Why 2 people + 2 Starwood Amex cards = 25,000 Avios or other miles

Starwood Preferred Guest, the loyalty scheme for Sheraton, Westin, W, aloft etc – is an oddity amongst hotel programmes.  Whilst it works in the same way as other schemes, with different tier levels and an earnings rate based on spending, it is a standout programme for two reasons:

The exceptionally generous transfer rate of Starwood points to airline miles.  This starts at 1:1 and goes as high as 1:1.25 if you convert in chunks of 20,000

The ludicrously high redemption rates required for high end properties.  A night at the Gritti Palace in Venice (below) will set you back 30,000 Starwood points, for example – you could get 35,000 Avios if you transferred them across instead of taking the free night. 

Gritti Palace Venice

Starwood also has another interesting tweak, which is the subject of this article. It is possible to transfer Starwood Preferred Guest points from one member to another, for freeAny amount, as long as it is a multiple of 1,000.  No need for matching surnames. The only rule is that both accounts must have had the same home address on file with SPG for at least 30 days.

You can do the transfer online with minimum fuss.  The link is here.   Transfers take around 5 days.

The obvious reasons for doing this are:

  • to reach a targetted award more quickly, or
  • to move a handful of points from someone else who will never get enough for a redemption, or
  • simply making your household life easier by keeping all points in one persons name.

SPG Amex

But the main reason is this …..

The key reason for a UK reader, though, is this.  It allows you to persuade your partner / parent etc to take out the Starwood American Express credit card, bank the 10,000 SPG points sign-up bonus for spending £1000 and then transfer the bonus to you.

(The representative APR on the card is 36.2%, including the annual fee, based on a notional credit limit of £1200).

20,000 Starwood points can be transferred into 25,000 Avios or other airline miles as you receive a 5,000 point bonus.  This is more beneficial than sending 10,000 SPG points to an airline account which gets you only 10,000 miles.

Starwood has a huge range of airline partners – almost 30.  Whilst most HFP readers focus on Avios, this is also a way of topping up a balance in another programme where it is harder to earn miles in this country.

The SPG card comes with a £75 annual fee – full details are in my review of the Starwood American Express card here.  As with all Amex cards, you can cancel for a pro-rata fee refund at any time.

SPG is also a roundabout way to transfer American Express Membership Rewards points to an airline account in a different name.  You would move them from an Amex account to your SPG account, then across to the SPG account of the other person, and then into their airline account.  The problem, of course, is the 2:1 conversion rate from Amex which means you lose out compared to converting directly from Membership Rewards to an airline.

Remember that you can also convert Marriott Rewards points to Starwood Preferred Guest at a ratio of 3:1.  This is another way of topping up a Starwood account to get it to the magic 20,000 point threshold where you trigger the 5,000 bonus airline miles.

PS.  If you have a lot of Starwood points – 70,000+ – you might get a better deal by moving your points to Marriott Rewards (at 1:3) and redeeming for a Marriott Travel Package.  I explained why Marriott Travel Packages are so attractive in this article.

(Want to earn more miles and points from credit cards?  Click here to visit our dedicated airline and hotel travel credit cards page or use the ‘Credit Cards Update’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

Disclaimer: Head for Points is a journalistic website. Nothing here should be construed as financial advice, and it is your own responsibility to ensure that any product is right for your circumstances. Recommendations are based primarily on the ability to earn miles and points and do not consider interest rates, service levels or any impact on your credit history. By recommending credit cards on this site, I am – technically – acting as a credit broker.  Robert Burgess, trading as Head for Points, is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to act as a credit broker.

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  1. Can you still get the sign up bonus if you currently hold an Avios or MR Amex?
    Can you churn these every 6 months?

  2. JamesB says:

    For two people starting from scratch it is potentially better than 25k. Person 1 is referred by Rob so 10k + 1k teferal bonus + 1k earnings = 12k points. Person 1 refers person 2 = 5k points referral bonus. Person 2 then has same earning pattern as person 1 so the total points is 12k + 5k + 12k = 29k + 5k airline transfer bonus = 34k avios or other miles. However, it is worth holding onto SPG points until airlines offer hotel transfer bonuses, typically around 25%. BA, AA and Etihad are amongst the airlines that do this but sometimes SPG is excluded, presumably because of on going 5k bonus for converting 20k.

