Earn and spend Avios on BA’s new baby sister – low-cost airline LEVEL

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IAG, the parent of British Airways, announced the name of its new low-cost airline yesterday – LEVEL.

The airline will be based in Barcelona, at least initially. LEVEL isn’t really a stand-alone operation – the crews will be Iberia employees and the schedules are being designed to allow Vueling, IAG’s low-cost and delay-prone short-haul carrier, to provide feed.

Services will launch in June 2017.

There are just two brand new A330 aircraft being used initially by LEVEL.  The airline will serve:

  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco (Oakland)
  • Buenos Aires
  • Punta Cana

Services will operate 2-3 times per week depending on route.

Level airline A330

The aircraft are being operated as two-class aircraft but those classes are Economy (293 seats) and Premium Economy (21 seats) – there is no Business Class.

LEVEL’s seating is being arranged as 2-4-2.  To give credit to IAG, they could have gone for 3-3-3 although that would be painful given the length of the flights they are planning.  The seats are the new super-thin variant.

Level airline seating

LEVEL will offer a “modern approach to flying”.  How modern?  Try:

you will pay for all food and drink

you will pay for all checked luggage

you will pay for seat selection (€15 for a middle seat at the back up to €68 each way for a window or aisle exit row seat)

you will pay for a blanket, pillow and / or amenity kit

you will pay for internet (fair enough on that one)

you will, after an introductory period, pay for IFE

Premium Economy passengers will not pay for food and drink, seat selection, IFE or checked baggage.

You will also be able to buy more expensive economy tickets, sold as Basic+ or Optimal, which include some of the items above.  The only thing that no-one can get for free is wi-fi.

There are no status benefits.  If you have BA status, for example, you still cannot use fast track or a lounge.

Is the LEVEL airline actually cheap?

Not really, to be honest.  There were some cheap flights loaded initially yesterday, possibly for PR purposes, but you need to look at the day-to-day numbers.

I looked at a 7-day trip to Los Angeles in August.  The price was (and I’m not sure why it was priced in $) $763 return.

A suitcase will be an extra $44 EACH WAY.  A 2nd suitcase will be a whopping $165 EACH WAY.

I haven’t seen the pricing for seat selection or food and drink yet.  Let’s assume that you end up spending at least $30 each way on food and drink.

With one suitcase, our August trip to LA is now up to $911 (£735) return.  If we needed to take 2 suitcases, the cost would be $1,241 (£1,001).  That’s not what I call low-cost.  With Iberia pilots and cabin crew, LEVEL also won’t be operating with low costs either.

(Remember that there is no Air Passenger Duty out of Barcelona so you can’t directly compare this pricing with what you would pay out of London.)

Level airline

What about Avios?

This is what we know:

All LEVEL fares, including the cheapest, will earn Avios points – but not many.  The cheapest Economy tickets will earn 10% (not a typo!) of the miles flown.  Premium Economy tickets will earn at least 100% of the miles flown.

You can redeem Avios for flights on LEVEL – see below

You can use ‘part pay with Avios’ when booking flights on LEVEL, although your Avios will need to be in Iberia Plus and not British Airways Executive Club.  Remember that you can use ‘Combine My Avios’ to move them for free.

How many Avios will I need?

LEVEL is pricing off the standard Iberia Plus redemption chart.

Barcelona to Los Angeles, for example, will cost 50,000 Avios + £175.20 in July.  This is for the same dates I priced above where a cash ticket had a base fare of $763 (£615).  You would be getting 0.88p per Avios on this basis.

It could be even better, depending on whether Avios tickets include a free checked suitcase or not. (EDIT: comments below suggest Avios tickets get free seat selection, free hot meal and a free suitcase.)

Premium Economy is 87,500 Avios + £175.20.

These Avios flights can only be booked via Iberia Plus.  They cannot be booked with Avios on the BA website.

Given that availability to the US for Avios is often tricky over the Summer, you might want to take a look at this especially in Premium Economy.

Is LEVEL going to be a success?

