Bits: Heathrow’s first 747-8i arrives, £10 off £50 Amazon alcohol spend

News in brief:

Korean Air to launch Heathrow’s first Boeing 747-8i route

There is a lot of talk about the Airbus A380 not meeting its sales targets, but that pales into insignificance alongside the Boeing 747-8i.  This is the updated version of the classic 747-400 with a longer upper deck.

At the moment only three airlines are flying them as passenger, as opposed to freight, aircraft.  One is Lufthansa.  I am booked on a 747-8i to New York in June and I am looking forward to giving it a go.  The second is Air China.

If I’d waited, I could have got one nearer home.  The only other airline flying them is Korean Air, which ordered 10.  From 26th March, one of the two daily Heathrow services will switch to a 747-8i.  This is the first time that the aircraft has been used at Heathrow.

If you have any SkyTeam miles via Flying Blue, Delta etc and want to give it a go, Korean Air reward availability is generally claimed to be good.

Korean 747-8

£10 off £50 Amazon spend on beers, wines and spirits

Finally, whilst off-topic, I thought you’d like to know that Amazon is doing £10 off a £50 spend on beers, wines and spirits for TODAY (Friday) only.  Full details are in this Shopper Points article.  The full details and the code you need are on Amazon here.

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ITB bits: new Emirates A380 bar, my video of the new Qatar Airways Qsuite
"First (Class) in Business" - The amazing new Qatar Airways Qsuite
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  1. What routes do Air China use the 747-8? Seems strange that they don’t use their biggest plane on the London route (when I flew them, Beijing to Heathrow was only an A330)

    • Planeflyer says:

      CA seem to send their B748i to New York and San Francisco, plus domesitc positioning flights.
      Due to the UK not being in Schengen, and the resulting extra red tape for Chinese to enter the UK compared to the rest of the EU, London has never been as well served to China compared to other similar or smaller European destinations. China to the UK will nearly always be a smaller market than to Germany/France/Italy. These are much bigger destinations for Chinese tourists.
      That being said, there has been more capacity added to China in the past few years, just not necessarily on the London-Beijing route.

  2. Frenske says:

    Oh good timing running low in malts.

  3. The other daily Korean Air flight is actually a cargo flight and doesn’t operate every day

  4. Genghis says:

    OT. Not too sure if mentioned already but there’s a very timely 40k IHGs sign up bonus on the IHG Creation card

    • Genghis says:
      • Ts and Cs say:

        “3.Only those customers who have been invited to this offer, and have been accepted during the period from 24th February 2017 to 9th June 2017, will receive the advertised points for their first £200 spend”

        • Genghis says:

          I guess I’ve been invited then but I already have the card

        • I tried the eligibility check, but got an error message – something about the field length can’t be more than 16 characters. Not sure if this is a bug or because I didn’t get the email!

        • Did you have the Barclaycard version? I didn’t and haven’t got an invitation. My guess is the promotion is aimed at the people that are having barclaycard version closed. As the wording is around continuing to keep gold/plat status and get earning etc.

        • Wally1976 says:

          Would love to find out if this works for the uninvited – anyone willing to try it out and report back?

        • Genghis says:

          I never had the Barclaycard version. I opened the Creation version when it came out last year and continue to have it.

          I got the message from the IHG app.

      • Geoggy says:

        Just tried to apply for it for my wife and got the same error about the campaign code needing 16 digits

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Just had an in app message on the IHG app too but already a creation credit car customer, shame.

        • Ditto – mind you looking at the T&Cs I can’t see anything stopping us taking out the white card too for an extra 20k points? Anyone had luck before getting both cards from Creation? I know MBNA are fine with it for The Virgin cards.

        • Genghis says:

          I’d be keen on getting the White card too.

          Alan – wanna take one for the team and apply?

        • Have applied for white card! Pre application check said eligible, waiting to hear if approved (occasionally flat numbers cause issues for the system, we will see!).

        • I would have done that but applied for MBNA VAA free card just this morning (and approved)!

        • Axel heyst says:

          Ive got both white and black cards.

          I did reduce the credit limit on the white before applying for the black as an hfp reader instinct thing.

          So far creation have done a better job than barclays but I dont stay in ihgs much, im just planning to use the ihg status for a status match should an offer come up in 2017

    • Genghis did you receive an email invite? Assume not as you already have the card.

