50% bonus when you buy Avios – worth it?

British Airways will today launch another aggressive ‘buy Avios’ offer.

It is a short term deal which expires on Friday 17th November.

BA has increased the number of Avios you can buy under this deal – the cap is now a whopping 200,000 points!

You need to visit ba.com via this page in order to buy.

Let’s take a look at the ‘buy Avios’ deal in detail so see whether it is worthwhile or not.

British Airways A350

Here are a few price points:

5,000 Avios – was £95 (1.9p), now 7,500 Avios for £95 (1.26p)

10,000 Avios – was £175 (1.8p), now 15,000 Avios for £175 (1.16p)

20,000 Avios – was £335 (1.7p), now 30,000 Avios for £335 (1.12p)

50,000 Avios – was £815 (1.6p), now 75,000 Avios for £815 (1.09p)

100,000 Avios – was £1,615 (1.6p), now 150,000 Avios for £1,615 (1.07p)

As I am writing this before the offer goes live, I don’t know the cost of 200,000 Avios.  The cheapest price for anyone buying up to 100,000 is 1.07p per Avios point.

Is this a good deal?  Well, it is fair to say that you won’t lose money at this level.  I have a spreadsheet showing the last few million Avios I redeemed and my average value is 1.15p per point.

This is skewed by a few things though:

I do quite a few ‘double Avios’ Gold Priority Award redemptions to force open seats on full flights.  These drag down my ‘pence per point’ valuations.

My household generates 2 x 241 vouchers each year but we tend to do two long-haul trips per year, each for 4 people.  We only use a 241 on 50% of our long-haul redemptions which, again, drags down my ‘pence per point’.

The cash value I place on an Avios redemption is what I would realistically pay for a similar flight.  This means that I generally value Middle East business class at £1500 and longer routes at £1750 return.  You can normally get a ticket for this although not necessarily on BA.  You may prefer to use a higher or lower number.

Even if you agreed with my methodology, it would be crazy to pay 1.07p per Avios if you were going to redeem them for 1.15p.  Avios points are obviously not as flexible as cash and are issued by The Central Bank of IAG which, frankly, has an inflationary track record to rival many third world countries.  (And even in countries of high inflation, you can usually spend your cash whenever you want – unlike an Avios point.)

Personally, I would be targetting somewhere closer to 0.66p before I would be a speculative buyer – but that is based WHOLLY on my personal circumstances.

This is my long ‘what is an Avios point worth?’ article (click here) which takes a more scientific view based on different ways you may spend your points.  These valuations tend to come out at nearer 1.5p in the best cases.  On this basis, paying 1.07p – with no more effort required than picking up your credit card – may work you.

If you are only topping off an account with the last few thousand you need for a redemption, the price per point doesn’t really matter anyway.  You get the 50% bonus however few points you buy, even the minimum of 1,000.

Before you buy, though, think about the options.  Could you or your partner take out an American Express Preferred Rewards Gold card instead?  The card is free for the first year and you’ll get 20,000 Amex points (= 20,000 Avios) when you spend £2,000 within 90 days.  That is a better deal than spending around £250 buying points under this deal.  If you’ve got a BA Amex and a Gold or Platinum, how about the Starwood Preferred Guest American Express card?  The 10,000 points you get for signing up convert to 10,000 Avios and you only need to spend £1,000.  (The Starwood Amex has a representative APR of 36.2% variable including the annual fee based on a notional £1200 credit limit.)

You need to buy before midnight on Friday 17th November.  The link to buy is here – if it isn’t live when you click through, try again later today.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

Disclaimer: Head for Points is a journalistic website. Nothing here should be construed as financial advice, and it is your own responsibility to ensure that any product is right for your circumstances. Recommendations are based primarily on the ability to earn miles and points and do not consider interest rates, service levels or any impact on your credit history.  By recommending credit cards on this site, I am – technically – acting as a credit broker.  Robert Burgess, trading as Head for Points, is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to act as a credit broker.

