Bits: Your new IHG Accelerate target, Miles & More / Economist deal, Accor / Priority Pass deal

News in brief:

IHG adds a new Accelerate target for everyone

IHG Rewards Club’s Accelerate is, for most people, the most generous hotel promotion running at the moment.

Here are the headline details of the promo:

IHG Accelerate (Version 6) covers stays from 15th May to 31st August

All hotels are participating

Your bonus is personalised – you need to log in here to discover yours

This was my target for 48,900 points maximum, comprising:

  • 5,000 points for a stay before 30th June
  • 2,500 points on my next stay
  • 10,000 points for staying five nights
  • 5,600 points for staying two weekends (Fri / Sat or Sat / Sun)
  • 11,200 points for staying in IHG hotels in two different countries outside the UK
  • 3,600 points for booking a Bonus Points Package
  • 11,000 points for completing four of the five targets above, excluding the June bonus

….. and, whilst I don’t have much IHG activity this quarter, some of it will be achievable.

IHG has added a new target over the last 48 hours.  You will very likely have an extra target called ‘1,500 points (some have 2,000 points) for a stay in August’.

This is a good extra boost if you can squeeze in a stay, and it may make it more worthwhile to do a mattress run to hit any missing Accelerate targets.

However, this extra bonus does NOT form part of the ‘x,000 points for completing four of the five targets above’ bonus so it doesn’t make that target any easier to achieve.


Good Miles & More / Economist offer

On Friday I mentioned some good offers for subscribing to The Economist.   It looks like the Iberia one should not still have been running, as it had been pulled from The Economist website by 9am!

What IS still running is this deal for 11,400 Miles & More miles with a £179 one year subscription.

Lufthansa miles are harder to pick up in the UK than Avios, and if redeemed for Lufthansa First Class (see my reviews this week) can be very valuable.  If you have a Miles & More balance you should have a think about this deal, especially if you’re self employed and can write off the cost.

Priority Pass

And an Accor / Priority Pass deal

Le Club AccorHotels has launched an offer with Priority Pass if you buy one of their lounge access passes.

Via this link, an Accor Platinum member receives a 15% discount and between 750 and 2,250 Accor points.  If you are Classic, Silver or Gold in the Accor programme, just change the URL after clicking through by replacing ‘Platinum’ – but the deal is worse.

This isn’t as cheap as the current Priority Pass 10% – 25% off deal (click) to celebrate its 25th anniversary but, when you factor in the value of the Accor points, it is marginally better.

(You can convert 2,000 Accor points into a €40 hotel discount voucher or transfer them into 2,000 Avios in Iberia Plus, which you can then move across to BA.)

It should – not guaranteed, but should – also count as activity on your Accor account and reset the expiry date of your account.

If you don’t already collect Accor points, however, I would just take the lower upfront cash price via the 25th anniversary discount here.   Thanks to Steven for this.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. AlexT says:

    Are LH First seats available to non-status members of M&M? I believe AF instituted a change where one has to have status with the airline (not simply be a member of FlyingBlue) to even redeem for F award seats…

    • Yes. It is SWISS who blocked F redemptions to non-status members (which is annoying, as I have no status).

      • AlexT says:

        Thanks, Rob. Now if only BA could do that, maybe I’d finally be able to find availability and use miles for a long haul redemption other than NYC.

        • mark2 says:

          I have had no trouble finding redemptions in F to/from Vancouver, Toronto and Seattle on T-355. I am planning to book in October to go out to Toronto and back from Boston.

  2. I made a mistake with my app bookings for Accelerate, I knew I needed to stay between 15th May and 31st August but didn’t realise the booking also had to be made between 15th May and 31st August.

    • Yes that wasn’t very clear, got caught out by that on a bunch of stays in May. Fortunately have an August trip too.

    • Crafty says:

      They’re incredibly pedantic with all this. Doubt I’ll bother in future.

