Bits: LAST CALL for Amazon / Amex Gold £15 discount, Blacklane adds Krisflyer (and get 10% off), Amex / Red Carnation deal

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News in brief:

£15 Amazon discount code for Amex Gold and Platinum ending soon

For the last 18 months, Amazon has been offering an exclusive £15 discount code for Amex Gold, Green and Platinum charge card holders when they spend £25 or more. 

This offer expires on 31st March unless it gets extended again, which is absolutely not guaranteed.  If you haven’t taken advantage of it yet – probably because you didn’t have an Amex Gold or Platinum when it launched in late 2015 – this is your last chance.

You will save £15 on your next Amazon order of £25 or more as long as you part-pay with Membership Rewards points from your Amex Gold or Platinum card.  This is what to do:

If you have not already done so, link your Membership Rewards account with your Amazon account by visiting this page on the Amazon website

Buy £25 of items on (these MUST all be sold by Amazon and not third party merchants, and excludes digital content and gift cards)

You MUST select your Membership Rewards-earning Amex card as your payment card (you cannot use gift cards or any other payment source)

Part-pay for your order using Membership Rewards points.  The sneaky option is to redeem just 2 points for a 1p discount.  This saves you ‘wasting’ MR points on a low value redemption.  You will only get 0.45p per point and you shouldn’t waste more than 2 of your valuable points on such a poor deal!  (One comment below suggests that 10 points may be required, so 5p!).

Enter code AMEX16SWP at check out (the code must go in after you have selected part-payment with your Membership Rewards-registered card)

The Amazon link above (and here) pays HFP a small commission if you use it – thank you.  You pay the same regardless.

This offer is open to all UK American Express Gold, Green and Platinum cardholders.  The comments below suggest that it does not work for American Express Rewards cardholders.  Your Amazon account must have been opened before 28th October 2017 – creating a brand new Amazon account just to take advantage of this offer will not work.


Airport transfer group Blacklane adds Singapore Airlines as a mileage partner

I did a long article on airport transfer group Blacklane the other day as it now gives miles in five frequent flyer schemes.  It is a fast growing global provider of ground transportation services, operating in 250 cities across 50 countries.  Via its website or app, you can pre-order a vehicle for a specific trip or by the hour.

You can find out more on their website here.

The current airline partners are:

  • Asia Miles (2 per £/$/€ spent)
  • Flying Blue (2 per £/$/€ spent)
  • Miles & More (2 per £/$/€ spent)
  • Qatar Privilege Club (1 per £/$/€ spent)
  • Enrich (Malaysia Airlines) (2 per £/$/€ spent)

As of yesterday, there is a sixth option.

You can now earn Singapore Airlines Krisflyer miles with Blacklane.  The rate is 2 miles per £, $ or € you spend.  There is a drop-down box during the booking process for you to add your frequent flyer details.  You can also create a profile in the Blacklane system which will automatically apply your details.

And get 10% off your first ride

For a limited period, Blacklane is offering 10% off your first ride.  You need to use promo code BL10.

Blacklane has a slightly odd way of entering promotional codes.  You will be presented with a page asking for your credit card details.  After you type them in, there is an additional screen which asks if you have a voucher code.  Add BL10 on that page and 10% is deducted from your quote.  Your card is not charged until after the ride and you can cancel until 1 hour before pick-up.

You can book, create an account or find out more about Blacklane on their website here.

Blacklane discount promo voucher code

Earn Virgin Atlantic miles with the Amex / Red Carnation cashback deal

You may have received an email from American Express yesterday offering you £50 cashback if you spend £250 at Red Carnation Hotels.

Assuming you were targeted, it is valid at their nine UK hotels for stays completed by 19th May.  In London, they are dotted around Kensington and Belgravia – The Milestone, The Rubens, The Egerton House Hotel, The Chesterfield, 41 Hotel etc.  The full list is here.

What Amex didn’t remind you is that Red Carnation Hotels is a Virgin Atlantic Flying Club partner.  Full details can be found on the Virgin site here.

The standard earning rate is 2,000 Virgin miles per night.  This is substantially better than any other Virgin Flying Club hotel partner.

