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Final HfP Christmas Party tickets sold at 10am – three new raffle prizes added

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The 2nd and final batch of tickets for the Head for Points reader Christmas party, sponsored by Qatar Airways, will go on sale at 10am today, Saturday.

The party will take place on Tuesday 12th December from 6pm to 8pm at the Dry Martini Bar at the Melia White House hotel, Regents Park (Great Portland Street tube).

The link to buy is here.


The first 75 tickets sold out in a minute yesterday.  If you missed out, hopefully you can jump in today.

(It is quite clear now that not everyone who wants to come will be able to make it.  Sorry.  Last year it took us 8 hours to sell 150 tickets – and the price was cheaper – so we never expected such overwhelming demand this year.  It looks like around 1,000 people tried to get tickets yesterday.  Next year we will look at a different model, potentially a nominal entry fee with a cash bar and space for 300 instead of 150.  However, for 2017, we are where we are.)

Three new raffle prizes added

Every guest on the night will get a free raffle ticket.  We now have roughly £4,500 of prizes to give out.

Warning – the raffle could take a while, given how many prizes we now have!  The upside is that your chance of winning is better than 1 in 10.

Here are the three new prizes we are announcing today:

  • Avios Group – 20,000 Avios
  • Virgin Flying Club – 20,000 Virgin Flying Club miles
  • Vueling – a €500 flight voucher, which should be enough to get two people a return flight in ‘Excellence’ class (terms and conditions apply)

Thanks to Drew, Karen and Adam for these prizes.

As a reminder, here are the other raffle prizes that have generously been offered so far:

The main prize:

  • Qatar Airways:  1 Business Class return ticket from the UK to any Qatar Airways destination (some small print applies, but not much)


And a goody bag

Every guest will take home a goody bag.  We have some decent items lined up to include.

If your company would like to contribute promotional material (150 sets needed) to the goody bags in return for a contribution towards the bar bill, please email me at anika at

How do I get my ticket?

Because we need to ensure that people who ask for tickets turn up, we are charging £20 per ticket.  This price includes VAT.

However, your £20 ticket covers unlimited house wine and beer between 6pm and 8pm.  Soft drinks will also be available.  Spirits etc can be purchased for cash.  We are not making a penny from this and indeed Qatar Airways is footing the bulk of the cost.  After 8pm, the bar will remain open for cash payments for anyone who wants to stay longer.

The 2nd and final batch of tickets will go on sale TODAY at 10am via this link.  Realistically I would not expect them to last beyond 10.05.

You can buy up to two tickets per person. American Express is accepted.

Thank you to Qatar Airways

We couldn’t have put the party together without generous financial support from Qatar Airways.

Regular readers will know that we rate the Qatar Airways business class product very highly – especially the new Qsuite currently being introduced (photo below) which comes with its own door.

The fact that you can earn Avios and British Airways tier points when you fly with Qatar Airways, due to their membership of the oneworld alliance, is an extra bonus.  If the prize winner books themselves onto a Boeing 777 service from London Heathrow they have an excellent chance of being able to try Qsuite!

There will be Qatar Airways staff at the party if you want to know more about what they have to offer.

Qatar Airways Qsuite

Comments (160)

  • HP says:

    Gutted as would have really liked to go to learn a few more tips and tricks!

    Is there a waiting list / resale market in case anyone can’t make it? I would be very happy to reimburse anyone their £20 if they find they can’t make it nearer the time……


    • Genghis says:

      I heard TRH1 was flogging them for £50 a pop?

      • the real harry1 says:

        I thought of trying to get 1 in case Ian missed out, given his outlay on fares – aah!, what a softy – but went & had a shower instead lol

        I’d have thought you would have had at least 30 seconds, so as surprised as the rest of you

        given how generous the prize sponsors have been, it does demonstrate that HFP can give new vigour to approaching organisations for prizes/ competitions in future – it’s a win-win-win

        – they love the target readership getting exposed to their brand
        – we love the prizes
        – HFP gets an easy article (after the legwork finding the sponsors)

    • Polly says:

      Last year 6 didn’t make how about a “stand by queue”..just like at the airport! People can wait across the pub across road for their names to be texted! Lucky my daughter is fast fingered too. Had to pay her £20 too…No way was l quick enough on the draw yesterday!

  • Laineyling says:

    After being unsuccessful yesterday we managed to get tickets today through the event brite app, my husband was online trying to get tickets in case the app didn’t work.
    He never even saw tickets come available despite refreshing. My impression is that the app was somehow faster. Glad that we got tickets but do hope that the sites best and most loyal commentors get tickets too as they probably add the most value after Rob and Anika

    • tony says:

      This might make sense as I failed to get a ticket using my laptop. I was refreshing the screen every second, as soon as they came available I clicked through, it said 50 remaining, I clicked on the next tab to find it was sold out.