    • They gave me my bonus even though I had booked prior to 15th May – wording is:

      “Number of bonus points listed above will be awarded after the required number of Qualifying Stays have been booked at the required [“Your Rate”] rate and consumed by the member between 15 May 2017 and 31 August 2017 (both dates inclusive) ” – i guess the booked at your rate is not connected to the dates the stays are consumed.

    • Brighton Belle says:

      Same here. It’s the second time IHG have run banner adverts saying BOOK NOW for the accelerate promo only to find if you indeed book now it won’t count for accelerate. Customer service didn’t care that their promo is sloppy.

  3. How do I find Last minute return flight to any EU destination from London?
    This’ll be for one person at weekend for each of next four weekends.

    Any pointers greatly appreciated

  4. Crafty, pedantic is a good word but it does not do justice to their attitude. On May 1, I got an email from IHG, as a Platinum Priority Club member, including [exact quotes]:
    Your dream getaway can now be a reality. Because when you register for Accelerate, and stay at one of your favorite IHG hotels, you’ll get 2,500 bonus points for your first night’s stay. And you’ll be all set to earn even more points on additional stays between May 15 and August 31.
    So relax. Whether your next trip means pitching new clients or meeting old friends, Accelerate is working hard to get you more.
    How easy is this?
    1. Register for Accelerate
    2. Book and stay at any of your favorite IHG hotels by August 31
    I registered on May 11 and immediately made a paid fully cancelable reservation for June using my Chase IHG Visa card to guarantee payment. Part of my Accelerate offer was a bonus for using the card. If I completed three of the four Bonus challenges I would also get an Incentive Bonus. Well guess what, the “small print” required the paid booking to be made after May 15 to count. Yes, you are right I didn’t read the small print just fell for the beginning of the email, “you’ll be all set to earn even more points on additional stays between May 15 and August 31.”
    Now IHG as part of their dedication to long standing Elite members of their loyalty program, have told me, sorry you do not qualify because even though you stayed and paid with your card, you booked four days too early, because only bookings made after May 15 qualify. Yes, if I had realised I would of course have canceled the booking and rebooked after May 15. Seems that IHG devotion to customer loyalty is nothing more than hot air. I have been a member for 10 years most of that time Platinum but also 18 months as Spire. I effectively let that lapse after another of IHG’s tricks and spent more time in Marriotts. I have stayed in IHG properties this year mainly in IC properties both revenue and points stays but it seems that four days is more important to IHG than 10 years of loyalty. My head tells me to make another stay in August but my heart tells me not to bother!

    • Crafty says:

      Agreed. It’s just poor management of their customer loyalty programme.

      • Does this pedantism apply only to app/IHG CC bookings or to standard bookings via the website as well? Have got a few stays booked in September for the Q3 promotion.

        On a separate note, does anyone know when this is likely to be announced?

    • Brighton Belle says:


  5. chris says:

    Slightly OT.

    I booked an IHG points reservation last week based on sketchy plans. I then cancelled this 24 hours later and got a full points refund.

    Today the hotel gave me 300 points welcome welcome amenity!


    • Check there isn’t a no-show fee on your credit card.

      I once forgot to cancel a London redemption for my brother. The next morning I saw the welcome amenity points. I also saw a £300 pending credit card charge for the no show even though I had used points (this is in the rules – points come back, you get charged fully flex cash rate).

      It was 9am. I dashed across London to the hotel and had a fight about whether I was allowed to check in at 10am given that checkout was 11am. They finally agreed that I could do this, so I checked in and the £300 was refunded.

      Apparently you are meant to check in by midnight although the chance of that standing up in court, given the room is paid, is nil.

      • chris says:

        Definately have the check out notice on my account. will check the card later its at home.

        Date Posted Activity Type Description Total Earned Elite Qualifying Points
        24-Jul-17 Other Welcome Bonus Points 300 pts. 0 pts.
        20-Jul-17 Redeem Reward Night stay reversal for 22-Jul-2017 30,000 pts. 0 pts.
        19-Jul-17 Redeem Redeemed points for Reward Night stay on 22-Jul-2017 -30,000 pts. 0 pts.

