Bits: more on the HSBC Premier deal, Qatar / HFP competition winner

News in brief:

More on the HSBC Premier deal from yesterday

I did a long article yesterday on the new sign-up bonus on the HSBC Premier credit card:

the free card is now offering 5,000 airline miles for signing up

the £195 World Elite card is now offering 45,000 airline miles for signing up and spending £12,000 in one year

I wrote in the article that HSBC has – for some people – been refusing to award the second half of the World Elite bonus until you have renewed your card for the 2nd year, at the cost of a further £195.

As a reader pointed out, this is strictly in breach of the full terms and conditions.  The rules state, in respect of the £12,000 spend bonus, that:

3. If you meet the requirements for this offer as described above, we will award 40,000 Premier Reward Points to your HSBC Premier World Elite MasterCard Credit Card within 60 days from point of qualification

This means that you should NOT have to wait until the end of the year to get your 2nd lot of 40,000 points / 20,000 miles.  Because it is in writing, in the terms and conditions, HSBC has no choice but to give you the points before the end of the year as long as you’ve spent the £12,000.

This makes the World Elite deal more attractive.  As long as you can spend the £12,000 within 10 months, you will receive the full 90,000 points / 45,000 miles before your card is up for renewal.  This means you’ll be getting 45,000 Avios / Asia Miles / Etihad miles / Singapore Airlines miles for £195.

If you missed my article yesterday, you’ll find it here.

Qatar A350

Who won the two tickets on Qatar Airways?

A couple of weeks ago we ran a competition in collaboration with Qatar Airways giving away two tickets to (almost) any Qatar Airways destination.

We can now announce the winner:

Wayne L

Congratulations Wayne and enjoy your flights!  Thank you to everyone who entered – we were overwhelmed by the response.

(Want to earn more miles and points from credit cards?  Click here to visit our dedicated airline and hotel travel credit cards page or use the ‘Credit Cards Update’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Geoggy says:

    I hit the req spend on the hsbc premier card last statement.

    The points didn’t appear.

    I called the premier line and the assistant stated they were awarded on the anniversary of the card.

    When I read the terms they didn’t seem as clear as the article suggests – in fact from memory the awarding of the second 20k Avios (in my case) did seem to be in a section headed anniversary.

    After sounding sad and saying I was waiting to book a flight – which was true, the assistant added the points immediately to my account as I am a “valued customer”.

    • Danny says:

      Looking at the T&C again, it looks like sloppy work on HSBC’s part which works to our benefit. The section on the 2nd tranche of 40,000 bonus points is titled “First Anniversary Bonus Reward Points”, so clearly suggesting their intention was these points should only be awarded after 12 months. But the wording of clause 3 on the 2nd tranche of 40,000 bonus points has been copied word for word across from the equivalent clause 3 on the 1st tranche of 40,000 bonus points, so giving you an entitlement to receive them after 60 days whatever HSBC’s original intention.

    • Polly says:

      Groggy and Danny,
      Agree, sloppy t and c on HSBC site. However, it does depend on who you speak to in cs. I was well over the 12k spend and over 60 days from the spend,me hen l called up for them to be added. Adamnent they were due on the anniversary. I wanted them included in the BAEC bonus transfer at that time. Disappointing, as they were applied the day after the bonus date ended. Seemed fishy to me, but may have been coincidental.
      What l would like to know as l am approaching renewal date next week, is do we renewers get this years bonus too??? I have been negotiating for a few weeks now on this renewal, loyalty points, but they are NOT budging. Seems like they want Amex customers to come over, but don’t want to play the renewal, referral game.
      May try to move OH account over and benefit from this offer, if they don’t play ball with my card…

      • Genghis says:

        What is “this year’s bonus” for renewers?

        It’s only one bonus in the first year, “when you spend £12,000 or more on your Card within the first 12 months of card membership”, isn’t it?

        If it were me I’d complain about not receiving the points within 60 days, so as long as you still have the T&Cs you agreed to when you signed up (they might have changed). It’s important people understand the rules before playing the game

  2. Alan C says:

    Congrats on the Qatar win.
    Slightly o/t but we are a family of 4 travelling Edinburgh to Abu Dhabi via Doha in 5 weeks time. Any signs of the present Qatar dispute being settled and if not when will Qatar be in touch with options?
    Alan C

    • There are no options …. I have an identical booking but for November which I think will be safe. Qatar may rebook you on BA but remember that, until 14 days before departure, they can cancel your flight and all you are due is a refund, no obligation to reroute.

      You are actually safer within 14 days of departure as EU261 protections then apply.

      • Andrew says:

        I contacted QR regarding my similar booking. Options are: to get a refund now; rebook to Muscat instead of AUH; or 7 days before flying they will rebook you on a direct flight (with BA probably but didn’t say).

  3. Wally1976 says:

    Completely OT but hopefully useful…

    My guide to getting the 2 x 4500 Avios for referring for the Lloyds Avios cards:

    1. Change your email address on your account to a ‘spare’ account that hasn’t been seen by Lloyds before (if you don’t have one then create one!).
    2. Send the referral to this ‘spare’ email address.
    3. Apply via the link in the email when it arrives.
    4. Give it a few weeks and if points don’t post keep sending emails to [email protected] until they sort it out (which they will, eventually).
    5. Change your email back to what it should be.