    • Genghis says:

      Also the temp bonus applies on the Marriott travel packages. I now have the points but awaiting such a bonus.

      • Yes, you buy Marriott travel package when there is airline transfer bonus (from hotels loyalty program). I did this earlier this year for AA and received 25% bonus. so for 90K SPG Miles it was 150K AA miles + 7 nights at Cat 1-5.

        Yet to decide how to use my hotel voucher though, might end up asking for extension for 12 months.

        • Some one also mentioned BA Bonus that ran earlier in the year.
          I think it was 35% bonus for hotel points transfer to Avios.
          So if you use Travel Package for BA Avios.
          90K SPG = 270K Marriott RP = 120K Avios under normal circumstances but
          adding 355 bonus you will end up with 162K Avios + 7 nights at Cat. 1-5 hotel.

          Excellent value for money!

        • william merrett says:

          Yes it’s a no brainer at that conversion, effectively 1.8 avios per £ spent and 7 nights free at a marriott hotel.
          My strategy is now to hit £10k on BAPP and all amex spend then goes to SPG.

        • that is gangsta, didnt realise that. cheers

      • JamesB says:

        Have you found a good hotel to get great value out of that too? I’m tempted to work towards a travel package too but keep hoping I might get a 50% buy points bonus to speed it up a little. I wasn’t tempted at 35% due to the low £.

        • Genghis says:

          JWM Phu Quoc. Mrs G wants to go back to the island as that’s where we spent a week of our honeymoon.

        • JamesB says:

          Ha, romantic, enjoy.

        • Any Gold perks from Marriott at Phu Quoc Not sure JWM offer any. Thanks

        • Not if it is treated as a ‘resort’ as I find to my cost in Venice whenever we go.

        • Genghis says:

          I remember reading free breakfast on FT…

        • Genghis says:

          What happens per rules / guidance and in reality are not always aligned. E.g. Free breakfasts at some WAs…

        • Scallder says:

          I’ve gone for Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco Resort & Spa. It’s a Cat 6 so 300k Marriott rather than 270k for 120k Miles. Have booked over Easter for a week so got some decent value. Have already had an upgrade confirmed by them (gold via SPG gold from Plat Amex) as a standard room wont take a crib and by then will have a 6 month old. When speaking to the hotel they were fantastic about it and confirmed the upgrade.

          Although holding onto the points at the moment as only need to have them 14 days before as hoping for a transfer bonus as others mentioned. Ideally looking to put miles to Alaska given can get some incredible value with them.

        • I am waiting for an SPG to Alaska bonus too.

        • Alex W says:

          35% bonus seems to be as good as it gets for buying SPG points. I jumped in and bought 11,000.

        • JamesB says:

          Some got personal offers of 50% in the last but one promotion, but nobody in my family circle. I think Rob or his wife got 50% too.

        • Alex W says:

          Good point. I forgot because Mrs W and I only got 15 or 20% or something lame. 35% was the highest generally available bonus I could find.

    • Scottydogg says:

      Thanks for breaking it down like this , I think this could be my next tactic in getting Avios top up .
      Looks like this can all be done in roughly 3 months , so I make that £18.75 in card fees if I cancel them correctly and get the Pro rata refunds right

      • JamesB says:

        Best get on with it soon, the SPG card is one that seems likely to change or even disappear but hopefully a long term contract might see it hang around for a while yet

  3. Ralphy says:

    I work this every 6 months (well 7, I leave it a month) with myself and my wife with one referral, Only keep each card for a month so including the spend on the card, that’s 27,000 SPG points, rinse and repeat.
    Currently looking to book 4 nights at Westin in Whistler in January that charges a ludicrous $750+ taxes/night in peak ski season, for 12,000 SPG points per night. Our flights are Club World to LAX and First back from Seattle, all courtesy of Avios and Rob’s help here.

    • Genghis says:

      Not 29k?

