Bits: earn Avios with new Deliveroo offer, more BA cabin crew strikes

News in brief:

Earn 500 Avios with Deliveroo – new and existing customers

British Airways Executive Club has a new partnership for UK customers of online food delivery app Deliveroo.

If you have never ordered from Deliveroo before, you will receive 500 Avios points with your first order.  (You could open a new account via someone else in your household with a BA account if you are already a Deliveroo customer yourself.)

For new and existing customers, there is a second bonus.  You will receive 500 bonus Avios for every £100 spent with Deliveroo between 1st June and 1st September.

This is how the deal works:

  1. Download the Deliveroo app or visit the
  2. When placing your order use the promotional code AVIOSUK on checkout
  3. Deliveroo will send you a promotional code within 30 days of your order
  4. Visit and enter your promotional code to claim your Avios

Further details can be found on here.

Deliveroo Avios offer

New British Airways cabin crew strike dates announced

If you thought that British Airways ‘mixed fleet’ cabin crew had given up their fight for improved working conditions, you were wrong.  Whilst a new pay deal has been agreed in principle, it includes sanctions against crew who went on strike which are not seen as acceptable.

‘Mixed Fleet’ crew who are members of Unite will be striking on 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th June.

Because of the myriad of BA cabin crew fleets, this will not have a huge impact on services.  During previous strikes, British Airways has managed to ensure that every passenger flew on the day they were meant to fly.  That said, some flights to popular destinations will be merged together and some passengers will find themselves on chartered aircraft.

The strike will only impact Heathrow flights.  Gatwick and London City flights will operate as normal.

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  1. Little money says:

    When is the next BA sale likely? (I read that they often appear in June)

  2. Rob hutch says:

    Avios supporting Deliveroos zero hours contracts based business? They’ll be teaming up with Wonga next. One to avoid this.

    • I could never order anything via Deliveroo until there has been significant organisational changes. My heart is so heavy for those couriers who risk their lives on the road so that they can make ends meet on the pitiful pay offered. It has to stop

    • Mr Dee says:

      Forgetting how they treat their workers, the service is unreliable and there as for premium restaurants there is no review system so literally you could be ordering from a low quality burger type van making itself out to be a restaurant (Yes I have seen this)

  3. Genghis says:

    OT. Just over 25k cc points added this morning from the ink deal

    • Why do I get 800 per £2.50 not the 600 always mentioned here, not complaining. If I temp switched to Virgin and then back again to Avios would I likely lose the special rate?

      • the real harry1 says:

        you have got a ‘grandfathered’ rate – lucky you

      • You’re on the old, more generous, grandfathered rate. I don’t think switching affects this but will wait for someone with direct experience to come along – I’m on the 600pt rate!

      • avidsaver says:

        I get the same. This is an old “grandfathered” rate for being a higher spending customer in the deep distant past! I’ve not transferred recently but changing between Avios or BA Exec to Virgin and back again has never effected this 800 rate.

      • David Ottley says:

        It is because you were a premier customer at Tesco Clubcard years and years ago when spending over a certain figure at Tesco’s in a collecting period made you one. The benefits were subsequently preserved for Avios (Air Miles at the time). I too get the increased rate. Don’t worry, you’ve certainly earned it!

        • Fenny says:

          I have a Tesco World MasterCard, which is probably the only reason I’m on the old rate. I’ve never spent a bucket load at Tescos, but always got 800 points. And no, it’s not affected by switching to Virgin miles and back again. I mix and match my redemptions depending on offers.

    • Got mine as well.

    • Offer been pulled on Tesco website… No cancellation emails yet but I suspect they are on their way!

    • Grimz says:

      Nothing for me yet. No email for cancelation of order either yet so still hopeful!

  4. Hi Rob,
    I am due to fly my first first ( BA promotion of free upgrade when buying a J ricket) to JFK on 17 June so my heart sank when I read this post regarding cabin crew strike action.

    Is the impact likely to be high on transatlantic services?

  5. IslandDweller says:

    Gareth. There are clear links to increased accidents if you require workers to complete a task in a set time no matter what the circumstances (and they get zero pay if they don’t hit the deadline). Furthermore, indications from initial Court tests are that they do match the criteria to be counted as employees, but they don’t get any support network (health and safety policies??) from Deliveroo. This is straight back to Victorian exploitation. I won’t touch it with a barge pole.

  6. the real harry1 says:

    O/T split tickets (rail travel)

    might be useful to run this again as a reminder – one of the articles that can give outstanding savings if HFP readers can use the tip

    just bought my kids their latest half-term split tickets – they take the train to school

    the split ticket cost was about £110 vs £130 for not splitting

    £20 x2 kids
    x 6 half terms
    = £240 per annum

    also works on one-hit rail journeys, not just season tickets

  7. Would love to get the 500 Avios from Deliveroo, but for some very annoying reason they don’t deliver to me. They deliver to basically everyone else in the same area as me (South London), but for some reason my postcode seems to have fallen through the cracks and I can’t get it.

    I even get the drivers going down my road, and they even pickup food from the places that are at the end of my road (literally 20 seconds walk), but have a different postcode.

    Contacted them a couple of times but they don’t seem to understand what I’m on about and just say “We’ll let you know when it’s available in your area”.

    • Crafty says:

      I know someone who works there who could get it sorted if you email me.

  8. Hi,
    I am due to fly back from Johannesburg to London Heathrow on the 16th June (when the strike starts). Do you think as the crew will already be in Johannesburg my flight will be as normal or will I be stuck out there?