    • signol says:

      I’ve been proactively given the welcome bonus points in the morning of check-in, then at the desk chose the drink voucher…

  6. Michael says:

    I find there are always very good alyernatives to IHG, often in more convenient areas and most times at lower rates anyway. I stopped bothering with IHG. Their customer service is dreadful.

    • JamesB says:

      I’ve been trying to cancel my IHG account for two months. It is a painstaking process and they will not take no for an answer. I ultimately resorted to legal threats. I thought I had finally got a result only for a brand new club level card to arrive last week with my name and number on it. I’m hoping that’s just delay, I can no longer sign into my account and have stopped receiving emails.

  7. Harry says:

    If I make a booking at an IHG property and check in and out via the app but do not actually turn up, does anyone know if that is treated as a “real” check in that will get me the points etc.? How can you know in advance if a particular property is one of the “select hotels for Elite members” that have app check in?

    • Genghis says:

      But you still have to collect a physical key. IHG don’t do Digital key, do they?

      • Under the Innkeepers Act, you must physically sign in at a hotel even with a digital key. You have no contract with the hotel unless you do this.

        • ?!? Is that the Innkeepers’ Act of 1794, or a more recent one? Seems a bit ‘dated’!

        • Not really. When did digital keys come in? 2 years ago? Standard contract law would presume that you should sign something on arrival.

        • the_real_a says:

          Hmmm… Self check-in at the Premier inn in Manchester. Using the automated terminals to digitally check in and the card pops out the machine without me signing anything, nor talking to anyone whatsoever.

        • Just telling you what Starwood told me! Might be easier if it is a ‘no extras’ hotel as they wouldn’t have any contractual charges to contractually impose.

        • the_real_a says:

          Ah that would make sense!

        • JamesB says:

          Same at Village Hotels where I stayed for first time last week.

        • JamesB says:

          If no signature = no contract then how can they impose cancellation policies, no shows etc. It would imply ‘a reservation is not worth the paper it’s written on’ which is clearly not the case in practice.

        • The original 1878 Act is available online –

          However the Hotel Proprietors Act 1956 seems to have replaced it and be extant (apart from in Northern Ireland) –

          The main relevance of these pieces of legislation (to my reading) seems to be round liability from the hotel’s side regarding guest property – other aspects such as non-refundable reservations, etc. would all fall under standard contract law.

      • Even if they did – if you had a digital key issued, but then never actually used then I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t count as a stay.

        • Is that so? I thought digital key meant that you were properly checked in. E.g. Rob wouldn’t have had his problem with forgetting about the IC redemption if they had offered, and he obtained, the digital key

        • I can’t see hotel chains leaving such an obvious workaround having to physically stay – this would mean you could mattress hop without even visiting the country. Normally they block customers from doing this sort of thing, otherwise you could just book lots of nights in a cheap property.

  8. Tracy says:

    O/T any chance of a tesco/avios conversion bonus soon? I have tesco vouchers with a use by date of 31/08?

    • Genghis says:

      I doubt it but we’ll find out soon. Vouchers come out 31 July.

    • the real harry1 says:

      you can give your vouchers another 2 years’ life by redeeming the minimum amount & getting the balance back as change

      • Genghis says:

        …but remember the change counts towards the 30k quarterly cap

      • HayMow says:

        You don’t even have to redeem the minimum amount – ring them up and they’ll put the whole voucher into the next quarter’s mailing, as I found last time. If a reason’s needed just say nothing you want to redeem for at present. .. As Genghis says, does unfortunately count to the 30k cap, but I’ll never get anywhere near that

    • Unlikely I’m afraid given what we’ve seen over the last couple of years. The 50% bonus glory days are long gone.

      • Tracy says:

        Thought as much, will phone and ask if they can be extended, then cross my fingers and hope for a bonus at some point lol

    • The Original Nick. says:

      We all wish!

