Exclusive competition: Win 5,000 Club Eurostar points plus top-tier Carte Blanche status

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This week we are running a great competition in association with Eurostar to celebrate the launch of Club Eurostar.

You can win enough Club Eurostar points for two Anytime return tickets in Standard PremierYou will be able to travel to any destination, on any day you want – guaranteed (as long as cash tickets are still available for sale, obviously).

Club Eurostar is Eurostar’s new improved loyalty scheme. It merges the previous schemes – Eurostar Frequent Traveller and Eurostar Plus Points – into one.

We wrote about the announcement back in September. Eurostar Frequent Traveller was theoretically aimed at frequent business travellers whilst Eurostar Plus Points (which only offered train gift vouchers as rewards) was aimed at the leisure market. After talking to members Eurostar decided to merge the two programs into one new scheme, making it easier to join, earn and redeem.

What is new with Club Eurostar?

Unlike most loyalty scheme ‘enhancements’, Club Eurostar offers some genuine improvements over the two previous schemes.

Club Eurostar will have a very straightforward way of earning points. The scheme is now fully revenue based. For every £1 spent on Eurostar travel you will earn 1 point. Tickets priced in € will be converted to £.

Everyone will earn more points from each trip than under the old schemes with travellers on the cheapest tickets gaining most. A £54 ticket will now earn 54 points rather than 15 points under Eurostar Frequent Traveller, for example.

Redeem for any seat, any day!

When it comes to redeeming, Club Eurostar has addressed what was Eurostar’s biggest issue – that many members wanted to redeem for peak Friday night and Sunday night trains but availability was limited.  Top tier Carte Blanche members could always do this, but now it has been opened up to the entire membership.

You can now redeem additional points to guarantee yourself a seat on peak time trains. The additional premium is modest – you will need 50% more points than usual for a Standard seat and just 25% more points than usual for a Standard Premier seat. There is no premium for Business Premier redemptions – you are guaranteed a seat on whatever train you want, as long as there is still one for sale.

If you are flexible about when you travel, you can continue to redeem for ‘value’ redemptions at a lower cost.

Remember that there are no taxes or charges with Club Eurostar redemptions. Your ‘free’ ticket is genuinely free.

Three tiers of membership

Club Eurostar will have three membership tiers instead of the two tiers on the Frequent Traveller programme.

Classique – your status when first joining

Avantage – after 400 points earned or 5 return trips in a membership year

Carte Blanche – after 1,800 points earned or 24 return trips in a membership year

Classique lets you earn and spend points at Eurostar and you will receive special offers.

Avantage has the benefits of Classique as well as the option to spend points at other railway partners (TGV, Thalys, Lyria) and the Club Eurostar shop.

Carte Blanche members can use the Business Premier and Rail Team lounges, get fast track access, have a dedicated Club Eurostar support team, can use the Business Premier ticket office and have a cab waiting at arrival.

Club Eurostar Shop

Another new addition to Eurostar’s loyalty scheme will be the Club Eurostar Shop.

Avantage & Carte Blanche members will be able to redeem their points for a curated range of over 500 items including wines, electronics, travel, home and fashion items. All redemptions include delivery and some products have the option to pay with a mix of points & cash.

Your chance to experience the benefits of an ‘Anytime’ redemption and Carte Blanche status

This week on Head for Points, one lucky reader will win 5,000 Club Eurostar points plus a one year top-tier Carte Blanche membership.

5,000 Club Eurostar points are enough for two Anytime return tickets in Standard Premier. You will be able to travel to any destination, on any day you want – guaranteed (as long as cash tickets are still available for sale, obviously).

Alternatively, 5,000 Club Eurostar points will get you:

three Anytime return reward trips in Standard, with 500 points left over

five Value return trips in Standard (using normal reward inventory)

two Value return trips in Standard Premier, with 1,000 points left over

one Anytime return reward trip in Business Premier, with 2,000 points left over

You left-over points can be topped up via American Express Membership Rewards points or via a transaction with one of the new Club Eurostar partners.

Your Carte Blanche status will guarantee you lounge access in London, Paris and Brussels for yourself and one guest irrespective of how you travel. My review of the impressive new Paris Lounge is here.

How to enter

As always, all you have to do to enter this competition is fill out the Gleam widget at the bottom of this page with your name and email address.

You are limited to one entry per person. Entry is limited to UK residents only and you must be over 18.  The prize is not transferable.

You need to enter by midnight on Sunday 17th December.

The formal version of the rules is in the widget below if you click ‘Terms & Conditions’. Good luck!

Win 5,000 Club Eurostar Points plus Carte Blanche membership

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  1. Eiji Hirai says:

    By the way, the new Club Eurostar pages fails to show your current tier expiration date, and also fails to show you number of points needed to attain the current tier or attain the next tier. These two features were useful on the old Frequent Traveller site.

    I emailed customer service asking for this information, but I haven’t heard back.

  2. Down the Back says:

    OT: Was planning to use UBER for first ever time tomorrow at Heathrow Terminal 5 to go to Windsor, should I book in advance and give flight number (in case of delays) or wait until I land to book ?
    Also where do you go to meet the UBER at T5 ? Any advice welcome.


