REMINDER: How to earn 10,000 Avios with your next five Hilton stays

Hilton is currently running an aggressive promotion with Avios to encourage you to move your stays across to them this Summer.

You can earn 10,000 Avios from your next five Hilton cash stays.  Importantly, there are no spend, brand or night caps, although hotels in Mainland China, Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are excluded.

I first wrote about this offer back in May.  That is a lifetime ago in HFP terms, however, and I thought it was worth another push today as a) it is very generous in the right circumstances and b) there are still 6 weeks to take advantage.  And, to be honest, c) the original article had a weird headline – now changed – and even I couldn’t find it using the HFP search box!

It may even be enough to tip the balance if you were thinking of doing a mattress run for Hilton Diamond or Gold status.  Let me explain ….

Hilton St Georges Park pool

How the deal works

The current general Hilton Honors promotion, which runs until 31st August, offers double base points on all stays (triple points for Hilton Diamond members).  I wrote about this promotion here and you will find the registration link in that article.  You should register for that offer even if you intend to take part in this new Avios offer.

The new Avios promotion works alongside the double points offer.  You will receive both.

The Avios offer is outlined on this page, where you can also register.

In summary:

You will earn 2,000 bonus Avios on each of your next 5 Hilton stays

Hotels in Mainland China, Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are excluded

Except for the restriction above, all Hilton stays count, at any brand, of any length of stay, of any price.  Reward stays do not count, even if you charge something to the room, as you can only earn points on incidental spend on reward stays.

You need to register for the offer via this page

You need to change your Hilton Honors earning preference in your profile to ‘Points and Miles’ and set British Airways Executive Club as your airline partner

Stays must be completed by 31st August

This offer will work alongside the ‘double base points’ offer.  So, for example, for a member without status:

‘Points and Miles’ standard earning rate: 10 base Hilton points per $1 spent plus 1 Avios per $1 spent

Rate after registering for the Avios offer:  10 base Hilton points per $1 spent plus 1 Avios per $1 spent plus 2000 Avios bonus

Rate after registering for both offers:  20 base Hilton points per $1 spent plus 1 Avios per $1 spent plus 2000 Avios bonus

This is a pretty chunky rebate.  A spend of £50 would trigger, adjusting for VAT, roughly 1,080 Hilton points plus 2,042 Avios.  That is worth about £20-£25 to most people.  Hilton status members would receive even more.

Don’t forget to register for the ‘2000 Avios’ offer here and the ‘double base points’ offer here.

Note that you won’t receive the 2,000 Avios on a reward stay, even if you make a charge to your room.  You will receive bonus base points on your room charges.

Hilton Venice

Why should you consider a mattress run to get Hilton status?

Hilton is currently offering a path to status until 31st March 2019 if you have status with another hotel programme.  Details are here.

Here are the rules:

If you have top tier status in another programme, you will get 90 days of Hilton Diamond with an extension to 31st March 2019 if you complete 8 stays in 90 days

If you have mid tier status in another programme, you will get 90 days of Hilton Gold with an extension to 31st March 2019 if you complete 4 stays in 90 days

Hilton status can be valuable.  A Diamond member is guaranteed club lounge access at properties with a lounge, plus free breakfast.  A Gold member is guaranteed free breakfast.  (Some brands are excluded from this, mainly Waldorf-Astoria.)  There are also upgrade and late check-out benefits.

The full list of Hilton Honors Diamond status benefits is here.

Let’s imagine that you can’t move 4 or 8 stays to Hilton within 90 days.  Do you, however, have a cheap Hilton property near where you live or work?

Let’s imagine there is a local hotel selling for £50 on a quiet Friday, Saturday or Sunday night.  If you booked yourself in for 4 or 8 one-night stays, you would earn 2,000 Avios on each of your first five stays plus double Hilton base points (triple base points if you are doing a Diamond challenge) via the other promotion.

Depending on how you valued the Avios and Hilton points, your net cost for achieving Hilton Diamond could be around £250.  Hilton Gold could have a net cost of at little as £100 after factoring in 8,000 Avios plus the base Hilton points from 4 x £50 stays.

This is a worse case scenario.  If you can manage a few Hilton stays from your existing travel plans, the net cost to do the extra mattress run nights would be even lower.

You need to think this through, of course.  Hilton Diamond doesn’t have much value if your travel plans between now and 31st March 2019 won’t feature a few high-end Hilton / Conrad / Waldorf-Astoria hotels, preferably ones with executive lounges.

For what it’s worth, I registered for the Hilton Diamond match before our Easter trip to Asia and, through a combination of holiday stays, work stays, reward nights and a couple of mattress run nights, hit the eight stays target last month.

