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Should you do the Hilton status match to get triple points this Summer?

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(EDIT May 2019:  The status match website has now been updated, and your match will run until March 2021 if you complete the challenge.)

Last week I wrote about the new Hilton Honors promotion which runs until 31st August. It is a simple one, and you can register here.

You will receive double Hilton Honors base points on all stays.  If you have Diamond status, you will receive triple base points.

As it happens, Hilton Honors is currently offering a generous status match opportunity.  This would allow you to get Diamond status immediately and therefore earn triple points rather than double points.

Hilton Diamond status match

Via this link, you can match your existing status with another hotel loyalty programme into Hilton Honors.  Mid-tier status will receive Hilton Gold, whilst top tier status will receive Hilton Diamond.

(This is not fixed.  There are some reports of Marriott Gold receiving Hilton Diamond, for example, probably because Marriott Gold requires 50 nights and is harder to get than any other mid-tier status.)

The match rules are simple:

You will receive your new status benefits for 90 days from the date of acceptance (usually 4-5 days after you email your request)

To keep Gold until March 2019, you need to complete four stays (cash or reward) within the 90 days

To keep Diamond until March 2019, you need to complete eight stays (cash or reward) within the 90 days

If you match to Diamond but only manage 4-7 stays then you receive Gold until March 2019

Note that, as well as having status in another programme, you must also have evidence of a stay within the last 12 months with that programme.  If, for example, you have Accor Platinum via your American Express Platinum charge card (this benefit is now withdrawn for new cardholders), you cannot use that to match to Hilton Diamond unless you also have one recent Accor stay on file.

Hilton status match

Is this worth doing?

Potentially, yes:

If you match to Diamond, you will receive triple base points instead of double base points on your stays within the 90 day period

You will receive Gold benefits (the key one is free breakfast except at Waldorf-Astoria) or Diamond benefits (the key one is lounge access where available, plus free breakfast except at Waldorf-Astoria and usually a decent upgrade) for the 90 day period

Timing is therefore key.  You need to have a decent view of your potential stays over the next 90 days, and indeed the next couple of months after that in case you decide to match later.

If you are planning to go the full 4 or 8 stays in order to retain status until March 2019, you also need to be confident that you can squeeze in the required number of nights.

(You might want to do the maths on a mattress run to get the extra nights you need.  Would you get enough value by March 2019 to justify spending £200-£300 on mattress run nights?)

If you have specific hotels in mind, you should also research how they treat Diamond members.   I am at Conrad New York in June, for example.  This is unlikely to offer me much as a Diamond member:

Conrad New York has no executive lounge

American hotels in the Hilton chain tend not to offer good upgrades, because the country is awash with status members

Even the basic rooms are suites (it is an all-suite hotel) so an upgrade isn’t even that important

In other countries you will do better.  Waldorf-Astoria Beijing (review on the way) voluntarily gives free breakfast to Diamond members, for example, even though it is not required.  On the other hand, the hotel has no executive lounge and my upgraded room was not a lot bigger than the standard one given to my kids.

One other thing to think about

Hilton Honors will give you a match even if you have been matched by them before.

However, this is not necessarily always going to be the case.  It is possible, in a couple of years, they offer a similar match but reject anyone who was previously matched.  (I’m not saying they will but many loyalty schemes have a ‘once per lifetime’ status match rule.)

You should therefore consider whether you will get enough use of your 90 day Gold or Diamond trial period, on the chance that Hilton will not allow you to match again.

If you decide to go for it, you can request your Hilton Honors status match here.

PS.  Remember that Hilton Honors Gold status is a benefit of the American Express Platinum charge card.  I upgraded my wife last week and it was processed within 48 hours, with her status valid until March 2019.

You may want to get Amex Platinum for a few months (just long enough to trigger the 30,000 Amex Membership Rewards bonus points, worth 30,000 Avios) and trigger Hilton Gold that way.  If you cancel your Platinum card, you will retain your Hilton status until March 2019.

You will also receive status in Melia Rewards, Shangri-La Golden Circle, Starwood Preferred Guest, Marriott Rewards (by matching your Starwood status) and Club Carlson.  My review of Amex Platinum is here.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Hi – Does anyone have the upgrade link from PRGC to Platinum which gives 20k points pls?

  2. Gayna pendergast says:

    TBH …gold and diamond status are not worth a lot in the uk , and not a lot if difference between the two , but overseas espescially Asia they make you feel very special …cant seem to register for new double/triple points offer ?

    • Smid says:

      Good for an occasional lounge (Glasgow, Gatwick, never seemed to get Heathrows) and a free breakfast if no lounge is worth about 15 quid per person per night….

    • Rashad says:

      Not worth much in U.K.? I’d say I’ve had great benefits in London

  3. I have just got the status match to Diamond and have booked a stay at the Hilton Stand in Helsinki. With regards to the potential room upgrade – do I need to contact the hotel in advance, or do I just hope for the best when I arrive?

    • It is automatic – unless you booked before you were Diamond, in which you could email them. The hotel sees your status on the day of booking unless they refresh the date.

      • Ok great, thanks. I waited until I got the match before booking. I noticed the ‘request upgrade’ button in the app – when I pressed it it says the hotel already had the request, so automatic like you say. Fingers crossed for a good one!

    • ankomonkey says:

      Stayed there in Feb. Upgraded one level to exec room with lounge access as a gold. Didn’t contact them before the stay, just a nice surprise at check-in. Had breakfast in the restaurant (far more choice than lounge) and it was fantastic. Lounge has free booze for 4 hours daily. Very happy with my stay and status recognition.

      • John says:

        Interesting – I contacted them about a booking (HiltonGold) and they were as anal as anything. “Breakfast not included in rate”, “no guarantee” of upgrade (which I understand as per the rules if they were full) etc…but they were just so pessimistic sounding, not at all welcoming.

