Buy Avios for 1p via a French deals website

I have covered a few of the Iberia / Groupon ‘buy Avios’ deals recently.  The French equivalent of this deal has now returned, after initially running in March.  It worked – administratively – pretty well that time.

You can find full details here on the vente-privee website.


The first thing to note is that the deal is only on the French site, and the French site only operates in French.  You will therefore need to rely on Google Translate if you use Chrome, or something similar if you don’t.

You will also need to give a false five digit French postcode when you register as UK postcodes are not accepted.  It doesn’t ask for your address, only your postcode.

Here is the pricing:

2,000 Avios for €21 (0.97p)
4,000 Avios for €45 (1.04p)
8,000 Avios for €99 (1.14p)
12,000 Avios for €145 (1.12p)
20,000 Avios for €229 (1.06p)
35,000 Avios for €399 (1.06p)

What makes this deal easier to administer than the Groupon one is that Avios is providing the back-end redemption.

Once you are emailed your voucher by vente-privee, you go to this page of the Avios website (which is in English) and input your code number.

You will see that the Avios can be dropped into either a BA, Iberia, or AerClub account, although as you can move them around via ‘Combine My Avios’ it doesn’t make much difference.

You can buy up to 100,000 points.  The maximum you can buy of any particular quantity is 3, so you’d logically start with 3 x 2,000, then add 3 x 4,000, before juggling the other pricier options to get to your target.

In reality you can almost certainly buy more than 100,000.  Even if the redemption website kept track, which I doubt it would, you could send 100,000 to an Iberia account, 100,000 to a BA account etc.

Is this worth it?

I won’t be buying via vente-privee at this price.  0.75p tends to be my floor price, as I’ve said before.  Over the last four years I’ve averaged 1.2p per Avios point redeemed so I’m not willing to pay 1.0p to buy them given that I wouldn’t be spending them for a couple of years.

That said, you may well get a higher value from your redemptions than I do.  You may also just be looking for a way of topping up your account quickly.  If you are, this may be a good way of doing it.  It is a decent price given that you don’t have to go to much effort to earn the points.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Still not working for me.

  2. Concerto says:

    Still haven’t received my vouchers from ventes privées. Hoping it won’t take longer than 10 days.

  3. I’ve been trying for a couple of days, I get an error message when trying to purchase.

  4. still no voucher for me either, today is day 8

    This also ended up as £59.67 so I would have got more airmiles just cashing in topcachback with the 5% @ 6000 so probably shouldn’t have bothered anyway

  5. they say vouchers will be available on 08/09 the latest. No need to panic yet but I agree they should have written that out clearly in the T&C.

  6. The T&C’s said they would arrive within 5 days prior to buying, I’m day 9 and still no voucher and now I can see it has been adjusted to up to the 26/10 for delivery and I am no longer able to cancel the order.

    I need them by Friday or ill have to pay full price. Very annoying

  7. Mine has changed from “by 08/09” to “by 31/10” for delivery. They were quick enough to take my €462 though. Not happy, have sent a complaint message let’s see what they say.

  8. Ventee Privee are the worst – shopping experience and customer care wise. I got a reply after 5 working days. Iberia/Groupon Spain was much better. I got avios credited to my Iberia a/c in 5 working days after redeeming groupon coupon (which was generated instantly after placing the order). I would suggest stay away from Ventee Privee

  9. I’ve ended up paying BA full price for my last 6k- they say I cant cancel as the order has been verified but I will be trying my best to fight that

    Will avoid in future

  10. Got the Avios code today, but it says “expired” when entering it on the Avios voucher page.

    Means I’m now left in limbo.

    Can’t complain with Vende Privee as I entered a dummy address in France.
    Can’t complain with Avios as I’m registered with a different address there.

    Luckily, I only bought 2K point once. Means lesson learned never to use this offer again.

  11. I finally received my code this morning too after waiting for over 10 days!! I purchased 35,000 Avios for a grand total of 399 Euros.

    My code has also said ‘EXPIRED’ when input into the voucher page.

    I’m also in Limbo, as nobody at Vente Privee are coming back to me. Really not sure what to do here.

    Safe to say I wont be using Vente Privee at any point in the future and would advise to use with caution if you do consider using them……

    • eMailed [email protected] explaining the issue. Got an auto-reply back:

      Thanks for your email to us here at Avios relating to eVouchers.

      We will try and process your query as soon as we can.

      In the meantime, sit tight and one of our team will be in contact as soon as they can.

      • My codes are expired as well. Going to wait a couple of days and see what happens before contacting them.

        If anyone gets any further info an update would be appreciated.

    • Mine are also marked as expired… :/

  12. I’m wondering if BA or part of avios is having the issues, I purchased some points direct on Wednesday and they still haven’t been credit to my account

    got my vouchers today also they are expired

    • the real harry1 says:

      latest is: codes now working as ‘valid’ – which is a step in the right direction – but still can’t be applied, some error

      they’re obviously working on it

  13. SavvyFlyer says:

    Codes seem to be working now – got confirmation from Avios saying they will be credited within 5 days.

    • Purchased a load on Monday 5th in three batches – easy enough, they took the money instantly! Received my vouchers today 8th. So far so good. But when I tried to redeem on the Avios site just got error messages! Also can’t work out how to allocate some to Iberia Plus, the link only offers BAEC???? Nad that doesn’t work anyway. See someone got theirs through this afternoon so will retry tomorrow….Frustrating! Not very impressed but Groupon experience was equally dire so guess just keep trying. It says the vouchers are valid till 31 October.

  14. hi we regularly buy from Ventee Privee, love this company they have great deals, but nothing ever comes quickly. products can take over a month to arrive,


  15. Got points credited today.

  16. Avios credited to my account today (11/09). Purchase was 27/08, vouchers emailed on 08/09 and codes input without issues via the Avios voucher site same day.

    Not an awful experience overall but the vendor could have made clearer from the outset that a couple of weeks would be involved. Thanks to Rob for highlighting the opportunity.

  17. the real harry1 says:

    perfectly good, reputable company – runs into a small problem & sorts it in 24 hrs

  18. Overall good experience, two weeks to get the vouchers available (yes, they should have mentioned that in the T&C….) but then posted the first working day after redemption.

  19. Just to advise tried again to redeem yesterday and all worked fine and all in my BAEC account today!