    • Scallder says:

      Ralphy – I did a week on points there in Feb last year and found it a great place to stay. 30 sec walk to the lifts and they have people at the end of the day at the bottom of the slopes who will take your board/skis from you.

      Remember that SPG do 5 nights for the price of 4 on points, so you’d be able to get a 5th night free.

      Having booked (a standard room) on points I called them and spoke to them about upgrading to a 1 bedroom suite. They quoted CA$200 a night (Plus taxes) but managed to talk them down to 100 (Plus taxes). If you can do similar I’d very much recommend as it gave us a lot more space which was very much welcomed and also gave us free ski valet (which for a normal room you have to pay for).

      Would very much recommend Bar Oso for dinner one night – amazing tapas place but tiny and don’t take reservations so worth going early. Also if you’re an adrenaline junkie, the sliding centre there does taster bobsleigh and skeleton sessions on the Olympic track. I did the skeleton and it was incredible!

      Also – really don’t bother with breakfast at the hotel – definitely overpriced and by the time you add taxes and tip, it’s not worth it. The village has some lovely little cafes plus the room will have fridge etc so can just get some stuff in the supermarket if you’d prefer.

      • +1 for Oso.
        I noticed when there that Whistler has the second Delta Suites (Marriott). We stayed at the Vancouver DS and were very impressed. Amazing breakfast as Gold – anything you like off a la carte menu and upgraded to enormous suite. And fewer points too – 35,000 Marriott and 5 for 4.

    • Andrew says:

      I’d love to hear if anyone knows of any skiing hotels in Europe from the major chains bookable on points.

      • ankomonkey says:

        I think I once read Hilton Innsbruck is about the best points option. I haven’t done it so can’t recommend!

        • InterCon in Davos? Hilton Innsbruck doesn’t have a great rap – we are there on Saturday for 1 night and are paying cash for an independent hotel (triggering 5,000 Miles & More miles via their recent promo) as the Hilton reviews were ropey.

          Far more options in the US where the main ski resorts are full of branded properties.

          If you’ve got young kids, Elmauhof outside Salzburg (Hinterglemm) is where we’ve gone for the last 2 years and where we are going back next Feb (says my wife). Excellent ski school facilities and the hotel has its own onsite ski school for 5 and unders.

        • Melvin says:

          @Rob I’m really interested in the Elmauhof hotel as I am looking for a place near Salzburg for myself and my 6 year old (next Feb too). If it tuns out to be as good as it looks then the following year I may look to take my wife (non-skier) plus 4 year old twins (age at time of travel). Is there enough for non-skiers and very young beginners to do for week?

        • Put it this way …. I don’t ski. I work in the morning whilst the kids and my wife do ski school and then we regroup around 3pm and hit the pool, or the kids hit the kid club. Hotel is about a 10-15 minute walk down a hill into the town, which is really nice and pedestrianised (the traffic is tunnelled under it). The best bit about it is the kids ski school in town which is very, very well run. Fantastic water slide in the pool by the way! Food is all inclusive and surprisingly decent.

          No idea what the town is like at night because I’ve never got there, but if you go with a 6-year old you won’t see it either.

          There is another HFP reader who goes there and who recognised me this year!

        • trickster says:

          I’ve stayed in the Hilton Innsbruck – decent hotel if a little dated in places. Good location for town and the railway station ,but can’t comment on it for skiing as that wasn’t the purpose of our trip. I understand there are some ski fields nearer enough to Innsbruck to base yourself there though.

      • Mercure Courchevel 1850?

  4. OT: Amex MR – I’ve accumulated approx 100k MR points and wondering what is the best transfer partner. I have plenty of Avios so not looking to move them there as typically doing 5 x cash BA F per year. Do any bonus offers come along for transfer to Hotel groups ever appear? Looking for better than 1:1. I’m BA gold, HH diamond, IHG Plat. Any suggestions?

    • Genghis says:

      How long is a piece of string. For large amounts of points I’d say SPG->Marriott = travel package offers good value but you’d need to run the calcs specific for your own case.

    • JamesB says:

      No bonuses on hotel transfers that I recall but the standard transfers to Hilton or Carlson can yield great value if used wisely. If you are not really fussed about miles or points then you could await an Etihad transfer bonus and then cash out via pointspay. If that is attractive to you then follow offers on Etihad as it might not appear on amex MR page.