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  1. May be a buyer at this price for use on American for short haul. And others may well be too.

    • The trouble with buying US domestic flights is that they are very rarely available on Avios.com.

      I know they can be organised via the Call Centre, but that isn’t as useful when planning a multi-city break.

  2. FYI: 200,000+100,000 @ GBP3,215, so also 1.07 per point.

    • Plus you would get 9645 avios for paying by BAPP, bringing it to 1.03 per point.

    • As that would cover most if not all avios BA first class redemption destinations, if you were happy to be flexible with the destination and dates (Santiago, Buenos Aires, Rio, Tokyo) I guess you would view £3,215 for a flexible first class ticket as a good deal. Even more so with a 2-4-1. Or am I missing something? Still have some Avios left over I suspect as well.

      • You’ve also got to add approx. £1000 in “taxes” but it’s something I would consider in a couple of years when I get a lump sum to play with for an amazing 50th birthday trip.

        • Good point, had forgotten the taxes.

        • It’s still a good deal. London to Boston in F both ways for example, would cost £2600 if you bought the required avios, used a 2 4 1 and paid the taxes, whereas two paid tickets cost £6300. Even if you don’t class your avios as being “free” I’d consider it a bargain…planning that birthday trip now!

        • Except in a BA Holidays sale you can occasionally get Boston in CW for £1299 or so and they’ll give you a hotel for 3 nights as well!

        • Do they do these sales in the school holidays and in F?!

      • Only if you would have paid that. Possibly I would pay £3k cash for F to Latin America – albeit I would earn Avios and TP back, but no flexibility.

        This hobby, in some ways, benefits wealthier people more than others. If you would pay £5k cash for a fully flex F to Tokyo then Avios offer great value. If you would never do anything except Econony if you paid, you don’t save much hard cash using points for First or Business – you just have a nicer time.

        • I’m more than happy with having a nicer time!

        • I’m nowhere near wealthy but happy to have a nicer time paying what I would have paid anyway in economy or WTP.

        • I wouldn’t pay top dollar for first (to be honest I’m happy with a flat bed for long haul and would rather save money/avios and go club, having been lucky enough to experience both). However what avios allows me to do is have a treat. I don’t doubt that I could work harder at getting points and also be smarter redeeming them. However first to Rio, some club Europe experiences, club to NY and an upcoming club world flight to Cuba, all in the last two years since I got serious with the hobby, are more than enough for me. I’m also lucky enough to have enough Virgin miles which will get me upper class back from Cuba. My wife is happy as well, and that is worth it’s weight in gold! I’m certainly not wealthy but as Tilly and Anna say above having a nicer time is all part of the journey.

  3. “Well, it is fair to say that you won’t lose money at this level”

    This statement is simply not true in what is otherwise a well-reasoned article. It would be best removed. For example, the cost of the 150k avios alone for a zone 7 CW redemption to East Asia is greater than a miles-earning business class fare with other airlines. On such routes customers would still be losing money if they used a 241 in CW. For other zone 7 redemptions the cost of the avios plus tax and fees applied by BA will be greater than available revenue fares. The same will be true for many other destinations in different zones. I am not suggesting it does not make sense to buy avios at 1ppa, I know it can make sense. However, it would be safer to recommend readers not buy avios at much more than 0.5-0.7ppa to avoid the risk of losing money. This will be especially true for those who are relatively new to the hobby and still finding their way.

    • the real harry1 says:

      the logic is not about comparing the value of Avios redemptions to what you could buy on other airlines

      • So, what’s the logic then? It all seemed to be about saving/losing money. If not, then what’s the point of FF schemes from the customer perspective?

