…. and here’s the Aer Lingus peak and off peak Avios calendar for 2018

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Yesterday we published the Iberia and British Airways peak and off peak calendars for 2018 which are very useful when booking reward flights, especially during school holidays.

Yesterday, to our surprise, we learnt that Aer Lingus now has its own peak and off peak calendar as well.

Three periods are noticeably different from the BA calendar.  Aer Lingus doesn’t have an October and February peak season during the UK half terms, the April peak season is one week shorter and there’s also no peak season towards the end of May / early June.

February is also off peak on Iberia, but if you are travelling in October Aer Lingus is the only IAG airline with Avios off peak redemptions.

On short haul the cost differences are modest.  If you want to fly from London to Dublin in Economy on 12th February 2018 you would pay 4,000 Avios with Aer Lingus (off peak) and 4,500 Avios (peak) with BA, one way.

On a long haul flight the saving would be way more, of course, and makes the Aer Lingus long haul services from Dublin to North America particularly attractive during these periods.

(Aer Lingus long haul in Business Class is also very attractive, versus British Airways Club World, with the new 1-2-1 fully flat seats.  We are planning to review this in September.)

Just to be clear the Aer Lingus peak and off-peak dates apply to Aer Lingus flights wherever you book them.   If you book an Aer Lingus flight on ba.com then it goes by the Aer Lingus calendar and not the BA calendar.  The same goes for Iberia and, if booked on the Iberia site, BA.

In a day or so we will merge this with the BA / Iberia tables and you will be able to find a link to the combined article under the ‘Key BA links’ section of the HFP sidebar.

Remember the odd rules now in place for booking Aer Lingus flights with Avios:

online booking is now available via avios.com and taxes are higher (stupidly high on short haul) – long-haul business class is just over £200 return

telephone booking is available via British Airways Executive Club and taxes are lower – long-haul business class should be under £100 return

you should check availability on avios.com and then call BAEC to book – so your Avios points need to be sitting at ba.com

Aer Lingus 2017:  (green = off-peak)

Aer Lingus Avios off peak calendar 2017_1

Aer Lingus Avios off peak calendar 2017_2

Aer Lingus 2018:

Aer Lingus Avios off peak calendar 2018_1

Aer Lingus Avios off peak calendar 2018_2

Aer Lingus Avios off peak calendar 2018_3

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  1. Clare says:

    One of the difficulties of phoning up to book is the 7p a minute charge.
    I’ve discovered that if you hide your number before you call, you can phone the international number and not get charged for it.
    +44 191 490790

    • Most mobiles include 03 numbers in their inclusive call packages 😉

      • callum says:

        I’m pretty sure all mobile networks and landline operators do. Executive Club however provide an 0844 number, not an 03 number, for Avios bookings.

        • Called them twice( there times actually because on one of the calls I got an Indian call centre who gave me the wrong info so I had to call back and got a uk call centre 🙂 ) yesterday on an 0344 number.

  2. avios.com is saying £176 taxes for economy Dublin to NYC – has anyone flown this route on avios and know what the charges actually are? It would have to be worth flying Ryanair Liverpool to Dublin and possibly staying overnight in Dublin – though the late afternoon flight might make an early same-day connection feasible.

    • Genghis says:

      Don’t you need to call for the better price?

      • Yes, I was just wondering if anyone had done it.

        • It should be between £75 and £90 if ba.com is still charging the lower rate.

          • Felix Flyer says:

            Just flown the route on a cash ticket (avoiding the BA meltdown too). Big advantage is US immigration clearance in Dublin but allow plenty of time. You can’t use the lounge (51st and Green) on priority pass or Dragonpass after you have gone through unfortunately.

          • …. and apparently Aer Lingus no longer allows you to use BOTH its own lounge and the post-security lounge!

  3. So just to be clear, aer lingus when booked on BA.com, is no longer considered a partner airline (as it was prior to being acquired by IAG) and thus the rule that partners are always assessed on the peak rate no longer applies?

    In terms of redemptions, don’t hold out hope of getting even a single biz redemption to the US west coast. Having checked regularly, I’ve found they simple don’t exist to LAX or SFO. The odd single sear shows up to MIA.

    • No, we’re not saying that. In fact, there is an outside chance that you are correct. To be honest the possibility never crossed our minds yesterday but this is BA we’re talking about …..