You can register for the Hilton status match here.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Please note that if a stay is booked when your earning preferences were AA or IB that is where the avios go no matter how many times you change it again before you check in. Hilton won’t budge and you must ask the hotel to change the frequent flyer number before you check out.
    It’s a quirk of HH that is both annoying and inflexible.
    The diamond 8 stay challenge was great. I had my wife use my details on 3 business stays one of which was 16 nights! We had two weekends away and I did 3 nights mattress run at two local hotels for at £45 a nigh over the Easter weekend.
    Saves me a fortune on breakfast for a family of 4 and HH is far better than IHG Spire for recognition and benefits.

    • Alex W says:

      This happened to Mrs W. She gave her BA number at the hotel and the Avios still went to Iberia.

      • And me in Osaka and Naha. Couldn’t get the IB number budged for love nor money.

        Be aware that the Hilton update of FF isn’t instant so double check bookings!

        I will be trying to add an incidental on a reward stay in KL today to see if any IT error occurs and will report back if Avios are credited.

        • And me in Brighton. Asked at check in but still went to VS.

        • From my experience you have to see make sure the BA number on the Invoice/receipt.
          You will need to make sure asking the front desk agent to change the number on the current booking, they sometimes only change it on their system but it just does not reflect to the current booking/stay. I noticed even with the flexible rate, which I could update the number myself, had the same issue. For some reason the hotel always has whatever Airlines profile you had when you made the booking.
          So, it is a bit of pain, I usually ask the hotel to change it at check in and then check it again before I check out…

      • Sadly that’s because of a front desk agent that’s not known what they’re doing. I always confirm FF number it at check-in, then see if it shows up on the ‘information bill’ that often comes under the door overnight. If incorrect there (or no info bill) then ask again at check-out.

    • Yep, I post about this most times I see an offer with Hilton for miles – lots of folk get caught out thinking that changing their preference on the site will be enough.

  2. Delbert says:

    OT. I wrote last Sunday about the Marriott Rewards promotion that ran in early June for a sign-up bonus of 1000 Avios which I subsequently didn’t receive.

    I emailed Marriott Rewards the same day and duly received a reply last night. MR were very apologetic and as a gesture of goodwill have kindly credited my MR account with 10000 MR points (2000 Avios). This is great customer service.

  3. Gareth says:

    Hi basic question so apologies I wanted to confirm the 10 base points per $ spend is this on the room booking or just spend while at the hotel? I am diamond via a challenge match and have two bookings upcoming which have cost £1200 in total so with triple points will give me 36000 Hilton and two stays = 4000 Avios? Thanks

    • Genghis says:

      Convert to $ first. Add in Diamond 50% and 1k Diamond stay bonus

    • Genghis says:

      It’s on the whole bill. Room and folio

      • Gareth says:

        Brilliant thanks.

        • JamesB says:

          But note the 50%, diamond bonus should be calculated from base points only, not from your triple points. You can add another 2x 500 points if you booked your stays via the app. Given the amounts a portal would have been better so good luck if you used one if those.

        • Gareth says:

          Cool so looking at about 46500 points ish which is a great return plus I used the virgin Atlantic portal when it offered 6 miles per £ plus churned the virgin white cc just for this purpose!

        • JamesB says:

          @Gareth, great stuff 🙂 I had similar plan with virgin white card except it took a month and two calls to arrive so the planned expenditure had to go on an existing card. I now feel like virgin robbed me of the chance of another sign up bonus on another card as it will have to go on the white card,

    • Alex W says:

      @gareth Don’t forget to deduct the tax before you work out the points.

  4. Daniel says:

    Even if you earn HH + HH (double dip) and register for this, it’ll post as earning BA Avios but you’ll actually earn 2k HH points per night, probably a bug but a nice little feature. Currently on a ~£100/night stay for 2 nights you’d rack up 12k HH points as a Diamond member including the HH promo and BA promo.

    • Boon Koh says:

      Interesting. So you’re saying that if you register for the promo but keep HH+HH earning, you get 2000 HH extra points instead of Avios, on top of the 3x points for being diamond?

      • Daniel says:


        • Simon Schus says:

          I’ve had this happen to me. I think I’ve gotten 10,000 extra Hilton points posts through this bug/benefit//unsure what to call it. Perhaps I should have credited to BA Avios through points&miles rather than only to Hilton through points&points. However, we’ve been spending more nights in hotels than on flights recently so it makes slightly more sense in the short-term.

        • Daniel says:

          Don’t think of it as just 2k extra, but 2k+whatever double dip HH you get also (so more like 5k or so).

