe it either, but a stay in january booked before the promotion only counted for the nights (as in stay 8 nights for xxx) and not for stay in january nor stay once and get xxx. also it had been booked on the app but that didnt count either, but i understand app targets have always required booking in the promotion period

          A later stay in january booked in january did trigger both those, but not the “pay with IHG card”. It seems from other forums that this one takes ages to track.

          oddly enough the first stay did count for “a weekend stay” even though booked before the promotion began and t&c say it shouldn’t!

        • I had 2 stays booked in Jan, both on the app within less than an hour, and only one is showing as booked on the app. Must chase.

          Also, one was a points & cash, which I paid for in advance and they charged me £14 on checkout. I did query it at the time and they just said that it was outstanding. I didn’t have time to argue and haven’t had time to chase. I definitely didn’t have breakfast, which was the only other thing I could think it might be.

        • points and cash booked on the app won’t count for booked on app – only fully cash bookings…

      • This also happened to me. But luckily I had a last minute stay booked in and that counted., but only because I booked in in Jan and stayed in Jan. I would have missed out otherwise. IHG seem really unclear in some of their T&Cs. I had an issue about stays counting towards renewal of my platinum status, which took a 30 min phonecall and a discussion with a supervisor to resolve.

    • Mine have but a prebooked stay, while counting towards the stay 5 times target, didn’t count for the book via app target. Different t&c for each target – not helpful but they make the rules, I suppose.

      • But they advertised the deals before January began with a huge “BOOK NOW” splash. Misleading to say the least. Considering involving ASA – does anyone have experience of how much hard work this would be?

        • Almost no work at all! Have a look on their website. You basically just have to ask them to look at a promotion, helps if you have screenshots/URLS etc as appropriate.

        • Not a great deal of work, but make sure that you have the full story. In my experience it gets results: two successes out of two referrals. A letter from ASA gets immediate attention, although IHG probably have a different definition of immediate!
          I shall be referring them to ASA on a different matter unless I get a response from them very soon.

        • Mark2 – what is ASA as I am trying to get my birthday bonus from them – they offered me a large bonus for a weekend stay which we completed and I am getting the run around and getting nowhere – don’t know what else to do – I send emails wait 2 days for a reply which is a bog standard reply without reading what I said in the email.

        • Hi Liz,
          Advertising Standards Authority is at https://www.asa.org.uk/
          You will see that they deal with complaints about false claims in advertising.
          I am going to forget about IHG for future stays. Marriott seem much better although I have not stayed there yet!

        • Ok thanks Mark

        • To add insult to injury, I’ve had neither the Accelerate points, nor the double Base points for booking via HFP (before the promotion ended). Rob, is it best to chase those directly with IHG?

        • No, I can do that. Email me the confirmation number, hotel name, stay dates and of course your name and IHG number.

        • Rob – I was compiling the info to email you as you kindly offered, and in so doing, found that the double points from the HFP click have now posted (yesterday). So thanks for offering, but no need.

    • Nick Burch says:

      My dashboard has updated overnight. It’s now showing the right thing for most of my offers, and I’ve received points for most of the completed offers.

      However, I haven’t received any credit/progress towards “Travel with the IHG® App” (despite having made bookings with the iOS app since January for stays that I’ve now completed, stays which have counted for other targets), nor for “Stay for Less and Earn” (despite having done a Cash+Points booking in January)

      My last app stay isn’t until early April (need 3 for my offer, only done 2), so I’ll wait until then before complaining. I normally have to argue with them on half my offer targets, so I’m counting this as par for the course…

  2. I notice that for some properties you now have the option to part pay $125 for a 20000 point discount when redeeming. This essentially beats this promotion if purchasing 20000 points. Took advantage of this a few days ago on a Singapore property. Also available was 15000 discount for $99 and the usual 10000 for $70 and 5000 for $40.

  3. Intercontinental top of the chain? Strongly disagree with that sentiment. I stayed at their hotel off Times Square at New Year: No trace of reservation on arrival, dirty dirty room (even after a deep clean) closed the restaurant/ bar on New Years Eve without informing my travel agent: failed to put a voicemail through to my room for two days (which relayed to me moving hotels) and implied I had obviously ignored the flashing light on the phone. All in all a nightmare 4 days at a 3rd class hotel. IHG refuse to acknowledge any wrongdoing but did offer to send a letter of apology. IHG should be ashamed of themselves: they couldn’t give me enough free points to stay in their establishments again. Basic customer service training should be on their agenda for 2017.

    • Thunderbirds says:

      Intercontinental is the top of this chain though the franchised nature of this hotel chain means that consistency of standards is something they do suffer from. I’m not claiming that all Intercontinental hotels are top notch but most are. Research is essential. I have never had a problem with a missing hotel reservation despite using IHG for many years though I do make all my own bookings, perhaps your travel agent was the cause?
      I don’t use IHG because their hotels are always “the best” I use them because the return on investment is good. By that I mean that working the Accelerate program and selecting paid hotel stays carefully and using their CC can give immense returns as far as free nights are concerned. I’ve just returned from Australia having spent 11 nights in Intercontinental hotels in Sydney and Melbourne. 2 Credit Card nights, 4 nights on 241 Weekend Vouchers and a further nights 5 nights on points. Maybe there is a better chain for return on investment. But which?

