REGISTER NOW – 6,000 Avios or €120 for 3 x 2-night Accor stays

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Yesterday I wrote about two good new hotel promotions – double points from Hilton and a new round of Accelerate from IHG Rewards Club.

Here is a third possibility as you plan your stays for the Summer.

Accor hotels, which own Novotel / Ibis / Mercure / M Gallery / Sofitel / Pullman etc, has brought back its potentially generous promotion to earn 6,000 bonus Avios.

You will earn €120 of Accor hotel vouchers or 6,000 Avios (or a variable pile of other airline miles) if you complete three x 2-night stays at Accor properties between 9th May and 3rd September.

You must book your stays between 25th April and 23rd May.  Even super-cheap weekend rooms booked under the ‘Happy Mondays’ offer will count!

You MUST register for this promotion via the offer website.

Existing bookings do NOT count.  These need to be cancelled and rebooked.

Accor 6000 Avios promo

The bonus is dropped into your account in the form of 6,000 Le Club AccorHotels points:

Your first 2-night stay comes with 500 bonus points

Your second 2-night stay comes with 2,500 points

Your third 2-night stay comes with 3,000 points

Whilst the Accor website for this promotion focuses on taking points, you can convert your 6,000 bonus points (plus base points) into airline miles.  For the main programmes I write about, the conversion rates are:

Flying Blue 2:1

Avios.com or BA:  2:1

Iberia Avios:  1:1  (so don’t convert to BA!)

Emirates:  2:1

Etihad:  2:1

Miles & More:  2:1

By converting to Avios in the Iberia programme, you are effectively ‘paying’ 2 Eurocents per Avios compared to taking the Accor hotel vouchers.  The hotel vouchers are therefore a better deal unless you have no plans to use them.  In all of the other airline schemes you are paying 4 Eurocents per mile which is very poor.

You can find full details of the offer, and the link to register, on the Accor website here.  Remember that bookings must be made by 23rd May.

PS.  Remember that, from 1st January this year, bonus points from Accor promotions do not count towards status.  This offer is not a quick way of helping you retain Gold or Platinum for next year.

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  1. Much as I like Accor hotels I can’t get exited by their promotions. I tend to book quite far in advance and know that IHG and Hilton stay will generally qualify for promotions no matter when booked. Accor however are quite strict on the booking period so I tend to avoid unless there is an exceptional deal. I have 4 x 2 night stays booked in August but the won’t qualify for this deal. One was booked direct the rest via Amex as that was a much cheaper way to book and trumped all promotions.

  2. Waribai says:

    The answer is probably no but do you think this is stackable do you think with the current ‘sweet pillows’ 3x avios promotion?

    • Not clear. Depending on your stay dates you’d need to do the maths. It might be because this is just an extra bonus dropped on top.

  3. OT – Marriott

    With Marioott can you transfer points to family member online?
    Or do you have to call up CS?
    I assume SPG to Marriott can be transferred online and instantly.

  4. Has anyone used reward flights from LHR on AA or AA partners such as EY.
    If so were you charged for full taxes and fees that you would see on ITA Matrix?
    Reading sometime ago I think AA would absorb most taxes and Fuel surcharge, not sure it is still the case also whether that included APD too.

    • Louise says:

      I redeemed AA on EY via Australian call centre. Taxes were not too expensive but can’t tell u if they matched ITA matrix. Flyertalk has good thread on redeeming AA miles on EY

      • They won’t absorb APD, they do absorb the fuel surcharge.

        Actually, they don’t ‘absorb’ it. Fuel surcharges are kept by the TICKETING airline, oddly. AA doesn’t charge them as a favour.

        When you book an AA redemption using Avios and pay a fuel surcharge, remember that a) AA doesn’t actually have fuel surcharges and b) BA pockets that money and doesn’t give it to AA.

  5. Still waiting for the purchase I made last time they had a £5 bonus to track. I asked if I would get the bonus when the transaction tracked and they said yes. But 4 months later, there’s still no movement.

  6. O/T – does anybody have a feel for the likelihood of a BA sale in the near future. I noted Virgin had one over Easter. I have some flights to book late for later in the year (late July) and am unsure when would be best to book them. It will be a cash buy of non refundable CE tickets. I don’t have a great history of booking flights myself or knowledge of the airline’s ticketing pricing and obviously want to get the best price I can. At the moment, the prices seem a little high.

    • I have booked some CE flights from LHR to AMS last week and they have been reduced to around £210 (there was no email or any publicity about this reduction); the fares do not seem to go below £200 from Heathrow and normally around £300 so I think there is some sort of a ‘sale’ on. The reductions seem to apply until early 2018 so check your routes.

    • I’ve not heard anything but it wouldn’t surprise me.

      • I have been checking the fares regularly and meant to email you but forgot; also with so much BA bashing and negativity on here perhaps people are not interested in these fares 🙂

    • Just checked prices again, gone up this morning! Is there an optimum time to buy tickets? or are they just adjusted to suit demand. I am sure another airline I have used adjust their pricing based upon searches on their website. A couple of times whilst in the booking process, the booking was closed forcing a new search and booking. Sure enough the tickets were still available but at a higher price.

