Get 30,000 Avios for £300 – if you know someone in Ireland

Here we go – the first generous Avios promotion out of Ireland since AerClub was launched as the new Aer Lingus Avios-based frequent flyer scheme.

You don’t need to be based in Ireland to join AerClub.  In fact, if you have an account, you are already half-way to being a member since your account number will become your AerClub account number.  You can register for AerClub via this page.

What is the deal?

You will earn 30,000 Avios points when you take out a subscription to the Irish Independent or Sunday Independent newspapers for €349 (£300).

These are not digital subscriptions.  These are ‘we will push the newspapers through your letterbox’ subscriptions, which is why you need a friend or relative in Ireland – assuming you live outside the country – who would appreciate a free newspaper.

There are two options, both priced at €349:

Irish Independent and Sunday Independent, delivered daily for six months plus access to the digital edition, or

Saturday’s Irish Independent and Sunday Independent delivered weekly for 12 months plus access to the 7-day digital edition

You can sign up via this website here.

Sunday Independent

You will need to cancel your subscription before it expires, otherwise it will roll over at a monthly cost of €59 (7-day package) or €29 (weekend package).

Is 1p per Avios a good deal?

It isn’t a steal, clearly.  You need to have a clear strategy for how you would use them.

This is my general ‘what is an Avios point worth?’ article which I really should update and re-run.

1p per point is too much for me to pay to add them to a fairly large existing pile.  If, on the other hand, you are not Avios rich and need to earn x,000 Avios per year to use your BA Amex 2-4-1 voucher then this could make sense.

The offer runs until 31st March.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)


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  1. the real harry1 says:

    I know a hotel/ doctor’s surgery/ dentist’s

    • Might have been handy for Genghis, to further gift his extended family- the Sunday Independent would be a nice addition to the monthly arrival of their Sunday Times Travel Magazine!

      Though I imagine his generosity won’t stretch to 1p a point ! 🙂 .

      • 🙂 you’re right – 1ppa is way more than I’d pay to add to my stash. I do hope tho there’s another decent offer come my dad’s next birthday.

  2. I lived (and studied) in Ireland for many years. I still have a house there if anyone needs an address to deliver to. And I have plenty of friends there too…….feel free.

  3. Speaking of AerClub, did anyone actually receive their 250 Avios (as promised) for registering their interest in AerClub and then signing up?

    • the real harry1 says:

      another BA cheating & lying promotion

      same as withdrawing food & beverage on flights paid for before the changes were announced – with no compensation offered

      • Well no, it was an Aer Lingus lying and cheating promotion.

        And not quite the same given the Aer Club issue didn’t cost anything. Though I guess they’re equally trivial given the compensation or flight refund options BA gave after the change for those who get so extraordinarily upset at missing out on a few snacks.

        • Given the state of their IT I’d feel pretty confident putting the blame there. No-one is out there deliberately trying to do you out of 250 Avios!

        • Given how many of us are waiting on this, Rob, any chance of you using your influence to ask the question?

      • Small Claims not going well?

      • Lady London says:

        And basically a Business Class seat get us the space and services we always got free before in Economy. And sometimes even less than we got in Economy before. Without paying anything extra.

        But apart from the outraged cries of frequent fliers, don’t you think BA’s being quite clever here? What other airline are they competing with, if they target the middle? With a mid-level offering to the aspirational low-cost-airlines flyer, that is just a notch above the low-cost airlines in a couple of respects? The aspirational lower-middles are being targeted by really smart businesses the world over. High end customers cost too much to compete for.

        • They don’t need to compete with anyone. They have a near total monopoly on LHR landing slots.

    • Nope!

    • Not received them
      I contacted avios they say its an aerclub problem=
      I contacted aerclub they say its an avios problem
      I contacted aerclub again and no reply and for 250 points I think I will just leave it there and cancel my aerclub and open one up again if I see myself flying aerlingus in the future

    • Yes, got it many months ago – way before it actually launched! (but was definitely from them, listed as AerClub in my statement).

    • I checked mine and my wife’s avios accounts a couple of weeks ago and 250 avios each had been deposited here, which given 99% of our avios activity is through BAEC I can only assume is from AerClub. I have an internal US United Flight next week which I have asked to be credit to AerClub so will be interesting to see where these points turn up (if at all!)

    • yes mine are there

    • I tweeted them on Friday – and it posted this morning. Need to try again now for my wife

      • I facebooked them but no result they keep passing the buck to avios
        Rob please help us!

    • No spare entries for 250 avios in my account since last May.

  4. With plenty of relatives living there, I’m sure I could reach an arrangement should anyone wish to avail of this. Rather than delivering junk mail to a random address!

  5. As I’m about to move back there I’ll be taking advantage of this one for a BA 2 for 1.
    I can provide details of at least 20 people who would love to receive this (the “farmer’s” newspaper!)
    Am on twitter @so_hanlon or happy for Rob to pass on my email address to anyone that enquires.

  6. Do you need an Irish credit card? The Economist didn’t like us getting a South Korea sub with a billling address of ‘London, South Korea’.

  7. O/T and apologies.. I just took out the Starwoods Amex and have triggered the 10K bonus. The points are showing when I look at Amex online. The question is how long do they take to appear into my actual Starwood account? Do they get swept over once a month like my BA Amex points do? If so, is there a particular day this happens (or does it differ from person to person) as I am keen to try to get the 35% bonus conversion to Avios beforeit finishes on the 8th of march

    • Same as BA. Balance zeroes out 6 days before your statement date and they hit SPG 2-3 days later.

