Higher-than-usual 800 Avios bonus for signing up with e-Rewards

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I am not a big fan of earning Avios or indeed any loyalty points via e-Rewards.  That said, when I wrote this article four years ago about the ‘points for questionnaires’ company, I got a mini-backlash from people who were doing quite nicely out it.


In general, with most loyalty partners, you cannot join e-Rewards at will. You had to wait to be invited by a sponsoring hotel or airline.

The avios.com and British Airways Executive Club versions, on the other hand, are available for anyone to sign up.

And, until 31st March, avios.com is offering 800 Avios points for joining and completing just one survey.  This is an admittedly modest increase on the usual bonus of 750 Avios.

If you join via British Airways Executive Club, the bonus is just 750 Avios.

The avios.com sign-up page is here.

The ba.com sign-up page is here (scroll down to the e-rewards box)

In theory you could sign up for both if you used a different email address …..

The company is also an Iberia Plus partner, but that version remains ‘invitation only’.

Long-term, I am not a fan of e-Rewards. I think that it requires more effort than it is worth. However, 750 or 800 Avios for completing one survey is an option too good to miss.

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  1. Another E-Rewards tip:
    when you get an email telling you that you have a survey waiting, before you click on the link open your e-rewards account and click on ‘Find Survey’. You would expect to get the same survey but sometimes you get an extra one which is hiding. Then click on the link afterwards.

    • RussellH says:

      I find that the ‘Find Survey’ button is a much more reliable way of getting surveys to work than the e-mails that they send out. Even if I follow up on the e-mail immediately, I often get told that the survey is now closed.

      Accounts differ in what you can get for your points. If you sign up through either the Avios.com or BAEC links, then you can only exchange into that specific programme. But signing up through the link on the Accor website or a Hilton invitation, you can not only convert points to those schemes and to Avios.com or BAEC, but also to any number of other airline schemes. You get up to 50% more avios when converting to Iberia than to Avios.com or BAEC.

      The Avios.com and BAEC schemes I just do for the first 1000 points, then cancel.

      Over the last two years from one account I have had 6525 Accor points, 4250 Virgin miles and 3000 Iberia Avios.

      You are not supposed to have more than one account, and it does seem that they do check occasionally – I once asked why my account from a Hilton sign up never got any surveys and they told me that it was because it was a duplicate account. I do always sign up with a completely new e-mail address; they do not seem bothered by French or German addresses though.

      The Accor points, in particular, have made a difference. I never get enough from stays to be worth anything, but combined with the ones from e-Rewards they have given me €160 towards hotel bills, which is not to be sniffed at!

      • I have 6 active accounts and have never had one shut down, The best part of Erewards for me is that it’s possible to change the members name whenever and transfer into that FF programme.

  2. Andrew H says:

    O/T, my 2k Groupon avios have shown up in my Iberia account. Yay!

  3. Over the last 12 months, I’ve received 8250 Avios and 28,000 HH points from e-rewards.
    I’ve received 13,170 Avios from RFT.

    Over the last four months, my OH has received 4750 Avios from e-rewards and 3750 Avios from RFT.

    So we are on track for about 45,000 Avios a year.

    That’s not counting sign up bonuses,

    However, I am retired so have time on my hands.

    Some of the surveys are really interesting, and you occasionally get free products to try out. Nothing exciting, but I’ve had toothpaste and Knorr stock cubes.

    • I got a Heineken draft beer machine once with 20 litres of beer. They were meant to collect it but never did and they’re just starting to sell it officially now so can buy the refills for it. Other than that I’ve also been sent deodorant and a copy of the evening standard.

  4. An aside, out of interest – did everyone who registered for AerClub in December/early January receive their welcome 250 avios? I never received mine.

  5. Mcmoneymad says:

    Can anyone confirm that you can use more than one erewards account to redeem with Hilton etc? As I understand it you are not allowed to have more than 1 erewards per loyalty scheme so I stick to redeeming from the same account on each. But would be handy to know if they don’t notice that the erewards conversions have come from more than one account.

    • They do not keep the HH number so you can credit points to OH’s account or another account in your own name.

  6. the real harry1 says:
    • Saw this on OMAAT yesterday, seems totally bonkers – I can see the logic in separating some of the OW status levels but to get up to that number of boarding groups is taking the proverbial!

  7. a bit OT
    Has anyone managed to merge HHonors account in the same name please?

    • There used to be an option on the HH website which allowed you to do this – I always thought it was an odd feature to publicise but it was there.

      • Sorry, I meant managed to make that facility work. I have done it on two accounts and nothing has happened. I will try chat.

  8. I have given it a go and already had the frozen screen towards the end of a survey and twice been told that they have reached the number of people required for the survey despite answering many pages of questions on the subject before hand !
    I agree that if you are time rich it probably works for you . For me with a busy lifestyle and job I would rather earn by other means !!

  9. “Long-term, I am not a fan of e-Rewards. I think that it requires more effort than it is worth.”

    It doesn’t really take that much time to do a questionnaire or two, lots pay out 500 e-Rewards and for a couple of hours a month, you can bank a fair amount. I recently cashed out 7,000 Honors and a £20 Amazon gift card for very little work over the past month.

  10. Johnny_c-l says:

    I always try to fail these surveys to get the minimum points then move on in the minimum time.

    IIRC it’s the Avios equivalent which is the worst and will literally keep you going for 20 mins before saying “we’ve had enough from your group”. Absolutely NEVER bother with the Avios ones.

  11. Roger Wilco says:

    Steady flow of 2000 Avios/month (maximum rate) with minimal effort – via the avios.com signup. Only redemption partner is Avios.com, which is a big drawback.

  12. I got an email today saying I have got the 800 avios bonus, even though I haven’t finished a survey yet! Just had to log into my account to get them. Maybe they were reading this thread…

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