Bits: 75% off mytaxi with Groupon, 6000 Miles & More miles with a hotel booking

News in brief:

Groupon deal: 75% off your first mytaxi ride

Yesterday we wrote about a 50% offer for customers using the mytaxi black cab app to get to or from one of the London airports. This offer is still running until 30th September.

In addition there is a great deal on Groupon at the moment from mytaxi.  For £5, new customers can get £20 of mytaxi credit.

The small print states that the credit expires on 31st July 2018 and is limited to one code per person.  You can, however, buy a further 10 as gifts.  The credit is used in full against your first ride so be careful – you won’t get the full £20 of value if you use it for a short ride.

The Groupon deal is here.  It isn’t clear if you can use the credit alongside the 50% discount on trips to London airports that we wrote about yesterday, but if you can then this is a real bargain.


6,000 Lufthansa miles with a hotel booking

Lufthansa Miles & More is running another very generous deal to push the new Miles & More Hotels booking website.

My wife and I took advantage of the previous version of this offer in Innsbruck last week.  With the only chain property of note (a Hilton) having poor feedback, we booked into an independent property.  Our two connecting rooms for the four of us netted 6,300 Miles & More miles each.

The latest iteration of the promotion works like this:

Guaranteed 1,000 miles minimum per booking as base mileage

1,000 bonus miles if you booking costs up to €249

5,000 bonus miles if your booking costs €250+

This guarantees you at least 6,000 miles for a €250+ hotel.  You need to book by 30th August and be a first-time user of the new Miles & More Hotels site.  The stay can be for any future date.  We received our miles three days after checking out.

Miles & More miles are a little tricky to earn in the UK, and the opportunity to earn at least £60-worth of miles is attractive.

You must book via this webpage to see the bonus offer.  These will be treated as third party bookings so you won’t earn any hotel points on top if you pick a branded hotel.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. I purchased two of the Groupon vouchers last weekend.
    – I’m not a new customer and it was no problem.
    – I was able to add more than one voucher to my account.
    – Can’t be combined with other promotions.
    We had a £40.60 ride and had to pay £20.30 at the end. I asked the customer service why it didn’t apply the Groupon code and they said only one promotion and it automatically takes the higher saving one. In this case 50%

    There should be some Groupon new customer discounts as well as maybe cash back?

  2. Has anyone else had trouble getting the points to post from the previous 4k M&M promo? I stayed at the start of July, but I’m still chasing any points at all…

    • No – as I said in the piece, ours both arrived at (literally) the same time about 3 days post check out. Perhaps try the M&M forum at Flyertalk?

  3. I just bought two of the groupon codes but could not see how to buy the additional 10 as gifts. Any ideas anyone, please?

    • Been on the phone to customer services and they don’t have the answer either. Once I purchased it for myself, the groupon account wouldn’t let me buy any additional vouchers, even as gifts and gave the error that I had exceeded my allowed purchases. If anyone has gotten around this, please let me know! Thanks in advance!!

  4. How do I add the £20 credit to my account??

  5. William Avery says:

    Yeah with a fare estimate of £112 I’ll give it a miss. Looks like a great deal for Z1.

  6. At what point / where in the app can you get a fare estimate/ quote? It seemed like I was being taken straight to booking after putting in my from/ to so didn’t go any further and web FAQs suggested they didn’t do quotes.

    • Click the menu on the left and select “quote”

      • Thx Lisa. Didn’t have a LH menu but that helped me find it under what I assumed was a profile icon top RH corner. In any case, even with 50% off it’s over 50% more than our local cab either LCY or LGW so app now deleted sadly.

  7. OT re oneworld baggage transfers… Will be flying BA1 LCY to JFK (excitement!) on a 241 – (thanks to Rob and this site, since I had no idea a BA all business, US pre-clearance flight even existed) – and then taking an AA internal flight onwards, from a different JFK terminal, c 3 hours later. ..Can I book the AA leg myself and then call BA to ask them to link the two so that our bags are transferred for us &/or if any issues with the first flight we have some flexibility, or would I have to call BA to book the AA flight through them (at a cost I presume)? Or does this now fall foul of the amended interlining rules so not possible anyway (though had read it might be OK with a paid flight linked to a reward flight)? … Or indeed is it even worth it? TIA

    • hearingdouble says:

      Whether you book the connecting flight through BA or AA, it’s not possible to combine a reward booking and a revenue booking on one PNR, so they will be separate bookings. As you note, due to BA’s daft policy you won’t be able to interline bags either.

