10am update: First pictures of the new Club Europe breakfast!

You can’t say we’re not on top of things here!  It’s only 10am and we already have some photographs of the new Club Europe breakfast.  Remember that the new ‘improved’ food service launches today.  Full details of the changes are in this article.

Thanks to Peter for sending this so promptly.  He notes:

“The sugar and the ‘refreshing towel’ have gone from the tray.  The cold meat plate has gone as an alternative to the traditional breakfast.  The alternative now is a Hot Vegetarian Breakfast.”

The portion size looks good.  Peter didn’t mention the taste but my experience of airline croissants is that they are generally appalling. That isn’t BA’s fault – they just don’t travel well.

“The Club World mug and plate are being used”, as predicted.  The upside here is that your coffee should now stay warm – a low wide cup, as used before, is not the best thing to use if you want to keep a hot drink hot.

I’m sure there will be more on this topic once the working week starts tomorrow.

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  1. Surely the big issue with the mugs remains that they will be kept at close to freezing before making their way to the customer. Whilst it might be a small improvement over the old design, I believe these mugs are also thicker so will take longer to warm up, too….

  2. Robert says:

    So there will always be a veggie option available?

    • Maybe upon request prior to flying? If i was a vegetarian I wouldn’t leave that to chance, in case they ran out

      • Memesweeper says:

        I never used to order veggie and always asked at breakfast time on UK domestics, and on every occasion except the last got my choice. I’ll be pre-ordering in future, just to be sure.

  3. Surprised to see a mug with a such a small base being used in a potentially bumpy environment

  4. Lewis Watson says:

    Does this mean the blue Dalton mugs are gone

    • Yes. To be fair your drink always went cold quickly in them.

      • Lewis Watson says:

        Yeah but I used to steal them my gran liked them

        • the real harry1 says:

          hfp does not condone swiping – well, only the odd salt & pepper pot lol

          Q: what is the difference between swiping the free shampoo in your hotel room and the blue Dalton mugs? 🙂

    • JamesW says:

      Look out for bucket loads of them on eBay then !

  5. Kate Hyde says:

    Have just landed LHR from CDG on afternoon tea service and enjoyed a hot mug of tea (sturdy, good heat insultation) and a plate of sandwiches. It’s a thumbs up from me. Have sent you a picture, Rob.

    • Kate Hyde says:

      Insulation, even.

      • Not got it yet, but do send – rob at headforpoints.co.uk (not .com) as I am missing sarnies. Got a couple of panini pictures lined up for tomorrow 🙂

  6. Cameron says:

    It would be very disappointing if the Continental option in CE (cold meat plate) is gone. Since I don’t like the English breakfast, particularly on an airplane (heresy, I know), I might as well do BOB.

  7. Dicksbits says:

    The question is: Will the hot meal have a veggie choice as standard as second meal choice?

  8. Peter Taysum says:

    Photo of “miniature” ploughman’s sent from TGL to LHR today. On the way out it was a smaller tray; I didn’t understand why no plate for my scone; and then I did. I agree it’s not “afternoon tea” without a scone.

    • JamesW says:

      No scone !! They really will have to change their name soon. Fewer & fewer aspects are British 🙁

    • zsalya says:

      I didn’t know that a remote part of Indonesia was served by Club Europe!

  9. JamesW says:

    I’d like to have seen black pudding make an appearance if it was going to tempt me away from breakfasting in the Galleries First !