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My review of the British Airways Galleries lounge in the Terminal 5 ‘B’ satellite terminal

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This is my review of the British Airways Galleries Lounge in Terminal 5B of London Heathrow airport.

It is part of our collection of UK airport lounge reviews which is well on the way to completion now!  You can see our full list of UK airport lounge reviews here.

If you are flying long-haul on British Airways from Heathrow Terminal 5, your knee jerk reaction is to use one of the two Galleries Club lounges, Galleries First (if you have a Gold card) or The Concorde Room (if you are flying in First) in the main building.

This is not necessarily a good idea, in my view:

The lounges in the main building are frequently overcrowded

The majority of long-haul flights depart from Terminal 5B or Terminal 5C

You need to leave the lounge early to ensure you get to 5B or 5C in time

British Airways has a perfectly pleasant, and usually empty, lounge with an Elemis Spa in 5B for anyone flying from 5B or 5C

Heading out to Hong Kong, it was clear – as it was an A380 departure – that we would be on a satellite gate.  It made sense to head over the to lounge in 5B using the transit train, even though our flight was from 5C.

This is what you find there.  I apologise for the poor quality of some of these photos – it was 5pm, the sun was low in the sky and, flooding into the glass walled terminal, it played havoc with the exposure settings on my iPhone.

How do you get into the British Airways lounge at Heathrow Terminal 5 (Satellite B)?

The lounge operates the standard British Airways policies.  To get in you must:

be flying in Business Class or First Class on a British Airways or oneworld alliance partner airline

hold Silver or Gold status in British Airways Executive Club

hold comparable status with another oneworld alliance airline

It is NOT possible to get into British Airways lounges for cash, and you cannot use lounge club cards such as Priority Pass.  There are two lounges in the main part of Heathrow Terminal 5 which accepts lounge club cards – Club Aspire and Plaza Premium (review here).

How is the BA Galleries lounge in the Terminal 5 satellite terminals?

The good news is ….. no people.  Remember this was 5pm with the evening peak about to get into full swing.

There were no people in the area to the left as you go in (click on any of the pictures to enlarge):

British Airways Galleries lounge Heathrow Terminal 5B satellite

…. which connects to the (empty) kids room:

British Airways Galleries lounge Heathrow Terminal 5B satellite

There were no people over to the right hand side of reception, where the spa reception is:

British Airways Galleries lounge Heathrow Terminal 5B satellite

The dining area was a little quiet too:

British Airways Galleries lounge Heathrow Terminal 5B satellite

This area also contains the business centre.  I was excited to see two people but it turned out they were my kids!

British Airways Galleries lounge Heathrow Terminal 5B satellite

There is also a large seating area which links the left and right-hand sides of the lounge together (it is shaped like an arch):

British Airways Galleries lounge Heathrow Terminal 5B satellite

There is a real person, not related to me, in the shot above if you look closely enough!  And:

British Airways Galleries lounge Heathrow Terminal 5B satellite

Perhaps everyone except me had heard that you won’t be getting food at 5pm in the Galleries Terminal 5B lounge:

British Airways Galleries lounge Heathrow Terminal 5B satellite


British Airways Galleries lounge Heathrow Terminal 5B satellite

Although there was no shortage of wine (I didn’t check if champagne is available on request, as it is in the Terminal 5A Galleries Club lounges):

British Airways Galleries lounge Heathrow Terminal 5B satellite

…. and the usual coffee and biscuits selection was there.

British Airways Galleries lounge Heathrow Terminal 5B satellite

If you are familiar with the Galleries lounges in the main Heathrow Terminal 5 building then you will recognise everything you’ve seen above.  British Airways has used the same fixtures and fittings.

To be fair, I have been in 5B lounge in the morning and found it far busier.  I’ve no idea why it was so quiet at this point.

If you are looking for peace and quiet, and you are flying in Club World, it makes sense to head over to the 5B lounges ASAP if you know your flight will be from 5B, and potentially if – like us – you are off 5C.  If you have access to Galleries First in Terminal 5A you need to trade off the loss of the better food offering and better drinks to found there.

And something you might not know …..

After a lengthly wait for a transit train to get us from 5A to 5B, we decided to walk across to 5C.

If you press the bottom button in the lift in 5A, 5B or 5C then you go below the level of the transit train and into this tunnel.  It has travelators so the walk from 5B to 5C is surprisingly quick.

British Airways Galleries lounge Heathrow Terminal 5B satellite

Again, not surprisingly, we were alone.

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Comments (54)

  • Barry cutters says:

    Yes I often use the tunnel if coming off a b or c flight and want to stretch my legs before getting a taxi for 90m home. It takes about 15m to walk all the way from c to a.

  • Alex says:

    Perhaps BA are trailing out a new scheme… in lounge….. 🙂

    • AlexT says:

      Please don’t give them any ideas… AA already do that in their lounges in the US. Chicken salad for $8 anyone?

  • Rtid says:

    If travelling F, isn’t going to the CCR a no brainer as opposed to a 5B (or any other lounge)?

    • CV3V says:

      I sometimes prefer the First lounge to CCR as I can help myself to the buffet rather than be waited on. Also the First lounge has the help yourself champagne bar, I prefer to pour my own!

