Bits: 1000 free Marriott points, Euston hotel closures, Qatar food pre-orders

News in brief:

1000 free Marriott Rewards points for linking social media accounts

Marriott Rewards is giving another push to its promotion which tries to get to you to follow Marriott on social media.

Via this page, you can earn:

  • 250 points for connecting your Facebook account
  • 250 points for connecting your Instagram account
  • 250 points for connecting your Twitter account
  • 125 points for following Marriott Rewards on Twitter
  • 125 points for following Marriott Rewards on Instagram

I wouldn’t usually recommend giving up your social data for a maximum of £5-worth of points.  Assuming they post instantly however – and apparently they do – you can quickly unlink and unfollow.

You will also be able to earn a tiny number of points by sending tweets a few times per month featuring Marriott hashtags.  This isn’t my sort of thing but I suppose it may kill a bit of time on the train in the morning.

ibis London Euston closure

Two Euston hotels closing for HS2 demolition

EDIT: The date of the Ibis closure is now 22nd October and not 3rd October as I originally wrote.

Progress is, slowly, being made on the High Speed 2 rail link, even though there is still a big debate about how the Euston terminus should be designed and built.

As part of the work, the Thistle Euston Hotel – image below – will close on 3rd October.  The ibis London Euston Hotel – above – will close on 22nd October.  Both hotels have been compulsory purchased as part of the HS2 enabling works and will be demolished.

Thistle Euston closing

Qatar Airways launched limited pre-flight food ordering

If you have a Business Class ticket booked with Qatar Airways from Doha between Europe (5 hours+ flights), North and South America, Australia, New Zealand,  Bangkok or Guangzhou you can now pre-order your main meal in advance.

The service is available via the My Trips section of the Qatar Airways website or app, from 14 days to 24 hours before departure.  The wording of the Q&A section implies that only ex-Doha departures count, and not your inbound leg into Qatar.

I must admit, I have never pre-ordered an airline meal even though British Airways has been offering the service for a while.  I can only assume that I would rather be surprised!

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. If on BA the biggest surprise will be getting your first choice if you have not prebooked! Have been using AA pre book service and it’s great, works very easily. A few week ago I was on the AA101 to JFK and the crew said that preordering was vital. Very often the popular dishes are gone before they have gotten halfway through the cabin. I also like the fact that AS alternate where they start the service depending on direction of travel.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Note – you won’t receive any Marriott points if your preference is set to airline miles. Switch back to Marriott rewards before applying for these social media things.

  3. Tel Anaw says:

    That’s a shame – I fondly remember a few £40 stays at the ibis Euston through the old Blue Monday promotion. I wonder if it will already have been demolished by the time the HS2 scheme implodes…

  4. Craig Smith says:

    Just to clarify, the Ibis Euston closes on the 22nd October. I have a booking with them on the 4th and have just spoken to the hotel manager. I panicked when I read the 3rd this morning!

  5. AndyGWP says:

    OT – upcoming first (and possibly only!) trip to the Concorde Room @ LHR. Is there any worth in booking a cabana? I read they were tired and worn, but then that it’s been refurbished… struggling to find any pics and the reviews I found on Flyertalk no longer have the free image hosted pics available. Thoughts welcome.

    • I personally loved the cabana. You get a small room with an ensuite bathroom/shower. You can call and order anything from the menu to your room too. They also allow you to store your belongings there (they lock the room) while browsing the stores at T5.

      I was travelling with my wife and baby, so it was quite nice having our own room and changing facilities.

    • Genghis says:

      If you will need to shower they’re good as you have your own space. As a place to relax, not really my thing.

    • On our first trip there we booked one, purely to give it a go. We had a couple of drinks in there and a lay down, but really it was for the sake of it. You enjoy the lounge more out in the lounge, but it’s all part of the experience so I’d give it a go once.

  6. the real harry1 says:

    just wondered if anybody has been using Tesco points on Ubereats to get McDonalds orders delivered?

    seems it’s available in 16 cities now – and the £2.50 delivery charge is reasonable enough given your time/ your petrol etc – esp if you’re ordering for several people

    the 3x value is genuine in this case, sadly not yet available in the sticks boo hoo hoo 🙂

    • Genghis says:

      I tried it once and used the HfP money off code. Trouble is it arrived luke warm. Never again.

      • McDonald’s often arrives lukewarm when you get it in a restaurant, never mind it being delivered on a moped/in a taxi

        • Genghis says:

          Top tip: ask for “no salt on the chips” or “extra sauce on the burger” so they’re made from fresh.

        • You can keep getting a Big Mac and fries for 1.99 every time by giving feedback and retaining the receipt.

    • I am offered McD’s as my nearest UberEats restaurant! Have not tried it so far … Mrs would kill me ….

  7. This Marriott is such a pain for me.

    1. I never got those 1000 avios with opening account with them. Contacted customer support twice with no answer and resolution.
    2. Now, I connected my social media but I had it set to miles so no points. When I changed it I can’t do it again because it tracks me already.

    What a mess this Marriott is 🙂

    Funnily, it’s the same for my wife.

    • They offer a lot and deliver little. I guess the points they do pay are fairly meaningless, and they get the social media follows they want for free.

    • flyforfun says:

      Just create a new facebook account. Then delete it once you get the miles!

      • Marriott if working for me got the 1000 point bonus for linking social accounts not receiving at least 50 points a day thanks to Hootsuite sending an auto tweet and sometimes extra points on top of this if they do another promo and I spot it 18000 in a year thanks to an auto tweet I’m not going to complain. Also keeps my points alive

      • That’s what I did.