  9. Gavin says:

    o/t – any experience crediting Sri Lankan flights to Iberia?

    In economy they earn 50% with Iberia compared to 25% for BA. Tier points no good for me. I’d welcome the extra points as would let us redeem a Lloyds voucher but concerned about Iberia being tricky to deal with

    Also – how to do I move my wife’s BA points into my own account to use Lloyds voucher? We have a BA Household account. Would I need to cancel household account, create an Avios account for her, create an household account?

    • pauldb says:

      You need to create an account for her, and move her avios across. Make sure you have the right number of avios between your 2 accounts, then combine them into an HHA (ending up with one balance – all the avios and voucher in one place). You cannot move avios in/out after the combination (the fact you are in a BAEC HHA is irrelevant to this.)

    • Didn’t know that. I will take a look.

  10. pauldb says:

    OT: Virgin Money have announced they’ll become VS’ preferred FS partner from 2018.

    They already have a promo on their ISAs, and promoted the credit cards even though these are issued by MBNA. The credit card must be by far the main co-brand product, so perhaps this would be the end of the MBNA/Amex card? (VM already do a ManUtd reward card.)

    • Genghis says:

      So early 2018 is when the MBNA use of Amex licensing agreement expires?

      • pauldb says:

        No idea – I’m just speculating. But I’m not sure there’s great value in becoming a preferred FS partner if it doesn’t include the main value product: the credit card.

      • Could be. At the moment – and this is a little odd – if you go on the Virgin Money website you can apply for the MBNA Virgin Atlantic cards! This is despite the fact that Virgin Money doesn’t issue them and they are basically selling you an MBNA product instead of one of their own.

      • Alex W says:

        Expiry date on my Virgin black card is Late 18 if that’s anything to go by.

        • Fenny says:

          Mine is 3/20.

        • the real harry1 says:

          means nothing

          my MBNA BMI cards had long expiry date a well – card scheme got cancelled

        • It doesn’t – we’ve had plenty of similar situations before where they just cancel and reissue cards.

    • So time to get a few MBNA churns in before hoping for a new Virgin Money sign-up bonus? 😀

  11. Nick Burch says:

    OT Just had an email from Eurostar on their new loyalty program launching in the autumn. Apparently they’re merging the two schemes (Eurostar Frequent Traveller and Points Plus). All a bit vague on the rest. Anyone heard anything about the changes? (Maybe the guy who got the job with Eurostar off the back of the Head For Points articles on Eurostar?!)

    • Genghis says:

      +1. I’m always sceptical when companies use the words “new and improved” to describe a loyalty scheme.

      • I know the Eurostar team. They are doing this with good intentions. With the new Amsterdam etc routes opening this year, the current programme doesn’t really make sense any longer.

        • Nick M says:

          Do you think redemptions are likely to move away from 750 return for anywhere on the network? – I transferred enough points a while ago for a couple of trips, but haven’t used them as yet as have usually been planning in advance and cash has made sense… Will it be best to make a booking and lock in the current rates? [Conversely, I will have some more MR points to distribute soon, could it make sense topping up and hoping that the benefits are safeguarded? – Brussels and Paris are our most likely/common routes]

        • They will have a bigger network. At present, for an easy life, the Avignon etc services are disturbingly cheap. I would expect that to change, with possibly a higher band for longer trips.

          Amsterdam is tricky though. It will be a long train ride but the actual distance from London is no further than Paris – it would be odd if they charged more than Paris for it.

  12. Jean Paul says:

    OT: Are there any Hilton properties in the UK available for less than 10k honors points?

  13. Wally1976 says:

    OT – Rob, you promised us an article on the Amex gold credit card (the MSE/MoneySupermarket promoted one (I think)) a week or so ago…

    • It is written but I’m awaiting clarification from Amex on a couple of things and the key people seem to be away for a couple of weeks.