        • the real harry1 says:

          your or my logic is our own – I’m talking about the logic in the article

          simply that buying Avios @ 1.07p then redeeming them for more that 1.07p is not going to lose you any money

          sure, if you never intend to fly BA, don’t waste your money

        • @TRH1, tge same is true if selling tbem at 0.1ppa. The point I was trying to get at is that some may be persuaded to buy at 1ppa in the general belief that they will not lose money. This is dangenrous; while it is true that many, hopefully most, HFP readers will not fall into the traps there are always newcomers to the hobby who might do so, so a more conservative recommendation on avios values is safer. I am not suggesting that newcomers to the hobby are not smart enough to avoid the pitfalls, but BAEC is complex as the comments frequent show, and it is easy to make mistakes.

    • @JamesB You seem to rely heavily on this zone 7 Asia example to make this point. I’m not a buyer at this price myself – I pick up avios for next to nothing it seems – but I’m sure others might see some value.

      • I use East Asia as an exanple as I remain clued in on fares. However, there will be many otber examples in both lower and higher zones on the basis of articles and comments on HFP. It is also true that there are markets where customers are almost certain to realise more than 1ppa in premium cabins most of the time. There is also the indirect or non-monetary elements of value to consider. For example, the value of an avios redemotion to me is increased by the flexibility to change or cancel the ticket but with availability on popular longhaul destinations often drying up soon after T-355 nowadays, this is less valuable than it used to be.

    • I’d agree with this, and perhaps say the majority of Avios redemptions are poor value based on a 1p per Avios target, purely because it’s easy to be conditioned into ignoring the OTT charges, etc.

      So when filling in the credit card details, – ‘I’ve cashed in my free to earn Avios for a Business class trip to Singapore’ may justify the purchase better to us than ‘I paid 210000 Avios and £600 in charges, not to mention costs for booking a good seat’.

      Assuming the value used in this article of £1750 for a return biz to Asia, then you’re getting £1150 (balance of the £1750 when £600 charges have been taken) for your 210000 in the example of Singapore J, or around 0.5 Avios per £. Also less rebates from credit card spend and no earned miles to offset it.

      Even with 241 you’re struggling to make 1p per Avios. Assuming again that you want to go to Sinagpore, rather than Bali or Phuket or wherever and don’t have to then buy more flights.

      There are great uses, so one way offpeak from HKG using a Lloyds voucher for 39000 Avios and £35 for example, but definitely few and far between. Far better value to be had with Alaska, Virgin and Singapore Airlines redemptions for Asia IMHO.

      • the real harry1 says:

        RFS/ European redemptions are usually great value for us

        • Yep – if LHR is easily accessible these are great. As a northerner they killed it for me by removing free UK connections from it (I could more or less justify turning a 2 hour flight into a 6 hour indirect flight and transiting LHR when it was subsidised, but no more).

          Still other good uses where 1p is achievable (short/mid haul on CX, AA, JL) – just very little on BA metal for me these days.

          I like Avios as they are easy to collect in the UK, but given the choice of FFP’s to have say a million points with, they would be some way down the list.

        • Totally agree – effectively means a min £100 extra cost on top of the ex-LHR RFS Avios+fees pricing – makes direct LCC normally the winner unless very close-in to departure and silly prices. Makes me question benefit of going for Gold again given LH travel will be in Biz redemption, although would miss free seat selection.

        • +1, especially now there are some direct flight from MAN. Got over 2p per avios on my last RFS booking.

      • I’m glad some people get my point entirely. The psychological aspects you refer to are also important and can cause some to make poor choices and be conned by the FF schemes. At the end of the day FF schemes are run by airlines for their own benefit, not the benefit of the passengers so that is the only alarm call we should need. The first rule of this hobby should be, to, directly or indirectly, pay as close to 0ppa as possible and the seconf to have a limit that is not broken except in exceptional circumstances.

        • I think there are 2 issues:

          1) whether you are buying Avios as a direct alternative to a revenue flight that you are imminently considering, or regularly consider, paying for.

          2) whether you seek opportunities to buy Avios “cheaply” because you think you will be able to sell them back to BA for more in the future.

          The problem with 2) is that many people use the price at which BA is offering to sell a paid flight as their valuation for Avios. This is only the case if you would have paid BA’s asking price for that flight. Also, it serves as an ego booster (look at me, I got F flights “worth £10000” for £2000!)

