What is worth booking in the new British Airways sale?

British Airways has launched a new sale, with deals in World Traveller,  World Traveller Plus, Club World and First.  There are also some Club Europe and BA Holidays deals available.

The home page for the sale is here.  You can book until 11th July.

Travel dates are all over the place and it would take me a full article just to list all the permutations.  On most routes you can book until the end of March 2018, although there will almost certainly be blackout dates.  Some Gatwick ‘bucket and spade’ routes can be booked until June 2018.

You should take a look at the small print at the bottom of the sale website for all the travel date details.

British Airways business first class sale

The easiest way to check out the best prices to a specific destination is with the British Airways Low Fare Finder tool on ba.com. This will show you the cheapest price on any route, in any class, on month by month basis.

If you can be flexible with dates, there are some decent fares available but nothing to go crazy about.

I am only focusing on Club World and First Class prices in this article.  If you are looking for economy deals, start with the Low Fare Finder or the sale home page.

In general, very little got me very excited and the fare are similar to the last couple of sales.

For example, in the last BA sale Beijing was £1,651 in Club World.  In this sale it is a ludicrous £2,839!  In the SWISS ‘2 for 1’ sale I covered yesterday, it is £1,178 for a far superior product ……

Most Club World pricing is terrible.  Apart from Bangkok at £1,859 there is nothing even vaguely interesting across Asia or the Middle East – go with the SWISS sale instead.

North America / Caribbean is a bit better:

  • Boston at £1,813
  • Calgary at £1,895
  • Fort Lauderdale at £1,696
  • Orlando at £1,695
  • Tampa at £1,495
  • Cancun at £1,491
  • Kingston at £1,194
  • Punta Cana at £1,195
  • Antigua at £1,598

In First Class, you’ve got:

  • Boston at £2,213
  • Miami at £2,470
  • Atlanta at £2,507
  • Chicago at £2,415

….. but the good Middle East deals have not come back this time.

There are also some deals on European short-haul flights with some destinations at £225 return or less for 80 tier points. I spotted Alicante, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bergen (ending soon), Billund, Bologna, Bordeaux, Geneva, Genoa, Limoges, Luxembourg, Nice, Palma, Pisa, Seville, Tallinn, Valencia and Venice. These fares will require a Saturday night stay.

Remember that ‘Part Pay With Avios’ (details here) can be used with these fares. The maximum discount at present is £200 for 36,500 Avios points per return flight in Club Europe, 45,500 Avios for £250 off in Club World and 55,000 for £300 off in First.  Some routes are offering better deals than this.

BA Holidays is also running deals

It is also worth pricing up BA’s ‘flight and hotel’ or ‘flight and car’ options.  Adding a cheap hotel for just one night of your trip, or a small car for one day, can bring down the cost to less than just a flight.

Pop over to BA Holidays here and do a test booking before booking anything as ‘flight only’.  Another benefit of booking your flight as a holiday is that you pay a deposit now with the balance only due five weeks before departure.

The best thing to do if you are interested is to go to ba.com and have a look around.

Click here to see the full sale details.

Remember that you need to book by 11th July.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. There are some great WTP fares originating from OSL & CPH to the West Coast again. £579 to LAX throughout the year including Christmas.

    • Barry cutters says:

      Great if you live in Oslo or Copenhagen . But it’s a lot of back tracking to get to lax if you are in the U.K.

      • Clive says:

        …a lot of backtracking? You haven’t noticed how many deals on this site are ex-eu? 🙂

  2. The last time I considered booking a BA holiday I was told that unless you book accommodation or car hire for the whole duration, it doesn’t count as a package deal and you have to pay the full cost up front. The CSA said that otherwise everyone would be booking 1 night hotel stay or 1 day car hire so that they could pay later.

    • Genghis says:

      Can’t this now be done online?

      • The BA Holiday website specifically lets you book a car or hotel for only part of your stay!

        I think there is a 3 day minimum now to get a cheaper flight price though?