  14. Crafty says:

    OT: I promised to update back on my Easyjet EU261 claim as this was perceived a tough nut to crack. I’m pleased to say not for me! Filled in their online form Saturday night which took 5 minutes. Received an email today confirming the delay (3 hrs 3 mins) was in their control, and that there’ll be £447 in my bank account next week! Zero stress zero hassle. Please don’t anyone be put off applying. Now it’s time to spend my winnings!

  15. O/T but quite possibly relevant to many who use Amex

    Amex users will no doubt be aware of the ‘Contact us” online facility for secure messaging.

    However, when I go to use it today, I see this: “Email servicing is no longer available.”

    (Partners account is the same.)

    • We’ve got that as well, though I do find Amex facilities disappear and reappear on a regular basis, such as the accumulated spend calculator on the BAPP. The chat facility always seems to be busy also.

      • Simon Schus says:

        That is the same for me, and a shame if it happens. The chat facility is now 24 hours apparently, but I have found it a little underwhelming as they just advise me to call the number to do anything.

        • Simon Schus says:

          I have had some decent service from the AMEX ‘Secure Message Centre’. On my AMEX US card, the version of the Secure Message Centre has been gone for a while – one has to either call up or use the chat functionality.

        • mark2 says:

          That’s a shame. It was useful for quietly cancelling cards without speaking to anyone; perhaps that is why they have removed it!

        • Michael Jennings says:

          I used it for cancelling a card today. It was all very quick and efficient.

        • Crafty says:

          I find the live chat useless (one agent manning 5+ chats?), and the secure message centre useful.

        • Simon Schus says:

          The secure message centre is always listed as ‘busy’ when I have tried to use it, including today. I just gave up because the previous responses I’ve had is that they’ve diverted me elsewhere (i.e. to AMEX Customer Service on the telephone, or the AMEX Travel Services).

      • Sadly this looks different – it isn’t just missing, they have actively said they have closed it down – “Email servicing is no longer available. You can still access your email inbox and sent messages here.”

    • Noooo I found it fantastic – replies within a day or two and pretty much always a decent reply. So much less hassle than calling too.

      • Simon Schus says:

        I’ve found that the Secure Message Centre is pretty much the only reliable way to find out information, or get near-immediate action/information when travelling internationally (e.g. due to timezone issues, or not wanting to call at-cost).

        What a shame.

  16. I am slightly annoyed with IHG at the moments. One of my Accelerate targets was to book and complete two stays through the app. I have done this and they are not showing. IHG have told me they will look look at it until after six weeks have passed.

  17. Alex W says:

    OT just had 3rd statement for wife’s IHG Black card. No additional 20k sign up bonus. Should I query this with Creation or IHG?

    • Creation

    • Did you have a spend on each statement? For the White bonus I made sure there was spend on my third one just in case.

    • Alex W says:

      No spend on first statement. We were away when the card arrived later than expected. Then 1st statement generated about 2 seconds later. By the time we got back from holiday we’d already been hit with a late payment charge! Got it refunded though, thankfully. Should I wait for another statement then?

      • Have you had spend on subsequent statements? I don’t think we’ve worked it out for certain yet but Genghis and I both made sure a small charge went through prior to 3rd statement and both received our sign-up bonus on the White card OK. All just theory though! Probably worth contacting them to query if there was an initial issue though…

        • Genghis says:

          My theory was that if a statement isn’t generated, points cannot be posted. But who knows.

  18. william merrett says:

    With IHG, if I book 2 rooms for the same single night with my login, are they likely to count as 2 nights towards an accelerate bonus?

  19. JamesB says:

    OT: My first curve card just arrived which I successfully acrivated. I then signed out the app. On relaunching the app my email was again required to get a magic link to allow me to sign in again. Is this the way it works or am I doing something wrong? It just seems odd to me that the app does not launch with a page to sign in directly.

    • Nick M says:

      Once you’ve signed in on a device it should keep you logged in until you deliberately sign out – the only times I’ve needed to use the password/magic link was when I’ve reinstalled the app… (assuming you have a password on your phone I don’t see why you’d need to properly log out?)