      I understand that AA are better at (/more compassionate about) re-routing people who miss their flights due to circumstances out of their control, so if you’re determined to take that particular flight then I would probably book through them. Check the T&Cs though so you understand the risks!

  8. hearingdouble says:

    OT: Tomorrow will be 6 months and 1 day since I closed my Amex platinum, so I will be re-applying for the Amex gold MR card in the morning (with a view to upgrading to platinum once I’ve hit the spending target). Separately, I have a flight from LGW South next Thursday (24th).

    1) Although I will have access to the BA F lounge, I would quite like to pick up breakfast at the Grain Store (as the food is better). What’s the likelihood of my Lounge Club card (with 2x free passes) arriving in time?

    2) If the answer to (1) is “unlikely”, I also have an old Lounge Club card (I never actually opened the envelope) from the last time I held a Gold card. I understand that the Lounge Club card is deactivated when the associated Gold card is cancelled, but I have read some (quite old) reports on FT that people have still been able to use the 2x free passes even after the associated Gold card is cancelled. Does anyone have any experience of this?

    3) Out of curiosity (since this is my first ever churn), do you get completely new/separate Lounge Club / Priority Passes every time you take out a new card, or do your old accounts/card get reactivated?

    • Roberto says:

      (1) Possible but unlikely – It does arrive quickly from past experience but that might be a tad too quick
      (2) I have never heard of this – its normally switched off the day you cancel your amex.
      (3) New card each time

      • (2) I believe (but may be wrong) that Lounge Club charge Amex for entrance, but they eat the first two, so no.

        • hearingdouble says:

          Thanks both — well if the new card doesn’t arrive in time, I may give the old one a try! Will report back if I do.

        • Ive tried to use the free visits on a lounge club pass after I cancelled the gold card – got bumped away at the door. Its only valid when the CC is…

  9. OT – 2000 Avios (BA) with Hilton stays…. how long do these take to show in BAEC? I had a couple of stays about 10 days ago and the points are showing within the Hilton app, but nothing has come across to my BA account as yet

    • johnny_c-l says:

      Some posted in BAEC within a couple of days, but I’ve also had some take around 20+ days.
      Doesn’t seem to be any logic to when they sweep the points across.

    • All my recent bonus 2000 points have actually posted prior to my stay posting. Probably worth checking the t&cs to see what stated timeframe is and then contacting Hilton via chat. They are usually good at crediting if timeline has past.

    • Thanks both

  10. samson10 says:

    I’ve downloaded the app but it’s giving me a fare quote of £75 from Moorgate to Gatwick – any ideas?

  11. Received my Accor Plat Moleskine notebook today… Along with the new design Plat card showing expiry at 12/17 ( 🙁 ).

    My Plat card says I’m a “Meeting Planer” (sic)!

  12. It is not completely clear, but looks to me like delivered only.

  13. AirBerlin filing for bankruptcy and Lufthansa and the German government are looking to help out:

    • the real harry1 says:

      often done to save slots

      one to avoid until it’s sorted (same as Alitalia)

  14. Of course the LL policy Avios only apply to one property.

    Nonetheless, 40% discount is not to be sneezed at :-).

  15. OT:
    Used the amazon 1000MR bonus offer. On my account it says “offer redeemed but the MR have not arrived. I used it on 11/08. On average how long does it take?

    2. I want to cancel the card-spent the £2K and received the 35K bonus MR. If I cancel would the MR still arrive in my cancelled account?

    • The points will post alongside the base points from the purchase, assuming that they are not showing. If they are showing then something is up.

      • I have only had 2 lots of my 5 bonus points post along with the base points. They are all showing redeemed. T&Cs actually say 5 days or 90 days from 17/9 so could be a long wait for the rest of the points.

      • Points from purchase already posted. If I cancel the card will I still get them? I wouldn’t want to wait 90 days incurring fee.

        • Not sure – I am waiting on one to post for my Platinum card too – I will be cancelling in one months time so may have to miss out if they haven’t posted.