Bits: Virgin / Tesco bonus, 3000 Virgin miles from Avis, 5000 Miles & More miles with a hotel

News in brief:

Tesco Clubcard to Virgin Flying Club bonus now running

It turns out that Virgin Flying Club is running a low-key conversion bonus for anyone with Tesco Clubcard vouchers this month.

It isn’t very exciting:

you only get the bonus if you have never converted Clubcard vouchers to Virgin Atlantic before

the bonus is only 10% anyway

You would be getting 2.75 Virgin Flying Club miles for every 1p of Clubcard vouchers converted.

The bonus is not mentioned on the Virgin Tesco page or the Tesco Virgin page!  It is, however, mentioned on the Virgin Flying Club ‘special offers’ page here.  The offer runs until 23rd June.

Virgin Tesco

3,000 Virgin Flying Club miles from Avis

Virgin Flying Club is also running a ‘triple miles’ promotion with Avis at the moment.

The best Virgin car rental offer is usually Hertz (1,000 Flying Club miles per rental) but this one is better if you can make the restrictions work.

You will earn 1,500 Virgin miles for a 3-6 day Avis rental and 3,000 miles for a 7+ day rental.

You must book by 30th June for rentals between 1st July and 31st December.  Only rentals in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia qualify.

Full details are on this Avis site.  It isn’t clear if you need to book via that specific page or not.


5,000 Lufthansa miles with a hotel booking

Finally, Lufthansa Miles & More is running another very generous deal to push the new Miles & More Hotels booking website.

If you book a hotel for €100+ before 30th June – for a stay at any date – you will receive at least 5,000 Miles & More miles.   Miles & More miles are a little tricky to earn in the UK, and the opportunity to earn at least £50-worth of miles on a £80 hotel stay is exceptionally attractive.

You only get the bonus once during June but you can get it again if you booked via a similar offer earlier in the year.

You must book via this webpage to see the bonus offer.  These will be treated as third party bookings so you won’t earn any hotel points on top if you pick a branded hotel.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

New - up to 24% return with QUADRUPLE Accor points at Sofitel, Novotel, Mercure etc!
My review of the new Hampton by Hilton Berlin Alexanderplatz
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  1. Idrive says:

    Oh this is a blessing! Was just looking tonreach my target and missing 5k. I tooknthe offer for an amazing price last november but was denied the next promo so if i can jump on this…well…perfect!

    • GEMMA says:

      How do i get this 10% extra please? I have added the miles to my basket but no mention of the 10% extra on Tesco site… many thanks

  2. Tesco Clubpoints = Uber rides coming?

    BA would surely have to run some decent promotions to avoid people diverting their redemptions from air to road?

  3. “you only get the bonus if you have never converted Clubcard vouchers to Virgin Atlantic before”

    That’s not true, I got the bonus even though I’ve converted many times before.

    • James says:

      I converted mine almost straight after I received them and also got the 10% bonus. Definitely not the first time I’ve converted them.

    • I just tell you what the rules say ….

  4. Randa says:

    I also got the additional 10% despite previous conversions

  5. Jonathan says:

    Speaking from experience, Virgin FC are very good at taking away incorrectly awarded points many months down the line. So you have them now, doesn’t mean they’ll still be there in 6 months.

    • Tracy says:

      Totally agree, bought a tv in November, just had the 9000 airmiles deducted from my account last month, having to argue with virgin to get them reinstated.

    • It’s a constant battle. They have credited me with 7K points over the last month – no reason. They will be whipped away unceremoniously in say 6-12 months. They always get you in the end – but they are slow to do it.

    • Barnaby100 says:

      80,000ish taken over last 2 months linked to past Hilton stays. Totally random it seems.

  6. phatbear says:

    I got a 10% bonus when i convereted on the 20th May, and ive converted multiple times through out the years.

  7. 2002ad says:

    Is 10% going to be as good as it gets now? When was it last higher than that?

  8. Wally1976 says:

    OT – apologies, I have posted this before but really hoping someone can provide some info on transferring a current year ISA into Virgin for the 8000 point bonus. I’m pretty sure people have said they’ve been successful at this in the past but looking at the terms there’s no mention of transfers and the form to do the transfer doesn’t give anywhere to put your flying club number. Maybe I could just attach a covering letter? Any information or advice gratefully received. Thanks.

    • Wally1976 says:

      Also there is nowhere on the transfer form to set up the £100 regular payment which would be required for the 8000 point bonus as the transfer amount is less than £2500. Any ideas?

      • Graeme says:

        Wouldn’t you be better approaching Virgin Money directly with this question for a definitive response – or perhaps you already have…

        • Wally1976 says:

          I have an aversion to calling companies about things like this. Generally they don’t know their own rules and so I trust people’s experiences on here more! But yes, maybe I’ll have to call them…

      • Genghis says:

        I remember you saying that you would like to transfer a “current” ISA. Does that mean an ISA you have paid into in 17/18?