    • All long-haul flights go out, don’t worry about that. The worst that can happen is that they close down First Class, as they have in the past on some flights, to free up some crew.

      • Ahhh, ok thats great. Its a work trip to defo not flying first 😉

        • More importantly than that, CREW ALREADY DOWNROUTE DO NOT STRIKE. They work their full pattern. Crew in JNB on the 16th would have left London on the 14th, when ops were normal (there’s no dispensation to start striking early!). At the same time, flights back from South Africa will be affected for two days after the ‘official’ strike as these are the return legs of affected sectors. That said, there are far more likely routes to be hit than that, so either way the risk is low.

  9. James123 says:

    How long does it take for my 10,000
    Anniversary bonus on the gold card to be credited? Anniversary was 2 weeks ago and still not credited, is this normal?

    • I believe it takes around 30 days to credit. I too am 2 weeks into my anniversary.

      Also still gutted they stopped the gold to plat – 20k bonus.

    • They say up to 60 days. Mine was posted in about 45 days.

    • 4 weeks (as per my wife last August)

    • As I said on a previous thread – I spoke to Amex last week on chat and was told my points should appear 4 weeks after the anniversary date – so as per Rob’s comment. Also narked by the pulling of the gold to platinum offer which they also confirmed was dead.

  10. Scottydogg says:

    Can you link Amex Plat with Android pay ? I was in a coffee shop that didn’t appear to accept Amex but you could pay by Andriod pay and iphone pay . Could I link Amex Plat to Android pay to receive amex points and go towards spend targets in places like that coffee shop?
    If that works then that would be a good a good thing as Android pay gets rolled out into more places

    • No, frustratingly Amex have come up with their own separate NFC solution using their app (Amex pay), therefore you can’t add their cards to Android Pay.

    • Scott says:

      I believe Amex in US do support Android Pay, seems to be an Amex UK decision not to support it.

  11. Lumma says:

    I’m sure deliveroo usually do a decent sign up discount for new customers (I think I got £10 off). So I don’t think it’s worth going for the 500 avios, especially when you have to wait for the points.

    If they allow more than one new customer bonus per household, I could start having a few made up flatmates…..

  12. Grimz says:

    OT – I have a CW booking to Orlando in October from Gatwick with a connecting flight from EDI to GAT. I have been upgraded to CE on the connecting flight but my Partner on another booking has not been upgraded. Do I contact BA about this as the connection is less than 24hrs.

    • Stu N says:


      If they are cash bookings into CW/F they should be upgraded automatically.

      Avios bookings for long haul CW/F made after announcement of domestic CE should book domestics into CE by default.

      If you booked with Avios before announcement of domestic Club Europe it’s a lottery. If it was booked in fare class U it gets upgraded to CE, if in fare class X it stays in economy. I got a 2-4-1 booking changed to CE connections for 9k Avios and no extra cost, but that apparently depends on CE Avios availability on the specific flights you are on. That was after a few attempts with wildly different answers from the call centre.

      • Grimz says:

        Thanks Stu – its an Avios booking before the changes but so was mine and I got upgraded. Just means my Partner gets no lounge access but I have 2 lounge passes with my Gold card!

  13. DM have a story about BA being about to lose its 4 star rating:

  14. Gavin says:

    O/T – flying from Gatwick tomorow for the first time in years, I’m a silver member on a hand baggage only ticket. BA want me seated in a middle seat at the back of the plane.

    Are there any self service machines to help me change my seat to a better one, like there are at Heathrow? Have checked in but not downloaded boarding pass. I’m presuming asking BA staff will be futile

    • the real harry1 says:

      not sure – I’m sure others will answer

      but I got exit seat 11A yesterday just by asking EARLY at check-in desk – having checked in T-24 – in a European airport with no self check-in machines

      there was still a choice of Exit seats when check-in opened

      of course getting there 30 mins or more earlier – if there ARE self check-in machines – gives you the edge over chancing it with the agents (who might not tell the whole truth for various reasons)

  15. Genghis says:

    OT. Has anyone else noticed an uplift in the amount of trolling / swearing / jealousy / politics (and a decline in useful nuggets of info) in the HfP comments of late?

    • I think it remains better than anyone would expect it to be …..

      The issue is that you cannot tell in advance what lines of discussion may go off in the wrong direction …..

      The Telegraph article comments I let run on purpose but that would not be tolerated in general discussion.

    • I see homophobic and sexist comments.

      • ….. rarely for long.

        Even with Anika and me full time, with the best will in the world it is difficult to check more than every 30 mins or so during the day. We also handle 150 emails a day, Facebook, Twitter, more meetings than you would ever imagine and 26 articles a week across here and SP.

        • To be both fair to you and blunt they are largely from one repeat offender and frequent poster.

        • He has his uses though 🙂 i can block anyone at anytime but it is based on a 360 degree view of contributions. Just like real life.

        • Wondering says:

          Trust you are referring to the ‘real’ Harry?

    • Will P says:

      Agreed. Not interested in BA bashing, just acculimating those Avios and getting away.

  16. mark2 says:

    We are flying back from Vancouver (just changed to mixed).
    If they close the full F service, presumably you still get the sear?

  17. Hhhmm, the AVIOSUK promo code doesn’t seem to be working today. Annoying! Just placed a £50 order, which along with yesterdays, would have got me over the £100 threshold.