Who remembers Go?  Or Buzz (because KLM also failed with a low-cost short haul airline)?  On the other hand, IAG’s Vueling has grown strongly even though it has a terrible reputation for operating performance.

The best thing to say is that LEVEL is a low risk gamble for IAG.  The pilots and crew are already employed by Iberia.  The two new A330 aircraft will easily find a new home within IAG if this venture fails.

The real question is whether Barcelona has enough people to support these services.  Norwegian is launching Barcelona – Oakland in June so it will interesting to see how the two compete.  The other three routes may be a captive market for those looking to fly direct.  If it works, you could image a similar operation being launched from, say, Manchester.

You can learn more on the LEVEL website here.

PS.  Since I wrote this, I found out that LEVEL flights are to be included in the AA / BA / Iberia / Finnair Joint Business Agreement on North American routes.  This disrupts the entire economics, since the revenue is partly given away to partners whilst IAG picks up a slice of revenue from the ‘legacy’ carriers on North American routes.

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  1. At this day and age BA or anything remotely close to BA is far from my first choice of flying, BA used to be good, but it’s been deteriorating it’s services for years and it’s been a while since I booked a flight with them. There are far better choices out there if you are prepared to change flights in main land Europe.

  2. I booked Business Class Heathrow to Dublin via Reward Flight saver on 9/3/17 for travel 13/3/17.

    The booking showed Club Europe, but I was refused entry to the lounge at Heathrow. Only explanation was “the ticket not valid for lounge”. Baggage, Fast Track, seating & food all matched the old Business Class.

    Ironically while I was waiting for the flight, a survey from BA asked for my experience of visiting the lounge. I have complained to BA & awaits their response.

    • I’ve had that a couple of times, but when I asked them to double check they relented. Your itinerary should also state that you have lounge access on a CE flight, so it’s always worth printing that and taking it with you for future reference.

      • Thinking back, I do recall the staff member on the desk checking our eligibility and then telling us that they’re not always given the right information about who is and isn’t allowed in the lounge – not sure whether this is poor communications or an effort to get lounge user numbers down by feigning ignorance!

  3. Tony Burns says:

    It is nothing to do with BA or Cruz for that matter. They already have a similar operation starting from Gatwick this year.
    Norwegian are already strong in Spain so won’t stop that.
    However worth noting Norwegian are looking at reducing short-haul routes in/out of Gatwick because of the competition.
    For some reason the IAG group is very concerned about Norwegian who I fly with short-haul and are very good if a bit prone for delay’s.

  4. Michael says:

    To be fair re: pricing, when I left over yesterday morning there were returns to both OAK and LAX for £175 in July and August. Which can’t be sneezed at for 13 hours of flying each way….

  5. Barcelona is a major cruise port for American passengers on European cruises, so it makes sense for that to be the hub airport.

    UK Govt and APD encouraging a four flight round trip to the USA, for a so called green tax its not very green.

    • the real harry1 says:

      I don’t think anybody sees APD as a green tax, it’s just plucking another feather for the Revenue

      • Gordy Brown did in 2007 when he doubled APD. Or at least he said it was. Dont tell me he lied……

        • the real harry1 says:

          DT: The Government sold APD to the public as a “green” tax, yet not a penny has been spent on environmental causes. The tax generates £2 billion a year. [£3.2b in 2016/17.] The new system is expected to bring in £3.5 billion by 2012. Yet airlines are adamant that they already cover the cost of their carbon emissions. This tax, based on distance travelled, does not reward those who improve fuel efficiency. Environmental groups say it could slow investment in greener technologies and deter passengers from offsetting emissions on the grounds that they are already “doing their bit” by paying APD.

          HMG: In 2011, the Treasury launched a consultation on potential revisions to Air Passenger Duty. In their consultation they stated “Air passenger duty is primarily a revenue raising duty which makes an important contribution to the public finances, whilst also giving rise to secondary environmental benefits”. http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20130129110402/http://www.hm-treasury.gov.uk/d/condoc_responses_air_passenger_duty.pdf

          Wiki: One of the stated benefits of APD was to offset the environmental impact of air travel but critics point out that the tax takes no account of the efficiency of the aircraft. An airline using an old inefficient plane is treated equally to one using the latest most efficient engines.