      • Yep, this has happened before with BA/HH promos – I wouldn’t necessarily bet on it everytime going forward but it does seem to be reasonably consistent. Of course 2000 Avios is generally worth more than 2000 HHonors points, but with lower-earning miles promos was very handy.

    • Pangolin says:

      That’s great info. Thanks.

  5. Relaxo says:

    Anyone have experience getting the 2K avios on points & cash stays?

    • JamesB says:

      I was going to ask this too. I did not get them on an old style points and money booking which also included bar bill but then those never qualified for points. By contrast new points and money stays do earn points on the cash element so I was wondering if these qualify.

      • Genghis says:

        I asked a while ago on here if I’d get points on a group booking not made by me for a stay. Whilst I didn’t get points for the room, I did charge some room service in the evening which triggered points as below. Might be useful info for some.

        Base points on the folio
        +200% Diamond
        +50% Diamond bonus
        +50% HH+HH
        +1k Diamond stay.

      • Relaxo says:

        Argh that sucks. Have a stay in conrad dublin booked under old points & cash. Might pay the cash part with Mrs.Relaxo’s Hilton Barclaycard to get the 2.5K HH bonus in that case

        • Genghis says:

          Just recheck the math:
          2.5k HHs (valued at £7.50) and pay 3% or use a fee free card.
          I.e. for stays greater than £250 better off paying with a fee free card and saving the cash.

        • Genghis says:

          Actually, need to flesh out the calcs on the points earned from the spend vs alternative methods of payment. Point being, recheck the calcs.

        • JamesB says:

          Don’t you think £7.50 for 2500 points is very conservative? Many least 0.4pppon P&M in practice if my memory serves me right.

        • Genghis says:

          You’re right. I say a back of the fag packet 0.3-0.4p. Same principles apply though, just different numbers.

        • Genghis says:

          Although arguably given all the Hilton promos, the net value of points should decrease as it’s more advantageous to pay cash.

    • Trickster says:

      It doesn’t work unfortunately. I followed it up with customer service, but they’re classed as reward stats.

      • Trickster says:

        That is despite getting points for the cash element as mentioned above by others. Which doesn’t seem right.

        I had a theory that if you used points to reduce the cash price option, rather that the other way round, it might work, as the rate code is different.

        • JamesB says:

          Thanks, I have 4 stays in August. I would have preferred to do P&M but will now do cash only. I agree it’s odd, it seems unfair that if we use minimum points plus maximum money we lose out on the promotion.

        • Trickster says:

          Further exploration of this:

          I had two recent mattress run stays at the same hotel. One booked as cash with points used to reduce the cost; and one booked as points with cash to reduce the points total – you see both options with a slider on the app. This was not deliberate just the way I happened to book them.

          Each stay had a different rate plan code. The cash plus points was “Honors Discount”; the points plus cash was “Standard Room Rewards”.

          The one booked as ‘cash reduced by points’ earned the bonus Avios, but I also had an issue following changing the booking to the next night, and when I turned the hotel said I was supposed to be there the night before. They sorted it, so this could be why it posted!

          Anyway, this is the response I got from Customer Service:

          Please note that when using “Rewards” or “Points and Money” only incidentals charged directly to the room are eligible for Hilton Honors points, no points will be earned on the rate paid for the actual room. Further “Partner” credits (i.e. mileage and or partner rewards) will not be earned on said stays. The above guidelines apply to all hotels in the Hilton Worldwide portfolio with the exception of Hampton Inn, Hampton Inn and Suites, Homewood Suites as well as Home2 Suites where no points will be earned on “Reward” or “Points and Money” stays”

          So, it’s not conclusive, but if were to book a points and cash combo again I will definitely pick the Cash option and discount with points, just in case!

        • Same here! Tried and didn’t work on the new P&M & old P&M.
          However, I was not too surprised, I remember Airlines miles promotion never seemed to work on reward stays even if you charge something to the room.

  6. So do I need to change my earning partner from IB to BA in order to qualify or leave it as IB?

    • JamesB says:

      I believe so but no difference in real terms as you could then move the avios across to IB+ if that’s where you want them.

      • Alex W says:

        There is a difference! If you leave it as IB you don’t get the 2000 bonus per stay. Yes you need to change the earning partner to BA.

        • JamesB says:

          Sorry Alex, I meant Nock need to worry about changing to BA because avios earned could simply be shifted back to IB+if he wished.

  7. Hilton-related – according to LL they are going to follow Marriott’s lead and apparently flexible bookings are going to move to a 48h cancellation requirement. Not so flexible! Makes points even more valuable though, assuming they don’t touch cancellation terms for them.

