Bits: 10% off Radisson Blu with special link, new Clubcard deal includes UberEATS

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News in brief:

Get 10% off at Radisson Blu with a special link

HFP has been given access to a special Radisson Blu ‘10% off’ promotion. You won’t find this promotion on the Radisson Blu website unless you follow this special link.

Included in this offer are selected hotels in Europe, Middle East and Africa and the 10% off is on the best available rate.

This offer cannot be combined with other offers – although I expect that you would still earn free nights with the current Club Carlson ‘Free Fridays’ promotion – but Club Carlson members do earn Gold Points on bookings.

There is currently no expiry date for this offer, however, the T&Cs state that the offer can be withdrawn at any time.


From April 2018, please use our new Uber sign-up code UBERHEADFORPOINTS via this link, or download the app and add the code via the promo code box on the ‘Payment’ tab.  This gets you £3 off your first ride.

New Uber / Clubcard deal includes UberEATS

We wrote the other day about the new Tesco Clubcard redemption options with and Uber.

As our analysis showed, these are both very good deals and you should be reconsidering whether Avios or Virgin Flying Club miles are still the best use of your Clubcard vouchers.

There is an extra upside to the Uber deal.  The Uber credit you get from Tesco is also valid at UberEATS.  As long as your UberEATS account uses the same login details as your Uber ride account, the credit is available to spend in either app.  (We have tested this ourselves and it does work.)

This means that you can get 3 x the face value of your Tesco Clubcard vouchers against the wide range of home delivery food available via UberEATS (which is basically a Deliveroo / Just Eats clone).  That is not a bad deal if you order take out on a regular basis.

PS.  If you’ve not used UberEATS before, you can get £3 off your first two orders by adding promo code eats-uberheadforpoints into the app.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Roger says:


    I reckon you have an upgraded Curve account.
    Does this allow £500 cash withdrawal from linked CC without any charges.
    The link on curve help is not clear, not sure if it is £200 or £500 fee free withdrawal once upgraded.

    • I would be interested if this is true, I took the more expensive card at hello and haven’t got around to downgrading.

    • Genghis says:

      I’m still on £200.

      @Zoe – why downgrade? It’s a sunk cost?

    • Joseph Heenan says:

      It’s important to note that the fair usage policy and the withdrawal limits on curve are completely separate; I think that may be what confused you.

      The fair usage policy is always £200 per month, and a 2% fee applies for anything above that.

      The standard withdrawal limit is £200 per day, potentially increasing to £500 per day.

      • Roger says:

        Thanks for clearing that up.
        I thought enhanced account allowed £500 fees free withdrawal.

        • Nick M says:

          I don’t think there is an ATM limit with debit card withdrawals but fairly sure it is £200 on a credit card before you start getting charged…

          • More than 10 occasions with debit card also ‘may’ incur 50p per transaction fee

          • Link above has quite a good summary table. Note (further to previous recent discussions on here) that it is not specific re GBP, but instead refers to own/different currency for card vs ATM…

    • Black doesn’t necessarily mean upgraded limits, I’m not sure if they’re automatic with time you’ve held account or if you need to request the increase.

      Even with increased limits I’d still expect ATM fees on withdrawals over £200/mo (as you could easily cross that even on reduced limits), but obviously if the system didn’t charge you it’d be a nice bonus!

  2. Jonathan says:

    OT: Can AMEX tell if you purchase a gift card to redeem a minimum spend offer? The T&C state that vouchers are ineligible, but I question whether they can tell if you’re purchasing a voucher, or paying for dinner. I’m looking at the D&D Gift Shop redemption I’ve currently got on an AMEX own brand charge card.

    • It depends where the transaction takes place. If it’s online and the merchant processes them through a third-party then yes they can tell. If it’s in-store through a normal till point then no they can’t.

      Amex statement credits work through ‘merchant codes’, so basically they’ll only trigger if you spend through the right merchant. Online you should be told who the payment is going to so you can see if it’s the shop you want or a third party they’ve contracted in.