        • Yes you can book it, but I think you have to pay the full amount up front instead of 5 weeks before you travel.

        • I’ve just done a dummy booking – if you want a 2 week holiday, but a hotel room only for 1 week, you are charged the full amount, there’s no option to just pay a deposit.

        • Stu N says:

          I managed to book a Thurs-Mon trip with 2 hotel nights as a BA Holiday booking in the last sale in May. Paid small deposit, with balance to pay 5 weeks before the trip.

        • I used to book BA holidays with a week in their accommodation and a week in our timeshare but for the past few years they’ve wanted full payment up front so I haven’t bothered as I can usually do it cheaper with another airline. Maybe it depends on the duration/destination?

        • Have you got a hire car as well? No matter what permutation I put in, unless I’m booking a hotel or car for the full duration the system is trying to charge me the full amount.

  3. Geoff says:

    It looks like the Holiday Finder on the BA web site (which was re-vamped a few weeks ago) has changed again in the last day or 2 so you have to select a departure date or month.

    I’m pretty sure that even a couple of days ago I could select an earliest and latest departure date, which suited me as I would select the full range from tomorrow to May/June 2018 and see the best prices across all dates and destinations on one screen.

    Now I have to select one month at a time to find the best prices. Has anyone else noticed the change or am I clicking in the wrong place or missing something?

    …or any workarounds?

  4. Good old BA sale. I am looking to do a trip to Australia and New Zealand this coming December and January. I have been tracking the price over recent weeks and the 3 World Traveller tickets to Sydney and back via Singapore has been fixed at or around £4550, thought I would wait until their regular summer sale which I thought would be a bigger splash given their recent IT fiasco and ongoing cabin crew strikes. Guess what, the price has gone up to £4720.

    We want to fly BA because some friends who we are travelling with are already booked on specific BA flights. Am i correct in thinking that BA flight costs are normally cheapest when booked direct with BA rather than through a TA or flight sales specialist e.g. Flight Centre?


    • Geoff says:

      There certainly are occasions when the prices through TAs are a bit cheaper than direct.
      If you expect any customer service at all then BA will probably better than a cheapo TA.
      For best of both worlds BA do offer price match guarantee
      but it will have to be exactly like-for-like on all Ts and Cs etc.

      • Polly says:

        And the TA must be uk based, thats how they got out of price matching ours! Hardly worth the paper it’s written on…

    • Chiropractor says:

      All that way…and back again…in Y?

      you’re a better man than I

      • Lady London says:

        If you must do that trip in Y then Emirates or SQ have been relatively comfortable. Note, that’s “relatively”

  5. some good euro beach deals. Sa Coma for less than £450!

    • Only from London, or regions included?

      • just london. PITA but still over £200 cheaper trying to fly from my part of britania after factoring petrol & bridge toll

  6. Joe C says:

    Been waiting for one of these, am exactly 80TP’s short of triggering a GUF2 voucher – so now doing an overnight TP run to Luxembourg, offset with some Avios so cost £72 return in CE. Booked the Doubletree using Hilton points too, so quite a result there – 90p/TP

  7. Asia Kovarsky says:

    If I see a great price for economy tickets for Israel in September, for example, would they stay the same price throughout the sale or is it possible the price will go up? Wondering if I should reserve the fare for 3 days for £10…

    • The general base level price should stay pretty steady but there is a risk that a particular flight could go up in price if a few people book tickets. If your dates are fixed, you should book.

      (Of course, if travelling with someone else then don’t be a mug and book BA – book Swiss Business Class in the 2-4-1 sale instead!)

  8. Swiss UK sale is also First Class, eg. Shanghai £2077, Singapore £2577

  9. Chris says:

    O/T: Got a business redemption on Iberia booked Madrid to Sao Paulo next year. Going to buy my LHR – MAD leg as cash economy, also on Iberia. But just wondering what the situation is these days with Iberia checking bags through. Is it likely? Basically my flight to Sao Paulo leaves at 2345, deciding between flights that land in Madrid either at 2035 or 2155. Thanks!