        If so, not sure whether this is allowed (i.e. paying into more than one ISA per year) as you are transferring <£2.5k and therefore have to make at least 6 x £100 monthly payments.

        • Wally1976 says:

          My understanding is that you can transfer a current year ISA (you have to transfer all of it) and continue contributing so long as your total contribution doesn’t exceed the annual cap. However, I probably should have a good read of the ISA rules.

  9. Frenske says:

    Regarding Tesco bonus points. It seems Tesco has changed the offer for HP inkt: 100 bonus points instead of 1000 bonus points.

    Since they charge 50% more than on-line shops I’ll give it a miss for this price.

  10. OT – does anyone know if the Lloyds upgrade voucher is subject to the same delay as the avios posting? I’m about to trigger it and want to use it in a couple of months but still have about another 22 weeks before my points will post according to Lloyds customer services (I don’t need the points, just the voucher.) How long does it usually take to appear on the account after being triggered?

    • Anna – I have the same issue as you – my voucher didn’t post automatically – my designated Complaints Manager said to wait for 4 weeks after I triggered the £7k spend – if it didn’t post automatically then to call him – it didn’t and he added it manually and it was in my account within 2 days. I need to use mine for the return leg from HKG-LHR for next June so glad theywere able to add it manually.

      • You need to get your issue of missing points escalated to an official complaint and get a Complaints manager working on your issue. Customer services just fob you off for months on end – only when you have a designated Complaints manager will you receive your points and voucher. Do not wait for 26 weeks to get your points. I phone up each month and get them added manually – my Complaints manager has also given me the 26 week spiel but I’ve been told I will get all the points I’ve earned again when the issue is resolved – whenever that may be- I won’t hold my breath but I’ve already received 5600 Avios more than I should have!

        • Hi Liz, thanks for this. As soon as I trigger the spend I will call them and make sure they add it as soon as possible. I did escalate the avios thing and got £200 compensation which I was quite happy with as I don’t actually need the points immediately, I have enough to cover what I need the upgrade voucher for (hopefully CW to east coast US next summer), so as long as they post at some point I’m ok.

          I still don’t see how this can take 26 weeks to resolve, or how they can be so specific about the time frame!

        • Back in Jan I was told 12 weeks so they really don’t know – that is just the timescale they have been told to tell customers at the moment – I don’t anticipate it being fixed any time soon. But they can definitely manually activate the voucher so hopefully you will be ok.

    • Alex W says:

      Yes the vouchers are subject to the 6 month delay same as the Avios. If you ring up Lloyds they might be able to get it added manually along with the Avios.

      • Thanks Liz and Alex, I will call them as soon as I trigger the spend as I want to use the voucher at the beginning of September.

        I did escalate the avios complaint and got £200 compensation which I thought was quite reasonable. I don’t need the points to use the upgrade voucher so as long as they post at some point I’m happy.

        • Optimus Prime says:

          Is it worth applying for the Lloyds card? I know it gives avios off your foreign spending but if it’s so painful to get your points posted…

        • You either get them ok ( most do) or you never get them (a minority but not insignificant).

      • Alex W says:

        In other news. Mrs W referred me for the Lloyds Avios card but we didn’t get the bonus because I previously held the Lloyds Premier Avios card. I challenged it because the T&Cs did not state anything about the Premier and it has also been discontinued. The other day 2 x 4500 Avios arrived in our accounts as a goodwill gesture 🙂

    • The Original Nick says:

      My Lloyds Voucher appeared on AW.

  11. Darren says:

    Just wanted a sense check on the price of ex UK flights to Singapore for next Feb, Finnair are currently £1450ish which I think is a good price. I know ex EU is a bit cheaper but not by much/enough to warrant the hassle.

    Any history of ex UK being much less?

    • Sam Goss says:

      Very good price – you won’t see anything lower than that – especially in Oneworld. I think that’s even cheaper that Norwegian “Premium” !

      The other cheapo options tend to be Garuda (which has the upside of being direct coming back) , Vietnam Airlines or Malaysian airlines – but none will be cheaper than ~1500

  12. Scottydogg says:

    OT , ive my spend £10,000 target on the IHG Rewards card for the free night stay that credits on the annverisary which is July 22nd . I spoke to 2 people on the phone from IHG to try and get some info on not using the card in the second year but getting the reward night to credit my account . They were adament that I would be charged £99 if I don’t cancel before the 22nd of July , the only option to avoid getting charged again was to cancel and therefore surrender ever getting that voucher . He was making out that the free night voucher is a perk of taking out the card for the second year . Can anyone confirm about this , he was saying what I was trying to do was to find a loop hole that doesn’t exist . I said that if I didn’t use the card after the 22nd then they can’t charge me , he said that they would and that I wouldn’t be able to get it back in anyway

    Starting to feel like I wasted a lot of spending on this card trying to get a perk that seems to be out of reach

    • Genghis says:

      The FOS wouldn’t look kindly on Creation for offering such a benefit which is dependent on future instead of past performance.

