See OneRepublic at Abbey Road for 60,000 Hilton points

Hilton @Play, the ‘redeem your points for events’ side of Hilton Honors, has just launched something that, if you are a keen music fan, would be very special indeed.

On Saturday 22nd April, OneRepublic will be playing an exclusive acoustic concert at the historic Abbey Road studios in North London (St John’s Wood).

The event includes a food and drink reception before the concert.

I have been lucky enough to attend a few charity concerts at Abbey Road over the years.  It is a fantastic venue, not open to the public – it is still a working recording studio – and the opportunity to take a look inside is something that keen music fans should jump on.


There are two options available.  For 60,000 Hilton Honors points you can redeem for two tickets for the party and concert.  25 pairs are left at the time of writing.

A better deal is to redeem 100,000 Hilton points for the above plus a night at the Hilton London Paddington.  This is a surprisingly decent hotel inside the railway station.  There are currently 24 of these packages remaining.

If you don’t have the Hilton points available, you could transfer them from American Express Membership Rewards at 1:2.  However, whilst the transfer will probably happen overnight if your accounts are already linked, it is not guaranteed and you risk being stuck with the Hilton points.

I do not recommend moving Virgin Flying Club miles into Hilton Honors – that is a slow process and the packages may well have gone by then.

To redeem, go here for ‘tickets only’ or here for ‘tickets and hotel’.  As the tickets only went up a few minutes ago, it is possible the event will be mainly Head for Points readers ….. although not me, as my Hilton balance is currently 6 points following a Tokyo redemption!

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Would be great to have a nose around Abbey Road but I think it’s unlikely that any ‘keen music fan’ would actually want to hear OneRepublic play!

    • It’s an acoustic set, how bad can it be?! The drink will numb the music if it’s not your taste …..

  2. Yep that Conrad Tokyo will sting you. Worth it though… New exec lounge is beautiful.

  3. Thanks Rob for the heads up on this Show it happens to be a band we like a lot.
    We just booked it, could someone in the know please tell me if you need a boarding pass for the Sofitel t5 arrivals Lounge ?

    • flyoff says:

      Leigh, if your question related to Priority Pass you don’t need a boarding pass just your Priority Pass App or card.

      • Plaza Premium Arrivals in Heathrow T2 has now started asking for a boarding pass. I think there were airport workers with cards going in daily for a free lunch or beer and costing Priority Pass a lot of money ….

        • Alex W says:


        • In the early 1990’s, Servisair used to have a lounge landside at Gatwick that was accessible for Diners Club card holders. I was a frequent visitor by virtue of my Air UK card, which was comped off the back of a Blue BAEC card 🙂

          Anyway I recall trying to gain access one morning in maybe 1995 with my DC after a long absence, only to be told that you now needed a boarding pass for this very reason. Apparently it had turned into the Gatwick Airport social club and was costing Servisair a fortune.

  4. Kilburnflyer says:

    FYI for anyone needing to top up their Hilton Account there is currently a 100% bonus when you purchase Hilton points

  5. O/T
    My anniversary of Premium BA Amex is coming up but I’ve still not been informed of the fee being raised. Am I going to hear, or will the first be when (if) I’m charged it?

  6. OT: I signed up for GETT with your discount code, suppose to give a £5 discount on each of the 10 first rides
    After signing up the app says that I will only get £3 on each ride. ???

    • Very weird. The link still shows £5 x 10. I would drop Gett a note, they are very responsive and I’m sure will fix it. I need to write about that offer actually ….

      • I have now used the account and taken a ride and I only got £3 off in the end…

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Might be wrong but that seems to be the March offer I got too, not used Getting I’m a while so trying to tempt me I guess.

      Possibly Robs code hasn’t registered yet or there’s a bug in the app

  7. I wish I still had a balance in my Hilton account. One Republic are an awesome band and I would have been on this great concert opportunity. It just wasn’t meant to be!

    • Julie Kalama says:

      I bought a package but then realised I can’t go. If you want to make me a reasonable offer to cover the points..

  8. Nathan says:

    Just booked the 100,000 points package for this 🙂 can’t wait! What a fab opportunity

    • Keith M says:

      Agreed should be really good acoustic and not something you can experience normally

  9. Can’t see these listed on the website anymore despite both packages being available a few hours ago (6 packages for ticket-only and 20 packages for ticket+hotel)….but now nothing. In fact the link is broken and the auction is not showing in the list of CLOSED items…maybe there’s a website glitch rather than them selling out everything since lunchtime.

    • The 20 hotel packages won’t have gone in a day …. they seem sticky and they may end up moving some into general tickets?

      • Ok thanks, have emailed them and awaiting a response. Will keep checking the page for updates….unless they cancelled the event, I can’t see a reason why there’s no reference to the Abbey Road event other than a website glitch or needing to change the packages, hence the pages being temporarily unavailable.

      • It looks like they’ve done exactly that Rob. The general tickets had ‘sold out’, last week, but a few days ago there were 6 extra added (4 available today) and the no. available for the hotel package is now down to 14.

  10. Amanda Smith says:

    Listing is back

  11. Got a phone call from Hilton Diamond Desk in Dallas and offered me the 100,000 points package ( concert + 1 night stay) for free…
    I happily accepted.

    • Yes, I heard they were doing this. Not for me, but Diamond has expired by then!

    • Very nice! I had a free trip to Edinburgh Festival show last year (incl drinks/food beforehand) but guess they look at your address on file before deciding what to offer you!

  12. Some general tickets have been added/switched and there are four still available today. The no. available for the hotel package is now 14.