      • Appreciate your comments Thunderbirds but bad behaviour by a global chain is never acceptable in my book: I’ve stayed in cleaner/better 3* establishments. Their attitude has certainly not given me encouragement to save points towards using their brand again.

        • But, however you cut it, Intercontinental is their top brand, it’s the top of their chain.

          Whether you like it is another matter but they don’t have a higher end brand than IC (and if you ever get chance to stay at the IC Amstel then you’ll have a totally different outlook.)

          IC Mark Hopkins, Amstel and Le Grand are amongst the best properties in the world, IHG or not.

  4. Brighton Belle says:

    The points devaluation, the $ exchange rate and IHG inability to post points from completing stays in accelerate 2017 means I have stopped all biz with IHG. It just feels like a swizz. They promise but don’t deliver.

  5. Concerto says:

    The thing is if you’re on the road a lot then there are a lot of much nicer hotels out there, unless you’re crazy about stacking your points balance up. For now, I have enough, and the breaking point with IHG was not very high for me. Lonely Planet hotels rarely include IHG ones, although they do occasionally (e.g. Hotel Indigo Fort Myers), and Lonely Planet has rarely disappointed me.

  6. RussellH says:

    Received both my January bonus and my Stay Once bonus.

    Also received 1000 points for making a redemption, even though I have not actually stayed yet, and may not be able to. I made a lot of Points Breaks bookings… for March and April, including a full month at the HI Scotch Corner – a mistake which I cancelled immediately.

  7. I have been staying at more IHG properties over the past few years due to Accelerate/Into the Nights but I have to say that the HI/ HIX hotels are usually not great. If not for the promos so I can later redeem at a better property I wouldn’t bother. Even with them I’m looking more to Hilton. Generally they are nicer plus cheaper/as cheap with the free breakfast from being Gold.

  8. o/t

    rob what do you expect to happen to the spg amex at end of dec when Marriott/spg combine reward schemes?

    thank you

    • Hard to tell. Marriott globally is a Visa partner but the UK card was a MC and of course Amex has the SPG deal. Given the interchange fee cap on a MC you’d expect Amex to be preferred in the EU.

      • Loss of the SPG Amex would be a blow, I do wonder whether Creation’s pinching of the IHG deal from Barclaycard was part of a plan to reduce their dependence on a Marriott they can see disappearing in the medium term, though…

        Creation cards are hilariously bad to actually use (randomly declining £400 transactions with £20k limit and CS staff who blame it on ‘algorithms’ that even their IT are powerless to intervene with) but in the current climate the Marriott MC is a decent card

        • Apparently Barclays refused to pitch for the new IHG deal unless the terms remained the same, which clearly – in the 0.3% interchange fee world – wasn’t going to happen.

        • Thankfully I’ve had no issues with my Creation IHG card – the Lloyds Amex one still comes up with random decline issues though (thankfully usually eventually sortable once you speak to them on the phone).

  9. Does any one know if an Ambassador Weekend Certificate booking will count towards accelerate? Need to use one and wondering if it will either count as my weekend stay or whether it can be booked alongside two other nights to count as a 4 night stay.

    • No. I asked the other day if a stay on 15 April would count. Received a response from IHG saying normally yes but as my stay was using an AMB cert, it doesn’t count towards accelerate.

      • Thank you!

        Will now have to work out if it is worth doing good a mattress run or just accept I will not hit the target this time.

  10. Dirk Gently says:

    OT – I have an IHG premium credit card and have hit the 10K target for the free night at the anniversary date. Can I cancel the card before the anniversary date and still get the cert or am I locked in to paying £99 to get it?

    • Dirk Gently says:


    • You don’t get a refund from IHG (or MBNA or Lloyds) so you’ve paid the £99 anyway! Only Amex offer pro-rata refunds. I still think it’s a reasonable fee for the higher points earning and the voucher.

    • Which IHG card do you have? With Barclaycard you get the certificate pretty quickly after hitting the 10K, Creation I believe you have to wait until your anniversary date. Are you asking if you have to pay the second year fee to get the creation certificate?

      • Ah, I perhaps misread the query – as Rob has said before if you were charged for a second year then don’t use the card and you’ll get the fee back or can complain to the Ombudsman.

        • Dirk Gently says:

          Fee is not due until October this year. Quite happy to use the card until then but, as rightly said, I can’t churn the card but am looking to another card for my major spend at that point so will not be using once anniversary date is hit.

          Sorry if my question appears confusing. I don’t want the card past October this year. If I cancel the card before this point do I still get the certificate or is holding the card a prerequisite of gaining the certificate? If so I’m stuck in the £99 a year cycle.

          I probably won’t use the voucher until Christmas if I can get it.

          Thanks for all the input!

        • Dirk Gently says:

          It’s the creation version.

        • Thanks for clarifying. Hopefully the certificate will be issued before the end of your year, however if not just make sure you don’t spend on the card after the anniversary date then, once you’ve received the certificate, call to ask for a refund and a/c closure (although you never know they might offer you a 2nd year free and you might want to keep it!!). If they do anything silly like saying you have to pay the fee then formal complaint and if no luck escalated to Ombudsman who will be on your side – you only had to pay one fee to get the cert, not two.

      • Dirk Gently says:


  11. biscuiteer says:

    Cheers Alan – I’ll let you know how I get on via Rob (if he wants!)