Bits: BA launches Dublin and Edinburgh flights, new BA Milan routes, new BA strike dates

Some BA news in brief:

BA announces weekend routes from Dublin and Edinburgh

British Airways has announced another two random European weekend routes using aircraft freed up by the weekend closure of London City Airport.

First up is Dublin to Ibiza.  This will operate from 19th May to 1st October.  The flight will depart Dublin at 22.25 (arr 02.20 +1) on a Friday and return on a Sunday at 09.00 (arr 10.55).

The second route is Edinburgh to Palma.  This will operate from 2nd June to 1st October.  The flight will leave Edinburgh at 06.15 (arr 10.15) on Fridays and return at 11.10 (arr 13.15) on Fridays.

Each will be a two-class service using an Embraer 190.  There is something intriguing about BA operating a scheduled service which doesn’t touch the UK, albeit you can argue that the ‘fifth freedom’ flights – such as Singapore to Sydney – have been doing this for years.

Edinburgh to Palma launched by British Airways

And two new routes to Milan

BA CityFlyer – the legal entity which operates the Embraer flights – is also launching two new year-round routes to Milan Linate.

London City to Milan Linate is a standard CityFlyer route with two services per day midweek and one per day at the weekend.  It launches on 24th April.

London Stansted to Milan Linate is odder.  This is another weekend-only route.  It launches on 29th April with an oddly timed 19.25 departure on a Saturday and a 10.10 departure on a Sunday.  Return flights depart at 17.55 on Saturday and 06.55 on Sunday.

Tickets for all of these flights, for cash or Avios, are bookable now at

New British Airways milan flights

New British Airways strike announced

Finally, another wave of mixed fleet cabin crew strikes have been announced for next week.

Certain cabin crew will walk out on Wednesday 22nd, Thursday 23rd, Friday 24th and Saturday 25th February.

Disruption will be minimised by merging certain flights and using charter aircraft for others.  BA is promising that everyone will be able to fly on the day they are booked if not on the exact flight.

Services from Gatwick and London City are not affected.

Updates will be announced on this page of

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  1. Bit risky if one of the flights is cancelled, how would BA expect you to get back home?

  2. They seem to have had a lot of aircraft lying idle at City at the weekends. Wonder why no one thought of this initiative before.

  3. “Services from Gatwick and London City are not affected.”
    Thanks for highlighting this.. Relieved to be using LGW next week.

    EDI-Palma is tempting… (Outbound price)
    ET 8500 Avios + £17.50
    CE. 17,000 Avios ± £25

    • Oooh, that sounds with a punt for CE hoping to get the 17000 Avios – £25 😉

      • Remember that CE is *exactly* the same as ET on the embraers with 2-2 seating so you really are paying between £60-£90 for a BA meal and some drinks on board (BoB will probably have started down the back).

        Checked bags are included on ET redemptions, and with the 6am departure you probably won’t be visiting the lounge for a pastry (and you’d get this on ET with status anyway). No tier points on a redemption.

  4. Rob, the BA website says 2nd June until 22nd September.

  5. Martin C-C says:

    Does anyone know how to find out if a certain flight is scheduled to be staffed by a mixed crew? Presumably all other flights are unaffected? Or doesn’t it work that way and there is disruption all round on strike days?

  6. Very happy with this as yesterday I changed my LHR-LIN return I had booked for the Italian GP to a LCY inbound service. Ticket was significantly cheaper having just been loaded and the inbound is a lot more convenient for my work landing at 07:50 instead of Heathrow at 9:15 and having to probably take a half day and trek across town.

  7. the real harry1 says:

    BA applying more pressure to the striking crew
    – no perks or bonuses for 2 years
    – won’t get paid after striking until next rostered

    The perks bit is a real nasty one – as the discounts on flying (incl family) are obviously very attractive. A priori I’d say you can’t take away 2016 bonus for work already completed – but they can certainly remove the right to 2017 bonus. And a vindictive scheduler could leave you idle for several days after you took strike action.

    Probably enough to change a few minds. They should really sort out a proper democratic vote.

    • They should just pay them a fair days pay for a fair days work and the problem would be solved instantly. However, I’ve never been in favour of BA family perks.

      • simon johncock says:

        the union claims that cabin crew working 35 hours a week gets paid £6.59 an hour inc all extras. below the living wage.

        wake up

    • I vaguely recall you complaining about this last time (if it was someone else, my apologies!).

      These people agreed to work for BA with full knowledge of the wage they would receive, and now are refusing to do their duties and costing the company millions. In what way is it “nasty” to punish staff who wilfully damage your business?