      • Jonathan says:

        Thanks – it sounds like buying a gift card from the same online merchant where I can buy an “experience” will have the same merchant code and therefore will be fine.

        • Genghis says:

          Please report back. I buy gift cards when the offer comes around from Cafe Rouge / Pizza Express in store and these trigger the statement credit.

  3. Genghis says:

    Cheers Rob. Tried uber eats using Tesco clubcard for lunch and used your money off code 🙂

    • Ta! I see the £3 in UberEATS but it does not carry across to the taxis.

      In other news, I just realised that Gett has been ripping me off. They used to deduct referral credits from your rides. Without telling me, they stopped this. I now have to actively activate a credit before requesting a taxi.

      I had seen my credit dropping but this was due to expiry – they have been billing me full fares …

      • Mr Dee says:

        Sounds similar to when all my referral credits on uber turning to a countries currency I had visited once and then Uber claiming I setup my account there when it was setup in the UK and I could only use the credit in the other country.

      • Relaxo says:

        Yeah im not a fan of Gett’s sneaky tactics with referrals. I remember them taking the entire £10 credit off my ride once even though the ride only cost £7. They also promised £10 credit for completing a survey which never came through. Unfortunaetly I had already deleted their email or would have pulled them up on it

  4. JamesB says:

    OT: Do we get 2 clubcard points per per £ using the tesco debit card both as clubcard and payment card at Tesco petrol stations? Or, do we still need to use a Tesco credit card as clubcard and then switch to Tesco debit card for payment? To date I’ve used Tesco credit card as clubcard and an amex but would like to change to collect 2 clubcard points per £ on petrol if possible.

  5. Mr Dee says:

    Uber question, thinking about transferring a load of points to uber if I will be able to use the credit outside the UK, it does say that it should be available but does anyone have any experience of using Uber credit like this Tesco clubcard credit (Not Referral credit vouchers, as these are country/currency specific, learnt the hard way when my account was setup in another country)

    • Genghis says:

      I’ll be using uber tomorrow abroad and applied a £30 credit today so happy to report back

      • Mr Dee says:

        great will be looking out for you tomorrow, thanks 🙂

      • Mr Dee says:

        Hey Genghis, did you manage to test out your Tesco Uber credit today outside the UK?

    • in the past certain promo credits couldn’t be used abroad, so Uber certainly has the IT in place to enforce their terms and conditions.

      • Mr Dee says:

        Yes I see but in the Tesco terms it does say the UK and anywhere else Uber operates.

  6. Before using ubereats compare their menu prices to the restaurant/takeways own prices – on my first order i received the restaurants own menu and realised everything had been marked up (40% markup on my nan bread!!) and they still charge a delivery charge.

    • the real harry1 says:

      that’s uber the top

      • McDonald’s appears to be my nearest UberEATS establishment ….

        I can also access Deliver Me Drinks. However, if you thought this was a great way to turn Tesco credit into booze, the prices are awful. Moet & Chandon is £65 vs £30-£35 at supermarkets. Bombay Sapphire is £40 vs £16 at Waitrose Cellar!

        Dom Perignon 2006 at £180 is slightly better given £130 in the shops, although out of stock.

        • the real harry1 says:

          I was very happy to get an A in my German A level – particularly as they’d predicted me a D in January (I just worked a bit harder in my last term instead of being bone lazy).

          More to the point: I also spoke over the years to many decent Germans. As most of them are. Decent. Nice. Good people.

          ISTR uber means ‘over’

        • Mr Dee says:

          Yep, better off converting to vouchers and finding a x4 restaurant and drink there hehe

        • my example is a bit different, but anyways, my local Indian restaurant does an amazing honey and ginger naan bread, £2.50. Uber charged £4.00 for it! Most of the main dishes seem to have a 25% uplift added to them. To then add a delivery charge on top of that is a bit of a double dip.

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