What is worth booking in the new BA luxury sale?

British Airways has launched a new luxury sale, with deals in Club World and First.  There are also some Club Europe and BA Holidays deals – including additional BA Holidays discounts valid until 9th May.

The headline fare is £89 for a one-way in Club Europe from Heathrow to Billund (Legoland) so there is definitely something for every wallet here!

The home page for the sale is here.  You can book until 23rd May.

Travel dates are all over the place and it would take me a full article just to list all the permutations.  On most routes you can book from 1st June to May 2018, although there will almost certainly be blackout dates.

You should take a look at the small print at the bottom of the sale website for all the travel date details.

British Airways business first class sale

The easiest way to check out the best prices to a specific destination is with the British Airways Low Fare Finder tool on ba.com. This will show you the cheapest price on any route, in any class, on month by month basis.

If you can be flexible with dates, there are some decent fares available.

In general, fares in First and Club World are higher than we saw in the last major sale in March.  Very little got me very excited – I picked out in Club World:

  • Beijing at £1,651
  • Seoul at £1,760
  • India at £1,500 to £1,800
  • Muscat at £1,409
  • Abu Dhabi at £1,291
  • Boston at £1,792
  • Orlando at £1,693
  • Tampa at £1,493
  • Cancun at £1,489
  • Punta Cana at £1,192
  • Antigua at £1,677

In First Class, you’ve got:

  • Miami at £2,449
  • Atlanta at £2,059
  • Chicago at £2,394
  • Abu Dhabi at £1,876
  • Muscat at £1,874

There are also some deals on European short-haul flights with some destinations at £225 return or less for 80 tier points. I spotted Alicante, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bergen, Billund, Bordeaux, Geneva, Genoa, Ibiza, Limoges, Luxembourg, Milan, Nantes, Nice, Palma, Paris, Pisa, Quimper, Rotterdam, Seville, Tallinn and Valencia. These fares will require a Saturday night stay.

Remember that ‘Part Pay With Avios’ (details here) can be used with these fares. The maximum discount at present is £200 for 36,500 Avios points per return flight in Club Europe, 45,500 Avios for £250 off in Club World and 55,000 for £300 off in First.  Some routes are offering better deals than this.

BA Holidays is also running deals

It is also worth pricing up BA’s ‘flight and hotel’ or ‘flight and car’ options.  Adding a one-star hotel for just one night of your trip, or a small car for one day, can bring down the cost to less than just a flight.

Pop over to BA Holidays here and do a test booking before booking anything as ‘flight only’.  Another benefit of booking your flight as a holiday is that you pay a deposit now with the balance only due five weeks before departure.

Until 9th May, BA Holidays is offering additional discounts:

Save £50 when you spend £1250 (total booking) on Flight + Hotel or Flight + Car

Save £100 when you spend £2500+ (total booking) on Flight + Hotel or Flight + Car

Here are a few examples of BA Holidays pricing:

Barcelona – three nights at the 4* Atenea Valles, from £289 per person, travelling May 1 – May 31, Club Europe from Gatwick

Seville – three nights at the 4* Precise Resort El Rompido Club, from £259 per person, travelling September 1 – September 30, Club Europe from Gatwick

Toronto – three nights at the 4* Chelsea Hotel Toronto, from £1299 per person, travelling December 18 – December 27, Club World from Heathrow

Tampa – seven nights at the 4* Holiday Inn & Suites Harbourside, from £1599 per person, travelling May 1 – June 30, Club World from Gatwick

Barbados – seven nights at the 4* Sugar Cane Club Hotel & Spa, from £1899 per person, travelling September 1 – September 30, Club World from Gatwick

Cape Town – five nights at the 4* Circa Luxury Apartment Hotel, from £3169 per person, travelling November 13 – November 29, Club World from Gatwick

Dubai – three nights at the 4* Doubletree by Hilton Ras Al Khaimah, from £1479 per person, travelling June 1 – June 21, Club World from Heathrow

Hong Kong – four nights at the 4* Harbour Plaza North Point, from £3169 per person, travelling July 1 – July 31, Club World from Heathrow

The best thing to do if you are interested is to go to ba.com and have a look around.  The full sale details are here.

PS.  If you are looking at North America, Expedia is also running a holidays promotion with United at the moment.  Details are here.  You need to book by 21st May.

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  1. Chris Cannon says:

    You’re right Rob. Uninspiring as flight only deals, holidays look better. A trick I learned some time ago. Can you remind me, does part pay with Avios still earn full tier points / what about Avios?

  2. If I’m not mistaken there is a bonus on offer at the moment for part pay with Avios. I’m being offered very close to 1p per point £85 off for 8,400 Avios and £56 off for 5,500 Avios. Part paying with Avios still earn the Tier points and Avios you would have earned for your normal booking class/fare bucket.

