When your Le Club AccorHotels points expire, and how to stop it

I receive occasional emails from readers asking ‘How can I stop my Le Club AccorHotels points from expiring?’ or ‘When do my Le Club AccorHotels points expire?’.  This new series looks at the major hotel loyalty programmes and shows you how to keep valuable points intact.

If you need to refer to this article in the future, there is a link to it on our ‘Hotel Promos’ page in the Le Club AccorHotels section.  This also includes details of current Accor promotions.

About Le Club AccorHotels

Le Club AccorHotels is the loyalty scheme for the Adagio, Ibis, M Gallery, Mercure, Novotel, Sofitel and Pullman brands.  Raffles, Swissotel and Fairmont are expected to be added in the near future following Accor’s acquisition of these brands.

When do Le Club AccorHotels points expire?

According to the Le Club AccorHotels FAQ here :

Your Le Club AccorHotels card is valid for life. However, you need to stay in a participating hotel every 12 months to keep your Le Club AccorHotels points.

That sounds quite strict ….

It is.  Every other hotel scheme we have looked at in this series so far has simply required some sort of account activity, either by earning or redeeming points.  It was possible to obtain these via a partner without having to complete a stay.

Sofitel St James 350

Accor is different.  You need to complete a stay – according to the rules.

I should say that, as of the publication date of this article, this is not how it works in practice.  Earning Accor points from ANY source resets the expiry the date.

Accor could change its position at any time.  In any event, there are very few ways of earning Accor points without doing a stay.  The main ones are:

transferring points from the eRewards market research scheme (but this is ‘invite only’ membership)

by transferring some Finnair Plus frequent flyer miles into Accor at a 7:1 ratio

by transferring some Qatar Airways Qmiles into Accor at a 4.5 : 1 ratio or

by crediting a Europcar car rental to Accor

by crediting a Hertz car rental to Accor (USA rentals excluded)

by subscribing to The Economist

I won’t be doing a stay or any of the five things above.  What I can do with the points I have before they expire?

In general, you need to earn 2,000 Le Club AccorHotels points to get any value from them.  That will allow you to redeem for a €40 Accor voucher.

Transfers to airline partners generally require a minimum of 4,000 points.  If you want to transfer to Avios, convert to Iberia Plus (where the rate is 1:1) rather than British Airways Executive Club (where the rate is 2:1).  Iberia also has a lower minimum transfer level of 3,000 points.

It used to be possible to transfer ANY number of Accor points to airline miles.  There have been few reports of this method working for a while.

There are two options to convert points to charity but, again, a minimum of 2,000 points is required.

There are some car, leisure and rail redemption options but nothing suitable for a UK resident.

The bottom line is that, if you have more than 2,000 points, you should convert them into Accor vouchers or airline miles before they expire.  The alternative is to ensure that you do manage to spend one night at an Accor property every 12 months.

If you want to track the expiry dates of all of your miles and points, I recommend signing up to AwardWallet for free.  It keeps all of your points balances, including non-travel loyalty schemes, in one place and updates them automatically.  If you pay for the premium version it also tracks your expiry dates and emails you when points are about to expire.

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  1. SydneySwan says:

    Data point – I extended usage of points for another year by a small e-rewards transfer as recently as April 20 this year.

    • Thanks,

    • Out of interest, what difference did you notice on your account? All I can see on mine under reward points is “Valid for life*” (with the footnote being “*Subject to staying in a participating hotel at least once a year”). Based on that I couldn’t see any way of noting a change in validity unless you had a stay.

      Thankfully I had a recent stay that, although booked under a group account and initially not crediting, I managed to get the property to post as a stay after the odd problem – such as them checking me in to a room that was already occupied! (a bit of a surprise for both me and the existing occupant!!)

      • SydneySwan says:

        Actually I am not sure I checked the account but may have relied on information from AwardWallet. My points were expiring on April 27. I signed on on May 16 and the points were still there (so they had been extended by the transfer on April 20) and transferred all the points to another program as I am not expecting any Accor stays for a while.

        However I just signed on and checked account and can’t see a points expiry date anywhere but maybe that is because my balance is now zero. Although that would be crediting the website with a level of intelligence that it has never demonstrated before.

    • Ahh!

      I thaught the Le Club IT would have been updated to reflect the needs of nights to extend the validity of points.

      So the update in the IT is only for the status.

      Good to know nothing has changed then for extension of expired date for points if you (and Concerto) says the validity of your points have been extended for one year, this year in 2017.

      • But where is this change being reflected? As I say nothing in my account that I can see noting this (although it’s not the best-designed website, so I might be missing it!)