Virgin Flying Club recently announced that Red Carnation will cease to be a partner on 13th April.  Oddly, the wording has now disappeared from the Flying Club website so I don’t know what is happening.  Assuming it is ending, you still have three weeks to take advantage and £50 cashback PLUS 2,000 Virgin Atlantic miles per night is not a bad deal at all.

The Red Carnation website is here if you want to find out more.

(Want to earn more miles and points from credit cards?  Click here to visit our dedicated airline and hotel travel credit cards page or use the ‘Credit Cards Update’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Just a note re Blacklane. They provide an excellent service, but your card is charged a few days before the ride, not after.

  2. iain wilson says:

    I missed this amex offer. does it work on gift cards? can you use it more than once?

  3. The amazon Amex offer worked on my “Money supermarket” issued gold card (and supp card) which was the predecessor to the Rewards card

  4. OT I have an upcoming bill (non-Amex) to pay – lets say 10K bill.

    Is there any new card launch offers coming next couple of weeks?
    If not I will use my current cards.

    • JamesB says:

      If you don’t have IHG card already then that spend would get you a free night plus 20k dign up plus 20k spend points.

    • The new Virgin cards may be along in the next month.

      • Related OT – I have a similar charge, the retailer is old fashioned enough only to accept cheque or bank transfer – are there any tools that would allow me to place this charge on a card?

        • Billhop I think. Articles on here, but there is a charge.

        • Scallder says:

          Hi FM – As Tom1 mentions there is BIllhop:

          Rob’s article is here:

          They’re also running a promo at the moment where if you’re referred before 31st March, you get £250 of fee free payments, and you can then refer others and get £500 for each referral up to £1500. This is my personal referral so please feel free to use this (ROb has previously said it’s ok to post!):

        • Thanks! Charge is a bit much for it to be worthwhile…

        • Billhop – I have used them loads to put non Amex spend onto my Amex

        • You can use billhop for free for the first £250 using the code below. Which means you may as well try it 🙂 the fees mean, for me at least, it only makes sense to use it ongoing to get over a bonus threshold more quickly or where the fees themselves can be expensed. My referral code:

          I used it today to (hopefully) get over the line for my Lloyds companion voucher this month rather than waiting the 3 months more this will take with ‘natural’ spending. As soon as I get the voucher I’ll spend it, assuming the redemption is still available!

  5. Another related OT-

    Did anyone manage to successfully churn IHG Black or white card i.e. received another set of bonus points?

    • Alex W says:

      IMO it’s barely worth trying. The signup bonus of 20k is not that much and I would earn most of that anyway using the card. Not having the card for 6 months means I would be missing one of the most generous MasterCards in existence. Also, people reported having trouble getting the free night voucher after cancelling, I for one can’t be bothered to deal with that hassle.

  6. OT – there’s been some discussion on here of upgrading the gold Amex MR to platinum. Is this targeted, I can’t find any reference to it on my gold account?

  7. Matt B says:

    Anyone been able to use the amazon voucher again i after upgrading from gold to plat? Obviously you have a new card number but I guess it’s linked to same Amex account?

  8. anttelli says:

    Just linked my Amex Rewards Credit Card on Amazon.

  9. OT
    I have just added a Gold Companion Credit card to my Amex Gold (link and the MR points from the companion appear on the main card. I think this is good since it avoids having to clear out a small balance when I cancel the gold credit before upgrading the main card to Platinum.

    • JamesB says:

      Did you already have two credit cards when doing this Mark? I’m at thesame point in the sequence but was holding off until I cancelled one of my two credit cards.

      • Alex W says:

        Data point – I had Plat and BA Blue and was recently rejected for the plat Companion card.

        • Seconded — I have the Plat companion and BAPP, was rejected for SPG.

          Though I hear that the “max 2 credit and 2 charge cards at the same time” is loosely enforced.

      • I had cancelled all of my Amex cards and was starting again, so I only had the Gold charge when I applied for the gold credit. I have completed the £500 spend, so, as soon as the bonus appears, I shall cancel the gold credit before applying for BAPP.
        But my wife got platinum credit (and charge) while having SPG credit.

      • JamesB says:

        Thanks all, I’ll take the cautious route and wait until I cancel a card next month.