    • the real harry1 says:

      definitely worth looking at these payment options – on both legs of our Easter 2018 flights booked @ T-355 I was able to ‘buy’ 20,000 Avios for £160 – 0.8p – then now I could spend them if I were so inclined for 1p…decent return

      • the real harry1 says:

        crunching the math that’s £32 profit (on £160) in 10 days = about 720% profit pa

    • Seems to be route dependent

  3. CV3V says:

    Remember to add on the cost of seat selection to these fares, from £62 per sector in long haul. That’s if you want a true cost comparison with other airlines and/or want to try book your seat preference.

    How do corporate travel policies deal with seat selection charges? Make sure it is charged st time of booking to ‘hide’ it?

    • John says:

      Some corporate deals have seat selection included
      I think many HFPers have BA status

    • Lady London says:

      Never worked for a large corporate that didn’t have free seat selection on British Airways bookings available right from the time booking was being made . Plus many other concessions. to the large corporates I have worked with.

  4. Ralphy says:

    Great article Rob, the other day we booked an excellent all inclusive 5* resort in the Dom Rep, flying in to Punta Cana for two weeks at the end of June for £4.5k all in. This worked out at about £500 more than the Thomson equivalent with Premium seats.

    It was a no brainer and my first ever purchase of a product I loathe! But in this instance I’ll suffer BAs Club World seat over Thomson premium one for such a small price difference it is excellent value at this price.

    But, I wouldn’t expect to every buy a BA Club World seat at prices much more than this.

    • Rashad says:

      I was excited when I got a good deal to fly to Punts Cana, please note if you haven’t flown there yet that BA uses really old air crafts and no BA or partners have a lounge in PUJ airport, Priority Pass however have a lounge there if you’d like to consider this.

      • No BA lounge but last time I went through they gave you a voucher for use in shop/cafe. We used this to buy a selection of chocolate/snacks that we could take with us and then used PP to access the lounge. So overall not too bad.

  5. Fox99 says:

    Is it possible to part pay with Avios for BA Holidays?

    • Fox99 says:

      OK, so i have now found a BA holiday that costs less per person than the flight only option. What will happen if I don’t check in the hotel and use one I have booked separately? I want to use this trip to support my IHG accelerate challenge and the BA one looks a little low rent and in the wrong location.

      • the real harry1 says:

        you can skip the hotel bit – no need to check in – your return flight won’t be cancelled

      • Genghis says:

        I’ve not looked on BA holidays for ages but can’t you amend the number of nights etc to bring the cost down even further (assuming you’ve not already done so)?

      • You’re fine. Also try pricing with just a car added to a flight.

      • Fox99 says:

        Thanks for the all of the advice, booked the cheapest long weekend in Istanbul for a saving of almost 100 pounds over the CE flight only cost for two of us. Having further looked up the hotel, it actually looks fine, great reviews on Trip Adviser and well located. I think i will go with it. I was getting distracted by trying to gain the maximum points benefit over just simply getting the best value for money. I almost booked the flights last week at the pre-sale prices and planned to spend a shed load of IHG points to get rooms at the Intercontinental , if I had, this represents a 180 pound saving and a free hotel!

  6. Chelseafi says:

    O/t I’m looking at booking 2 nights at PennyHill Park Spa Hotel, Bagshot An ad pooped up here on HFP that say book now & free room upgrade & it just takes me to the hotel website to book. Am I missing any opportunity here before I book, I can’t see any real deals on Hotel, seems same price everywhere (although the link with free room upgrade is v good). It looks like it’s just part of small chain called exclusive, any tips?

  7. Bill says:

    Damn it I bought my flight and hotel for Miami back in march via BA holidays for Sept and now I see the same package is now £225 cheaper. I guess the early bird doesnt get the worm

    • Peter K says:

      Swings and roundabouts. If it had been more expensive now you would be smiling. If your were happy with the price at the time then consider the extra cost peace of mind.

  8. phatbear says:

    I was interested in the Seville deal but that price is only available for Jan 2018, not Sept as stated above, which is a tad annoying

  9. Stu_N says:

    There is some additional Avios availability out there too in the last 48 hours. Both periods I’ve been watching, Aug from west coast USA and Dec to and from NYC, have a lot of extra availability. Not sure if that’s just pot luck though…

  10. Dale says:

    Are there free domestic connections for club world flights or holidays?
    Is it possible to configure the low fare finder tool to Edinburgh because it seems to always default to London

    • Stu_N says:

      You get free domestic connections on long haul Avois-only bookings.