        • Well Alan, that’s the point.

          The change is not being reflected.

          So it seems good for us then.
          I had nothing credited or debited into my account since the 1rst of january 2017.
          I cannot learn and share anything from my account since the “change” of rules.

        • I don’t quite follow though – if it says (as mine does) that they remain valid as long as you have one stay per year and you then don’t have a stay, but just transfer some eRewards points, then how can you be sure they won’t just expire?

  2. I did this yesterday… Transferring to a voucher, but only realised afterwards the voucher is quite short term… Validity of 3 months from month end it seems, so my advice is to convert as late as possible if this might be a tight window for usage.

  3. Felix Flyer says:

    I had an email invite from e-rewards to the Le Club scheme about 6 months ago but the link doesn’t work now. Does anyone know how I might reactivate it?

  4. Actually I think the Accor loyalty scheme is the worst of the lot. And their customer service makes the recent British Airways debacle look Rolls Royce!

    • The promos are decent if you can make them work for you. The downside is the inability to arbitrage – you can’t be ‘smart’ and save your points for a trip when hotels are (over)priced, because Accor wants more points on those days.

  5. John E says:

    Thanks Rob, my 13,000 points are two months from expiry and I had no idea.

  6. Concerto says:

    I did it car rental with Europcar and that extended the validity of my points for one year.

    • Hummm

      Concerto, was it a car rental credited to your account after the 1rst of january 2017 ?

      The IT of Le Club didn’t seem to take into account only the night spent untill the end of 2016.
      I thaugh the new rules for status from the 1rst of january 2017 would have updated the IT to reflect the needs of nights at the hotels to extend the expiration date of points.

      Good to know nothing has changed then for extension of expired date for points if you (and Sydneysvan) says the validity of your points have been extended for one year, this year in 2017.

    • how do u know that validity was extended? is there any way to tell?

      ian. 🙂

      • EwanG says:

        Confusingly it seems that the full website does not show the points expiry date (well not that I can find easily – it just says valid for life with the footnote)

        There are two places where you can see the expiry date of your points:
        1: on the mobile website at https://secure-m.accorhotels.com/v2/user/home.jsp in the section near the top where it says how many nights and points have been earned this year
        2. If you use AwardWallet (see foot of Rob’s article)

        • Agree re their full website being unclear. I guess AwardWallet is scraping the mobile one – for some programmes it does its own calculation, but it does say this is from the website.

          I must say even the mobile website is pretty poor, it says:

          CARD No. XXX Validity of your status : 31/12/2017
          View my points history
          1 NIGHT Valid until: 28/05/2018
          XX REWARDS POINTS Valid for life*

          Particularly with the way they lay it out with colours it seems the validity is more related to the night/status points, but with the date they gave it would fit with a recent stay.

  7. Sididdly says:

    Can anyone provide me with details of the method which has been published on here before about how I can transfer an odd amount of Accor points into Iberia?

  8. I get your point Alan.

    I have the silver status expiring the 31/12/2017.

    I do not have and will not have any nights this 2017 year.

    My guess is that my remaining points will be forfeited on the 31/12/2017.

    There is no other date on the dashboard.

  9. Concerto says:

    To reply to the above, the rental was last October so not in 2017. My account says the points are valid until a date in October 2017, which corresponds to the date of the rental one year previously.

  10. Concerto says:

    Something that p’ed me off about Accor (apart from the fact that I don’t like the brand and there are loads of really duff hotels in their portfolio) is that I spent many nights in Accor properties last year and didn’t get a single point because my employer paid the bill and apparently got a special rate. That rate was €269 in Aix-en-Provence!

    • I am not surprised at all by that!

      Accor markets more than 55% of hotel rooms in metropolitan France.

      There is no competition.

      Accor makes the rules like it want.
      It has also given the French government the way the new hotel classification is supposed to be.
      This is where ibis hotels became 3 stars one!

      France does not believe in competition unfortunately.
      So it is always the same banks, supermarkets, air france (and no-one else, except eaysyjet at the end), EDF, SNCF…

      And you have to pay the rate required with no points!

      It is annoying.
      And I am very sorry for you.

  11. Looking for some advice. I’m 200 points from being able to cash out my LCA points for Iberia avios. Any advice on how I can get a cheap boost on points?

  12. Alan C says:

    Earlier this year my partner had 17,000 points expire. Got an email from Accor a few days later saying balance was now zero but book and stay within – I think a month – and they would be re-credited.
    Did a £40 Mercure Happy Mondays and they posted back to the account within a couple of days.

    Alan C