30% bonus when you buy Virgin miles or use ‘Miles Booster’ – good deal?

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Virgin Atlantic has launched its semi-regular bonus for buying miles and for ‘Miles Booster’.  What is hasn’t launched is the equally regular “30% off Economy miles redemptions” sale – perhaps we won’t see this deal returning in 2017?

The first offer is a 30% bonus when you buy Virgin Flying Club miles.

The link to buy, transfer or gift miles is here.  However there is NO bonus for gifting or transferring miles – only for buying them for yourself.

The closing date for the bonus is 31st October.

Virgin now allows you buy to a whopping 100,000 miles per year at a cost of £1,515!

Virgin Atlantic 350

Is this a good deal?

As usual with these cases, the answer is “not really, unless you want to do an immediate redemption”.

To buy 20,000 miles, for example, comes out at £315. With the 30% bonus, you would actually receive 26,000 miles. This works out at 1.21p. You would struggle to get good value if you bought all of the miles you needed for a redemption at that price but of course topping up an account is a different matter.

(Before buying, think if you have any Amex Membership Rewards points, Tesco points, Heathrow Rewards points or hotel loyalty points which you could transfer instead. Remember that Amex points transfer instantly if your accounts are already linked.  A cheaper way of getting 20,000 Virgin miles would be to get the free – in Year 1 – Amex Gold charge card and transfer the 20,000 Amex points sign-up bonus.)

The second offer, ‘Miles Booster’, IS a potentially very good deal.

Miles Booster only works if you have a Virgin Atlantic cash or reward flight booked or have taken one in the last six months. You are able to buy an additional 200% of the base miles you will earn from the flight for just 1p each.

Click here for details. If you have a New York economy flight booked, for example, you would earn 6,916 base miles from your trip.

Miles Booster allows you to buy up to 13,832 additional miles for just 1p each. Plus, with this promotion, you would get an extra 30% bonus as well.

If you maximised the Miles Booster option for a New York economy flight, you would be able to buy a total of 17,981 Virgin Flying Club miles for just £138.32. That is 0.77p each, which is well worth considering.

You can retrospectively buy miles via Miles Booster for any Virgin Atlantic flights taken in the last six months, cash or reward.  Yes, even previously flown or currently booked redemptions count.

Even if you don’t have any current bookings, you may be able to take advantage of this.  At this price, I would consider the Miles Booster deal if you know that you will be using them in short or medium term.

(Want to earn more Virgin Flying Club miles?  Click here to see our recent articles on Virgin Atlantic and Flying Club and click here for our home page with the latest news on earning and spending other airline and hotel points.)

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  1. Be warned that hotel to Virgin can take a long time. IHG took 4 weeks to post recently so wish I hadn’t bothered.

  2. My wife and I are flying UC on a Virgin operated DL flight. Will we qualify for FC miles and can we use the booster?

    • I’ve answered my own question and double boosted my miles for both of us, at a cost of £176.56 each for 16656 miles each + 30% bonus. Thanks once again Rob

      • doog1000 says:

        Do the miles bought go all together into your single account or must they go in separate accounts for yourself and your wife?

        • James A says:

          Separate accounts, Virgin will happily charge you again to move them to one account if you like lol

        • But you can spend your partner’s miles if you are both travelling together, VS allow you to be authorised on anothers account and they don’t need to have enough miles for their rtn flight alone, just enough for one whole sector.

          eg off peak Economy to Orlando 2 * 25000 miles return

          Balance before
          Mr 40000
          Mrs 15000

          Balance After
          Mr 2500
          Mrs 2500

  3. Can anyone actually see the booster offer against an existing booking? My booking just shows the double miles, no 30% bonus.

    • I can’t find it. Posted this the other day. Would like to boost some past flights.

      • hackinjack says:

        Me too – I see no option to do anything with retrospective flights ???

        • It is written in very large print on the page we link to!

          “Looking to boost miles on flights you’ve already flown? This can only be done by our Customer Service Centre team, give them a call on +44 (0)344 412 2414.”

    • Natalie says:

      The boost will be applied separately and later on in the month – circa 21st to 25th I believe

  4. Could this be a good way to buy IHG Spire elite status?

    • Steve-B says:

      You could, but it’s an expensive way to acquire status on a 5:1 ratio. I’ve held Spire for 2 years now and the only real benefit I derive from it is 100% points bonus on stays and 25,000 annual bonus points when re-qualifying. None of the other benefits are ‘guaranteed’ leaving it open to hotel discretion, which frankly, doesn’t amount to much usually. You’ll see the same view shared on here regularly.

      • Peter K says:

        It’s a 1:1 ratio from Virgin to IHG but still you are buying 0.4-0.5p IHG points for 0.77p each by buying these Virgin points. It just depends on how course to spire you are and how much value you put on it.

  5. Could be worthwhile in some scenarios as it would mean 2 upper class tickets to the Middle East would cost a total of around £2.5K off peak (£1500 for 130K points (20k short i know) + £1K taxes?

    • James A says:

      That’s true but normal fares are less than 2.5k rt to DXB/AUH, certainly on BA anyway.

      • Aspirational Flyer says:

        It worked for me, although I personally think Premium Economy is fine on short flights to the Middle East. I managed to find Upper Class award space from Dubai to London on a Bank Holiday Monday. The cash prices were very high, and I suspect will remain high for my dates, so this seemed a good deal.

  6. Is anyone able to help with the following question: is it possible to buy Miles Booster miles when the flight is credited to another airline for award purposes (e.g., operated by VS and ticketed on a VS flight number but with Delta Sky Miles number associated with the booking)?

    • To credit it to Virgin may be a possibility. I would give the call Center a ring and ask.

  7. OT – Does anyone know the best way to transfer avois or membership rewards into Aeroplan? I would like to redeem on air Canada…

    have searched but a lot of transfers only seem possible with a US account..

    Thanks 🙂

    • Go via Starwood. 2:1 into SPG and then (assuming you move 20k at a time) 1:1.25 into Aeroplan.

    • Perhaps worth looking at how much the redemption would cost via other *A carriers that are direct MR partners, like Singapore KrisFlyer or SAS EuroBonus?

  8. doog1000 says:

    I had a past booking for myself and two family members – do the miles bought go all together into my single account or must they go in separate accounts for myself and the other family members?

    • Natalie says:

      Whenever I boost for myself and my husband the miles go into our respective FC accounts…

  9. Natalie says:

    Just had my 6th failure in 10 days at trying to do a Miles Booster over the phone with the Contact Centre for a past flight. Is anyone else having this problem? Every credit card fails – and yes I have loads of credit limit 😉

  10. Hi folks,
    We recently redeemed a LHR-Nwk flight, want to fly to Caribbean in Feb 2019.

    We already have about 15000 miles each and counting, to fly premium economy would be 35000 off peak. Is it worth buying the miles booster now or to wait until next year? Do these come around once a year?

    • It is a yearly, often twice-yearly offer. However, you can get 20,000 free miles each just by getting the free (in first year) Amex Gold charge card and moving the 20,000 point sign-up bonus to Virgin. Full review of the Gold card tomorrow.

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