    • JamesB says:

      Disappointing, the first negative from Hilton for a while. I’m prone to last minute flight and hitel changes.

    • Sididdly says:

      I had a points booking at Wembley Hilton when Adele recently cancelled her concerts. When I went to cancel the booking the cancellation date was 7 days before arrival! Fortunately, Hilton Wembley were fantastic. They phoned me unprompted that day asking if I would like to cancel and they immediately refunded the points.

  8. Stu N says:

    How long do the Avios take to post to BAEC? Stayed at a Hilton last Tuesday (4/7), the Honors points have posted but nothing to BAEC, says 2,000ish Avios on the invoice though.

    • JamesB says:

      IIRC Rob reported receiving his in a few days when he published the first article.

    • Vivian says:

      I stayed at Hilton Frankfurt on 27 May, still haven’t received the 2,000 bonus Avios (got the Avios via double dip a couple of days after checkout though). Emailed HH and their response was “between 6-8 weeks after check-out”.

      • Nick Burch says:

        Seems to vary. I’ve done 5 stays now. All of them the base BA Avios have shown up in my BAEC account. All 5 show the 2k avios in the Hilton App. Only 1 lot of 2k Avios show up in my BAEC account though…

  9. Kingy says:

    The points show on the Hilton App quite quickly but takes a while on BAEC but they do post.
    I managed five stays in the last few weeks and 3 are showing on BAEC

    • Stu_N says:

      Thanks all, stay was £147 total. On the app I can see the main entry based on $157 spend, with double Hilton points, 1,000 “myway preferences” and tier bonus, plus a “double dip” 157 Avios. There’s a second entry with the 2,000 Avios “British Air (SIC) earn up to 10000 Avios offer”.

      Long time since I earned on Hilton and neither Avios entry has appeared yet so guess I just wait and see…BAEC number is correct anyway.

  10. Markc62 says:

    Does anyone know if a HIlton hotel booking made with points only counts towards the 4 or 8 stays needed for the status match? I’m not bothered so much about the points as it is outside the current promotion period, but will need the stay to count towards the status match qualification. Thanks.

    • Genghis says:

      Points stays count toward any status match targets.

      • Pangolin says:

        Genghis, this is interesting. The Marriott and SPG challenges don’t allow this AFAIK.

        Are you absolutely sure that this is the case? I thought maybe C+P bookings counted but not points only.

        • They absolutely count. My redemptions in Tokyo and Beijing counted towards my 8 Diamond stays.

        • Pangolin says:

          Thanks. That might push me more towards taking the challenge. I just need to wait a few days for my Platinum status to clear on MR/SPG before requesting the match.

  11. Slightly misleading that there are no restrictions on getting the 2,000 pts a night as T&Cs state the offer excludes “hotels in Mainland China, Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan”.

    Typically some of my next stays will be in Hong Kong!

    • BTW, the last Hilton promotion – 2000 HH points per night had the same T&C, but to my surprise I did recive the bonus points from the stay at HK, so you might as well give it a try to see if you get it or not.

    • Thanks, will add this in.

  12. Crafty says:

    Have people been seeing this credit successfully for corporate group bookings?

  13. The Original Nick. says:

    Currently Sat at the pool at the Conrad Algarve. Grasmere Souness is here too.

  14. The Original Nick. says:

    Sorry for this dumb question but my brain isn’t working today. Would any of these promotions trigger from a third party ie booking?

  15. Day use stays count as well. I questioned the online chat agent and she confirmed that day use counts towards the promo. I’ve got 2 booked in Nottingham for £35

  16. William says:

    Hi Rob, the Hilton bonus avios you mentioned above. I know it contains an exclusion of hotels in greater China area. But reading posts in the Chinese frequent traveller community, FlyerTea, many people who stayed at those excluded hotels still received 2,000 bonus point from BA at the end.

  17. Hoddo says:

    Cheers for this reminder Rob – they matched my IHG Platinum and emailed me about Triple Points in effect. So 8 stays needed, booked 5 stays @ £66ea to grab the 10k AVIOS before end of August, then another 3 needed to keep Diamond until March 2019.

  18. I can confirm that i got the full 10,000 Avios through 5 stays at the Hilton in Beijing so it seems China is included no matter what they T&C says

  19. Caleb says:

    Need some help please. After 5 stays with “EARN UP TO 10,000 AVIOS IN JUST 5 STAYS WITH HILTON”, what MyWay Hotel Benefits should I choose that is currently running? Need 3 more stays before 20 Aug. :p