  8. RussellH says:

    We pre-ordered our meals on BA LGW-OAK in July. System worked well. Not offered on inward flight, but J was half empty and no problems with availability.

    While HS2 is absolutely necessary, it is a pity about the Ibis. We stayed there just under two years ago, all very new and a nice bar area, with the largest wine glasses (well filled) for our free drinks as Accor silver. That status will sadly disappear for ever next year for me, as it was always points from e-Rewards that mounted up. A couple of Ibis overnights does not get you very far in points terms!

  9. 1nfrequent says:

    Shame that the Ibis is closing down – I’ve stayed there a number of times on sub £80 rates. Great location and the staff were generally very good too although room quality differed (I won’t miss the bathroom pods).

    Re pre-ordering on BA – I wish they’d roll that out to more CW routes because it’s got to be the best way of reducing waste and keeping control on their food costs plus I like the certainty of knowing what I’m going to have. Ideally, I’d like to see it rolled out on the CE routes too (although doubtless someone here can explain why that isn’t possible or more difficult than I’d imagine).


  10. Slightly OT, but for those who were fortunate enough to get the 1,000 bonus Marriott sign-up Avios, have the Avios actually made it to their BA accounts? My Marriott account shows “07/31/2017 2017 DOUBLE MILES – 1K BONUS Total Earnings: 1,000 miles”, but they haven’t shown up in my BAEC holding. Should that happen automatically, or do I need to transfer them somehow? Thanks!

  11. thanks 333 star points bagged for very little effort!

  12. O/T I have received the 5*2000 Avios from hilton promotion. Anyone had more stays and received more than 5?

    • I spent most of Sunday evening trying to log on to and search for rooms at Gatwick Hilton. In the end I gave up and tweeted them that their IT was rubbish and it was no wonder I didn’t stay with them any more. Booked a room at YotelAir instead!

      • Can’t say I usually have any problems booking rooms with Hilton, most of the issues come with the stay itself…..

    • There is an Iberia version of the offer but Iberia never launched a registration page!! It is mentioned on under their Hilton page. If you can get Hilton to sign you up (either by calling or Twitter seems to work for some) then you can credit 5 stays to Iberia Plus and get 5 x 2000 Avios in Iberia, which you can transfer to BA via Combine My Avios.

      • I noticed this was mentioned before on HFP but I couldn’t find a registration page for it. I did online chat with Hilton who say they have now added the promotion to my account. I have changed my airline partner from BA to Iberia, so I will see if they credit properly or not soon….
        As a side note, I had an expensive booking at the weekend so decided to do the points & points instead and forgo the avios, however, the 2000 avios posted anyway along with the bonus hilton points = result. Just wish I had done it for all the previous stays too lol

  13. This is the response I got re the missing 1000 Avios

    Thank you for contacting Marriott Rewards.

    The issue below is a known problem with British Airways. BA have advised that they are working on resolving the issue, but have not yet provided a timeline on this. Please do rest assured that your miles will be posted as soon as possible. We do apologise for this inconvenience.

  14. OT: Looking for advice on Heathrow.
    We fly into T5 at 1400h, out of T3 at 1130h the next day. Which hotel? Am Gold with Hilton, Spire with IHG.
    Lounges – Flying F redemption, and realise the Concorde Lounge is not available in T3 – am I stuffed for a decent breakfast, and will that influence the hotel choice?

    • I think you can use Cathay Lounge at T3?

      • That’s a relief if true. Was worried I’d have Mrs David moaning about being stuck in an old Terraces lounge.

        • Kinkell says:

          Cathay First lounge in T3 is very nice with a waiter service breakfast, and lots of choice on the menu. However, be prepared for a leisurely breakfast as the service was a tad n the slow side.

  15. I stayed at the Thistle last night… might as well already be closed down! Rooms were dirty, creaky and tired. On the other hand, walked past the Ibis and it looked really busy and friendly!

    • If you ring Holiday Extras they will put you in a brand new deluxe room for about £12. Or can be added if booking direct. Still small though and I think I will look elsewhere next time.

      • Client paid anyway… was only down for a meeting. I wouldn’t have been happy if I’d have been paying for it myself… TV screen was smaller than my computer monitor ha

  16. Very weird – 1,000 points all received OK but activity in account all just said ‘no activity, points expired’ – yet it still let me transfer them to 333 SPG points!

  17. It’s a great opportunity – thanks for flagging! Do you know exactly how and when to tweet to earn points?

    Also, about a year ago I have opened a dedicated Twitter account exactly for this type of activity as well as prize draws and other freebies. And it works – just recently won a photography book by Brooklyn Beckham (RRP £16.99) from Heathrow Rewards.
    For those who are interested – it’s @win_and_fly

    • Wow, a photography book by Brooklyn Beckham; I bet he’s a real expert. Wasn’t it his mother who wrote a book although she claimed never to have read one?

      • the real harry1 says:

        Fringe: “Trump’s nothing like Hitler. There’s no way he could write a book, Frankie Boyle”

      • Well… I bet you didn’t publish a book when you were 18. I am prepared to bet that you haven’t written/published a book at all in your life (I did write and publish three books, by the way, to be clear). So, I would refrain from criticising others in this regard…

  18. Linked social media accounts this morning, can confirm that 1000 Marriott points already credited to account. Thanks!

  19. James R says:

    Im still waiting for my original 1k Marriot miles to be posted. They say they posted in the marriot account but are nowhere to be seen in my BA account 😐

  20. OT: LoyaltyLobby says:
    “Iberia Plus: 25% Bonus Avios for AMEX Membership Rewards Points Transfers”
    Only for Amex cards in Spain, but maybe a BAEC / Avios bonus here too later?!
    (Said in hope rather than expectation!)