    • Nick M says:

      SPG is 2:1, Hilton is 1:2, Club Carlson is 1:3

      So you’re looking at 50k SPG (=150k Marriott), 200k Hilton or 300k CC

    • One option (if it still works) is 75K MR >> 75K virgin >> 75K IHG to get spire which earns 25K bonus points, so 33% bonus

      If you already have 50K IHG then do 25K and it’s effectively a 100% bonus

      • 99% sure it still works and in any event I’ve just done a transfer so I can 100% confirm in about 5 days.

        • JamesB says:

          Somebody confirmed it in comments just a few days ago.

        • Optimus Prime says:

          Arrgh! Didn’t know about this and missed out on previous signup bonus!

          I guess now it’s best to wait till they replace it with an American Airlines-style Visa card?

      • Genghis says:

        On the 75k, that’s a significant loss in value. Using accepted 1p for MR and Virgin and 0.4p, you’re changing £750 into £400, so essentially paying £350 for SE. It’s definitely not worth that much!

        • Genghis says:

          And on the 25k, it’s say £250 going to £200 so paying £50 for SE, which could be worth it. As always, different strokes for different folks – just run the numbers and decide if it’s worth it for you.

        • With no more IHG stays due this year, I’ve just moved 30k Virgin across as I’m on 45k status points. With the 25k Spire bonus (and I don’t have the credit card at present so I can’t hit it that way) it is 55k IHG for 30k Virgin which is fine, assuming the odd little Spire perk next year.

          My wife is also 30k short but I will do that via her new IHG Premium Visa. £15k is no problem on that given my VAT and PAYE bills.

        • Genghis says:

          The credit card is a relatively easy way to hit SE. I got there last month and have only had a handful of IHG stays in H1. We don’t spend enough to get Mrs G there too (we stopped spending on her IHG card once hit £10k).

        • The_Real_A says:

          Some people seem to be getting better results from SE – i just cancelled the IHG card as i was sick of getting a “mint club biscuit” as a valued Spire member. Benefits at the hotels discretion is of no value to me when hilton (and even Club Carlson) give me them everytime i stay.

        • JamesB says:

          I cancelled my IHG account, never mind the credit card. Always found someplace preferable to stay on either cash or points. It was almost painful trying to spend my IHG stash in the end. At some stage I’ll rejoin and hopefully getter easier and better accelerate targets too.

  5. the real harry1 says:

    ‘As with all Amex cards, you can cancel for a pro-rata fee refund at any time.’

    This presumably means ‘all Amex Amex cards’ 🙂

  6. Any reason to leave my 63k of SPG points where they are for now, on the hope that they might run an additional short-term promotional bonus at somepoint that adds even more than 5k Avios to each 20k of SPG points transferred?

    I don’t need them for an immediate redemptiom (i’m saving up for a Sydney return in Business Class using my Lloyd’s AmEx upgrade voucher)

    • Genghis says:

      In summary – avios are easy to pick up, almost the lowest “order” (for want of a better word) as they can’t (profitably) be transferred elsewhere. SPG are a much higher order due to their pluripotentiality. So if you need the avios for the Oz redemption (and good luck there) then fair enough. But save 27k more SPGs (easy through his hers Amex), get your travel package with the air miles of your choice and 7 nights in a hotel.

      • Obrigado 🙂

        I’ll take a look again at Marriot deals…but had ruled them out for some reason.

        Re the prospective Sydney redemption, i’ll be booking it a yeer out (or ‘355 days’) before i travel, so think i’m in with a shout…

        • Genghis says:

          No probs. Does the avios.com availability come out the same time as the BA availability though (GMT midnight / BST 1am)? I remember reading people having trouble.

        • I *think* they fixed the lag between BA.com updating
          and Avios.com updating. I was definitely having problems with it – there seemed to be a half hour difference between them, which made it all but impossible to book at Avios.com for SYD. After much time spent on phone with customer services attempting to get a seat booked on BA because it wasn’t showing on Avios cancelled, pulled back into inventory, and then re-booked (didn’t work), the next time I tried at midnight the seats turned up right away. Maybe tying up an hour of customer services’ time may have helped get that particular glitch investigated?