    • idrive says:

      Are you joking? I would allow some time in any case! go to the lounge and relax!

      • Chris says:

        Joking about which bit? If it turns out that Iberia always check luggage through on connecting flights I would’ve thought the 2155 flight would be more than sufficient, no?

        • And what happens if (and inevitably when) your flight to Madrid runs a couple of hours late? It won’t be a connecting flight so you wont be covered.

    • Canuck says:

      Of my last 3 PMI -> MAD -> LHR -> YYC trips, my bags have never made the connection in MAD. Something about MAD where the bags always get held up. I think you are in a better position if you collect and re-check your bags at the terminal. Also, don’t forget in MAD you need to go through border control to get to Terminal 4S for LHR.

      • Lady London says:

        On that trip @Canuck your bags could just as likely been held up in the infamous non-baggage handling of T5. My baggage has failed to come with me a few times when connecting even on 12 hour connection via T5.

    • Mzungu says:

      Not a chance. In March I flew MAD-HAV return with Iberia, and used Iberia for the positioning flight, in the hope (like you) that there was more chance of getting bags checked through. When I checked in at HAV for the return flight, I asked if they would check our bags through to London – the initial response was “of course sir”, then they looked at the booking and said “but these are separate tickets”. I said yes, but they’re both on Iberia, can you check my bags through please. The response was “No, sorry sir, it’s a new rule – we always used to do it, but we’re not allowed to anymore”. Thanks Alex.

      As @idrive says, I had allowed plenty of time, so went to the Iberia lounge and had a shower!

      P.S. IIRC the BA flights leave from a different part of the MAD terminal, and I found the lounge there better than the one for the IB flights – proper lunch etc. Perhaps someone can confirm?

      • Chris says:

        That’s a shame. Thanks for the info. I’ll build in a bit more time in that case.

        • Graham says:

          Can any one tell me the rules that apply if my bags miss the connection when on seperate tickets. e.g. Flying into CDG on Qatar then on to LHR on BA with a seperate ticket. Who would be responsible for getting bags to home in the UK?

        • the real harry1 says:

          depends on if the bags miss the connection because not loaded – or just not picked up by you

          if not loaded, airline should normally send them foc to an address in the country they arrived in, which may be the country of your ‘middle’ airport so not too much use

          getting them to forward the bags on to a different country would be pure goodwill

          if bags were loaded but you were short of time & didn’t pick them up, I guess you’re generally stuffed/ goto insurance/ ask for goodwill gesture

  10. jamie says:

    The prices in the BA sale dont look that good to me. I have been monitoring the cost of an economy return flight from London to Houston, Texas. A few weeks ago the return flight was £420, which I thought was excellent.. although I didn’t book the tickets. When I checked the price yesterday when I found out they have a sale the price is now showing as £670. I really hope the price goes down as I wouldn’t like to pay the latter price when I know it was cheaper a while back, bearing in mind this is an off peak flight too!

    • James A says:

      Head up to MAN and catch the Singapore A350 of around £350 return 😉

      • Lady London says:

        Hmmm that sounds a really good idea for my next US trips. Who are people crediting Star Alliance flights to these days? I cant do the 4 segments on Aegean.

  11. The phrase “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” applied a few weeks ago.

  12. Hopefully someone knows the answer to this, it’s been a while since I booked and upgraded with BA, but I’ve just been looking at flights to Boston in November in the WTP sale with an upgrade.

    The sale price (fare only) is £332 + taxes, but if I look to “book and upgrade” with Avios the base fare is now shown as £775 + taxes – I thought BA allowed any Premium Economy fare bucket to be upgraded?

    • Kingy says:

      I just booked a return in July ex MAN to BOS via T5 in WTP with full Tier points earning.
      It was cheaper than just LHR to BOS
      It was cheaper than reduced Tier points
      It was cheaper than WT.
      BA pricing policy is a lottery at best.
      Not flown on BA all year since i converted Lufthansa/ Star Alliance so what could possibly go wrong? 😉