Earn double Avios on all BA flights until 31st December – registration required

British Airways has brought back its ‘double Avios’ promotion for flights booked and taken between now and the end of the year.

It is a decent deal and may even work for some leisure travellers as well as business travellers.  You need to be wary about the small print though.

Here are the rules:

you receive double Avios on flights you BOOK and take between now (assuming you register today) and 31st December 2017

you MUST register via this page at ba.com to take part

all Executive Club members can register except for those based in the US, Canada, Mexico or South Africa

you can fly in any cabin on any regular ticket type

you will receive the bonus on your first FOUR return trips (or eight one-way trips)

double Avios only applies to your base points and not to any cabin or status bonus

Registration is here.

British Airways double Avios promotion

Here is the list of what flights would and would not qualify:

YES – any BA operated flight where your ticket has a BA flight number

YES – a transatlantic flight operated by AA, Finnair or Iberia where your ticket has a BA flight number

YES – the OpenSkies services from Paris to New York

YES – any BA flight operated by SUN-AIR Of Scandinavia 

NO – flights on other oneworld partners, even with a BA flight number

NO – flights on BA codeshare services

NO – flights on BA franchise partners such as Comair in South Africa

Remember that pre-booked flights do not count.  In reality, if your flight was booked by a travel agent then it might slip through but you shouldn’t rely on this.

Don’t be caught by the ‘four flights rule

British Airways thought that it made sense to restrict this offer to your first eight flights taken after registration, but it may backfire.

Let’s imagine that your travel plans between now and the year end are:

Johannesburg in Business Class

Edinburgh in Economy

Glasgow in Economy

Edinburgh in Economy

Johannesburg in Business Class

Because only the first eight segments will earn double Avios, your 2nd Johannesburg flight won’t count.  You therefore have two options:

remove all traces of your BA account from one of the domestic flights (but be careful your corporate travel agent doesn’t keep adding it back) or

using a different airline to fly one of the domestic routes

If you know that you will have four long-haul flights between now and the New Year, you may want to move your short-haul flights to other carriers.

How to sign up

The registration page on ba.com is here.

As usual, the registration process is not working properly.  After clicking register you will be taken to a blank page headed “British Airways offer registration” but with no message!

It has worked, however, because if you try to register again you will get a message saying that you are already registered.

This offer is not targetted and, as long as your BA account is not based in one of the excluded countries above, you will be fine to register.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Roberto says:

    I have 16 sectors between now and the end of the year.. All booked and paid for.

    • Michael Jennings says:

      I have three. It’s highly unlikely I will be booking any more. So yeah.

  2. Always find these deals a bit annoying, in that they are targeted maybe at the business traveler who doesn’t know their movements until weeks before they fly. Clearly with the holidays many home bound flights / holidays / skiing flights will have been booked up months ago.

    Surely if the purpose is to encourage transactions / bookings and maybe filling up seats pre-Christmas, there would be no harm in extending the travel period into next year?

  3. Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

    Is ‘base points’ 100% of miles flown? How would the exclusion of cabin ‘bonuses’ apply to discount economy tickets that earn 25% or 50%?

    • Base points is the mileage x fare code factor.

      Say you book one of the cheapest domestics in ET and you are BAEC silver, you would get 125 base Avios (25% of notional 500 Avios for miles flown) and 250 bonus for being Silver (50% tier bonus). Total is 375.

      Double Avios only applies to base Avios element so you would get 125×2 plus 250 = 500 Avios.

  4. Jonathan says:

    Sorry if I’m being blind. Can someone point out the Ts&Cs clause about already booked flights? I can only find the end date (31 Dec).

    • Jonathan says:

      Oh, I think I’ve found it: 2a + 2b: register then…. book and fly before 31st dec.
      That’s a shame as it excludes my existing booking.

      • That’s frustrating.

        Surely 2a should just say “register” and not “pre-register”. Rubbish T&Cs.

    • Genghis says:

      “book and fly up to (and including) 31 December 2017”

  5. LondonFoodie says:

    Typical. 2 days after I book some nice long haul flights…

  6. Dave Barron says:

    Thanks Rob. I fly tomorrow having booked a few weeks ago. Let’s see if I get any extra points! Keep you posted 🙂

  7. vindaloo says:

    Also worth mentioning that, as always with these promotions, anyone under 18 isn’t eligible.

    • Michael C says:

      Grrr….is that in the Ts&Cs? The system let me sign my 3-yr old up.
      Surely that’s ageist?!

  8. dicksbits says:

    I have 9 sectors booked and paid for before the end of the year. What is the point of this promotion? Most people have already planned and booked their autumn breaks and Christmas market away weekends.

    • dicksbits says:

      in fact 11 booked and paid for. More fool me for loyalty as a Gold member. Never upgraded either! Ever!

      • just because you are foolishly loyal to BA doesn’t mean they are obliged to reward you in any way. the only reason they would want to occasionally do so is so that you don’t move elsewhere

    • To fill a few more seats? To try to increase the likelihood of card holders booking BA over a competitor? It’s that simple I guess.

    • to give an extra incentive to those that haven’t….

  9. dicksbits says:

    I don’t see how this rewards loyalty for frequent flyers when they announce it so late.

  10. dicksbits says:

    And I take it booking a POUG on an existing flight won’t count either..

  11. Shame I’ve already booked my travel for the rest of this year. As I only ever fly for leisure being a lowly civil servant I plan and book all trips well in advance (ok well I used to do spontaneous European trips when I was younger and single but Mr Tilly wouldn’t be too impressed if I did it now).

    Maybe this year I’ll try somehow to squeeze in a Christmas market weekend break.

  12. Works out perfectly for me, I found out work want me in LA for the last week of Oct, only found out yesterday and didn’t have time to book yesterday, so this offer is perfect for me,

  13. Stewart R says:

    Off Topic: Did I catch a line a couple of weeks back (can’t find it) that if I have put through > £10,000 on BA free AMEX credit card in last 12 months and then pay now the £195 to upgrade to premium plus I will get A) immediate credit of 2 year valid 2-4-1 but B) no Avios welcome bonus?

    If so – would I be free to immediately revert back to free AMEX credit card after 2-4-1 credits my account and get pro-rata refund against the £195 paid?

    • Yes, you can do that.

      Some people get a 6,000 Avios bonus for upgrading but this seems to be an IT error – it has happened for years and years but no-one knows why. Probably some old promotion which never got deleted.

  14. yes all spend transfers overs to the new bapp. No bonus tho, and yes you will be charged the fee, and will get the pro rate refund.. but do give them a couple of months of the fee tho! After all that 2 yr 241 is worth a lot if you get a J or a F redemption!

  15. If I fly on an AA ticket (which is also sold as a BA ticket, but at a higher price) to the US will I get the double avios offer? Thanks in advance