        • JamesB says:

          If you will require domestc flights in Oz you might want to factor that into your decision. Given the amount of SPG points you have a travel package would probably still be the way to go to get best of both hotel and miles benefits.

        • Not long back from a SYD 241 redemption, was booked about 300 days out when availability showed up, ive always assumed that someone else had cancelled their redemption booking and the seats were loaded back into system.

          If doing a direct ‘transit’ at SYD then i recommend the Qantas lounge over the BA lounge (which everyone else seemed to head off to), quick shower, quick bite to eat (great food at Qantas lounge) and back to the gate.

      • Ralphy says:

        Genghis, agreed, not easy to achieve SYD, particularly on a two for one but we achieved it last year, booked 355 days out for the outward journey and then waited for seats opening on the return and called BA to complete the booking 3 weeks later. It can be done.

        • Genghis says:

          But if doing this with a Lloyds voucher, with adding the return the call centre doesn’t open until 7am, meaning the BA lot have had a further 6-7 hours on the avios.com lot. It might be one for loads of avios and effectively booking the return online not using the voucher, and then calling up avios.com in the morning to cancel and add to the voucher?

        • pauldb says:

          Assuming Sam is after 1 seat, this is not based on any experience but I think my tactic would be to book 1 seat (presumably of 2) on ba.com at midnight (or get an avios-rich friend to do it). Then cancel that in the morning once avios.com are awake. Two ways it might work out: either they’ll be 1 seat left as you’ve beaten the majority of “the competition” to it, being couples/241ers, or the cancelled seat may go back into inventory.

      • Genghis, you mean totipotentiality I think

        • Genghis says:

          I’ll leave that to the biologists to argue about

        • I’d argue totipotential only if they could be transferred to every other points scheme, as only some others (albeit many more than most) I’d vote for pluripotential too!

        • Yes, Alan. I see your point. I would say pluripotent if only gives rise to same (i.e. hotel points). Totipotent as points for hotel stays and for flying. Anyways, nice to have fun with words! 🙂

        • Haha I can see your reasoning too – like it 😀

    • JamesB says:

      Sam, Liz got round the availability problem by using hef 241 to SIN and then taking an SQ business flight to Brisbane using MR-KF miles IIRC. So if you have a problem try some alternate options with your amex voucher to BKK, PVG, HKG, KUL or SIN and use your SPG points to facilitare onwards travel to Oz. Note that BKK, PVG and HKG are zone 7 while KUL and SIN are zone 8. If the voucher can be used open jaw then consider taking the homeward sector from HKG to save cash, you can also get availability on a380 easily enough if that appeals to you.

      • Yes I saved for a one way flight on Singapore Airlines – (58k KR miles) – my family live close to Brisbane so wanted a direct flight to BNE and wanted to try Business on Singapore Airllines. We are flying back via Sydney – having a couple of days there again before heading back. Managed to get the SYD-LHR-EDI added to my 241 at 6am after failing to use the Lloyds voucher online at 1am.

        • how did you find SQ J compared to BA?

        • JamesB says:

          I’m not sure what. metal Liz is getting on her BNE trip but presumably longhaul. I’ve flew SQ regional J a few times, all on 777s. Seats were nothing to write home about and in poor states of repair, timekeeping was awful and service nothing special. Thai best for regional J in my experience. Longhaul it is a different story, SQ streets ahead of BA and I haven’t even tried their latest seat introduced recently.

        • Not been yet – not till next May! According to MY Flights app we are on an A330-300. Flown Singapore Airlines twice before but in economy – pre HfP days! Looking forward to trying business class this time.

        • JamesB says:

          Those are relatively new Liz, they were just coming into service about time my ^A activity ended. They were a big improvement on regional J as I recall but fell short of the longhaul product I think. However in the years that’s passed I suspect they have been registered. Answers will almost certainly be on FT. Personally I like a330s, even in Y, second only to a380s IMO although I’ve yet to try a350.