          I generally get 0.8p per Avios but this is because I very rarely want to pay the amount BA, or any other airline, wants. So I don’t really mind buying at the same value as I’m selling them for because flights at the prices I am willing to pay are very rarely seen.

        • I think there’s kind of a third issue in that because of it’s ubiquity, Avios is seen as almost a defacto FFP choice for most UK collectors – who will collect or buy Avios because it offers what is perceived to be the only alternative to a revenue flight. Also that all FFP’s are equal and the only differentiator is the ease of collecting miles, so Avios is best.

          As an example of why this can be wrong, my family summer holiday this year (3 of us going to Bali) is costing £800 and around 300,000 ‘miles’ (mixture of Alaska, Avios and Virgin). Business class for the longhaul sectors (IST-LHR on SQ, HKG-MAN on CX) rest on economy.

          Avios version (MAN-LHR-HKG in business, and HKG-DPS in economy) of this is twice the number of miles and 3 times the cash.

          I could lower the number of Avios required by using a 241 for me and daughter plus a Lloyds voucher for my wife, but this would still be 330000 miles versus the 300000 on my redemption, and I’d have to put £17000 of my annual credit card spend that could be purposed more profitably elsewhere.

          So not only do you have the issue of valuing an Avios against revenue flights, you surely have to also value it against more valuable alternative FFP points that are available at similar relative ease/cost.

  4. I would love to see an article dedicated to discussing the best way to use a BA 241 voucher; does one exist ? I have had these vouchers now for 3 or 4 years and I always struggle to redeem them.

    • Why exactly do you struggle to redeem them? There have been various discussions on this but for me flexibility (on destinations, as I am stuck with my travel dates for the foreseable future). If, say, you want to use them to fly to Orlando, where redemption seats get snapped up very quickly, you could instead fly to Miami, or include a short break in a US city where’s there’s always plenty of availability such as New York or Washington DC then take a connecting flight to Orlando.

      • Or Tampa from LGW, its only just over an hours drive to Kissimmee area, not too bad after a long haul.

        • Or Fort Lauderdale from LGW. Did that in the summer. About 3 hours drive upto Orlando, but an easy drive.

    • Despite JamesB comments on Asia, I still teckon my best redemptions have been Maldives & Singapore/KL both hard to find. T-355 and cash fares usually high at holiday periods, eg Easter/Xmas.

      Open Jaws to Maldives, back in F from Doha

      Open jaw to Tampa, rtn from Miami.

      Having said the above, after my previous CW downgrade, I’ve yet to sign up for another BAPP Amex and I’d love to give Q-Suite a shot on a sale fare..

      Of course positioning from a UK airport with zero APD will increase the value….

    • Nigel, have you had a search???

      Here’s a list of the BA Avios redemptions, where do you fancy going to?

    • In what way is it a struggle? Kids? Short notice issues? Trying to add a domestic connection during searching?

      Bottom line is that the best use of it is to fly somewhere you really want to visit. As long as you don’t redeem for long haul economy you will get fair value.

      You will do nicely if you do nothing else than read HFP for new route announcements and then book those when the tidal wave of says appears on Day 1 of booking.

      • Things are a bit bleak if 360 seats (2J seats on 180 days of a new route) counts as a tidal wave!

        • 43.2 million avios worth of business class seats (120k x 360) opening in one day plus the 4 economy seats per day seems a decent size wave to me!
          Rob however we on about a tidal wave of days/dates available. Half a year or more of availability is a great deal to choose from.

  5. The other thing that should be included in calculating the value of avios is the fact that you wont earn avios when redeeming. So when you compare the value against a revenue ticket, you should factor in the potential lost avios too.

  6. Lady London says:

    Am a bit worried to see yet more Avios being flung into the market.

    that, plus Alex Cruz slides and comments about wanting to find more channels for people to earn Avios, are worrying me mightily. I can only see a devaluation coming. You just cannot increase the “money” (in this case, Avios”) in circulation without eventually – or sooner than later I fear – devaluing.

