Bits: Rolling Luggage Avios change, free Luxury Travel Fair tickets, 3 x Flying Blue miles with Accor

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News in brief:

Rolling Luggage Avios earning change

Last week Rolling Luggage and Avios launched their new partnership with a generous Avios earning rate.

The earning rate was:

  • 5 Avios per £1 spent
  • 1,000 Avios bonus with your first purchase
  • 750 Avios bonus with your second purchase within 12 months

Rolling Luggage has now changed the Avios bonus by adding a minimum spend to the terms.  This has nothing to do with a rush of orders for £8 luggage tags from their site ….

You will now receive a bonus of 1,000 Avios with your first purchase over £100.  A second purchase of £50+ within 12 months will trigger a further 750 bonus Avios.

At present you can only collect Avios online via their website here. In the next couple of weeks Rolling Luggage will launch their in-store Avios collection.

Luxury Travel Fair

Free Luxury Travel Fair tickets

The Luxury Travel Fair is back at Olympia in London from 2nd-5th November.

To be honest, this is not a hugely exciting event.  It is essentially just a lot of high-end hotels and travel agents in booths.  You don’t, for example, get airlines bringing along their latest business class seats to try out.

The fact that they actually charge for tickets is a bit cheeky.  However, until 15th September you can order free tickets via their website using code LTFTWO in return for a £2.50 handling fee.  If you live nearby then it is worth popping in.  We don’t recommend it at the standard price of £14.50 in advance or £15.50 on the door.

Le Club AccorHotels logo

Triple Accor miles for Flying Blue members

Accor Hotels (Sofitel, Novotel, Mercure, M Gallery, Ibis, Pullman etc) has launched a promotion exclusively for Air France / KLM Flying Blue members.

Le Club AccorHotels members who have chosen automatic conversion to Flying Blue miles can earn triple miles on stays between 1st October and 31st December.

Flying Blue members usually earn the usual 1 mile per 2 Accor points earned, with non-status members receiving up to 2.5 points per €1 depending on brand.

Assuming you are staying at one of their premium hotel brands which earn 2.5 Accor points per €1, this promotion will get you 7.5 Accor points per €1 – equivalent to 3.75 Flying Blue miles per €1.  You will get even more miles if you have Accor status.

Every member can use this offer three times during the promotion period.  There is no minimum length of stay.

The offer page is here.

This offer is valid on advance bookings only, which must be made before 30th September 2017.

One warning – if you switch your Accor earning preferences from points to Flying Blue miles in order to take advantage of this offer, all of your existing Accor points will also be converted into Flying Blue.  If you don’t want this to happen, don’t sign up for this deal.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

How to use Avios points for airport lounge access
Review of the Plaza Premium Arrivals Lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 2
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  1. I assume Rolling Luggage will still honour the original terms for orders completed before the change. Have they communicated with you about this?

    • I bet they won’t. Tempted not to collect mine from St Pancras shop now. Hmmm…..

      • the real harry1 says:

        why not? keeping mine in original condition just in case, their 14 day returns policy is invalid if they don’t keep to the original T&Cs – PayPal would sort it out for sure

    • This was not mentioned.

      • I posted a comment on 7th September re not seeing confirmation of the points on my order. I spoke to customer services that day and received the following reply (which I have archived in case they try and backtrack).

        …..”It is normal you do not see the confirmation of the points on your order confirmation from us… will actually get notice on your Avios account in 28 days” – Customer Services.

        I was one of those naughty £8.00 luggage tag purchasers but a contract is a contract!!!!!

    • My case lock was delivered yesterday. They should honour the original terms. If not I’ll be complaining.

      • I actually quite like my neck cushion, so won’t be returning it; but I like it at £5.00 not £15.00!

  2. OT: I’m arriving in Hong Kong in October on a Finnair (in J) overnight flight and have to head straight to the office – can anyone help with suggestions of an arrivals lounge? Or will I have to try and persuade the Pullman to give me an early check in?

    And advice gratefully received!

