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Bits: £100 off £500 BA spend, 4000 Miles & More miles with a hotel, Troy Warfield leaves BA

News in brief:

£100 off a £500 British Airways spend deal with Amex

American Express is offering a very limited number of cardholders a £100 statement credit with their next £500 British Airways purchase.

If you are targetted, it will appear on your American Express online account under ‘Offers’.  It is limited to the first 7,000 people to save the offer to their card and the £500 transaction must be made by 12th June.

Neither my wife or I have this.  If you have put British Airways transactions through one of your Amex cards recently then you will probably be out of luck.   Some – but not all – HFP readers who have contacted Amex Customer Services have managed to get this offer added to their accounts even though they were not targetted.

Helpfully, £500 just covers the taxes and charges on a Club World or First Class long haul Avios redemption!

British Airways A350

4,000 Miles & More miles with any hotel booking

Lufthansa is again offering a generous bribe to encourage you to try its new hotel booking website.

It is only valid for first-time bookers via the Miles & More Hotels portal which you can find here.   There is no minimum stay and no minimum spend.  You need to book by 23rd May but the stay can be for a future date.  All bookings must be pre-paid.

The 4,000 miles is the minimum you will earn – this consists of a 3,000 miles bonus and 1,000 base miles.  You may receive more than 1,000 base miles based on the cost of your room.

Troy Warfield

British Airways loses its second ‘Director of Customer Experience’

British Airways staff were told last week that Troy Warfield, BA’s ‘Director of Customer Experience’ is leaving the company after 18 months.

The announcement:

Troy Warfield, Director Customer Experience, has decided to leave British Airways.  Since joining the airline, Troy has led many customer improvements including the Gatwick and Boston Lounges, First Wing and forthcoming transformation of Club World catering, service and sleep proposition.  The process of finding a successor is now under way and an announcement will be made once an appointment is confirmed.

…. seems to be lacking the usual ‘leaves with our best wishes’, ‘we wish him success in his future career’, ‘I am sad to leave behind such a hard working group of colleagues’ etc platitudes normally found in such wording.

There were raised eyebrows when Warfield was hired, given that his previous employer (Avis Budget) is not exactly known for its outstanding customer service.  His job before Avis was running Andrex, Kleenex, Scottex and Velvet for Kimberley-Clark in Europe ….

That said, Warfield’s departure mirrors that of Frank van der Post.  van der Post was Warfield’s predecessor and the first person to have this role.  He came from a successful stint at Jumeirah Hotels – which does have a good reputation for customer experience – but he did not last too long either, albeit he went on to a senior role at KPM Royal Dutch Telecom.

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  1. Sharon says:

    The offer didn’t show on my BAPP account either so I emailed Amex last night and they put the offer of £100 cash back for £500 spend onto my account offers tab this morning! Do you think the cash back would apply to bookings over the phone? Need to book my kids in on my flight ( already booked ) but can’t do it on-line. Was toying with idea of booking my 13 yr old as an adult on and then calling them the next morning for refund of her APD…Thank you

  2. Robert says:

    O / T – I’ve seen it mentioned previously that BA will occasionally extend the tier point collection year, but does anyone have any experience of reducing their tier point year? It would still run for only a year in total i.e. not 13 or 14 months due to any extension. Asking as I’ve got some work based travel that I would prefer to be classed as within the next collection period.

    • Nope – have seen it asked about a few times on FT but there sole flexibility seems to be the up to 2/52 addition, not anything else.

  3. Just phoned Amex and the offer has been applied to my account, just in time as I’m about to make an £800 (effectively £700) payment, result. Thanks HFP

  4. Amex kindly added this offer to my card in response to my email this morning and I’m now looking to book our flights to FLL.
    There are reward flights available, I assume its because its a new route and I’m looking to upgrade our return flight to Club using our avios. I’m new to this so can anyone tell me why the cash price for 2 x WTP returns would be £1615 whereas the upgrade price is £1769 plus 60,000 avios? (Exact same flights)
    Im wondering if I booked the flights at cash prices in the hope I could then upgrade the return flight would I have to pay anything alongside the 60,000 avios or would this get me a better deal? Thanks!