      Anyway, I hope all who did manage to get a ticket have a suitably festive evening. And to Rob & Anika, keep up the good work!

    • Ian says:

      Yeah I was refreshing my laptop every couple of seconds and doing the same with the app, and it was the app that showed the tickets. They never became available on my laptop!

    • Matthew says:

      I tried the app too but just got unsuccessful 1 second after 10am 🙁

  • Sapiens says:

    Perhaps this is a case for more events / meetups (potential revenue stream for the business).

    Rob and Anika – I would do a quick online questionnaire around what sort of events the readership are interested in (and more data for you on general user demographics) . And what drove the huge demand for tickets.

    Obviously with 150 attendees, nobody was expecting a significant intimate 1on1 conversation with Rob/Anika. It was something else.

    I think that *something else* could be just meeting up with other people who are also into this funny hobby of ours.

    E.g. I would turn up if you just organized a pub evening on a Tues/Weds. No prizes, no presentations. It’s just grabbing a drink with other people who share an interesting hobby.

    • Polly says:

      I agree. Am looking forward to the networking and discussing insider secrets that can’t be posted on line. Am fascinated to see what else there is to learn. Its really all about sharing and helping. I get a kick out of helping and am so surprised when friends just can’t be bothered. Or just cannot understand the advantage of flying J for a few 100 more.
      So yes any kind of get together is good anywhere just to share ideas…

      Graham..are you not planning to live stream the event to the pub across the road? Great idea…

    • Sundar says:

      Yes, agreed. An annual event with prizes(and a bigger audience 300-500 considering how fast the tickets sold out) with a monthly or a fortnightly catch-up(Depends on how much time Rob/Anika have…) in a bar in London….
      Disappointed I could not get in this year after having missed out last year due to illness.

      • Fenny says:

        ” in a bar in London….”

        I know Rob & Anika live in London, but lots of us don’t. You could always do the arranging!

        • Genghis says:

          There’s always lots of complaining “why not in Scotland?”, “why not in Truro? (:))”. People need to make things happen.

          I didn’t realise there’d be so much demand.

          If people are interested in a casual get together for chats about points and travel (no prizes / free bar etc) I’d be willing to arrange something (so as long as OK with Raffles). It would’ be in London though as that’s where I live. Those interested, follow me on Twitter, genghis1232, I’ll then follow you and then send me a message. I’ll then see what I can organise in the new year based on demand.

        • Sundar says:

          Exactly Genghis, London is nearer/accessible for me, so the suggestion for London – Nothing stopping from people outside London organizing one for them.
          We should do frequent DO’s(as it is called in the US).
          Am up for London Genghis, will DM you on Twitter.

        • Nick says:

          Genghis, I would be up for your event but am not on twitface so do post a quick note here (assuming Rob doesn’t mind). I’m a bit outside London but within the commuter belt and would happily make the trip 🙂

        • Genghis says:

          Nick, I’m also genghis1232 on FT

  • Aaron Quigley says:

    I think your work here is great and the party is a very nice thing to organise for your readers. I’m sorry some people are leaving you unkind feedback which isn’t justified given what happened last year.

    I hope you have a fun party, don’t let the ungrateful posters get you down. You might consider setting up a ustream for those who couldn’t attend to watch in if you like?

    All the best for 2018


  • Mark says:

    I got a ticket! I’m at the Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi and only had my mobile so maybe I just got lucky but a lot of refreshing at 2pm and the screen changed from ‘not on sale’ to ‘buy tickets’.

    I saw a comment mentioning the lack of posts saying that they got tickets. I am an email subscriber and very very rarely use the website or post here so maybe a lot of the others that were lucky too are the same?

    Either way I am excited that I managed to get lucky. Just need to continue that trend for the raffle on the night!

  • VeryGratefulReader says:

    I managed to get one this morning as I tried on my laptop and hit refresh at 09:59:59 (didn’t get one yesterday and was extremely disappointed as it’s the one event I was looking forward to throughout the year!).

    All I can say to the readers that didn’t get one is that this has shown that there’s a lot of demand for another meetup and this will fuel further events.

  • Graham Walsh says:

    I know everyone likes a Xmas party but how about a summer party too next year in June time. Could be outside then as well (hopefully)

    • Rob says:

      May do. The Melia bar has a big terrace as it happens. Or we jointly do the Flyertalk one.

      • Mikeact says:

        The Flyer talk one that I went to, really appeared to be die hard regulars of this, so called, ‘hobby’. I didn’t meet one ‘newcomer’, but to meet some of the popular ‘handles’ was really interesting.

  • Briandt says:

    Rob. I don’t see why you need all this hassle, for what is basically a private event. Next year ? …….. forget it. Just send out private invitations only…assuming you’re both happy to put the work in.

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