      • Funtime says:

        My invite is from the messages within the IHG app.

        Tempted by this, although already hold both free versions of the card. Anyone know if creation allow you to hold free and paid versions at the same time?

        • I have same. Invite in the app.
          Already have black – paid card.
          One thing to notice from the link, free card does not earn free night where as paid night does (along with extra 20K IHG points)

    • Received the email, and never held either Barclays or Creation version of the card. My offer is 10k points for free card, or 20k points for premium card. Not 40k, as per OP 🙁

      • Just noticed the URL Genghis posted mentions ‘winback’. My URL is different, so presumably different offers depending on whether you’ve had the card before.

  5. Arun T says:

    OT – Best Star Alliance scheme to credit some flying (in Y) that I’ll be doing this year? Doesn’t need a credit card (as I will be putting that spend towards other schemes), and no hard expiry (so no Miles&More). Leaning towards Aegean Miles. – so any experiences of this would be useful. Read Rob’s article from Feb – but still overwhelmed by the options!

    • I guess you don’t mean literally Y. A3 often gives 0 miles for many cheap economy tickets particularly on the M&M airlines. Main exceptions are SAS and SQ. Check

      A3 miles don’t expire as long as you have some activity every 2-3 years, but you can only do non-A3 redemptions on the phone with a 20 euro booking fee (however their customer service is pretty good). It’s pretty hard to earn status from scratch nowadays, though still doable with an F longhaul return or ~48 hours in J.

      It depends what airlines you will be flying the most. You can also ask on FT.

  6. I stocked back up on Ron Zacapa. 🙂

  7. Amazon code not being accepted on £50 worth of Campo Viejo via Amazon Pantry. Will have to go for the Bushmills outside of pantry instead

  8. Andrew* says:

    BTW: appears to stack with Amex MR points offer if you’ve not used that already…

    Talisker 57 Degrees North Single Malt
    Order Summary
    Items: £64.28
    Postage & Packing: £4.75
    Total: £69.03
    Promotion Applied: -£29.75
    Rewards Points: -£0.01

    Order Total: £39.27

    • Sussex Bantam says:

      Nice choice !!

      • Andrew* says:

        Not bought it (yet). Was just a proof of concept.
        I do like the 57 North, but really want a deal on the 18 yo but Amazon never seem to stock it direct…

        • the real harry1 says:

          you forgot to opt for free P&P – saving £4.75

          schoolboy error 🙂

        • Andrew* says:

          No I didn’t forget – it’s taken off in the promotion applied! (£10 + £15 + £4.75)

        • the real harry1 says:

          my apollo-gee-gees 🙂

        • Wanted a nice decanter of Ruby Port for my parents’ 40th anniversary but it doesn’t qualify 🙁

  9. ankomonkey says:

    Amazon offer is great! Planned to buy a case of lager I discovered on a recent holiday. Just used the offer and bought 3 cases instead! Thanks for the heads-up.

  10. rams1981 says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    any idea why my post is receiving this?

  11. I’m flying first class on the 747-8i with KA on April 11th. I can do a quick review if you guys are interested

  12. Crafty says:

    OT: What rights if any does one have when an airline changes the time of a booked flight? Has happened for both outbound and return of a LCY-DUB in June. Is there any way I can gain some advantage out of this?

    • the real harry1 says:

      Depends if it’s over 2 hrs I think, in which case you can cancel for free

      also depends if they give you adequate notice of the change

      I don’t think you’d get any points compo just for a change notified to you well in advance where you still intend to take the flight

      • Crafty says:

        It gets me to my destination later than I need to arrive. It’s a non-refundable fare, but surely this changes the terms of what the airline has agreed to sell me? I want (and will ask) them to move me to an earlier flight, but would rather first know how hard I can push it based on others’ experiences.

        It is City Jet if that makes any difference.

    • You may be entitled to cancel but if it’s BA they are unlikely to offer anything beyond the original booking terms. They’ve cut my summer holiday short by 2 days by cancelling our return flights (only 4 per week to our destination) but we’re entitled to nothing in terms of compensation. I think compensation only kicks in within 2 weeks of the flight date anyway.

  13. Not that I really need 3 more bottles of GIN to add to my collection, but at those prices, I’d be silly not to!