BA launches new City routes to Paris, Prague and Reykjavik – bookable now with Avios

British Airways has announced three new routes from London City Airport starting in October 2017.

The new destinations are Reykjavik, Paris Orly and Prague.

This is especially interesting as it means more Avios redemption seats became available yesterday to these cities.  If you had previously struggled to find seats to Prague or Reykjavik for a pre-Christmas shopping or tourist trip, you should look again.

British Airways Embraer 190 London City

Reykjavik will be a winter only flight replacing the service to Granada in Spain.  Granada will continue as Summer route in 2018.  There will be two flights per week.

The Paris Orly flight will move from Heathrow to London City on 29th October. Passengers booked on the Heathrow flights will be transferred automatically but can get a full refund on request. This flight will operate a similar timetable as the former Heathrow service – three flights a day during the week and one a day at weekends

The Prague flight will run 6 times per week.

All three destinations will be operated on an Embraer jet with Club Europe and Euro Traveller.  As with all BA flights from London City, passengers in Euro Traveller will get complimentary drinks and food – there is no still no date for the introduction of ‘buy on board’.

Flights went on sale yesterday, both for cash and Avios, and can be booked via

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  1. Catalan says:

    Rob, I think you mean Granada in Spain not Grenada (West Indies).

  2. Sorry for the early OT. I’ve had an email from Marriott about the missing avios – they say they know nothing about the offer and I should contact avios! How did other HFP readers contact them, I used the online contact form at Also, did the offer relate to, or BAEC, I can’t remember now?!

  3. I know we’re down on BoB generally, but I have to say.. the ‘free food’ is hardly anything to write home about. Last week from City we were 2.5 hours late when we finally departed for Berlin..including 90 mins on the tarmac. And the free food was a tiny tiny bag of popcorn. Nothing else was available. Hardly worth getting excited about…

    So I had no choice but to drink.. a lot 🙂

    • I was surprised to receive a small pasta and salmon dish on my cityflyer STN-TXL flight on Sunday…. Thought it would be the standard biscuits or crisps

      • Mouse says:

        Yes the LCY offering in Euro Traveller is quite inconsistent now. Flew PMI-LCY in the evening a few weeks back and there was just the one drinks service and choice of popcorn or crisps. Would prefer BoB in this case.

      • Laura says:

        I was pleasantly surprised to also get this on a recent LCY – Mykonos flight.

  4. OT: Flew J to Singapore yesterday, and the armrest on my seat was completely dysfunctional. I couldn’t be moved to anywhere else due to the flight being full. Any point in trying to seek some sort of compensation from BA? – where and who do I complain too? CSM was utterly useless.

    • You should have asked during the flight. I flew back from the US a few weeks ago in economy and had a faulty screen that they couldn’t fix so no movies for me the entire flight. I asked cabin crew if they could write me a note about the broken screen so that I could take it further, instead they offered me 3,000 avios on the spot.

    • Chris says:

      A few years ago, the entertainment system went down in my area of the A380 on my EK flight from DXB to LGW. I was flying Economy. There was also a slight delay to the service and the whole carpet was still a little damp from having been cleaned.
      A friend suggested I email EK Customer Services and they gave me 35k Skywards miles. I was happy with this-especially as I had, in fairness, benefited from a free upgrade to Business in the COL-DXB leg of my trip.

  5. Clive says:

    Since, according to the FT, it will be illegal from next year to charge a fee to use a credit card in the UK, I wonder if that will mean the end of paying HMRC by credit card.

    • Mr Dee says:

      If they have any sense then no as its pointless if it is avoided by removing the service. I hope they continue just without the fee but it is a gamble I wait until January if you have a tax payment to make.

      I do believe though they may give us notice if they do make a change

      • Clive says:

        But continuing without the fee would mean they absorb it just for allowing you to make a payment… most retailers will absorb the fees into their prices but there is no ‘price’ in this case.

        • Mr Dee says:

          The point of the government scrapping the fees is to stop people being charged the fee by every company and I don’t think it should be at the expense of payment options, it would look rather bad if HMRC and councils started reducing payment options for people just because they would now have to absorb payment processing costs.

          There are people who struggle to pay their council tax and HMRC bills and a credit card maybe their only option and it is better for them to have the payment via cc than a payment being missed.

      • Alex W says:

        Hmm, hadn’t thought of that. Would be nice to know now as I need to make a decision on whether to keep IHG premium card or not!

    • Fenny says:

      It’s a question I will be asking my employers (local council) as we were discussing the move to more online services last week. Any savings by having self serve options will be reduced by the fees to the card company, unless we decided to charge people for paying online.

      With council tax, you can’t really add the fee into the amount, unless you increase CT for all residents. Similarly, I can’t imagine HMRC will be able to increase your tax bill for paying by CC.

  6. When is Buy on Board being introduced on LCY flights?

  7. Laura says:

    I understood that BA’s complimentary food and drink on flights from City only lasted until October 2017.

    • My understanding is that Tourvest cannot find a way of making it work given the galley space. Whether they are giving up or restructuring the galley area I don’t know.

  8. Stu_N says:

    Seems they have their seasonal routes the wrong way around. Granada in the summer is too hot for human life and Reykjavik in winter is cold and dark 18 hours a day.

  9. Simon says:

    OT but today’s articles haven’t been picked up by Feedly, which normally finds the rss pretty quickly.

    • Odd. The emails went out which meant the feed was ok up to 6am.

      • Jorge says:

        Actually I felt the same, but then I remember reading the articles late last night via Feedly. So, something happened somewhere.

    • Duncan says:

      I had same issue but when I checked about 40 mins ago, they were showing

  10. Fox999 says:

    O/T – BA codeshare with Loganair – Has anybody got any updates on where this is going. Loganair website not updated for some time. I seem to recall that it was supposed to be in place for end of June. I called Loganair yesterday and told negotiations are happening, possibly to be in place end July. Wondered if anyone had any further knowledge that can be shared. I am desperate to book some flights with them in September and would like a BA through ticket from LHR.

  11. thanks for the heads up just booked prague, didn’t go for club europe as didn’t think it was worth the extra. I wonder if BOB will be out then? only a 2 hour flight, I’m sure i’ll survive either way.