        Their two gruff emails put me off so I took my business elsewhere.

  4. Rob,
    Do you think that we should buy points with 100% bonus promotion?
    From my understanding, there is no loss here, they are selling points with face value.
    Thinking about 4 + 1 nights free, it would be nice to buy some points, right?

    • You won’t lose money, because you can redeem them under the new ‘points and cash’ and you will get at least what you paid. There is upside if you redeem at expensive hotels or at peak times plus, as you say, doing a ‘5 for 4’ boosts the value as well.

      • Thanks,
        Can I use 2 separate cards to buy, with 2 separate transactions? 20.000*2 and another 20.000*2 for example.
        Or does bonus applicable to only first transaction?


        • All transactions, up to your annual points purchase limit.

          • Thanks very much, I’ve tried that and worked well.

            One more question, I’m Hhonors Diamond, will Conrad upgrade us on a trip booked by points? Do you have any suggestions? Shall I pay first night with cash and hope that they upgrade us?
            Also, I plan to get 5th night free promotion, also I plan to use Hilton credit card free nights (mine and my spouse’s) just after that. I suppose this is ok?

          • And I forgot to ask, we still get free breakfast for reward bookings right? Since I’m Diamond.

          • Genghis says:

            You should get upgraded on a points booking (space available) so doesn’t really matter. Yes – still get free breakfast

  5. amanda says:

    Does anyone know if I spend £250 on buying HIlton points via Amex will I get the £50 back if you spend £250 at Hilton offer? I need to spend on Amex to hit a target but also wondered if this was a cheaper way to buy Hilton points.

    • johnny_c-l says:

      Doubt it unfortunately. These offers are set up for the individual hotels on the ‘participating locations’ list, and I think these sorts of things are usually processed by a third party anyway.

    • Genghis says:

      Points purchases are processed by and go through as “POINTSHHONORSREWARDS” so would not likely hit any Hilton Amex offer.

      • amanda says:

        oh well worth a try!! thanks

      • RussellH says:

        I did once get double points on the priority Club Barclays Visa (pre IHG Barclaycard) on the cash component of an IHG points and cash deal I needed for an accelerate promotion, but they made it quite clear that they were doing me a favour and these transactions did not normally count as hotel payments.

      • Being thick but I assume the payments count towards amex target spend?

      • TGLoyalty says:

        FYI if you buy SPG points it does give you double points on the SPG AMEX

  6. Bill says:

    Trying to take advantage of the £50 amex statement credit when you spend £250 with hilton.

    Booked a pre paid stay at hilton yesterday. Contacted the property to ask them to take payment.

    The amount is now a pending transaction on my transaction list.

    Fingers crossed it flows through to recent transactions so that i get the credit.

    Hopefully it’s not a pre authorisaction since there’s a distinction between that and a transaction and the former would result in me not getting the statement credit.

    Is amex able to tell the difference?

    • Genghis says:

      They’re different. A pre-authorisation would sit as pending and not get fully processed and hence you would not get the statement credit.

    • Yuff says:

      I’ve just done the same at the T5 Hilton for 2 bookings. If they haven’t taken payment by the weekend I’ll give them a call.

  7. David says:

    I’ve just done a status match from Accor gold to Hilton gold, but I also have Marriott Gold, what do you think the chances are of requesting a match to Dianond now?

    • Definitely worth asking I’d say. I got matched to gold originally from the rather obscure Dorint Premium card (top tier out of only two). I requested Diamond on that basis, with my yearly report of stays attached, and they kindly did it.

  8. Goon says:

    If I book 5 consecutive nights separately in the same Hilton hotel, would these count as 1 stay or 5 stays?

  9. Tracy says:

    Hilton query, I have 3 one night bookings for consecutive nights (mix of paid & points nights). Am I right in thinking, they will be combined and treated as one stay? If I cancel the middle night and my husband books it, will I then get 2 stays for night 1 and 3? Will the hotel try to combine the booking again if we ask to stay in same room? Will we need to check in/out each day?

    • Yes and Yes

      You will need (you will want to) check out each day but they won’t make you change rooms or pack up. Do NOT let them merge the stays together. Ensure you get a separate bill each night.

  10. If I upgrade Amex gold to plat and then cancel short after, the Hilton Diamond status is valid to March 2019,is that for the other hotel statuses that you get with Plat too?

    • Mr(s) Entitled says:

      Plat gets you Gold at Hilton, not Diamond. You can get Diamond via the status challenge without any need for AMEX.

      • I recently applied for the status match and was upgraded to Diamond, even though I am only a lowly Platinum.

    • Genghis says:

      If you upgrade to Amex Plat, you would only get Hilton Gold status. If you did this now, IIRC you would get it till 31 March 2019 – rest of this calendar year, all of next year and till 31 March the year after that.

    • It depends how each programme runs their membership years. In general, yes, you should all of the current year plus all of the following year – but as these are ‘comped’ it is possible that they go back to Amex at the end of each year (apart from Hilton) and check.

      Amex Plat only comes with Hilton Gold, by the way, not Diamond.

      • Sorry, meant Gold, then status match to Diamond.
        Thanks for all replies, so apart from Hilton, other hotel statuses ‘could’ expire by the end of the year? Any experience of status after cancelling the Plat?

    • James says:

      Just got my diamond upgrade challenge from my IHG platinum after about 5 days – 2nd time I have had it as just downgraded a few weeks ago 🙁

      Last time it worked out well as always got upgrade and lounge access etc, So aim to complete the challenge and keep until 2019

  11. Sididdly says:

    Spent £220 in a Hilton last night and forecast points on the invoice are just short of 11000. It should be a points rich quarter for anybody staying in high value hotels.

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