  3. Highlighted by Stu_N yesterday, worth looking at if you have got the offer (some haven’t, it seems);

    OT: 50% extra Avios via BAEC at the moment to purchase and gift Avios. I don’t get the same deal at or Iberia, no idea if it is targeted as I only saw it when I went into the purchase Avios page.

    “Purchase and Gift Avios: 50% bonus Avios offer Terms and Conditions
    This promotion is only open to Eligible Participants. An Eligible Participant is a British Airways American Express® Cardmember aged 18 or over and is a British Airways Executive Club (‘BAEC’) Member. The Promoter reserves the right to verify the eligibility of Eligible Participants. Eligible Participants confirm that they accept the terms and conditions set out below.
    Between 00:01 hr GMT Wednesday 13 September and 23:59 hr GMT Friday 29 September 2017 (the ‘Promotional Period’) Eligible Participants will receive 50% Avios bonus upon any Purchase or Gift Avios transaction of up to 100,000 Avios.
    Eligible Participants may Gift Avios (purchase for someone else) during the promotional period, provided that the recipient holds or opens a British Airways Executive Club account and the recipient’s BAEC membership number is entered at the time of purchase. Members can receive up to 100,000 gifted Avios. The recipient will receive 50% bonus Avios.
    Eligible Participants may not exceed their annual 100,000 Avios limit. Bonus Avios do not count towards your annual limit.”

    Small purchases still awful VFM but looks like about 1.1p per Avios as long as you’re buying more than approx 10k (e.g. 22.5k for £255, 45k for £495, 60k for £655)

    • Thanks – I was just coming back to add this but you’ve saved me the bother.

      NB – You actually have to go all the way through to the page where you choose how many Avios you want to buy to see the offer.

      Rob commented late last night that that he thinks it’s targeted.

      • Thank you for spotting it! It’s certainly not clear until, like you say, you get through to the page to buy. Odd that if it was targeted you’d have thought that they might have also sent an email out to encourage you to buy.

        I wonder if I use my BAPP card do you get the extra 3 avios per £1 spent, thus meaning that if you bought 45k for £495 you’d get another 1485 avios?

        I have the bonus offer and have bought a decent chunk to help our HH balance for a redemption next year.

        • the real harry1 says:

          fairly sure it’s not seen as a cash advance so you should get the points

        • No, payments are processed via a 3rd party and not BA.

        • I bought some from
          Avios in the spring from and Iberia to fund Cathay redemptions, came up as “Avios (or Iberia) Buy Points,” on my Amex so you’ll only get standard earning rate.

  4. the real harry1 says:

    O/T booked our return tickets re summer hols 2018 – as there are 5 of us I included 1 HBO ticket which was super cheap – along with the 4x RFS redemptions

    (cheap enough to make me think about 3x HBO + 2x RFS – decided against as the £13-odd difference per ticket means I can move the 4 RFS redemptions up the plane @ T-24 seat selection and you never know, 4 items of checked baggage might be better than 2)

    anyway, I did part pay with Avios on the HBO ticket and got nearly 0.9p but only on 625 Avios! 🙂 – the other options were rubbish

    and on the RFS redemptions I swapped £160 for 20K Avios again to ‘pay’ 0.8p/ point – so that easy ‘earning’ option is still going strong

    • If one then cancels a RFS booking paid with points and some cash, how is the refund processed? Thinking aloud, potential to buy avios for an OK price for some where there’s a cheap RFS flight option, say ex-LUX single?

      • the real harry1 says:

        it is unfortunately done as you might expect

        ie within 24 hrs, exact refund of cash & points

        after 24 hrs, either £17.50 or £25 deducted on single legs then cash & points returned

        after 24 hrs, either £35 or £50 deducted on return tickets then cash & points returned

        danger in the ‘after 24 hrs refunds’ being that BA incorrectly charges you the full RFS fee even when you paid less because of low taxes in certain countries, ie they ‘steal’ some of the Money element

        so I don’t think there’s any mileage in it

        • the real harry1 says:

          however, before people go buying Avios @ 1p in the BAEC sale, they should check out the Avios + Money options, which give a lower price

          eg Vienna —> LHR on 2/10/2018, 2 people in ET
          15,000 Avios + £35.00
          12,000 Avios + £65.00
          10,600 Avios + £75.00
          9,000 Avios + £85.00
          7,600 Avios + £95.00
          5,000 Avios + £115.00

          the 5000 option gives 10,000 Avios saving for £80, so you are in effect ‘buying’ the Avios for 0.8p

          this is on but I guess BA site will be the same

    • So, where are you off to ?