          • Don’t tell me that flying from Gatwick to Dublin to Gatwick to Vegas isn’t greener than Gatwick to Vegas……..

          • What about Inverness and Jersey? – clearly no need to be green if you live there…

            If Gov’s were serious about Green Taxes like APD, they’d just ration CO2 emissions on an individual basis.

            Hope they don’t, I do love a good curry… :p

  6. OT – I need a little help! I need to book a ticket for LON-HKG (return) for work, I can fly business. What is the best way to maximise tier points, I don’t mind a few stops along he way, Thanks.

    • I’d fly Qatar via Doha – 560 points return. Cathay and Malaysian are too short, Finnair via HEL is also less than QR.

      • The Original Nick says:

        I’d fly QR too. Will be flying BKK-DOH-AMS with QR tomorrow evening. I can’t fault Qatar and the Lounge in DOH is excellent.

        • I’d only do it for the tier points though – I’m flying Cathay HKG-LGW tomorrow night and looking forward to getting my head down without the ME transit.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      One more for QR. Better product. More TP. Nicer lounges. Small stop over small price to pay

      However, less Avios if you have BA status though, as no bonus.

      • Rashad says:

        Very correct, I’ve just completed OSL-DOH-BKK and tier points and AVIOS were credited to my BAEC, but I’ve noticed no tier bonus is included, plus cabin bonus is half what I’d get with BA to Doha.
        Saying this Qatar would be my preferred option for the future as my first experience with them was beyond my expectations, well and truly impressed.

  7. Margaret says:
  8. Nicofr68 says:

    It would be nice if now there is a low cost long haul brand BA itself pushed back up market a bit rather than fall ever further behind the middle eastern names, SIA and Cathay. Dispiriting way to have to spend 12 hours on business travel.

    • the real harry1 says:

      not going to happen – BA might not go further downhill but they’re not going to get much better without buying new planes/ re-equipping plus getting rid of their old fogey cabin crew (and there’s a bit of a pension problem)

      • the real harry1 says:

        most of the cabin crew wouldn’t look out of place on last of the summer wine

  9. Anyone had issues with the Hilton Price Match ?
    Submitted the form not heard back since .

    CS just say no form submitted even though ive done it 2 times now !!

    Just said on the screen form had been received but no confirmation of this very frustrating compared to Marriott who have dealt with my price matches in a quick professional manner.

    • BA Sucks says:

      This is Hilton! Think: one step ahead of BA in terms of ‘show me the ***ing money’. They’ll reel you in with false promises but in reality If you stick a lump of coal up their arse it will quickly turn into a diamond. Which – as they seem to be giving out diamond status to every Tom, Dick and Harry for 24 months after 8 stays – pretty much sums up what will happen to diamond perks in 2018.

  10. danksy says:

    Very similar to the wowair concept.

    I recently priced return flights from brs to mia via kef.

    There’s no entertainment systems on the aircraft, nor any compliment food or beverage service. What is also evident is that their carry on allowances are not much more than a toddler’s backpack.

    After we had factored in

    checking in a bag each into the hold and one each to carry on (for the 2 flights each way).

    Selecting seats with extra leg room (no business class) for each flight.

    This added £597 to the overall cost. Making it much cheaper to fly either aer lingus ex dub.. Or AA from LHR.. To boot these options would negate the 5hr stopover on the way!

    • Callum says:

      I don’t know if people who never considered budget before are starting to for the first time, but the regular posts that are now appearing expressing shock that adding a bunch of premium extras to a budget fare often makes it expensive are a bit odd. That’s pretty much how the industry has worked for a long time, and trying to create a full service experience on a budget carrier seems a bit counterproductive anyway!

      • Danksy says:

        Yes but there’s budget and BUDGET.. I consider paying for carryon being tightfisted

  11. Apparently sales going well – 52,000 tickets in first 48h! :O


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