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How to collect Avios with Shell Drivers Club – and get triple Avios this Summer

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Shell Drivers Club is the loyalty scheme for Shell garages in the UK.  Joining is simple – pick up a card at a Shell station when filling up and register it online.

You earn 100 Avios just for registering your card so it is worth doing this even if you switch to a different reward later.

Shell Drivers Club 350

Full details can be found at the Shell Drivers Club website here.

The scheme is simple – you earn 1 Shell point for every litre of petrol you buy, and 2 points = 1 Avios. As well as Avios, 500 points can be turned into £2.50 of Shell vouchers or £2.50 of Waitrose vouchers. The benefit of taking Avios is that Shell converts (once a quarter) your points in multiples of 20 (ie 10 Avios) with no minimum, unlike the 500 point minimum for other rewards.

A special deal for Summer

Effective immediately and running until 7th July, you can collect triple Avios on Shell V-Power Unleaded or Shell V-Power Diesel performance fuel.

In order to get the bonus, Avios Travel Rewards Programme or British Airways Executive Club must have been selected as your Shell Drivers Club reward prior to each purchase.   If you need to update your reward information, log in to and select the reward of your choice in the personal details section.

The terms and conditions of this promotion can be found here.

Is Shell a worthwhile way of collecting Avios?

If we ignore the Summer promotion, I would say ‘not necessarily’.  There are two reasons for this.

The first reasons it that, if you buy enough Shell fuel to get to 500 points on a regular basis, you will effectively be ‘paying’ 1p per Avios (since 500 points is worth 250 Avios or £2.50 in Shell or Waitrose vouchers). That is a bad deal as far as I am concerned although I know some people are happy to pay 1p per point.

Secondly, I would not switch from a cheaper garage to Shell purely for the Avios unless my employer was paying the bill.  Assuming £1 per litre, you are spending £500 on petrol to get just £2.50 or 250 Avios back!  That is a return of just 0.5%.

With this Summer promotion, however, Avios looks like a better deal.  It is worth switching away from taking Shell or Waitrose vouchers and into Avios if you can earn triple Avios on your fuel spending until 7th July.

Even if your employer is paying, Tesco offers a better reward structure as I explained in this article on earning Avios when buying petrol.

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Comments (44)

  • wayne sam says:

    Another consideration here, is Shell often offer a 100 point bonus for fuelling with them. When taken with triple points for v power, 20 litre fill will earn 160 points, = 80 #avios plus they accept amex. So more earning potential. Well that’s how I do it. I also have some loyalty to my local Shell station winning big Avios with them a while ago.

  • Fenny says:

    In the days when I passed a Shell garage at reasonable price on the way to work every day, I would use their fuel for the regular bonus points – including when they introduced the pay by mobile app, which was mostly a PITA. As I now walk to work and have done 2k miles in the last 6 months, I mostly only get Shell points on my coffee when I’m visiting the parentals. Ma gave me a voucher for 5p/l off at Morrisons on Sunday, so that’s my petrol for the month sorted.

  • AndyR says:

    OT regarding the Sunday Times Travel mag – so far I think I have received 10 issues, if I cancel the Direct Debit now will I still receive the last 2 issues? Thanks.

    • Alan says:

      Yes, I cancelled after the Avios posted and the mags still come through fine each month.

      • AndyR says:

        Great thanks Alan!

      • Canuck says:

        I paid by credit card – will it auto renew on that too or do I need to explicitly cancel?

        • Alan says:

          I think it was a one-off but was so long ago I can’t quite remember! They shouldn’t just auto-renew without sending you any communication about it though. Only way to be sure would be to call them I guess.

  • RTS says:

    OT – So did anyone have any joy with getting a new gold to platinum upgrade link ?

    • Alex W says:

      The link didn’t work for me but I just secure messaged them and they honoured it.

      • Moktar says:

        Did you mention about the link and they matched 20k on 1k spend? Curious because I am planning to upgrade to plat this month.

    • Evan says:

      Three of us have reported no luck on Amex thread from yesterday.

  • HayMow says:

    I buy very little fuel and have a Shell a few hundred metres away so just stick with them – I calculated to drive to the nearest Tesco wasn’t worth the petrol cost for the saving etc. HOWEVER, where I think Shell can come in handy despite the Avios earn rate, is that I have the points auto-converted to which keeps activity on that account to keep it open (which I don’t need for BAEC as I direct most of my Avios earning there anyway).