  5. O/T sorry! I am booking our Japan-South Korea trip for next year and thanks to this site have a 241 and enough avios to do it in comfort. Flying to Tokyo, it seems I can easily get either First on a 777 but with an early flight time of 11.40 (not ideal for a flight one you’re supposed to sleep) or CW on the 787-9 (i can never see and first availability on this, guess this means I am just missing out) but a better afternoon flight time. Should I go for first even on the older plane or CW on the new 787-9? Should I try the 1am trick t get the outbound flight? Any help/suggestions appreciated.

    • The flight times to Tokyo on BA are not ideal IMO. Bear in mind the first flight goes to Haneda while the second flight goes to Narita. The 1am “trick” isn’t going to help you get F necessarily as only 2 J and 4 Y seats are guaranteed to be released at this time. Choosing between these two I’d probably choose the first flight in F if that’s the only availability you can see.

      • Thanks Genghis, that was my thoughts too, Think we’ll just grab what we can in first, even if its the 777.

        • No guaranteed F availability so I’d just take what you can get. If there’s more than one daily service it will almost inevitably be the less attractive one that has reward flights.

          For example Hong Kong, a route I was watching avidly for months, they only seem to release F seats on BA27/28 which is the 777 service; I guess they can fill the A380 seats BA 31/32 with paying passengers. Timings are similar due to curfews so I think equipment is the key on this route.

        • Flying next year to HKG and, on the same day, got 2 F seats on the A380 and 2 F seats on the 777.

          Annoyingly, the A380 was showing as >> 2 F seats but as soon as we booked 2 F seats with one 241 voucher the rest of the F availability vanished when we went to book 2 more with a different person’s voucher… BA31 timing is much better IMO as it gets you to HKG earlier the next day giving you a chance to actually get tired enough to sleep that night…

        • You’ve done well to get the A380. I was looking daily for flights in Spring ’18 before booking something in April. I’ve checked fairly regularly in case the A380 becomes available on our dates or we can get an extra day or two out there at either end but nothing useful, and I’ve only ever seen F on the 777 in all that checking.

    • I believe that the 789 has only eight seats in F so less likely to get redemption.

    • I think it’s the luck of the draw to be honest. We’re doing LON-TYO in April/May next year using a 2-4-1. The outbound we’re on the 787-9 and there was F availability so we’ve nabbed that, but only got J availability on the return on the 777. Have been keeping an eye out for F coming available for the return but no such luck yet!

    • Interesting read – I’m in a similar position with flights LHR-DEL in Mar 2018. BA143 has lousy timing, but better availability, BA257 has better timing, but poor availability. I’ve booked CW, but hoping I’ll get a chance to upgrade to F – anyone any idea if this might open up in the last few days?

      Actually, I’m sure this was a 787 when I booked, the website is now showing it’s a 777, and my seat numbers have changed. Grrr – do they normally notify you when a seat allocation is changed?

    • hearingdouble says:

      I would definitely choose the 777 as (for most visitors) HND is a far more convenient airport than NRT. It’s as close to central Tokyo as LCY is to central London, whereas NRT is further out than Heathrow.

  6. Purchased a Marriott Travel Package for 270k points yesterday. Took 30 mins on the phone between being on hold to speak to someone then being put on and off hold with an agent who had no idea what she was doing…

    The 270k have been debited from my accont, but I have no idea what happens next. Will my Avios account be credited with 120k (132k according to the phone agent!), or will I get a voucher or similar?

    • pointsarb says:

      Assuming you gave the agent your Avios a/c number points should post within 72 hours……

      Enjoy your package!