    • The next obvious devaluation likely to be coming is when an Avios redemption in Euro Traveller (Economy) no longer includes a hold bag as standard and/or when a Club Europe redemption only provides one and not two 32kg hold bags in the redemption price (or of course they may just wait until the cash CE fare allowance is downgraded from two 32kg to one 32kg hold bags, as it surely will be under Dear old Alex and Willie’s regime).

      Or of course just abolish RFS in Zones 1 to 3 in the interests of cross IAG harmonisation in Avios value……….

      • We already have avios for Bob so avios for luggage and seat selection is very plausible.

    • +1, I think 2018 will see a devaluation of some sort. However, the reason for more earning channels could be driven by the problem with credit cards going forward. A bigger problem I see is the increasing gulf between the ability to earn avios in the USA compared to every place else..

    • Unless availability increases, e.g. through the dynamic pricing we’ve heard about.

    • Perhaps Cruz is trying to attract the now ex MBNA customers?

  7. Low tax redemptions in the far east are where it’s at…

    I just booked 4 J class redemptions from HKG – SIN / KUL – HKG over Christmas on CX. Cash price for the flights is currently £8248 (not that we would ever consider paying that much!)! We paid 160,000 avios plus £187 in taxes.

    I make that about 5p per avios!!

    • Not done the maths, but went first class to Rio for the carnival this year. Around 205,000 avios and 2-4-1. Fully flexible fares were just over £25k return for two.

    • Hope you were able to book the CX flights on a long haul business class as opposed to the regional product. CX fly a mix of aircraft types on those routes. I did a KUL to HKG, making sure it had the long haul business class, the day before the flight the aircraft was changed to one that included a First cabin (which wasnt sold), so got to reserve Seat 1A in First! Quite a difference from the regional product.

      Redemption in Asia seem great value, but do compare them to the cost of using Air Asia and paying cash.

      • Have you tried their A350? I’ve heard the seats become uncomfortable after a while. We have two HKG-LGW awards next year but I’m toying with dropping them in favor of Singapore. Thanks.

        • Flown the a350 from LGW. It was fine. Arm rest was broken but I got about 11 hrs kip on the way home from HKG! I like CX regional J. I happily passed out in that seat too.

        • For me it was one a 777, at the time i think the seats were quite firm, by design, as opposed to BA CW where the seats are firm because they are worn out!

          Food on CX can be a bit hit n miss, ranging from great to ‘whats this?’. I always went for the asian options, including hong kong style milk tea.

        • Thanks chaps – very helpful.

  8. I’m not buying this time but I’ve bought the max at near this level before from Iberia (0.9p and 1.0p). I’ve had excellent value from these previous purchases on IB business class to Lima, JAL internal flights, domestic USA flights on Alaska and zone 1 RFS routes. Probably no coincidence that all of these are redemptions that minimise taxes/fees!

    I do agree with JamesB’s comment above – there are lots of situations where you could lose money making redemptions after buying for ~1p. Even using a 241.

  9. I’d struggle at 1p / Avios to have it make sense for my situation. Am restricted to school holidays, most places we would go are long haul @ 75k per leg in Club plus BA crazy charges – giving a “cash” price for the return ticket of ~£2100 without a 241 voucher (or ~£1400 per person with a 241 including the cost of the card for a year). Then there’s the effort to get the 2 seats for key dates, never mind the fact that we need 3 seats anyway. On some routes its possible to get a BA cash ticket for a Club one-way / PE other way ticket for a bit over £2k assuming you desperately need to go BA, but for places like the Maldives a cash ticket ex Europe with Qatar is usually a good deal less and there are daily flights. Another option for Maldives is to buy AA miles for ~2 cents each and redeem on Etihad for 85k (~£1500 incl UK dep tax) per person return – usually possible to get 3 seats in business class, better product than BA, allows departure ex EU if desired, and daily flights to Maldives, only inconvenience is a stop in Abu Dhabi.

