New BA Holidays Club World & Club Europe sale, and ‘flight only’ deals too

British Airways Holidays has launched another Club World and Club Europe ‘flight and hotel’ promotion.  This seems to be becoming the new way for BA to quietly slip excess flight capacity onto the market whilst keeping the actual price of the flights opaque.

Travel dates vary more widely this time.  You need to book by 21st March.

Click here to take a look at some of the deals available with Club World and Club Europe flights.

These are the ‘lead in’ flight and hotel offers based on Club World flights:

  • Toronto – three nights at the 4* Chelsea Hotel Toronto, from £1,299 per person, travelling between 18th to 27th December
  • Tampa – seven nights at the 4* Holiday Inn & Suites Harbourside, from £1,599 per person, travelling between 1st May and 30th June
  • Punta Cana – seven nights at the 4* Occidental Grand Punta Cana Resort (all inclusive), from £1,499 per person, travelling between 1st May and 22nd June 22
  • Barbados – seven nights at the 4* Sugar Cane Club Hotel & Spa, from £1,899 per person, travelling between 1st September and 30th September
  • Mauritius – seven nights at the 4* Preskill Beach Resort, from £2,359 per person, travelling between 1st and 30th June
  • Dubai – three nights at the 4* Doubletree by Hilton Ras Al Khaimah, from £1,479 per person, travelling between 1st June and 21st June

Interestingly, this time there are Club Europe deals as well:

  • Seville – three nights at the 4* Precise Resort El Rompido Club, from £259 per person, travelling 1st to 30th September
  • Barcelona – three nights at the 4* Atenea Valles, from £289 per person, travelling 1st to 31st May
  • Malaga – seven nights at the 4* Princesa Solar, from £359 per person, travelling 1st to 31st May
  • Mallorca – seven nights at the 4* Globales America, from £569 per person, travelling between 1st and 31st October
  • Edinburgh – two nights at the 4* Holiday Inn Edinburgh, from £239 per person, travelling between 1st and 31st May

These prices are based on two people sharing.

BA Holidays

As usual with BA Holiday you don’t have to pay in full when booking. Apart from a small deposit, you only need to pay the balance five weeks before departure.

Remember that you also earn a bonus 2 Avios per £1 for booking with BA Holidays on top of the Avios you will earn from the flights and from your credit card.

(One minor downside is that BA Holidays packages do not earn On Business points in BA’s small business loyalty scheme for the flights.)

The BA Holidays Club World and Club Europe promo page is here.

And flight only deals too ….

British Airways is also running some flight-only deals.

The best way to see what is available and when it is for is via the Low Fare Finder tool.  This is a clever bit of the BA website which lets you see at a glance which months offer the cheapest tickets to any particular destination.

In truth, none of these deals are worth dropping everything for and heading out to the airport.  Some of the Club Europe offers are attractive if you are in need of tier points, however.

These are the headline fares BA is promoting:

First Class:

  • USA – New York from £2395, Boston from £2195, Philadelphia from £2395, Miami from £2495, Washington from £2495, San Fran from £2895 return
  • Canada – Toronto from £2194 and Vancouver from £2895 return
  • Middle East – Dubai from £2107, Muscat from £1772, Tehran from £2282

Club World:

  • USA – New York from £1795, Chicago from £1895, Philadelphia from £1795, Miami from £1795, Las Vegas from £2495, San Fran from £2295 and Los Angeles from £2595
  • Canada – Toronto from £1594, Calgary from £1795 and Vancouver from £1895 return
  • Caribbean – Antigua from £1679, Bermuda from £1795, Barbados from £1679, Dominican Republic from £1295, St Lucia from £1679 and Tobago from £1679
  • Middle East – Dubai from £1495, Muscat from £1295 and Abu Dhabi from £1295
  • India – Mumbai from £1895, Hyderabad from £1767 and Chennai from £1795 return
  • China – Beijing from £1751 and Shanghai from £2295 return
  • Cape Town from £2995 return
  • Bangkok from £1759 return
  • Kuala Lumpur from £2045 return
  • Singapore from £2260 return

There are also a lot of Club Europe flight deals available.  Some are well under £200.  Looking at the BA Low Fare Finder I saw:

  • Bergen from £82 each way
  • Billund from £89 each way (Legoland!)
  • Brussels from £109 each way
  • Dublin from £116 each way
  • Granada from £110 each way
  • Inverness from £66 each way (deleted – displays this but it is a bug)
  • Luxembourg from £86 each way
  • Nantes from £99 each way
  • Paris from £99 each way
  • Rotterdam from £98 each way

…..and many more.

According to the BA press release I was sent “Bookings must be made between May 15 and June 3, 2014.”  I guess that this isn’t true or we’ve all missed the boat.

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  1. Graham Walsh says:

    O/T Travelling back from DXB > LHR this morning with Virgin and I asked about any upgrade from economy to PE, their reply was sorry PE is full today, we have oversold it. It was £900 to jump straight to UC. The people next to me they were trying to encourage to upgrade from PE to UC for £671 as a special offer today. Hmm more like their greediness.

