Lufthansa finally reveals a good Business Class seat ….. coming from 2020

Ah, Lufthansa.  If you ever need an example of how lack of competition makes an airline lazy, look at Lufthansa.  With the German government regulating – and in many cases blocking – access to Lufthansa’s airports for the Middle Eastern carriers amongst others, it has been free to carry on regardless.

Lufthansa held on to a business class seat which was ‘angled, lie flat’ (ie sloping to the ground, AKA the wedgie seat) for longer than most.  Grief, they even ordered an expensive pile of A380 aircraft and installed previous generation angled seats on them.

When even Lufthansa realised this game was up, it found a new novelty.  It introduced a fully flat business class seat where the 2 x 2 x 2 seating is angled in a V shape.  This means that your feet are weirdly close to the feet of the person next to you.  Unless you are sitting in the middle pair, you don’t have direct aisle access and / or the certainty that your seat mate won’t climb over you.

Anyway …. those days are over.  Sort of.

Lufthansa has released pictures of the new Business Class seat that will appear on its Boeing 777-9 fleet.  And it looks very impressive indeed.

20 Boeing 777-9 aircraft will arrive between 2020 and 2025.  Lufthansa is the launch customer for this model.

Look at what you will get:

Lufthansa new business class seat 777-9


Lufthansa new business class seat 777-9

We are talking:

  • direct aisle access for all passengers
  • 1-2-1 or 1-1-1 seat layout
  • “large” monitors

It still isn’t clear what British Airways is planning for their A350 Club World seat, beyond the promise of ‘direct aisle access’, which may or may not be rolled out on the Boeing 777 fleet.  If they fall behind Lufthansa then things really are bad.  Virgin Atlantic is also planning something new for the A350 although I doubt that will be much of a departure from the herringbone layout used elsewhere.

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  1. Mohammed says:


    I cancelled my Amex gold card more than 6 months ago. However, a credit refund was made after closure and so I’ve got £60 credit on the account for which I’ve been receiving statements. Does this mean I can’t churn even thought it’s been more than 6 months or will the fact that I’m still receiving statements be irrelevant?

  2. Great looking cabin. The solo middle seat is interesting, I wonder how it will feel. To best of my recollection I only saw a solo middle seat on TG 744 first cabin but did not get to try it.

  3. Sorry OT

    If looking to book Hotels this coming February will the prices be significantly more expensive after the new year? I’m hoping to catch the new hotel promos than booking now.


  4. The middle seat config looks similar to the JetBlue mint first with a double then a single, saw this recently (online rather than in the air) and thought how disproportionate the experience would be in the same cabin.

  5. OT, sorry!
    Looking at the Antalya Crowne Plaza for Feb half term, as a Gold Ambassador . My reservation page still shows that “Your rate” under “Your world sale” includes an extra person supplement of 20 euros per night. How do I make the double occupancy rate disappear?

    • johnny_c-l says:

      Sorry no idea how to fix this, but just wanted to say this is a decent hotel with great staff, hope you enjoy it!

      • I think that the problem is that the Gold Ambassador privileges only apply at Intercontinental hotels, not the Crowne Plaza.
        C’est la vie. It looks like a spectacular place to spend half term, with 2 spas, and lots of hiking trips into the hills and around the coast! It’s dirt cheap too. I can’t wait!

  6. OT Has anyone had success with getting Amex to process a referral retrospectively if the link hasn’t worked? (They may or may not have actually used the link…)

    • You can’t, unless you can prove they used the link. This part of their IT actually does normally work so they would be suspicious.

    • Titus Adduxas says:

      I didn’t appear to have the link when I got a Gold card recently so my wife applied on her own. Before her card had arrived though I did get the ‘refer a friend’ link. We telephoned Amex to cancel her application and reapply using my link and they just kept her application going through and credited my referral points instantly. I was most impressed.

  7. OT Lloyds Avios CC. Received a cheque today for £75 and apologising that they cannot fix the avios not posting within the 26 week time frame. Have already received £150.00. Thing is they started posting 2 months after i complained and they manually posted the avios i was due so received double the amount. Their IT is truly shocking not that im complaining.

  8. Pangolin says:

    Lufthansa always gets given carte blanche by the German government (and hence the EU) to swallow up any local/regional competition. As well as Eurowings (set up to stop FR from getting enough airport slots to compete in the domestic market) they now control Austrian, Swiss and Brussels Airlines. They’ve even made attempts to devour LOT Polish Airlines but with the current nationalist government in Poland such plans will have to be put in the deep freeze for a while.

    So when Air Berlin folded it was no surprise that LH would be allowed to take over the bulk of its operations with no questions asked. The German authorities once again found no competition issues (presumably they never regularly attempt to fly non-LH controlled airlines from Germany and CEE).