      • I did! I hope it all goes through ok. Will give it a week and call back to chase the points if they haven’t posted. The phone agent didn’t fill me with confidence…

  7. pointsarb says:

    O/T Does anybody know a good way to auto-check for reward seats on intra asia flights on Cathay/Dragon?

    Expert flyer doesn’t support Cathay and so I’m stumped and really don’t want to be checking the BA site daily for these Cathay/Dragon award seats if I can help it!


  8. Rob Brown says:

    I’ve been to the Luxury Travel Fair a few times and it is an interesting couple of hours but not the best and I definitly would never pay. The way I always go is to look up the lists of exhibitors and then contact them to enquire about a holiday – every time I have recieved an offer of free tickets.

    • I’m sure I got a flyer for free tickets with STTM last year? Speaking of which, my Dad, auntie, wife and I have now received 13 issues of our subscriptions which I have since cancelled. Might they have messed up their admin?

      • I got an extra issue the other day as well. Cancelled the direct debit as soon as the avios posted as well. Not gonna complain if they keep sending them as I like the magazine. Wish they’d stop sending me the literary supplement tho, straight in the recycling bin with that

      • I wondered the same but then noticed the wrapper on it said it was my last issue, so not expecting to receive another…

        • Yes I had that too. Which is a shame. But I’m reluctant to resubscribe until they offer me some more points!

        • Promotional copies. From their email to me:

          “Thank you for your email. I can confirm this subscription has been cancelled, and no further charges will be applied. The October and November editions are being sent as a free extension to this subscription, applied by the publisher. I can have this cancelled if these are not required. As it stands I can confirm that November’s issue will be your last.”

        • Thanks Wilco

      • Janeyferr says:

        My address label says subscriber until April 2018, and I did the one-off payment last summer.

  9. hearingdouble says:

    OT: Planning to cancel some churned Amex cards. Given that I won’t know the exact value of the pro rata fee refund until I call, what’s the best approach? Should I call them up when the balance exceeds the expected refund (i.e. So they can take a final payment on the call when I cancel) or when the balance is less than the expected refund (i.e. So that Amex has to refund me the fee reimbursement)? If the latter, do I get a cheque or a speedy bank transfer?

    • You cancel the Amex and then the refund posts the following day. If you are left with a positive balance, you can then pay off the card down to zero. If you then have a negative balance, the cash then be transferred back to your DD set up bank account, to another Amex card or as a cheque (I think though never done). In an ideal world I like to be left with a positive balance and then I pay off the card as it can take up to a week to get the refund.

      • I should add that to get the negative balance transferred, you’ll have to call them up again.

        • Sussex Bantam says:

          You can transfer the credit balance using the chat facility as well. Although that is so bloody slow you may as well call up

      • hearingdouble says:

        Thanks for the insight! Just to check, the date of cancellation of the card (for future churning purposes…) is the date I call up Amex to cancel the card, even if I only settle the final balance on the following day?

        • I have always received a letter confirming the exact date.

        • The date is the day you cancel

        • Careful now says:

          ….not always

          can be C+1 or +2 (especially if you cancel later in the day)

          Just await letter for formal confirmation

        • Interesting. I note the cancellation date on my spreadsheet when I cancel and then check the date on the letter against this when received. I’ve never had to make any adjustments.

      • Yes can get a cheque sent out, although having done so quite a hassle and obviously takes quite a while from point of cancellation to have it back in your bank account…

  10. Michael Jennings says:

    OT. I have the HHonors Barlcaycard. One of the things I get with this is 2500 bonus points for up to four Hilton stays in the first 12 months if I charge them to the card.

    How is this triggered? If I book a non-refundable room in advance using the Hilton website and pay with the card, will this be enough, or do I need to use the card at checkout?

    Presumably just popping into the bar in the Hampton in Waterloo Road and having a beer that I pay for on the card is not going to be enough?

    • In my experience ( a couple of years ago) I paid with points but charged a small item to the room to trigger a folio (bill to us) to be sure of getting the points. UK almost immediate; Canada I had to chase.

