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Bits: 240 Avios with £24 of rioja, in the Terminal 5 Concorde Room, 4000 Flying Blue miles with Europcar

News in brief:

240 Avios with six bottles of rioja

British Airways Wine Explorer, run by Laithwaites, is fairly well known.  The latest offer is The Christmas Collection, 12 mix and match bottles for £119 plus, for new customers, 1000 Avios.

Far fewer people know that Iberia has its own UK-delivery wine deal with vinoseleccion.

Here is their latest offer.  You receive a half-price case of six bottles of rioja for just £24 including free UK delivery.  You will also receive 240 Avios in Iberia Plus – which is a good way of ‘activating’ a new Iberia Plus account to allow transfers in and out via ‘Combine My Avios’.

In the Terminal 5 Concorde Room

The Concorde Room at London Heathrow Terminal 5 is the dedicated lounge for ticketed First Class passengers and British Airways Executive Club Gold Guest List members.

I am not a big fan of it, as I wrote when I last reviewed it three years ago.  The atmosphere doesn’t work for me, neither does the lack of self-serve food options.

If you are wondering what joys you are missing out on, if you have never made it past the hallowed door, take a look at the new furniture that has just been installed.  It appears that a local Wetherspoons or retirement home closed down and BA couldn’t resist a bargain.  Click to enlarge:

(Photo by Corporate-Wage-Slave, originally posted on Flyertalk)

British Airways Concorde Room

Up to 4,000 Flying Blue miles with Europcar

Flying Blue, the KLM / Air France scheme, has launched a very generous ‘quadruple miles’ offer with Europcar.

For bookings before 8th December, for rentals completed by 15th December, you will receive:

  • 800 miles for a one-day rental
  • 1,200 miles for a two-day rental
  • 1,600 miles for a three-day rental
  • 2,000 miles for a four-day rental
  • 3,200 miles for a 5-7 day rental
  • 4,000 miles for a 8+ day rental

4,000 Flying Blue miles could amount to a generous rebate on your rental cost.

Full details are on the Europcar website here.  Note that the offer is not valid for rentals in the US or Canada.

PS.  Flying Blue is due to unveil major changes to its programme today – more on HFP tomorrow

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I try Flybe from Heathrow to Edinburgh - a good Avios-earning BA alternative?
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  1. OT re AMEX Plat. I could upgrade to get the 20kMR for the £1k spend in the first three months. If the card arrives soon enough I could do this very quickly (I’ve a present to buy).

    How soon after the card arriving does it take for the £450 charge to be levied as I’d like to get the card, hit the spend, transfer out the MR and then cancel.

    • Genghis says:

      It depends. Sometimes in month 1, sometimes on the anniversary of you getting the Gold card.

    • or you could get lucky and not be charged the 450 at all 😉

      • Cheers – weighing up what to do. Just got a bonus 3000MR for adding a supplementary on my GC which I have transferred out immediately….question is now do I go for the upgrade. How long does the plat take to arrive from approval?

  2. re Vinoseleccion:
    have people who have ordered this wine received an email confirmation please?

    • the real harry1 says:


      ummed & aahed a bit then went for it x2 – the wine’s worth it in any case and saves worrying about IB a/c expiring

      ‘Latin style label, fruity in smell, starts with a fruity flavor (red fruit like) and soft on the tongue. Not very special but a very decent wine, easy to enjoy. Safe choice if you cater to a varied crowd.’

      sounds about right, 2013 worth about £4 but with the points ours are £3.60 with free delivery

      if you could keep it a few years would improve a bit

    • I ordered the wine deal via VinoSeleccion. I did receive an email confirmation, it is not what I would call a detailed email. The email mentions the product I purchased, but doesn’t play back any other details. Also the payment isn’t taken at the time of purchase (albeit you do submit your credit card details). Anyway, fingers crossed and hopefully 6 bottles of wine will turn up in a couple of days/weeks….

      • the real harry1 says:

        points can take 6-8 weeks

      • Just an initial email, no money taken yet, but already getting marketing emails despite ticking the no contact box. Don’t get the 400 Avios headline when this appears to be a 240 avios deal.

    • I did 2 orders – one of each of our accounts. I didn’t get an email on my account but hubby got one on his.

  3. OT but about BA as a customer service-related data point.

    We (read “I”) can be guilty of a bit of BA bashing at times but I had a return CE trip to OSL over the weekend and the service was exemplary on both legs. On the way out, there were only 4-5 of us in CE, so I expected the service to be good.

    On the way back it was even better, despite there being 8 fully-occupied rows of CE on an A319. Great service because the crew wanted to make a difference:
    – one crew more than happy to hold babies or bags and take either down the aisle to help parents with not enough hands
    – At one of these times, the CSM was dealing with a customer who’d left their phone at the gate so the First Officer overheard what was going on and came to the door to greet passengers
    – CC greeting each seat pair in CE and introducing themselves to the passengers
    – Two members of staff in CE were joined by a third after they had done the ET BOB-dash. This made the service seamless
    – The CSM coming round with he champagne bottle every ten mins, offering top-ups (with spare glasses for those joining the party late), plus proactively offering liqueurs.
    – CSM addressing me by name (I’m only BAEC silver-soon-to-be-bronze).