      • Genghis says:

        But lose out on the LPGS?

        • John says:

          Well, now you get into GF automatically, so you could serve yourself then move to CCR if you like, without feeling awkward walking from CCR to GF

          • Hingeless says:

            We would you feel awkward? Do you think the lounge staff are bothered in the slightest? Imagine it was you your job, would you care if somebody wanted to leave the CCR forms the Flounge?

        • CV3V says:

          Plenty time on the plane to catch up on that, my partner has no reservations in asking for it with breakfast!

      • IanMacK says:

        I can’t drink the Henriot (Henirot) or the other stuff they put out in First Lounge – I’d rather have a glass of Prosecco to that !! Have to suffer the Rose when travelling with family – have tried twice to squeeze two guests into CCR but they have tightened up (you always get somebody who doesn’t know the rules – oh but you’re GGL so that will be ok !)

  • Alan says:

    Definitely worth considering the 5B lounge, although it was pretty mobbed last time I was there – depends on how many busy longhaul flights are about to leave I guess. Elemis Spa reservations can handily be made in 5B from 5A, so I often start in Galleries First then move across nearer flight time.

    Re camera – looking at the pics I think the main issue is that the lens needed a good wipe, even in the pics without sunlight there’s quite a haziness to them that I think that would solve 😉

    • John says:

      But don’t you waste a lot of time walking if you want to visit GF and 5B then fly from 5C?

      • Alan says:

        Personally if I know I’m going from 5C I wouldn’t bother with 5B – I use it more if I know I’m going from B and want to make use of a spa treatment as it is much more likely to be full in 5A.

    • Rob says:

      The 9-year old want my 6S so I may be first in line for a 7S come September …..

      • Hingeless says:

        Surely a half decent camera is tax deductible? And give it a wipe 🙂

        • Rob says:

          So is a half decent mobile phone!

          • mark2 says:

            good description of iPhone

          • Hingeless says:

            It’s all about light levels, a decent lens with a 1 inch sensor even on a compact camera will knock the socks off any mobile phone camera indoors or at night. Mobile cameras are great outdoors ( with a clean lens)

      • Alan says:

        Hehe – although I wonder if the 9yo had put some sticky mitts over the 6S camera to help persuade Dad of the need to upgrade 😉 I had that before on a trip where I didn’t twig at the time that the lens was dirty, took lots of photos then only realised when I got back that they were all slightly blurred – quick polish of the lens and all back to normal!

  • Aspirational Flyer says:

    There is definatley champagne available – I had several glasses before a recent flight to Dubai! At one point they had rose champagne available: I’m not sure if that’s still the case. On a separate note, it is often far easier in my experience to get an appointment at the T5B Elemis Spa. All of my recent visits have been busier than shown in your photos, although less busy than the T5A lounges.

  • Nate says:

    OT – I have a trip booked for May staying at Hilton Paris opera. I booked it during the winter sale, so it was prepaid and I used my Hilton Visa card. The money hadn’t come out from my card initially and I was told by Hilton that I would be charged on checkout. This worked out well as I have an Amex which has the current £50 off £250 spend.

    However I have now noticed that the money is showing up on my Hilton card (ie they have charged me in advance).

    Firstly had I paid with my Amex would I have got £50 off (I thought offer only applies for checkout spend)? Secondly if so, is there anyway the hotel can refund me and re-charge me to Amex instead?

    Thanks for your help in advance!

    • Crafty says:

      Worth a try. Worked for me with Majestic on an Amex offer.

    • Alan says:

      You can see if the hotel will refund and charge the other card but sadly I wouldn’t be too hopeful. Yes, you would almost certainly received the cash from Amex as they can’t differentiate check-out spend from pre-payment.

    • Genghis says:

      I had a similar situation. Booked in advance at DT Manchester and payment taken a couple of days before arrival. I then noticed a 10% back offer on Santander debit card. On check in, staff were more than happy to refund my credit card and charge my debit card.

  • Kinkell says:

    Thanks for the review. Have tried the walkway many times, lucky if we meet more than 2 other folk, and very often, no one at all.
    Will certainly give the Satellite lounge a try when we BC pass through.
    Currently , thanks to HfP T3 lounge reviews, we are flying this afternoon to PHX. We decided to try out the Cathay lounge, as Oneworld etc. Cool, calm, nice views , hot and cold food as well as noodle bar. Very plasant staff. A thoroughly pleasant couple of hours. Decided to then go to the BA Galleries lounge as we are flying BA. OMG! Packed to the rafters, barely a seat to be had, never mind 2 together. Heaving. And pax queuing up to get in. We about turned, headed back to the Cathay lounge, nice ladies welcomed us back to a very empty and peaceful lounge. Fab!
    Any BA pax in Galleries…….you know where to come!

  • Richard says:

    If you are a gold card holder then wouldn’t the better food offering in the T5A first lounge make you always choose that one, and then perhaps the T5B lounge once you’ve had something to eat and have time to wait?

    One problem is that if you have many hours to wait you might not know which terminal the flight goes from but at least on foot you can get back to T5A from B/C without going through security again – if you went to the T5B lounge and the flight eventually went from T5A