    • I’m interested in this as I have a large stack of Avios and 1 (soon to be 2) 241 vouchers. I need to travel in school holidays: 2 adults and 2 kids (both <6 years) – given BA only release 2 Club World tickets per flight initially any tips on destinations or getting hold of flights would be very welcome.

      How do people secure 4 CW tickets? Book 2 and then hope/pray more get released? Do some good long haul holiday destinations have better availability?

      So far we have been using economy in Europe with 4 x RFS during school holidays which has proved good value but we are keen to go further afield!

      • Ian, use the reward flight finder tool, select “full year search” and tell it you want 4 seats in CW. You can search up to 3 destinations at once. If you’re willing to be flexible you will find plenty of options, even in the school holidays. New York is my favourite example, BA have about 15 flights per day to JFK and Newark (the latter is surprisingly accessible and has a great lounge), so availability is always decent. It’s a great destination in its own right, but you can also fly on to pretty much anywhere you like from there. We also got 3 x CW to Washington DC for August next year, which I booked at T-355 as we have fixed leave dates, they don’t always restrict CW to 2 seats.

        • So essentially – the better served the airport, the more reward seats you will find.

      • Try playing with baredemptionfinder.com and sticking in 4 people on popular routes. It will give you a feel for what is available and how far ahead you need to book.

        Be flexible too, eg Singapore is tricky – partly because the Sydney flight is the same one – but Kuala Lumpur or some of the other obscure Asian destinations are easier. 4 CW to Beijing, for example, is a doddle and you don’t need a Visa now, either for transit or a stopover of up to 3 days.

  10. I’m still very, very new to all of this and therefore am trying to get my head round values, but I (for the moment) am taking the view that if they get me something that I really want the the value is relative. The issue I have in trying to value the avios I accrue or buy is that there are avios that I view as free (i.e. zero costs), which can be referral bonuses, club card conversions and then avios that I buy (I have dipped in on bonus avios like this before to bump the HH account).

    We’re flying back F from NYC next month. We upgraded for 40k avios from CW. The flights back are showing as £6k per seat in F, which I would never pay, but for me, using 40k of avios from CC bonuses, Clubcard conversions etc is brilliant. We have them, they are there to use, and we’re getting something we’ve never experienced or would pay outright for. Even with this 50% bonus you could ‘buy’ 40k avios for £447. Would I ever think that bumping to F for £224 each would be worth buying? Yes, probably!

    • Tom, l agree, if you can get a proper bump up like J to F, then it’s worth it. Couple of times l boosted my OH avios fund to get a J up from PE on ow biz trip. So for a specific target in mind then only would we buy, and only at 50% bonus…
      We had the avios last year and paid 20k pp to go from J to F from NYC back to Lon, as we had never got that chance before. We had got great J BA sale price from dub in the 1st place.

      • For Polly:
        Many thanks for your helpful reply re my qu about blue to Pplus friend introduction.
        Yes you’re quite right, the drop down menu allows friend to apply for whatever card they want and get enhanced bonus. Amex supervisor has now listened to phone call and says 1st amex person gave me wrong info ( which of course they did not actually!) but amex will honour what she promised so my blue card will also get 9K intro bonus
        Thanks for your help

      • Yes thank you Polly for pointing me in the direction the redemption to F in the first place!

        • Elt and tom
          Always one of us around will help if we can….glad worked out for both of you

  11. OT – Regarding the Amex Gold card, I am going to refer someone for a new card who cancelled their previous Amex Gold in May.
    To ensure they are eligible for the introductory bonus do I need to wait 6 months from the date of cancellation, or 6 months from the final statement date?

    • Cancellation. Stated on their cancellation letter

    • Bob – try posting unrelated future OT’s in Bits, but I normally phone Amex to ask them the earliest date that I can reapply

      • It’s a good point. I phoned them the other day to enquire why I couldn’t see my points in my rewards account. Turns out it was a glitch (now sorted) but he gave me 2000 awards points for the inconvenience. A call and getting someone who isn’t in a bad mood can proof effective. You never know until you make the call.