      • JamesB says:

        Thanks Nick, I guess your’re right, I just have a habit of signing out apps and stuff.

        • Had this problem some time ago (I did not sign out!) and was advised by the curve cs to re-install the app.

        • JamesB says:

          Ok thanks, will give that a try because at the moment it just looks like it wants me to keep going through the whole registration process.

  20. Mfox999 says:

    O/T – IHG Spire status – I need approx. 25,000 pts to gain Spire status. I have 13,000 virgin points that will expire soon, thinking of topping up from AMEX MR and transferring to gain Spire and the bonus that comes with it. However, before I do, can anybody confirm that transfers from Virgin still count as qualifying points? also, can anybody point to where I can action the Virgin to IHG transfer, I can’t find it on the Flying club site.

    • Mfox999 says:

      Update, found hot to transfer, just looking for confirmation that the points are qualifying. Also, does anybody have experience of being Spire Elite and the benefits it brings in the US?

      • JamesB says:

        Liz would be your best bet as she travels widely in States staying IHG as spire in recent years. IME the best thing about spire is status matching to hilton diamond, otherwise it is next to useless so I imagine useless in the States. If you have any plans for USA donestic flights best to transfer your MR points to BA for AA redemptions.

        • Hey James I didn’t see your note before I started my reply to Mfox999! It’s not useless in the states – we don’t stay in IC. The HI in St Louis didn’t upgrade our room as it was full but we got 2 days free breakfast, free drinks and snacks and $30 of free parking. CP in Redondo Beach upgraded to suite next door to Presidential Suite (with doorbell), club room access for 3 days incl breakfast and evening drinks and nibbles, free drinks, got several upgraded suite rooms, one Staybridge suite provided evening hot dogs and burgers for all guests so saved on a meal so we saved a lot with all these extras making it worthwhile for our road trips.

        • JamesB says:

          That’s a pretty good result Liz as folks always seem to complain about lack of Hilton status recognition in the States. Just figured it would be the same for IHG.To be fair to IHG they upgraded all my rooms as platinum on our European tour in May. The problem is I just don’t rate upgrades that much as we are usually out all day, and I dislike them offering a couple a single drink. I have now become too accustomed to breakfast and lounge at Hilton.

      • william merrett says:

        You need to phone the flying club to initiate the transfer, I did a transfer in feb this year, it was qualifying.

      • VIrgin transfers are still qualifying for IHG. You need to phone Virgin to do the transfer. I use lots of HIX, HI, Staybridge Suites and occasional Crown Plaza in the USA because we do road trips. We have always had upgraded rooms, drinks and snacks, sometimes free parking when fees charged, sometimes free breakfast when not included, club room access too sometimes. We were very lucky in Apr/May when we were in the USA for 28 days – got something from all but one of our stays. I buy IHG pts when I can as we can always redeem for better value plus the added perks. If you ask nicely and they are not full you should get something. This is why I maintain Spire Elite.

        • Mfox999 says:

          Thanks all, very useful info. Going to initiate transfers to get Spire Elite now.

  21. AMmar says:

    Ot – DO IBeria Express flights usually have an “IB” flight code – reason I ask, will they satisfacy the BAEC in terms of my 4 eligible flights, thinking of BHX-MAD?

    • It should qualify if it is booked with an IB flight code. Sometimes, there is no I2 code at all.

    • My Iberia Express booked via IB website with an IB code counted for me last year. Don’t know about I2 codes.

  22. Kathy says:

    I hit all my accelerate targets, and just got an email offering g me an extra 5000 points for 3 nights by the end of August. Don’t think I’ll manage it as I have no more IHG stays planned and not going to be anywhere cheap enough for a mattress run.

  23. May you please suggest how good/bad is it (considering I’ve no plan to travel and based in London) Is it worth exercising it ?