    I’m not saying that this is completely fool proof (no guarantees) but it is based on my experience of having successfully gained 3 lots of 9000 points between my wife and I (I’ve had the card twice and she’s had it once).

  4. Robbie says:

    Congratulations Wayne L

    • zsalya says:

      I hope we will hear where he decides to go.

      • Polly says:

        And hope they get an upgrade if they do chose AKL ! Congrats Wayne. Enjoy….even in Y, nice to think flights are free…

      • Bit of a gamble if the ‘upgrade to business at check-in subject to availability’ doesn’t come off!

        • Although hopefully the recent troubles may help Wayne’s chances, even if it has cut his destination choice down slightly!

  5. rams1981 says:

    Anyone think of a good reason to keep this HSBC £195 card in year 2? Just can’t see how the fee is worth it with no bonuses.

    • Genghis says:

      £195 for a card that earns 1 point / £1k spend is not great. So close to £20k spend just to recoup the fee not to mention lost earning potential elsewhere. I’d go elsewhere.

    • Polly says:

      Just commented above, agree, with you, you would think they had thought that part through. But they don’t seem aware of customer retention/ loyalty at HSBC. I did remind them how well Amex deals with loyalty, didn’t get the message,mor course!
      My option is to drop down to the Premier to retain my points, and wait for another transfer bonus, then cancel at the end of the year. Which is annoying as the earning rate is very good. The sting l have been told is that you must hold the elite card exactly one year in order to hold points, and then ensure your premier card is issued that day at midnight. Impossible without cs help. Unreal. Been three weeks getting this issue sorted.

      Genghis, just had a thought. Can’t see where they might ban us from re applying after a break having the card???!! Have you noticed? just thinking ahead here!

      • Genghis says:

        I noticed yesterday when I read the T&C but had to check:

        To be eligible for the Introductory Bonus Reward Points described below, the following
        requirements must be met:

        “you must not have not held an HSBC Premier World Elite MasterCard Credit Card within the six months prior to you applying and

        To be eligible for the First Anniversary Bonus Reward Points described below, the
        following requirements must be met:

        you must not have not held an HSBC Premier World Elite MasterCard Credit Card
        within the six months prior to you applying

        This means that they have thought about it and it seems churnable, you just have to wait 6 months a la Amex.

        • Polly says:

          Thank you, not too bad then…just harder to apply for, with their tougher criteria, which l don’t blame them for really….wonder if that applies if one has dropped down to the free Premier card in the meantime…interesting. Just have to work out if the Plat fee is worth it long term, if not using the guest options on the PP etc…

    • 1 mile per £1 – for a Visa / MC – is worth having, but you’d need to feel you were offsetting the fee via (for example) the Uber credits on flight bookings or the LoungeKey lounge access.

      Assuming you value the other card benefits at nothing, and that you value an Avios at 1p, you’d need to spend £28,500 before the extra 0.7 Avios per £1 (versus the free Tesco MasterCard) offset £195.

      • Genghis says:

        Or infinity if you have no preference for IHGs or avios on the IHG Black (valued at 0.5p ea.)?

        • Roger says:

          Genghis, would you recommend renewing Creation IHG Black card and pay £99 fees in second year?

        • Genghis says:

          I plan on doing so. Not as good as year 1 as no bonus but still 2.5% return on £10k spend. £250 hotel + £100 points – £99 fee.

  6. aliks says:

    I just called HSBC regarding the anniversary points. They agreed they should have been credited within 60 days of spending £12,000 and immediately gave me 40,000 points.

  7. JamesB says:

    OT bit: debate and vote on replacement of APD with new air departure tax in Scotland (to be effective April 18) will take place late this afternoon. Anything’s possible in current political shambles.

    • Especially as the DUP (currently wheeling & dealing with the tories) want the (full) abolition of APD in NI.

      • JamesB says:

        Bill was passed. Rate will be set next year, in the budget I guess. It seems likely they will go for a 50% cut as nothing less would likely have the desired effect. If DUP can convert their demand for APD abolition in NI then hopefully these two changes together will underpin UK-wide changes.

  8. Wayne’s World

  9. Genghis says:

    OT. A very apt banner advert from Raffles Hotels & Resorts on HfP: “Rise and shine with Raffles” 🙂

  10. Genghis says:

    OT. Just received an email from BA. They have launched their own in store avios back scheme with a limited number of retailers. Looks a bit pants tbh.

  11. David2910 says:

    OT but I guess related in some ways to anniversary discussions: my OH has gone through her black virgin anniversary. £140 debited from her account. She can cancel and get rebate now because no further spend this card year-wont be a problem they confirm over the phone. But…could she refer me to a white virgin card for 10k sign up bonus before she cancels , I think she gets 3k or similar-would that count as account activity and void 140 rebate? Any views?

    • Roger says:

      No expert on this but my view is Bonus is awarded by Virgin and not MBNA, so it may have no effect at all on £140 rebate she is due.

    • Genghis says:

      Note the bonus per T&Cs is awarded within 90 days. I’m still waiting for mine from just over 2 months ago.

    • Reckon you’re fine.

  12. As a new Premier customer (opened account today), could I take out the free card to get the bonus and then upgrade to the paid card for a second bonus?