    Thought of mention here as might be of interest that there’s still great service going on out there, but it was actually so positive an experience I wonder whether there is more to it than blind coincidence??

    • At the end of the day CE is still mutton dressed as lamb and will remain so in the absence of a proper business seat and space. I’m not bashing BA, just being realistic. If paying for CE then the service you refer to should be the norm, not something to be flagged up and praised. Flew to BKK in CW in September, also a good experience from a mixed fleet crew, could not fault it.

      • I’m not bashing BA either but I gave up with CE when the took the legroom away. I usually try for an exit seat now. It may yetvbe the reason I go back to easyjet.

  4. OT but as it’s bits, MrCate has just had an email saying his referrals allowance for BAPP has been doubled. Don’t know if it’s targeted.

    I’ve never really understood why these are capped. Surely if you know people who want the card then why shouldn’t they be rewarded for pushing more business to them?

    • Scallder says:

      I’ve had the email today too, although on my online account it was showing that for a week perhaps? Had a similar email re SPG Amex too (although had closed it a few weeks before), so I’m guessing it might be across the entire portfolio (or at least for credit cards?)

    • Probably because they they think you might be pushing people who won’t contribute to their income long-term (E.g. mutual churners)

  5. Genghis says:

    OT I’ve not received my 1k Marriott points yet from the Twitter promo. Are any others experiencing problems?

    • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

      Working perfectly for me.

    • Funny you should mention that I had to enter three times on Sunday before I got the confirmation.

    • Working fine for both me and OH, they post really quickly and we both receive notifications that we are getting them too

    • DIdn’t work for me for the first time, sent a chaser around 1500 but no response yet.

    • Got mine fine yesterday and the week before but still chasing up from before that… no clue as to why they haven’t posted

    • @genghis you might have to set your tweets to public. That fixed the problem for me.

      • Genghis says:

        Thanks Alex but already public and I’ve been getting the points the last few weeks. Still no response from Marriott.

        • Same happened to me this week, I sent them a direct message last night and they added overnight. Might be worth trying that…

    • I got mine ok

    • Came through fine for me, transaction dated 5th Nov.

  6. “It appears that a local Wetherspoons or retirement home closed down and BA couldn’t resist a bargain.”

    Hahaha, or as they would say in Spain , jajaja 🙂

    This is the essence of BA recently, unfortunately – in all, from nearly-older-than-me B767s to pathetic food offerings of cheapest possible egg sandwiches on 4-hour flights

  7. OT – can’t get the Accor/ Air Berlin/ Iberia trick to work. I follow all the steps in the 6/8/14 article but at the end I am getting an email:

    subject “Your Rewards points have been recredited to your account.”

    body: “You have opted for your Rewards points to be automatically converted into air miles. Your points will be converted as soon as you reach the required points threshold.
    Your request is currently pending approval by our Partner Iberia.”

    Tried a couple of weeks ago and undid the auto-conversion option last week, just tried again and same response.

    Any ideas? I’ve previously moved points to Iberia so maybe it has remembered and this only works for new conversions. Alternatively any easy ways to earn 800 Accor points?

    • the real harry1 says:

      anybody who has it working is petrified of touching it – it will surely break

      I do remember having to fiddle with it for a while until it eventually got working (x2) – I guess they’ll take it away as an option in due course, anyway

    • Same experience. It seems they’ve closed the loophole.

  8. OT Bits – 7 days now passed since VS to IHG transfer initiated, nothing showing up yet – fingers-crossed all still going to plan and counting towards Spire!

  9. OT – my partner has today a new replacement supplementary gold reward card from me ( he has a different postal address to me ) and he’s activating the card on line. If he registers the card to his existing BAPP online account – will it mean he won’t be eligible for new gold reward card bonus when he applies in his own name and at his own address? Is it better to create a new amex on line account for this particular card? Sorry – hope you can understand what I mean! Thanks!

  10. Concorde Room furniture – am in there now and expected to be aghast! I’m not, it’s an improvement in my opinion, especially out on the terrace. Furnishing choice is of course a matter of personal taste, but the photo in this article does not do the new style justice…. in my opinion.

  11. Ian Cowan says:

    Anyone had their wine yet? Or a contact email/phone-call from Vinoseleccion as promised in their confirmation email? Their UK phone number (01908 code) brings up a foreign (presumably Spanish) ringtone then a recorded message, even during their advertised customer service hours. Hmm.

    • Nothing here – ordered on 6th November and no contact after the intiial email, credit card has not been charged.

      I’ve sent an e-mail to them – will see if they get back…

      • the real harry1 says:

        nothing to worry about

        they’re getting more stock sent over to UK

        • Yeah looks like it will get here fairly soon – got a reply from Vinoseleccion:

          Thank you for your message. I confirm that your order of Bene Placitum Reserva has been received correctly and it is being processed. Delivery date is approx. about 1 week as the wine is completely sold out in UK and had to be sent from Spain.

          I kindly inform you that until the order is not processed, Vinoseleccion will not make any charge.

          Our apologies for this inconvenience

  12. Received message this morning telling me delivery is today, ordered on Nov 8th! So I guess the new stock has arrived. This is the first contact I have had since I ordered.