    • Stu_N says:

      To upgrade, you have to pay taxes, fees and charges plus the extra Avios. The bit that is really taxes (Air Passenger Duty) will be the same for WTP and CW. If you take a test booking as far as a price quote, you can see the split between fare and charges on Click the “i” next to the taxes fees and charges and this shows the breakdown.

      Having looked at LGW-FLL return for 1 person on a random date in August, the carrier imposed charges are £86 higher for CW so that’s basically your difference (you have £154 for 2 people so £77 each). You would need to pay this difference to upgrade, as well as the Avios so might be easier to book and upgrade at the same time, as upgrade availability can’t be relied upon to stick around.

      Hope this helps.

      • Thanks that’s a great help – explains things fully, Much appreciated!

  5. Alan Wan says:

    Thanks for the tips regarding contacting Amex for the £100 BA cash back offer. After emailing them they have applied the offer to my account.

  6. Called and tried to get the BA offer added to my Amex Plat around lunchtime and was flatly refused. Called after work and asked to get it added to my BA Amex (basic blue one) and they happily went along with it. Didn’t turn up in the app but I booked on BA and got an e-mail immediately saying that I had redeemed the BA offer so guess it’s valid from the moment Amex add it.

  7. Thanks for this. Wasn’t targeted for this on my BAPP -I messaged them via their website and in less than 24h it was added to my card.

  8. Ammar says:

    Can someone explain why when I called to add a return leg to my existing 241 Avios booking (outbound one was LHR-PEK with 743 taxes), that instead of quoting me 75k avios and 70 pounds for HKG-LHR I was quoted 400 pounds?

    Has the call center guy messed up? As I thought it would be 743+70

    • Genghis says:

      The £70 tax for two is the single price for taxes ex-HKG. The agent trued the taxes up to the £500-550 pp return prices. It’s right. Basically you forgo £340 to save 75k avios. It’s where the Lloyds voucher comes into its own as that can be booked as two singles

  9. wetboy1uk says:

    Could someone just confirm if the BA offer is only for flights as it says in my offer page for flights departing from UK only. Or does it apply to flight and car hire or flight and hotel bookings also? I have a booking where I need to pay off the balance so just wondering if this would work or not. Thanks

  10. Kevin H says:

    Just to say that I (secure) emailed Amex yesterday pm and received a reply this morning adding this offer to my account.

    • Curious says:

      What “sub-topic” did you use?

      • Kevin H says:

        I used “contact us: , “email” and then “membership rewards” from the drop down relating to my card number.

  11. Simon says:

    Is this offer only for BA co branded Amex card?
    I have emailed Amex and they said it is not available on my platinum

  12. David2910 says:

    Thank you HFP. Messaged them under ‘other reward programmes’ and they replied with it added to card within hours. Was just about to book 500+worth of flights. Going to combine with the Amex travel 250 for a separately booked return flight.

  13. Would 3 flights of £200 pounds trigger that Amex-BA deal or does each transaction need to be £500 or more?

    • the real harry1 says:

      most Amex statement credit deals are cumulative

      • Not this one.

        • Danny says:

          Just booked 3 separate flights for early 2018 and the total was £501.69 and received Amex email with 30 seconds to say I have redeemed my BA offer 🙂

        • the real harry1 says:

          looks like you’re not 100% correct, BA 🙂

          last one was cumulative as well

        • wetboy1uk says:

          Have you received the credit yet? I am still waiting for mine and have the feeling BA will do anything to get out of paying them

  14. What if I book flexi fare and cancel it. BA charge £15 and refund. Will Amex rollback statement credit? or wont notice? Any experiences to share please? Offer is tempting to take a risk of £15.

    • Peter K says:

      They will usually take back the statement credit/ I had a Hilton spend refunded and at the same time as the refund went through the statement credit was taken back from me.

      • Thanks. Will give this one a miss. The prime objective of this specific Amex card is to get these discounts on BA. It’s very frustrating that the day I booked my return to Kathmandu using BA and Qatar, I received offer later in the night. Well, I might think of planning something for next bank weekend using ba avios