    • Gomigo says:

      Not true always, back in Jan I was able to book 2 * biz class to LAX for December 15. I had to cancel it for some personal reason last month and now rebooked to October to SFO. BAEC was happy to do that for me with their standard £35 change fee. Avios tax was lucratively high so I phoned BAEC which was less than half the price. For Economy leg to west coast it is just £90 + 16250 for October school term holiday season. It’s a bargain!! Don’t book via Avios.

      • Gomigo says:

        Similarly the pricing seem to be odd between Avios and BA sites for GRU to LHR. Avios charges only £27 whereas BA charge £159 for Economy and vice versa on HKG to LHR leg, it is hard to predict the logic between these 2 sites. So lesson learnt is to check all sources and go for the best!!

      • Was that economy from Dublin to west coast £90 16250 miles one way? So cheaper to ring an book online using miles? Sorry I’m new to this.

  4. OT: can I just mention I would like to volunteer to pay Lord Sugar’s tax bill….he can refund the bill and I will cover the cc fee. Not sure how many times I will have to split it

  5. So are you saying that for sure Avios.com will recognise the peak/off peak dates, but the situation with BAEC is unclear ?

    • Yes – we did dummy online bookings at avios.com yesterday and the pricing for Aer Lingus reflects the peak / off-peak chart. What we didn’t do, because it didn’t cross our minds, was to ring BA and see what mileage they quoted for an Aer Lingus flight on an off-peak date.

  6. I added a 241 booking yesterday, jusrvwithin the 6 month time limit, and BA.com was showing the flights as 80k avios plus £77. The amount changed to £173 each, for the taxes, when it was processed 🙁

    • Genghis says:

      What’s the 6 month time limit?

      • To book the return, flying out on the 17th oct back on the 15th April.

        • Genghis says:

          Oh – didn’t realise there was a 6 month limit. Learn something new every day…

          I presume you’re nesting something else in between? If so, care you share how the numbers work out?

          • Etihad, in the apartment and business. Need 4 seats on all flights. My wife doesn’t like the apartment, as it’s too spacious, but the kids love it.
            One passenger at Easter had his whole family in the apartment, for part of the flight, who were in business. About 7 children plus his wife and relative/nanny.
            I assume it’s 6 months, they just booked the returns and didn’t query it 🙂

          • You are not meant to bring guests from business.

            I have similar views to your wife …. too much space!

  7. A quick check for DUB-LAX in economy on avios.com during off-peak is returning 16250 which is spot on. Also the fees are £119 which I suppose isn’t too bad.

  8. semi OT – i’ve got an Avios upgrade voucher from my Lloyds credit card … but I can’t seem to apply it to EI (or IB) flights. i can’t see anything in the T&Cs that say it only works on BA flights. i haven’t phoned up Avios to ask / get them to do it.

    any ideas ?

  9. Genghis says:

    Term 8 Upgrade vouchers can be used to upgrade either 2 one way flights for 2 people travelling at the same time and to the same destination or 1 return journey booked on a British Airways main line service. British Airways codeshare flights are excluded.

    • scott says:

      Genghis, do you know if I could use a Lloyds upgrade voucher for someone else on a return booking or does it have to be the voucher owner travelling? Cheers

      • Genghis says:

        Not possible per the rules “The cardholder must travel on any booking made using an upgrade voucher.” or de facto with online bookings. Not heard about any successes on phone bookings but others might have?

        • Alex W says:

          Yes i have booked for someone else on the phone using Lloyds upgrade voucher.

    • so looking at the terms it looks to me that you can use the voucher to upgrade 2 one way flights from Hong Kong to London. Is that right? Has anyone used the voucher this way?

      • Yes, can be done. Warning – tax should be nil (almost) due to HK law on banning surchargs. Avios may still be charging people even though ba,com does not. Some need to take legal action to get the money repaid.

        • It certainty won’t be nil tax, just no fuel charge to pay for

          Hong Kong Airport Passenger Security Charge (I5) £4.50
          Hong Kong Air Passenger Departure Tax (HK) £11.90
          Hong Kong Airport Construction Fee (G3) £15.90

          You can get HK APD refund if transiting from a separate ticket on the day

  10. Joseph Heenan says:

    Can you use a BA AmEx 2-4-1 voucher on Aer Lingus if booked via BA executive club?

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