      • thanks…

        • Possibly you can also change your statement date thereby hopefully accelerating the SPG points credit to your SPG account from Amex.

        • Didn’t think this was possible. Does anyone have any empirical evidence?

        • I have managed to change statement date on many of my cards in past, nothing recently and cannot remember if that was Amex issued card.
          But in general you can change your statement generation date and hope the points would sweep across earlier.

  8. Further to Crafty’s comments – I see you neatly closed that line of dialogue down:
    Given that so many people have not received their 250 points, and most of them were, I guess, pointed in that direction from this blog, perhaps you could try to find out the explanation as to why so many have not posted?

    • As it happens, I am with 8 members of the Avios team at Loyalty 2017 this afternoon – if any of them claim to have responsibility for AerClub I will let them know.

      In general, though, this game works best if you just shake off small inconveniences like this.

      I only have a certain level of political capital with Avios and I prefer to save it for situations where there is something meaningful at stake. There will not be a ranty article about why lots of people haven’t got their 250 Avios.

      • I wouldn’t expect a ranty article. If you are with Avios personnel today, it seems like the ideal opportunity to let them have some important feedback on behalf of your readership.
        Maybe they are unaware?
        I would have hoped that they should be interested enough to convey that feedback to a colleague/contact who is involved with Aer Club (if that person isn’t in attendance).
        I think you mentioned the other day that the CEO of Avios “gets it”. Well perhaps he would also “get” why some people would be hacked off if they don’t receive the points they were expecting.
        As for it being a “small inconvenience” – well yes, it’s not a large amount.
        However, not everyone is sitting with a substantial stash, and there are plenty of articles on Headforpoints and Shopperpoints about such trifling amounts. perhaps we shouldn’t bother with any of them?

        • Jeez, get over yourself.

        • Nate1309 says:

          I haven’t had mine either. But there is no point getting so worked up about it. Rob didn’t force you to sign up for a possible free 250 avios. You win some you lose some. Look at the Sunday Times Travel and Avis weekend that have come up lately.

        • Been in this ‘game’ for 4-5 years.

          You win some you lose some! – This will be replaced by a silly offer down the line at some point !

        • They’re worth about £2.50. It’s ridiculous to expect Rob to chase-up something as trivial as this.

      • Tthanks Rob thats all you can do I guess and that is well over beyond the call of duty already.
        I doubt you’ll get far as all my enquiries via avios has been very informative and detailed that they have no idea who to contact in aerclub only that it is 100% an aerclub issue.

    • If you’re talking about the reply button not being there – that happens automatically after a certain number of replies (I assume because they become too thin on mobile screens?). You can just reply to the last one with the option and it will appear at the bottom.

      He’s not censoring you!

  9. rams1981 says:

    OT was it mentioned on here that amex points can be transferred to say your wife if you cancel the card?

    • On paper they can because they forgot to remove the line in the T&C’s which allows it. In practice it is very difficult to get the call centre to do it and often involves making a written complaint.

  10. Simon Fisher says:

    I have given up all hope of AerClub since (during the sign up process) it mixed my account and my wife’s! Still not sure how it did it, but my login shows my Avios Balance and her name and Avios account number. I have called, emailed and tweeted to get help, but to no avail!!!

    Rob, as you state no point in getting overheated over 250 Avios, but they should be told. If a couple of dozen people here have had issues, how many more are sat quietly ignoring AerClub.

  11. Apologies – This is OT, but not sure how to post on an open forum on here.

    With the AMEX Pref Rewards gold card, there is 2x free entry to a lounge p.a.

    Can I bring a guest on both occasions for free? Or will both complimentary be used up by me + guest?


    • You plus a guest on one occasion equals two entries.
      You plus a guest on two occasions equals four entries and a fee being charged.

    • Regarding posting. If there is an article with “Bits” in the title – it’s sort of convention to post an OT comment on that thread. There isn’t one today however so you just do exactly what you have done.

  12. OT – my daughter is stuck in Narita waiting on a Quantas flight which was due out 8 hours ago.She booked the flight via BA using avios – is the flight covered under EU compo rules? Also has anyone used a day hotel in Narita?? thanks

    • the real harry1 says:

      not covered

    • Needs to be an EU carrier (so Qantas no good) or a flight leaving from the EU (Japan so no good).

      Travel insurance would be best bet, with the travel inconvenience/delay element. Airline might help out, worth asking.

    • Has she tried looking for the Qantas flight instead?

      Sorry, I’ll grab my coat!

  13. OT- SPG to AA conversion Bonus?

    This bonus offer last ran during August 2016 which offered 20% bonus, any ideas if such bonus is coming over next couple of months?

  14. Londonbus says:

    I’m half Irish. My retired uncle would appreciate this – but I wouldn’t t at 1p per Avios..

    • TGLoyalty says:

      The real value is if you or your family are actually a reader and would welcome a free gift or subsidised sub. Maybe the papers worth £50 so you bought the avios for £250 etc guess that’s where it works for you or not.

      Economist doesn’t make sense on its own for just the avios but if you read and sub to the Economist anyway you’re laughing.