    • No need to book in advance. There is always a huge pool of cars waiting in the holding area.

      You meet in the short-stay car park built into the terminal. Walk out of arrivals, walk 20 steps forward to leave the terminal, walk 50 steps forward to the car park lift, and then go up to whatever level you meet on (the app tells you).

      Takes 7-8 minutes for a car to get to you from the holding area.

      • Down the Back says:

        Thanks Rob,

        Sounds very simple, looking forward to my first ever UBER.



        • If you have Tesco clubcard points, you can get Uber credit at 3x value.

        • ankomonkey says:

          So Uber’s London licence loss doesn’t include Heathrow? I have a Barclaycard (Hilton) offer of free credit that I planned to use from T4 Premier Inn to T5, but assumed “London” included Heathrow, so was no longer available.

        • the real harry1 says:

          Uber have appealed so can still use the licence

        • ankomonkey says:

          Thanks, trh1!

  3. Do you know if the part points, part cash redemption will still be available with club eurostar ?

    • not at the moment

      but the FAQ says you can use points to “buy tickets, seat upgrades and, in early 2018, ticket discounts” , the latter sounds like it will be the new cash+points option

    • It also looks like you can use points to upgrade.. obviously this won’t give complete flexibility but one way to get a cash+points option

  4. OT: Amex shop small promotion. Has anyone else found out that about 20-25% of the merchants on the amex map do not actually take amex?!

    Amex have been quite good at giving me £5 when I have had to make the purchase using another card though.

    • Complained to the rep via chat about business not accepting amex, the answer was- “thanks for letting me know, we will update the map. ” No offer of the compensation at all.

      • Had the same response last year, poor.

        • the real harry1 says:

          they are indeed pretty useless on the pro-active ‘can we sort out your missing £5’ front

          I find when they get to the dismiss stage, a polite direct hit works best: ‘there’s just the small matter of my £5 statement credit: I made a special trip to buy xyz in that shop because of the Shop Small promotion, only to find they don’t take Amex – so I’m £5 down plus petrol expenses’

        • I’m currently in chat about a post office counter offer where they didn’t take Amex on the self service tills… I intend using harry’s line should I get no-where, its a bit convoluted for a fiver.. I guess that’s part of the plan that you’ll give up after a while.. 🙂

        • Well I never needed to go that far and offer the harry line, although somewhat protracted an offer of a statement credit was made without the need to ask, clearly some scripted responses but all in all not a bad experience. All resolved to my satisfaction so I’m happy.

        • the real harry1 says:

          it’s not for the fiver – it’s for the win! 🙂

      • I just ask for the £5 credit, and offer to provide the receipt proving I’ve shopped there (not using amex). They have never asked for the receipt and just give me the £5.

        They say they will update the map, but I have never seen the incorrect merchants disappear from it.

    • Or rather – they do not want to admit it, so they pay lower fees elsewhere?
      Try this: keep two cards to hand, show them the non-amex then use the other!
      My local pub always insist they didn’t take Amex – strange how their proximiry card-reader always does!

      • One of the merchants who was on the amex map said they changed card processor >1y ago due to high fees. This was after I tried the contactless machine and it double beeped. In this one case I don’t think they are just lying to get you to avoid paying by amex.

    • Every year it is the same. I can understand that might not be able to have a day-to-day up-to-date map, but there are companies who have not accepted AmEx for years.

      • ankomonkey says:

        +1. One shop I reported and got a statement credit for 4 years ago is still on the map and still doesn’t take Amex (I check every year).

    • Yeah, recurring problem.

  5. I’ve successfully received circa £30 (6 x £5) credit adjustments on each of our 8 cards. I hit the buffers over the weekend though when they started to politely refuse anymore!

  6. Although looks like only for earning rather than spending, so not quite fully rev-based?

  7. As a small business owner, I sympathise with those who don’t take AMEX, as the system for banking is different from other types of card. It used to be more expensive but in rural areas not many customers try to use them. Indeed many still want to pay by cheque!

  8. Janet Thomas says:

    Has anyone been successful in receiving credit adjustments for MBNA cards? When trying to use my Virgin Amex I have had 3 businesses saying they don’t take Amex, though still on the map. Is there a customer services number for partner cards?

  9. Janet Thomas says:

    Thanks Wally1976 I’ll give it a go.

  10. Roger I* says:

    Last year, I successfully claimed some missing £5 credits using the Online Card Sevices section of mbna.co.uk.

  11. Let’s get back to Eurostar with your kind permission, as these OTs are too intrusive…

    Does anyone know if they got rid of the stupid rule which prevented me from getting ANY points from a trip to Brussels earlier this year (a combo of Standard Premier and Standard tix).

    This was the reply I received from them:

    “Case Reference: 0340XXXX

    Hello Alexandre,

    Hello Alexandre,

    Thank you for your email. I have investigated this issue for you and the reason you are not able to add your points is that this is a Points Plus account not a Frequent Traveller account.
    Although you are able to retrospectively add points onto a Frequent traveller account this is not the case with the account that you have.”

    • Yes thankfully that annoying rule has gone. From what I understand you can claim missing points online for the last 3 months for all tickets. I previously wasn’t able to earn points for bookings made by my travel agent but now I can too, which is good news!

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