      The low fare finder has only ever worked from London in my experience, generally I find deals from London then use the booking process to refine it to specific flights from Edinburgh. You can use it from London – Edinburgh too to check none of the days you’re thinking of are super-pricy too.

      • Dale & Stu-N – They are certainly not “free”

        Yes I appreciate you don’t pay additional Avios.

        But you definitely pay real £ GBP for adding a domestic connecting leg. Can be as much as £70 per pax per sector connecting to a CW flight.

        • Stu N says:

          Well, it is free in terms of Avios. I work on the basis that the connection is same or less than cheapest revenue fares so it’s cost neutral.

          Assuming your long haul is in cw or F then you get benefits of being a single ticket and Club Europe seats, but down side of no TPs and Avios which would probably be minimal anyway.

        • Jimmy says:

          Indeed. When will people cease referring to ‘free’ domestic add-ons!

          Avios ‘free’ maybe, but plenty of cash! (and never at RFS rates)

    • Alan says:

      Sadly it’s yet another bit of BA IT that only seems to be designed to work from London. Also not sure if BA Holidays site works for anywhere else or if you have to call them for those?

  11. Doodles says:

    Billund flights are also suitable to visit Aarhus with regular buses from the airport. The Sunday morning flight back to LHR does mean getting the first bus to the airport though, at 6am or similar. I went in November 2016, stayed at the Radisson and had an enjoyable trip. Worth considering if you’ve already done the Scandinavian capitals.

  12. Paul says:

    BA and luxury in the same sentence….laughable!

    • the real harry1 says:

      silly boy! 🙂

      still a nice experience compared to cattle

      might not be as good as the noisy neighbours – but not to be sneezed at

  13. Mucky says:


    Sorry to go off topic but I am helping friends books honeymoon flights and need a little guidance.
    1) How long does it take for Amex to transfer membership reward points to BA if no BA number has been entered previously?

    2) They are looking to use an open jaw ba companion voucher and have enough miles to fly outbound in club and do not yet have enough miles for the return. If you book 1 way using the BA voucher and then want to add a inbound leg later, does the BA system/agents allow that or do inbound and outbound need to be booked together?

    3) The open jaw is out to Chennai return from Dubai, form what i can gather this should be ok, is that right?

    Thanks for the advice!

    • Genghis says:

      1. As TRH1 said, about 3 days
      2. Book outbound using 241 then inbound can be added later when have enough avios
      3. Should be ok. Is Chennai ->Dubai less than the two BA legs?

  14. the real harry1 says:

    1 – up to 3 days

  15. lostantipod says:

    So the “headline fare” LGW-NCE in Y, for a random 3 day weekend trip in June, is “from £77 each way” according to the Luxury Sale page. I click on “continue” , and am taken to a booking page to select my flights, where the lowest possible fare is £93, not £77. Total £196, or 22% more expensive than the Sale page says it will be…..

    Same BA flights are cheaper on Expedia for £178. And EZ flights about the same as BA “sale”.

    I accept the pedants and the pragmatists will both point out that good Y prices should not be expected in a Luxury Sale, but then, with CE at the “sale” price of £509 on the same flights…sorry but “luxury” is not the four letter expletive that passed my lips!

    Sale ? You’ve been warned.

    • the real harry1 says:

      ‘for a random 3 day weekend trip in June’

      you expect them to have the best prices for all dates?

      • lostantipod says:

        NO, i expect a “sale” page that says £77 each way to not then lead to a page that says £93 each way. And I expect to get at least an equal deal on the BA website as Expedia. Too much to ask?

    • Nick says:

      Are you kidding?! It’s a ‘premium sale’, there are no economy sale fares. End of story. If you want an economy sale, wait till they run one of those.

      • lostantipod says:

        Thanks for your reply. Please read my post again. ” I accept ….that good Y prices should not be expected in a luxury sale. ”
        But what I inadvertently and easily found was a case of a Y price mysteriously increasing as I proceeded through the booking from the sale page. Maybe i was incredibly unlucky. Or maybe there’s a glitch in the sale site. In any case, what I found reinforces the idea that anyone looking to book should, as always, consider their options to make sure that they are getting the best deal.
        Hope that’s clearer.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Not every date will be the cheapest fare. Nice in June is unlikely to be cheap as chips for flights

      • Sam G says:

        most of the “from” fares seem to be for the one weekly Stansted flights – e.g. Milan it’s only available to return at 06:55 on a Sunday morning! Err, no thanks 🙂

        • TGLoyalty says:

          Sales do usually discount the left overs at ed of season etc

          Why discount the popular flights which sell out at full price anyway?

          Let’s not forget this is a business not a charity

  16. Does Ba holidays work ex-EU?