  7. Recently got a new SPG card myself. Does anyone have experience of receiving bonus points when subsequently applying for a supplementary card?
    Seems to happen from time to time on BA card but not heard of anything on SPG card.

    • ankomonkey says:

      I asked Amex CS last week and was told no. I think @NickM had reported success though. YMMV.

      • Nothing at the moment available (having called up) though interestingly enough they said try again in a week or so…!

  8. Does anyone know how availability is released, eg IHG release 5% rooms t+3xx

    • It isn’t as good as it could do. This is the issue with a travel package – you can’t always get 7 consecutive nights of reward availability.

      What you can do, if you call, is book intermediate nights for cash, eg book 10 nights of which 7 are on the travel package and three are cash – these three can be scattered anywhere amongst the ten. Eg Sat, Wed and Fri could be cash with Sun, Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun, Mon on the travel package.

  9. HiDeHi says:

    Speaking of the Marriott Travel package – There is currently an Aeroplan promo to earn 35% more miles when transferring hotel points to aeroplan miles. This means that with 270k Marriott points (180k Amex points converted to SPG and then converted to Marriott), you get 165k Aeroplan miles and a 7 night voucher in a Marriott hotel up to Category 5. 165k airmiles for 180k Amex MR is almost 1:1, meaning you are getting the 7 night hotel voucher for just 15k extra marriott points, instead of the 150k marriott points a week’s stay in a category 5 would normally cost. You can also pay more marriott points for higher category hotels.

    Aeroplan is much better than Avios for Europe to US redemptions, 55k miles one way in business to anywhere in North America from Western Europe + low taxes and low/no fuel surcharges with about half of the airlines(Turkish/Swiss/Air New Zealand/SAS all have very low taxes/charges. Plus on a return booking you get a couple of free stopovers.

  10. Further to Rob’s remark about inter member free transfers of SPG points, this has one other benefit too – such transfers keep SPG points alive and thereby avoid the normal 12 months expiry for all but top status holders.

    ”Your SPG Membership is considered “Inactive” if, during a 12-month period:
    you have not had an Eligible Stay at an SPG Participating Hotel;
    you have not earned*, redeemed, purchased or transferred any Starpoints, or
    your account has been cancelled.
    *Earned or redeemed’ is defined as any points posting to or being removed, transferred, or redeemed from an SPG account.
    If your account becomes inactive, your Starpoints will be forfeited without notice.”

  11. Jordan D says:

    Do Amex strictly enforce the maximum five referral bonuses per card per calendar year?

    • Yes. 100% enforced (unlike the Gold and BA bonuses where you can often go one referral over).

      • Jordan D says:

        Noted. Am at five already done for the year, so will use my wife’s card to refer in the short term before we cancel.

      • HiDeHi says:

        Hi Rob, do Amex enforce on a calendar year basis or rolling basis. e.g. if you do 5 referrals in December, can you start afresh from January?

        And you are saying for Gold and BA, they allow 6, or maybe more?

  12. Will Squires says:

    Surely with Marriott having a long term Visa partnership and Amex unable to make money out of co-brand cards, this card is a total dead duck?

    • the real harry1 says:

      it’s not dead whilst it’s sill quacking

    • Jordan D says:

      Just a shame you can’t get the Marriott card in the UK anymore …

      • william merrett says:

        It was terrible, 1 Marriott point per £ spent, we’ve got one in the family and it literally never gets any use due to the poor earning rate.

        • 2000 free Marriott points just for having it – which reoccur every year – and you get Marriott Silver status for free, so worth keeping in the drawer if not the wallet.

        • RussellH says:

          2 points per £1 at UK Marriott, 4K per £1 at Marriott outwith the UK. It is a lot better than the equivalent IHG card on points alone, plus in my (limited) experience, stays at Marriott **always** generate the correct number of points, but Creation’s IHG card has only done so once this year out of 11 stays.

          At least, when Barclaycard had the IHG card they paid cash compensation every time their system failed to generate the points. Creation have given me one lot of £50 and made it clear that there will be no more, no matter how many points they miss.