  2. RAK is not Dubai, you should know that!

    • Genghis says:

      Even the Econonmist doesn’t know. I’ve seen ‘Countries like Dubai’…

    • Worzel says:

      Correct Fadi (6:36 am), however I see no reference to Marrakesh Menara Airport (RAK) in the article!

      • That’s what I thought …. I just went back through it ….

        • I think it’s a reference to this text.

          Dubai – three nights at the 4* Doubletree by Hilton Ras Al Khaimah, from £1,479 per person, travelling between 1st June and 21st June

          Bit like Ryanair claiming certain airports for cities are still valid even when many miles from the city.

        • For the curious, Ras Al Khaimah airport is RKT though RAK is a valid abbreviation for the emirate.

          However I get mildly annoyed when the “uninitiated” use airline abbreviations incorrectly, for example it took me a while to understand what was meant when someone began telling me about the lovely new “CP lounge” at Heathrow.

        • To be fair, Ras is not exactly a massive drive from Dubai. Probably quicker than London Stansted to any central London hotel by taxi.

  3. Sooooo, where does a sale fare sit on BA’s sliding scale on its “random” roulette for downgrades?

    Off in the LGW BA Lounge in a wee bit, I might seek out a BA Flight rep for clarification on the various conflicting fake stories we were told for our downgrade 2 weeks ago…

    • Good luck with that. Please keep us updated as the 2-4-1 issue still needs to be sorted 🙂

  4. The Inverness fare is incorrect from what I can see. When using the fare finder tool it shows as £40 / £50 or £66, but click on it and they charge £160 or more one way…

  5. Timothy Arnold says:

    Just got back from Barcelona with the last BA Holiday sale – three nights for three of us for only £300 (in Euro traveller). wouldn’t have booked it without head for points so thanks Rob!

  6. Scottydogg says:

    OT : I’m flying from London to Bangkok on Royal Jordanian in a few months times . Does anyone know what the best way is to claim any points from this trip . Will they credit to BAEC / Virgin / Iberia / Aer Club ? these are the ones I’m part of , but would open another one as I wouldn’t want to waste the points 🙂

    • Genghis says:

      RJ are part of OW so BA or Iberia is possible. Take a look at
      My advice would be to put the miles somewhere useful where you already collect to prevent orphan miles.

    • Nathan says:

      Im looking for a cheap business class trip to BKK for 2018, probably best to wait for the Qatar sale again in Jan, gutted i missed the last sale!

  7. James F says:

    Slightly related question:

    I’m looking to book a flight + hotel deal, flying out in CE and return in ET, and I can’t see any way to do that on the ba website. Is it a case of book in economy and upgrade one leg after the fact, or best to book it over the phone?


    • I think with BA package deals you may have to book by phone to travel in different classes. I was going to do do this this summer but ended up with a better deal booking avios flights and the car separately.

    • Barry cutters says:

      easy to do. go through booking process as flight only. just before the part where you pay you will be once again offered the option to add a hotel.

  8. Slightly OT – visited the new Gatwick BA lounge. I’m gold for first in my life and this lounge made me appreciate the (slight) benefits over silver. Johnnie Walker BL, ordered the mac n’ cheese with truffle oil and really enjoyed the leather seats w/ runway views. Business lounge was also really nice. Decided its my new fav BA lounge, anybody have a particular favourite? The Gold lounge in LHR T5 seriously needs a refresh. Thanks Raffles for the shortcut advice after security. I can see the elevator pitfall!!

    • ‘….ordered the mac n’ cheese with truffle oil’ It is scrummy 🙂

    • Barry cutters says:

      First lounge in heathrow is alright , pretty much the same as the gatwick one. although i agree i like the gatwick one a lot.
      when flying out of LAX use the Qantas first lounge. – really good cocktails and real dining.
      hong kong the cathey first lounge is good , and doha the first lounge was really good.

      • I was up in the Mezzanine for an hour yesterday morning on a strained telephone call with the BA Duty Customer Services Manager (too busy to visit in person) highlighting the series of conflicting fake info that we received from BA staff for their CW downgrade debacle. He’s promised to escalate getting explanations to specific queries which I’ll definitely be following up on.

        Anyhow both myself and my wife were impressed with both the First and the Club lounges @ LGW. Just wish all aspects of the experience were consistently as good.

  9. O/T Have BA declared the amount of tier points that will be give for a UK domestic CE flight yet. I have booked one as part of a series of flights, it looks as though I am only getting 20. I was expecting 40 to be on a parr with flights into europe, that why I booked it. Currently on hold to BA to try and get an answer, 42 minutes I have been on, no answer yet. This might be quicker

  10. Further to above, as I sent it, I finally got an answer (50 minutes from asking on the dedicated help line!). It would appear a domestic CE flight will only attract 20 tier points, the same as fully flexible economy. Wish the information from BA was clear on that before I booked, I wouldn’t have bothered.