      • In my experience they do tend to go up as time goes by. I usually find this infuriating but am really cross with myself.

        • Sorry I should have made clear this is based on flights to Paris and Lisbon booked within the last month so slightly less anecdotal than first appears. Prices went up on both occasions within the space of a week.

  7. O/T Just a quick question if I cancel my BA Amex, can I get the SPG sign-up bonus straight away or do I have to wait 6 months???

    • No need to wait, as BA Amex earns you Avios, whereas the SPG Amex earns you Starpoints, so two different reward currencies.

    • You don’t even need to cancel the BA Amex if you don’t want to.

      • Oh right! I assumed you could only hold one charge card and one cc at the same time and couldn’t get the sign-up bonus again in each category if you already held one.

        Tbh I’ve hit the sign-up bonus on the free BA card, so not likely to use it anymore so probably get rid of it anyway to sign up again if they do the 9,000 offer again in the future at some point…

        • Separate out concurrent holding limits (i.e. numbers of different card products held at once) from any questions about signup or other bonus entitlement.

          Numbers of concurrent cards:
          There is a limit to the number of concurrent cards you can hold. Some people have hit this. But I’ve only ever heard it coming in after 2 credit cards, and 2 charge cards held at once. (I.e. 2 will certainly be fine). And personally, I’ve never hit is – so it seems some people are allowed more.
          If you do hit this limit, you can get rid of a product, and you have solved the problem immediacy. It is not a 6 months thing.

          Signup bonus:
          There are limits about getting signup bonuses when the cards pay in the same loyalty currency. (e.g. Amex MR points, etc). This is where the limits on getting a signup bonus apply – i.e. if you hold Plat or Gold and go for the other one you don’t get the bonus unless you cancel first and wait 6 months, etc
          But you are perfectly free to hold both the Gold and Plat cards at same time if you wish (I held them both for many years, until they eroded the benefits on the gold).

          Finally, there might be a limit to the total credit exposure they are willing to have to someone. Hence if they apply for a new card, they might need to reduce limits on the others, etc. But this is a third factor.

          In short: Absolutely no problem having 2 credit cards and 2 charge cards at once. And providing different loyally point currencies, no issues with bonuses either.

          Regarding cancelling the BA: Personally, I’d apply for the SPG first, if you are an existing customer, it might simplify the signup processing – they know who you are, they have all your KYC. Then, once you have the SPG, only then cancel the BA.
          If you are not going to use it, then obviously cancelling now starts the clock ticking for doing a fresh signup next bonus.

          Personally, I’m a long term card holder, the benefits to me of this outweigh the churning.

  8. Don’t have one!

  9. TGLoyalty says:

    Yep til Mid May

  10. the real harry1 says:


    saw this earlier but what else are the crew supposed to do?

    you have an abusive passenger trying to steal his way into Business when he hasn’t paid for it

    if all we had to do on long haul was pay for the cheapest economy seat then go plonk ourselves down in Business or First & refuse to move, knowing the PR would be bad if we got removed, then that’s a pretty sorry state of affairs

    • the real harry1 says:

      not proven just yet

      • Is it just me of have the number of participating properties been falling all the time?

    • It ‘finishes’ every Tuesday – because you can only book on Monday and Tuesday. Wait until midnight tonight and see if it’s back…

  11. Where did the HK Intercontinental article go?

  12. Gareth says:

    OT- I’m struggling to find a card to put my current spend through, done 10k annum through IHG black, done the IHG white offer, Hilton one time offer done, and two months to wait until I can get another Amex gold or ba Avila cc…. any ideas?

    • Virgin MBNA Black?

      btw Hilton BarclayCard maybe possible to get sign up bonus again in the future if you leave it long enough?

      • Gareth says:

        Thanks, I’ve still got the card, will cancel and retry at some stage. If I’m going to pay I would rather wait for the higher promo offer, cancelled my last virgin card two months ago too. Probably going to put spend through wife’s Amex gold for now as it gives some flexibility!

        • mark2 says:

          Maybe: you have to keep the card for 12 months to get the cash which may prevent you from getting another Amex credit card.

    • Brighton Belle says:

      SPG Amex. Intro bonus will get you a free night in some Marriot properties if you move the SPG points over. If you get an intro from Rob you’ll get a bigger bonus.

  13. the real harry1 says:

    can’t have too much insurance!

    particularly if your son has already set the kitchen on fire 3 times

  14. Remy says:

    The happy Monday offer just got pulled out:
    “This offer has now ended, BUT COME BACK NEXT WEEK to discover our NEW SET OF EXCLUSIVE OFFERS – SECRET DEALS BY ACCORHOTELS, giving you access to at least 20% discount and exclsuive hotel packages in the UK.”

    • Gadgeteer1066 says:

      I had just signed up for their 6,000 point 3 stay promotion and waited until today to book my first stay and… yes, you are right; it has gone. Wonder how secret deals will compare? Shame they couldn’t have launched one straight after the other finished!

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