      • Points almost never posted for me, always ended up having to chase (have churned a few times!)

        • That’s probably because Barclays did not activate the offer or so some more competent agent at Hilton eventually told me after speaking to several at both Hilton and Barclays. I was totally fed up after chasing up my first three stays which Barclays then appeared to add manually. The Hilton agen then activated the offer amd the 2500 points per stay posted automatically therafter so I ended up with 7 x 2500 points 🙂

    • I booked two hotels in Japan – Conrad in Tokyo and Hilton in Okinawa – using the above card. Both are non-refundable and the money was debited within weeks of the booking. I got the additional bonus points on the Okinawa hotel but not the Conrad. I am not talking about 2500 points but getting 3x points rather than 2x points. I made a few calls to Barclaycard complaining why the extra bonus on one booking but not the other. They said the 2500 will post after I stay but couldn’t understand why the base points were different. They wanted me to speak with Hilton and raise forms, so I just said forget it since it amounted to 300 points. So they gave me £50 as a good will gesture. A good result!!!

  11. OT – looks like Monzo fee-free withdrawals abroad likely on the way out, hopefully they’ll opt for the limited amount free option…

    • It’s refreshing seeing financial companies being so open with their thought process.

      • Indeed, the blog was an interesting read (and I’m voting for a certain amount to be free!)

  12. OT – But Hilton Barclaycard related – I got my wife the card and triggered 10k spend end of July 17, paid it off around same time as well. When does she get Gold status in her Hilton account? Points from 10k spend have come accross

  13. I don’t know if it’s important or already noted but I’m getting this message on each page:

    Warning: include(wp-includes/class-wp-term-connect.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/11/10295511/html/wp-config.php on line 91

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  14. I’m getting a lot of warnings from the header down the pages. Tried to upload but it just gets kicked to another page of warnings. Anyone else?

  15. OT – does anyone have any experience of the american express platinum transaction dispute process? i realise it is dependant uppon the retailer response to some degree but is it any quicker than the “up to 8 weeks” in practice? amex have placed the debit on hold and i supplied all the inforamtion they asked at the time of opening the case but not heard anything from amex since. the retailer is using various excuses to delay when i contact them. the retailer doesnt yet know i’ve disputed the transaction. any indight into the process and timescales to expect would be welcome

    • i think you’re supposed to try and thrash it out with the retailer before involving amex?

      • excuse, after excuse, after excuse….for days and days

        i belive i have done the thrashing out

        • johnny_c-l says:

          Once you’ve raised a dispute I’d recommend keeping an eye on the status when you’re logged in as I’ve found that they correspond by post which is slow.

          I received a letter once dated a week previous asking for further info to be submitted by the COP the day I got the letter or else the case would be closed.

          If it’s a foreign transaction be prepared for little help from Amex; I must say I was disappointed with the service I received when disputing a transaction recently.

        • It’s a UK transaction – thanks for advice about keeping an eye on the status

  16. OT – just signed into Iberia and for a brief moment a message flashed up – something to do with a celebratory partnership with Amex and 40% – then it disappeared. Any one else seen it?

    • There is an Iberia Plus / Amex Plat promotion offering 40,000 Avios (
      Is that perhaps what you saw Cate?

      • There is an ongoing Amex Promo in Spain delivering 1.25MR for every euro spent and a (stackable) 25% bonus when converting MR to Iberia. Its a 25th birthday of Amex Spain or something similar. Runs until the end of September and only available on Spanish Amex.

      • Nope it wasn’t EwanG but the 40,000 (or 40%??) was definitely there; in English and on a colorful (fireworks/siesta scene??) red back ground. I’m sorry, only got a quick glance. I waited for the offers to refresh but it had gone.

  17. Quick question: can my GF transfer her Amex MR points to my SPG account? We are registered at the same address.

  18. Nope it wasn’t EwanG but the 40,000 (or 40%??) was definitely there; in English and on a colorful (fireworks/siesta scene??) red back ground. I’m sorry, only got a quick glance. I waited for the offers to refresh but it had gone.

  19. Same here – should be able to make use of it.

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