    • N. Ford says:

      If it’s merely TPs you want to acquire and don’t care where you go, Tallinn is by far & away the best option (if you didn’t know already). 200 TPs for a total spend of less than £300! (this is either side of BA’s direct flights in May-September). I went three times in Jan to get my Silver card and have already booked five trips (just little night-stops, Oct -Feb inclusive) to help retain my soon-to-be Gold status. A beautiful old town, well worth seeing multiple times, even if the main aim is TPs!

      • It wasn’t a specific run just to gain TPs, its a flight i have to take, just thought I would try and get a little boost in support of preserving my silver next year. I do a fair bit of UK domestic, its a long drag to getting status from it. I had heard of the Tallinn run, however, when I looked at it, I could only get direct BA flights. Your message re the summer direct flights explains why. I might look into it again. I would like to get my wife into Silver for next year. Is Tallinn interesting? good food?

        • N. Ford says:

          Very interesting and rather beautiful. The Old Town, that is. I got rather fond it during my three visits on consecutive weekends, so it’ll be absolutely no hardship going back later in the year. Gorgeous atmosphere, amazing history and beautiful narrow cobbled streets, full of cosy restaurants, cafes and bars to suit all tastes. That experience, coupled with a near three-hour flight in Business on Finnair, on their amazing A350s (if you pick the right flights), then a half-hour shuttle south on a turboprop – reserve a seat at the back, which is where you board – and a single night in a sub-fifty quid hotel in or very close to the Old Town, equals a very enjoyable and cheap way to earn 200 TPs. Pay no more than £116 each way in Business and go for the shortest connection between flights. See you there!

        • It’s lovely, definitely recommend. Went to seaplane museum and bastion tunnels today. A350 is fantastic, if you’ve got BA Gold then definitely go for the Cathay Pacific First Lounge on the way out! Hilton Tallinn Park treats Diamonds very well too, nice Exec Lounge. Standard of English is excellent, all very walkable although taxis & Uber cheap too.

      • I’m in Tallinn just now, Old Town looking lovely this evening! Off on ferry to Helsinki tomorrow then flying back from there.

        • Alan did you route via EDI?

        • EDI-LHR-HRL-TLL 🙂 EDI-HEL direct is an option some days, but (a) not sure it is within the fare and (b) I wanted the A350 🙂 Sadly domestic connection through price way out so had to do RFS for that bit – it should be possible though.

    • joelyp says:

      BA seem to be confused! I was told (after 15 minutes’ wait on the BAEC gold line) that it would be 40 TP for domestic CE each way. It had better be – I have booked five NCL-LHR returns on the basis of that, instead of taking the train!

      • Well I spent 50 minutes on the BAEC help line trying to get an answer. In the end, having been given a range of clearly incorrect answers, he insisted at first I would get 60 per segment! I was told it will be twenty. My Manage my Booking is also saying 20. The BA website does not explicitly say, however, it does indicate that the tier points awarded will be the same as old UK business, which I believe was 20. What does your manage my booking say?

        • joelyp says:

          My manage my booking says 20 but BAEC told me that was because their systems had not yet been updated. Yes, Business UK is 20 points. They were very clear it would be 40 per segment!

        • Well I hope your contact with BAEC was correct. To be honest, I have little faith in the person I spoke to, he did not seem to have a clue about it. I re-read the BA page re the new service, it’s written in a manner that leaves it open as to how many tier points you will get. It’s appalling that BA have not properly sorted this prior to accepting bookings. If you hear anymore, please do post it.

        • Joelyp says:

          Rang BAEC again, as did not want to keep my five domestic new CE bookings if not 40 TP per sector. Very helpful (!) staff member went off to check and confirmed all new CE domestic bookings would incur 40 TP. She admitted it was unclear what existing bookings which have been transferred to CE domestic would accrue in terms of TP. She also said she would report the lack of an update on the BA systems, for what that’s worth.

  11. Darren says:

    O/T bit of a daft question but, when was the last Amex MR to Avios bonus and is there likely to be another soon.

    I’m sure it’s one of those who knows questions, sorry.

    • 3 years? They were every 6 months. There has not been ANY Amex to anyone bonus for, what, 3 years? I’m not counting the Etihad ones as they are promoted by Etihad and Amex doesn’t tell cardholders about them.

      • Not been an Etihad one for about 18 months for uk card holders 🙁

      • Darren says:

        Oh well, I won’t hold my breath then.

        SWMBO would regularly complete the transfer until I mentioned the possibility of a bonus and now holds out for the golden ticket. How to let her down gently?

      • Darren says:

        Oh well, I won’t hold my breath then.

        SWMBO would regularly complete the transfer until I mentioned the possibility of a bonus and now holds out for the golden ticket. How to let her down gently?


  12. Barcelona in May is looking like a good idea. I was looking for options late May/early June and this may just fit the bill, ta.

  13. Is it just me but these BA long haul flight deals are the complete opposite of a desl. £1700 to Miami. I’d sooner pay £1200 from Dublin and get a cheap economy ticket there are back. I was getting prices of £1800 return from flight scanner via BA anyway.

    Assuming they are going to have some very empty club world cabins if they don’t release so real promotions.