      “A free night voucher which you can choose to use at one of over 5,000 IHG® hotels worldwide if you spend at least £10,000 every year by your anniversary”

  13. czechoslovakia says:

    Cheers Rob, 5150 M miles earnt on a 109 Euro booking i needed to make anyhow, in a hotel i like.
    You`re a star, sir.
    For reference, Kayak engine gave prices of £95 and up for same room elsewhere….

  14. rickey says:

    Like me many other readers I upgraded my Amex Gold Card to Platinum charge card few months ago (20K online offer).
    So far Amex has not charged any fees on Platinum card account and I have made some good use of Lounge Passes for my spring travel.
    When am I likely to see, FEES hit my account?
    Would that be any random date now or at the anniversary of my Gold Card, which is couple of months away?
    I know someone posted some time ago that he/she has not been charged fees for couple of years on the same card.

    • Lev441 says:

      I had it posted at the end of my first or second month once I had upgraded.

  15. Sorry, another last minute OT BA AMEX £100 off question. I wanted to book redemption to the US using the offer to compensate on the fees. However I need to do an open jaw flight. The terms say only, so can’t book via the phone. They also say “UK Departures only”, so can’t book as 2x one-ways. Is there any way to do this type of trip online? thanks!

    • Replying to myself here …. I thought previous post people have mentioned using hotel/car spend to make the £500 – is that true which would negate the “UK Departure” bit?

  16. Cuchlainn says:

    OT ( sorry ! ),
    I have just triggered my 2nd BAPP 2-4-1 voucher and my wife is 3 1/2 months between BAPP churns and 1 x 2-4-1 voucher. I have never taken a Rewards / Points Amex, as I generally collect air miles / Avios only. Living across Irish Sea so Aer Lingus offers me good redemption opportunities for miles redemptions ( plus decent taxes ex Dublin ) but knobbled due to poor domestic connections ( BA BHD to LHR )
    Queries : 1. Reading horror stories for Lloyds Amex / MC re miles not posting but FOREX and 6months double miles benefits interest me…
    2. Preferred Rewards Gold looks best bet but can this be churned like BAPP ?
    Any other ideas gratefully received.. Thanks

    • Genghis says:

      1. I’ve had no problems. 2. Yes that’s fine.

      • Cuchlainn says:

        Thanks Genghis but SPG’s hotel chains do not fill me with joy…
        Last questions :
        1. If I downgrade to BA Blue Amex will I get my pro-rata annual fee refund ?
        2. Using my current BAPP Amex account can I refer my wife for the Preferred Rewards Gold ?
        ( I see this as a 3 month stop gap until her 6 months churn with BAPP has expired ).

        • Alex W says:

          1. Yes.
          2. No.

          SPG points are valuable outside SPG – transfer to airlines at 1:1.25 and to Marriott at 1:3.

          I’ve just got an SPG Amex and have no intention of staying in SPG 🙂

        • rickey says:


          Managed to accumulate 90K SPG for Marriott Travel Package without setting a foot in any SPG hotel.
          Hope the merger takes as long as expected (now late/end of 2018), giving me opportunity for 3 more churning cycles.

        • Genghis says:

          You can only refer within Amex card “families” so MR card->MR card (e.g. Amex Gold / Plat) or avios card->avios card (BAPP / BA Blue) etc

          As @Alex W notes, SPG points are very valuable currently due to 1:3 Marriott conversion. Ive booked some bargains recently. I’ve never used SPG points in a SPG hotel though still want to try the Aloft in Liverpool. SPG points can be converted to avios at 1:1 or at 20k there is a 5k bonus. But can also be converted to FF schemes where points are harder to come by in the UK. A few of us here seem to currently be saving for a Marriott travel package which offer great value (7 night in hotel + a shed loads of air miles).

          Hope this helps.

        • Cuchlainn says:

          Cheers Alex W, rickety and Genghis.

  17. Choons says:

    Hi, just another datapoint here but my wife did not earn the last bonus as, according to the Virgin email, despite transferring in March when the Tesco to Virgin bonus was on, the transfer period advertised was from 01 May to 23 June:

    “We have investigated the below issue and can confirm that the addition 10% bonus was not earned because the offer period was 01MAY to 23JUN2017 and you have completed the first transfer in March 2017. The offer was published in the March ready for 1st May launch.”

    So I guess it pays to keep an eye on the dates

    • Nonsense. Go to the VS page for Clubcard. Click on ‘terms’. It still, as of Sunday, stated the dates for the last bonus in March. (Cannot check myself as on a flight.)