      Whether their wage is justifiable is another matter. Assuming BA aren’t lying, £21,000 doesn’t seem morally repugnant for such a low level job when compared to the rest of the job market so I can’t say I’m overly sympathetic. Though being a bleeding-heart liberal, I would personally like to see penalty tax rates on profitable companies that pay close to minimum wage – essentially tying the minimum wage to the profit of the company. So I weirdly agree with BA that they shouldn’t voluntarily give in yet want the government to force them to give in!

      • the real harry1 says:

        by ‘nasty’ I merely mean that it will be painful for the crew to give up that perk & hurt them badly in the wallet/ holidays – might make a few of the strikers think again.

        Let’s face it – many of them are pretty young & not that well-educated so they could easily be striking for poor reasons; once it becomes clear to them it’ll cost them a fair bit of money to keep striking, I think many of the strikers will reverse their positions.

        • Ah sorry, I thought you meant BA was being nasty.

          Yeah that seems to be what BA is going for. Hopefully the strikers realise that before it’s too late.

        • This argument repeated to the point of boredom yet I am amazed that any feel the need to apologise for criticising oppressive behaviour.

          BA is behaving dismally.

          Not because it in dire financial straits. Simply because it can.

          We may not be able to change oppressive behaviour but ought at least to speak out against it or, at a minimum, deplore it within.

          May those of us more fortunate never need to be tested by privation.

        • Obviously I don’t view their behaviour as oppressive though… The cabin crew are damaging BA because they don’t like the wage they’re receiving – despite being fully aware of what that wage would be before joining.

          I fully support their right to strike regardless, but given the rather unjustified reason for striking, I don’t see how penalising them is “oppressive”. How many millions of pounds of damage should they be allowed to get away with Scott free?

  8. The Dublin Ibiza flight times are horrendous. I can see a few young travellers missing that return flight. Edinburgh – Palma is more appealing tho.

  9. OT Hertz

    Has anyone received complimentary Hertz Gold Plus president circle upgrade?

    I haven’t used Hertz for number of years but out of blue they dropped a card today with this upgrade. Just sharing to find out if this is targeted or just another marketing ploy.

  10. O/T – with hotel status gained from the Amex platinum, does the status auto renew each year?

  11. O/T – IHG offering 12% discount on the cash element of Points & Cash bookings. Appears to be aimed at Platinum members.

    $40 + 5000 becomes $35.2 + 5000 = $7 per 1,000 points
    $70 + 10000 becomes $61.60 + 10000 = $6.2 per 1,000 points
    $99 + 15000 becomes $87.12 + 15000 = $5.8 per 1,000 points
    $125 + 20000 becomes $110 + 20000 = $5.5 per 1,000 points

    Not as attractive as it might’ve been before the battering the pound’s taken. But if you’re looking to buy, useful and better value for money than going through IHG’s standard ‘buy points’ process.

    Having said that, they regularly run bonus offers when you buy points, with the most recent (100% bonus) having ended yesterday. However, that would’ve required you to spend at least $299 to get the best value (26,000 points + bonus 26,000 points at $5.75 per 1,000). The Cash and Points offer at the top of the range ($110 + 20,000 points) offers better value.

    • 5% Club, 10% Gold and Spire 15% it seems.

      • … which is a bit odd, because Club members will have fewer points and are most likely to want to do this. It also isn’t going to be perceived as an extra benefit for Spire unless IHG tells Spire members they are getting more than Club or Gold members, which they aren’t!

  12. Hingeless says:

    It is very strange going on a BA flight that doesn’t take off or land in the uk, I have been to SIN twice in the last year from SYD, I haven’t been to the UK for well over a year so those BA flights are the only time I could spend real £ (on duty free).

  13. Last time I checked Edinburgh is still in the UK 😉

  14. Concerto says:

    Rob when you bounce over to Geneva let me know and I’ll come down and see you, if I get the time.

  15. OT: and probably a stupid question! Can the Avios call centre see reward flights you have booked through I’m struggling to book a flight using because it takes half an hour longer for the new flights to show up there than, and they’re being snapped up in that half hour. But I will need to apply a Lloyd’s voucher to the booking, so I need the booking to be accessible by Avios.

  16. weird flight times. Take the dublin- Ibiza one, you either go for just over 1 day, or over a week, nothing in between.

    • It’s just selling seats on a positioning flight really – they need the aircraft in Ibiza to run flights to Stansted/Bristol/Birmingham over the weekend