          Creation say that the problem only occurs with a few cards; anyone else having the same experience? Perhaps if I were to cancel (I have already threatened to do so) and then reapply a few months down the line?

        • What I really mean is that post merger the SPG Amex is 3 marriott points/£ so even at £2/£ at a marriott uk property you’re better off using the SPG amex. As for abroad, no way am I paying a 3% forex fee for 4 marriott points as opposed to the lloyda avios amex.

        • the_real_a says:

          As i understand it the issue is some of the franchises have set up their credit card merchent accounts independently and not updated the “central” list – so IHG corperate effectivly gives creation an incomplete list each month.

        • Jordan D says:

          Indeed, having 10 free nights just ticking away towards liftime status is definitely no bad thing. Shame it can’t be got anymore.

  13. Alex W says:

    I am going for a Marriott travel package, but don’t need any more Avios points – does Virgin ever do bonuses on transfers from hotel points?
    Aeroplan mentioned above sounds interesting, but I don’t think I’ll have enough Marriott points by the end of the 35% bonus promotion on 21 Aug. Also, I am a bit wary of diversifying to a 3rd airline scheme as well as BA and Virgin. Especially when the points have a 12 month expiry.

    • william merrett says:

      No bonus currently but AA is worth consideration if you wish to diversify.
      Flights to and from USA on AA metal carry almost no additional costs unlike BA and you can use them on Etihad. For that reason I carry a significant AA balance mainly aquired through their CC.

      • Alex W says:

        Thanks. By wary I meant I would rather stick to BA and Virgin. Thanks though, AA sounds interesting, think they had a hotel bonus recently so might do another one.

  14. Sorry OT
    Does anyone know how the Hilton Gold Status arrives for the Barclaycard Hilton Honors visa please?
    I completed the £10k spend about 2 months ago but see no reference for the Hilton gold status on the Hilton website or the Barclaycard one.

    Do I need to wait? Or chase it up, if so with whom, Hilton or Barclaycard?

    It doesn’t seem to be clear to me. Many thanks for any advice.

  15. Chris A says:

    O/T – apologies. Can I visit the lounge at LGW to kill some time and on the way to the terminal pick up some food at the Grain Store using my PP? Or am I limited to one “visit”? Thanks

  16. Lev441 says:

    The Marriott travel package looks great, this will be my next target over the coming months. I didn’t actually realise this was a thing… was originally planning on maximising the 5,000 bonus when transferring over 20k starpoints but the travel package sounds much better!

    I got my first hotel card – SPG Amex a month ago and already have 18,000 Starpoints. Thanks for the referal rob.

  17. Davewhite says:

    off topic Q re BA PP AMEX:
    I have redeemed the 2 4 1 voucher and would like to “downgrade” to the free card to avoid the fees as i’ve just started year 2.

    Can anyone with first hand experience advise on process?

    • Just go online and complete the bacc application. They will ask you for your BAPP no, they automatically convert the card over, your spend will start again in yr 2, avios stay in account until,you transfer them out. Get in quick before the next statement. Check you ac whenever, and you will then see the bacc

      • Genghis says:

        To clarify a little, avios stay in Amex account until they are automatically transferred out to BAEC on a monthly basis

  18. Might sound like a stupid question but I asume the rooms booked under the Marriott
    package are for two people ? It doesn’t say anywhere . Just clarifying.

  19. Mr(s) Entitled says:

    Can someone explain Marriott RewardsPlus to me? I’ve looked at the tables but don’t see an obvious link to the T&C’s and when I click on “view” it asks me to login in which I’m not in a position to do.


    Looks like 200,000 Marriott Points plus 50,000 Avios get me return flights and 7 nights in a Cat 1-5. But is there a restriction on the flights (mielage, connections etc.) and what about taxes?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Alex W says:

      This is the travel package Rob mentions at the bottom of the article. Spend 200,000 marriott points, you get a voucher for 7 nights Cat 1-5 and they give you 50,000 Avios on top, to spend as you please. The more miles you can afford the better the value – 270,000 marriott points is the best value, if you can find somewhere Cat 1-5 you want to stay at.

      N.B. The “Plus” bit only refers to United miles, as they have a transfer exchange rate from marriott.