    It’s also no coincidence that LH’s Miles and More program is by far the worst in Star Alliance for both mileage accrual, surcharges, expiry policies, ability to earn miles by secondary means and recognition of *A benefits. One of the stated benefits of *A Gold is getting +1 checked baggage, which means you can book a cheap HBO fare and still check 23kg of luggage in. Unless of course you fly on LH or one of its minions (LX, OS, SN), where they specifically deny this benefit to Gold status pax from Alliance partners unless you stump up extra for one of the fares that allows bags anyway!

  9. Well OT:
    Flew Sri Lankan Airways in the heringbone seats yesterday BKK-CMB. Didn’t really get on with them. I like Qatar’s version better. I just couldn’t seem to get my legs into a comfortable position, I felt kind of twisted.
    Also not as much space around me I felt or good support for resting arms when in chair / lounging mode.
    Are Finnair’s herringbone seats more like Qatar’s or Sri Lanka’s ??

    • Finnair’s seats feel very cramped indeed compared with Qatar. I don’t know how they get the superstructure of the seat to intrude and take up so much space. Also there is absolutely no contest when it comes to food, unless you like Finnair’s long-haul so-called business class offering of meat balls, mashed potato, cabbage and champagne served in tumblers.

      • Actually I do! Prefer their menu to both that of CX and QR.

        • I don’t like the food very much but absolutely love the ittala tumblers!! They’re beautiful and don’t take away any of the taste of the champagne.

  10. OT: I’m about to book my first flights with points (thanks to this very fine site!). I’d be flying one way to Vancouver from LHR in a 747, and I’ve got enough points for either a J or F redemption. On the basis of this, would you recommend booking the J seat in the top deck or F seat in the nose section? I’ve never been in a 747 before (and it looks like BA is phasing it out for an A380 on the YVR route later next year, so I may not get to try both options). Any insights appreciated!

    • Do you have status? If not, note BA charges a fat premium for 747 upper deck seats (£90? per person each way). No fee for F seat selection.

    • They run the 747 in the winter season. And a380 from April/May onwards for summer traffic.

      Unfortunately the banger 747s will be around for years to come!

      • Lets hope they update some of the interiors

      • Ah, I wasn’t aware it was a seasonal thing. I flew on a brand new QR A350 recently, so my first 747 flight should be a moderately stark contrast!

    • If you have the points, and they haven’t cost too much, it’s F every time imo.
      The Concorde lounge, is worth the extra premium on its own, not taking into account the check in, and seat and privacy in F 😉

      • Yeah, I’ve been wanting to try the Concorde lounge for a while. I’ll be travelling with a good amount of luggage as I’m moving to Vancouver for a year, so the check-in experience should be an added bonus. Thanks!

    • F. An upper deck seat might always change to a different seat for operational reasons or due to an aircraft change. Expecting 64K and ending up in a middle seat on the lower deck is a much steeper degradation than expecting 2K and ending up in 4E.

      • That’s a very good point which I hadn’t considered. I think that cinches it for me, will go with F. Thanks for the input, appreciate it!

  11. OT – sorry but no bits today.

    Does anyone know if IHG charge for transferring points to airlines?

    OTT regarding amex platinum insurance for hire cars. MrCate has just received his first ever speeding notification. Will it affect his amex car hire insurance at all or is it business as usual? Many thanks.

    • Normal hotel scheme points transfers to airline miles are free. Certainly in IHG and all the major schemes that I can think of. In fact I’ve never heard of a scheme charging for it.

    • No charge but with the conversion rate you woukd get better value keeping them with ihg.

      • It’s a bit of a no brainer with us Simon J as we haven’t used IHG points for redemptions since we opened the accounts back in the day. I’m a bit short on hard to source flight points so it makes sense to cannibalize them. Thanks for the reminder though.

    • the real harry1 says:

      with most car insurance policies, the T&Cs do actually require you to notify the insurer of any points – I can’t see Amex insurance would be any different, even if it is free with Plat

      so I’d advise to tell them about it, if only to be sure that he is still covered with rentals

      • Yes I think I’m going to have to take it further Harry. We hire often. This so annoying…

        • I can’t imagine it being an issue as it’s only car hire *excess* insurance. The car hire company (& their insurance company) should be taking account of this when hiring the car out – this is what the paper counterpart used to show, although it’s via an online version now – I must say I’ve not yet been asked for ‘licence check code’ though.

        • the real harry1 says:

          but you have to balance risk against this minor inconvenience (getting Amex to OK it)

          say: MrCate is 100% at fault in an accident and rental car + other car both get written off

          rental co say: that’ll be £60K, Amex say: you should have told us about the points because we would have declined to cover you if we’d known

        • Of course with any policy important for you to be happy & perfectly reasonable to call but I’m just saying it doesn’t seem to be an element of excess insurance (for example see another example policy – If you have a valid licence & the car hire company was willing to hire you the car despite having penalty points then the fact that you have points on your licence doesn’t seem to be an issue.