      • It’s a good point. I phoned them the other day to enquire why I couldn’t see my points in my rewards account. Turns out it was a glitch (now sorted) but he gave me 2000 awards points for the inconvenience. A call and getting someone who isn’t in a bad mood can prove effective. You never know until you make the call.

      • Cheers. Giving Amex a call seems like the best option if they’re not going to frown too badly on such obvious churning activities!

    • 6 months from date of closure – if zero balance when you cancelled it will be that day or close to it. If you had a balance it will be the day, or near to it, you paid it.

  12. I know this is a long shot but if you don’t ask…

    If I buy avios in an SPG property using an SPG piece of kit i.e. the computers in the exec lounge, will I also get double SPG points for spending at a SPG property when the double points offer is on?

    I know it’s a long shot 🙂

  13. Karen Robertson says:

    Anyone know how often the 50% sales happen?

    I probably need a small top up of around 30,000 before I can book the return part of a business class trip to Sydney in February (for Feb 19) but would prefer not to have to buy them this week.

    Is there likely to be another 50% offer before Feb?

    • Karen, I’ve only been ‘playing’ the Avios game for a short while but from memory they have run the 50% offer on at least 2 occasions since Easter. As far as I can tell from more seasoned/knowledgeable posters, the frequency seems to be increasing albeit on the flip side of this is the suggestion that it will lead to some form of Avios devaluation in 2018.

      So in summary, I would imagine there would be another offer period Q1 2018, but possibly post the Jan sale period so maybe not before Feb…..

      • There are also likely to be ‘buy Avios for 1p’ deals via Iberia (Groupon) or BA France (Vente Privee) again. I would be shocked if this is the last deal this year.

        • Karen Robertson says:

          So the Groupon/Iberia one would be the best to go for? Not been doing this for very long so playing catch up a bit

    • Is there any Amex cards you can churn instead? The risk will be buying a load of avios to book a reward flight on the route with the least amount of availability.

      • Karen Robertson says:

        Already have two Amex so don’t think so.

        As long as BA stick with the 2 guaranteed seats on each flight we should be OK as reasonably flexible on outgoing date and prepared to go economy on return with an overnight stop in Singapore if we can’t get the business seats although I am prepared to stay up all night to get them!

        • the real harry1 says:

          consider a Purchases Credit Card eg http://www.tescobank.com/credit-cards/purchases/index.html ?

          of course it won’t arrive in time – but you have other credit cards & sounds like you just want to manage your cashflow until later

          the Purchases credit card gives you interest-free purchases for up to 30 months – which can be handy for precisely that purpose (cashflow management) – allowing you to take advantage of the 1p points opportunity

          read the T&Cs carefully as a cash advance can be against the card rules and trigger interest becoming payable sooner

        • Karen – Good luck with booking at midnight/1am @ T-355, its often a lottery, doing CW to Asia/Oz soon. I missed out on the exact dates I wanted @ T-355, booked out to SIN and rtn from KUL as was the only availablility I found.

  14. NuneatonMark says:

    Using these for a 2-4-1 redemption must make them much better value though. Worked out 2 off peak tickets Business Class to Australia, including 75k Avios I already have at approx £1600 each including taxes off peak, that can’t be bad! Is it true that you can only get to Melbourne by using Ba codeshares theerfore not valid for the 2-4-1?

    • Yes, you can only use Amex vouchers on planes that have big blue words on the side saying ‘British Airways’. Sadly none of those in Melbourne any more. You would need to use them either to Sydney and connect on another ticket, or fly into MEL from somewhere else. Personally – and I know this sounds awkward to someone keen to get the best use out of the voucher – I would go CX from HKG direct to MEL (or QF/JL from TYO) – it’s a long old flight as it is, and the prospect of another flight when landing at SYD would be enough for me to pay a small bit extra for convenience.