    500 Download the IHG® App
    2,000 – When you stay 3 night(s) and earn 2,000 bonus points.
    2,000 – Stay 2 time(s) using our member exclusive discount, Your Rate.
    2,000 – Stay at 3 brands and get 2,000 bonus points.
    23,500 – Complete 4 of the 4 offers

    • Genghis says:

      So essentially 5 nights for 30k bonus points = £120 or £24/night. Not exactly mattress run territory

    • Alex W says:

      Total 32000 points for 3 nights? Pretty good, I’d say.

      • JamesB says:

        Putting some very contrasting perspectives on this that confirns your point Alex…a night HIX Inverness costs 30000 points and typically sells well over £100/night, CP Copenhagen costs 25000 points/night and I guess typically sells over £200/night, and CP Zurich 30000 points/night and could cost over £300/night so certainly worthwhile doing 3x£40-50/night stays depending on potential use of points. Even better if they are worthwhile and not just mattress runs.

        • Genghis says:

          Or just buy / earn the points via cc etc

          Good luck finding 3 different branded stays for £40 / night

        • JamesB says:

          A weekend in Aberdeen would do it for under £135 🙂 But this is why I added the ‘worthwhile’ caveat. Personally, I’m not a great fan of the mattress run concept because it doesn’t take to much imagination to find something interesting to do everyplace. For example, whilst at the Hampton Newport last week we much enjoyed exploring the wetlands just south of the hotel and the roman remains around Caerleon. We never knew either existed before arriving at the hotel. The only true mattress runs I ever did were whilst staying in Bangkok when my partner and I both exploited the accor 10000 points for 3 x 1 night stays in the earky dats if thise promos. Agree there are easier and cheaper ways to get 30000 IHG points but if it can be done cheaply on three worthwhile hotel stays then why not,

  24. JamesB says:

    OT: Excellent nectar 31 month 0% purchase card deal from Sainsbury’s Bank via MSE link
    10000 nectar points for 10 x £35 spend in-store in first 2 months. Worth £50 but up to £100 on special offers.
    Link card to curve for £200 ATM withdrawal per month and save in 5% regular saver = £66 interest per year or £165 over 30 months before withdrawing savings to pay down card.
    If Sainsbury’s ATM used will it process like Sainsbury payment? If so a further 2+1 x 200 x 12 = 7200 nectar points per year =£36 or up to £72 with offers, or £90-180 over 30 months.

  25. Michael Jennings says:

    I logged in to the IHG website to make a booking on Sunday night, and noticed the extra points offer for a night in August. Sadly, the night I was booking for was July 30-31, so I wasn’t eligible, but that made me wonder what happens if you book for a night that spans the start or end of the month. If I had booked for July31-August 1, would I have got the points? Is it the night you check-in, the night you check out, or do you need both to be in August. Does anyone know?

    • Genghis says:

      A stay 31 July – 1 Aug wouldn’t count for Aug bonus but 31 Aug -1 Sep would

    • pommy ray says:

      oh dear that is unlucky.
      I have not seen this latest offer yet, not sure where it appears.
      I have 2 bookings in August so maybe they don’t give the latest boost as I have already booked the 2 stays?

      they were booked under MasterCard up to 30% off rate so I hope that still counts as

      2,000 – Stay 2 time(s) using our member exclusive discount, Your Rate. !!!

  26. Sandra says:

    Stayed at HI for 2 nights (Fri & Sat) in June, booked after 15th May but they won’t credit the stay to the Accelerate 2 night weekend bonus stay saying that as the 2 nights were booked under 2 separate reservations they don’t count as a W/E stay (originally only intended staying 1 night but plans changed and since I couldn’t amend the original I had to book another night separately). Reading the T&Cs they say ‘consecutive nights at the same hotel are regarded as a stay regardless of frequency of check-in/out’ but customer service say they have to be booked under the same reservation number which seems to contradict this. I have contacted IHG twice and quoted the T & Cs but they won’t budge. Anyone had any issues like this/have any suggestions? The W/E stay will get me the completion bonus for the latest Accelerate which is why I’m keen to get the stay credited!

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