  10. Jason K says:

    OT. To everyone that posted about the curve debit card, and being able to use it to pay off other credit cards, it seems this loophole has been closed. I tried a couple yesterday and they all failed.

    • £200 in ATM withdrawals per month charged to your credit card, all ‘debit card only’ payments charged to your credit card.

      • Sussex Bantam says:

        Mine failed yesterday trying to pay Npower – which is ironic given they allowed payment by credit card anyway and I was just using it to try and build up a payment record !

      • My curve card app says £200 daily limit not a month. Monthly limit is over £3k. Is mine different to everyone else’s? I only just received the card at the weekend. Used Rob’s referral.

        • What you can withdraw vs ‘fair use’ and thus what’s fee-free are two different things.

      • Sorry, mean £200 ATM daily.

      • You can only take out £200/month from an ATM charged to your credit card. You can take out up to £3K (or whatever your limit is) if your curve is linked to a debit card.

      • Andrew says:

        But you can only withdraw £200 per month linked to your credit card if you also make substantial non-ATM purchases (check their fair use conditions)

    • I’ve just made a payment using my Curve card linked to my Tesco Debit card to Nationwide credit card without any problems. American Express through up an error message though, so it looks like this is on the way out.

    • luckyjim says:

      How on earth did they find out about that so quickly?

      • Probably from reading on here…

        • Cate ⛱️ says:


        • Exactly.

        • Genghis says:

          There are different “levels” of points earning. The stuff Raffles writes about is squeaky clean and legit. If you’ve been doing this game a while, you’ll have found your own tricks / hacks that are a bit more grey. No one really writes about them online [or should write about them online] as they are likely to get shut down with the poster shooting themselves in the foot. This is one of those examples.

        • Genghis – Perhaps there should be a “grey club” – first rule of grey club………you do not talk about “grey club” !

        • Luckyjim says:

          Fin tech has created some good opportunities. Let’s hope no one feels the need to shout about it. Raffles included.

    • Sussex Bantam – OVO energy still seems to be accepting Curve so I can’t see why Npower wouldn’t. Surely any outfit supplying goods and services which accepts the underlying credit card should accept the Curve card?

  11. Are there any decent earning car hire points/miles deals out there right now for UK rentals?

    I made the most of the Virgin 6k miles one while it lasted.

    • Alex W says:


      • Virgin / Hertz is permanently 1k per rental. Triple Avios via Avios for another few days IIRC.

    • roberto says:


      Did you get any/all of the 6k miles for your bookings? Plenty of chat about many other not getting their points on FT.

      I have two bookings to come

      • All the bookings that were made in Jan/Feb and started in /JanFeb I received the points for and the points were credited 3 days after rental period ended. I have not received points for a March booking (made in Feb) that ended 8 days ago, so worried that might not post.

        I made all bookings via the link in HfP then the link in the Virgin page. I only used the Virgin AWD that pre-populated from the Virgin/Amex mini-site.

      • Relaxo says:

        I have not got my 6K points from the AVIS offer yet….completed rental end of Feb.

  12. N. Ford says:

    That AMEX16SWP code didn’t work for me. It wouldn’t apply. Any answers…? Thanks…

    • Julie M says:

      I just used it and it didn’t work if I put the code in first. You need to part pay with points first, £0.01 as Rob mentioned, and then select the Apply button. You can now put the code in the gift code field above the points field and that should work.

      • N. Ford says:

        Damn… then I’ve missed out and have paid the full £25+!
        Should’ve waited for everyone’s responses…

    • Patrick says:

      It only worked for me when I incrased the amount of points applied from 2 to 10 – otherwise I was getting a message that “It cannot be applied to my purchase”.

  13. Julie M says:

    P.S thanks Rob for the reminder!

  14. I cannot get the Amazon code to work – have tried with different items (all direct from Amazon), different numbers of points, different Amazon account (one with Prime, one without), different Amex cards (Gold and Gold Credit). I am definitely applying the points first and then entering the code, but every time it says ‘cannot be applied to purchase’. Any one have any other ideas?

    • Ignore me – I still had student status on my Amazon account as I was a part time student for my PhD. It’s not valid if you have a student account, because you already get discounts. Works on my wife’s account!

  15. Mike G says:

    AMEX16SWP not working for me, either:

    “The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase. “

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