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StatusMatcher – what match can you get from your existing airline and hotel cards?

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If you read Head for Points via the website, you may have seen the link to in the ‘I Also Recommend ….’ box.  I thought it was worth giving this site a bit more publicity as it does offer a useful service to regular travellers.

A ‘status match’ is when you approach an airline or hotel company with proof of your high status with a competing airline or hotel group. You then ask to be immediately upgraded to the equivalent level with that company. This is not unreasonable, since it encourages customers to switch brands. People would otherwise be unwilling to give up their status benefits with the other group by starting from scratch with the new company.

Some groups love giving status matches, others don’t. British Airways will almost never status match, unless your company signs a major deal with them or you have a relationship with an overseas office.

Frequent flyer cards

I have written about specific matches on Head for Points in the past.  The main one at present is the one offered by Hilton Honors.  They will match your existing hotel status for 90 days and give you the chance to retain that status by doing a handful of stays during that period.  Details are in this HFP article.

Many other airlines and hotel groups offer UNOFFICIAL status matches.  You won’t find the details on their website, but they will do it if you ask.  I am currently half-way through a nine stay challenge to get Marriott Rewards Platinum status, for example, which I should complete by mid June.

The point of the StatusMatcher website is to provide a central point where people can report successful or failed status matches. It gives other readers a feel for who is worth approaching.

As has become more established, the data has become more reliable and more up to date.  You tend to need a decent level of feedback on any particular programme before you can ascertain a trend.

There is never a guarantee that a particular airline or hotel chain will match you even if it matched someone else.  On the other hand, if you have a number of flights booked with an airline then you might be successful where someone else failed.  Despite this, StatusMatcher does give you useful guidance and is worth adding to your arsenal of frequent flyer tools.

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  1. Louise says:

    Completely OT and no doubt already asked, why are some emails coming through with tiny text? This one was too small to read easily yet the others two today are fine.

    • I don’t know, is the honest answer. At some point I will go through them and try to find a common theme. Nothing has changed in how they are put together, but it is an automatic system – MailChimp takes the RSS feed at and turns the feed into normal text and emails it.

      • Simon says:

        I have small text on this too. Google inbox categorises two into updates and one into promos each day. This one and the important dates for your diary went into promos and were small text but others that have been in promos have bene normal, so not even consistent there.
        Though checking back there aren’t any in the last 10 in updates that are small text.

        • Michael C says:

          Yeah, a couple of weeks ago, a couple a day started coming into my main “work” Gmail, while the others stayed in Promos (where previously they all arrived).

        • No logic as far as I can tell. It started about 3 weeks ago.

  2. Peter K says:

    OT. I’ve been thinking of booking an Iberostar hotels stay and had a look for a rewards program. Iberostar The Club seems their version but only seems to give a discount when booking direct, no other perks. Just wondered if anyone else had used it before and whether there were more benefits than that. Thanks in advance.

  3. Helen says:

    Same for me with the small text, very hard to read but other two articles here normal size.

  4. Totally OT, but I thought it was interesting…

    I was held on stand, doors closed, for a BA domestic flight at Heathrow for a couple of hours yesterday because of the weather. Pretty muggy/hot as you’d expect yesterday! The purser announced over PA that the length of delay was uncertain but that passengers could buy a drink from the M&S selection – and out came the trolley. You can imagine the hostile reaction.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve had a free water/tea/coffee offered as a sort of ‘service recovery’ in this situation since BoB was introduced (and certainly have very recently on EasyJet in similar circumstances) – but chatting with BA on Twitter, rolling out the trolley for paid snacks appears to be the policy in these circumstances. See

    Not sure if this is already common knowledge – but it surprised me!

    • Maciek says:

      If it’s been 2+ hours it’s duty of care, not service recovery.

      • Last year we were 3.5 hrs on the plane due to technical issues at EDI with no offer of anything – free or paid !

        • the real harry1 says:

          SH flight, delay more than 2 hrs, EU 261, your entitlement under duty of care is to get free refreshments (not alcohol) and communications. In the event no offer/ voucher is forthcoming, simply buy it yourself, keep the receipts and claim back from the airline later. Black & white situation & cause of delay (eg extraordinary circs) is irrelevant.

  5. OT but I was interested to note that on our BA Cityflyer from MAN to Nice on Saturday there was free F & B in economy. They were down to mackerel salad only though, which obviously didn’t suit everyone. The flight was delayed by 45 mins which may have been due to the incredibly fast turn around time necessitated by the earlier flight to Alicante (after the return to MAN the plane was doing a late night run to Ibiza, then another Med route early Sunday morning).

    On arrival at Nice it was almost like a walk of shame disembarking from the slightly scruffy Embraer among the rows and rows of gleaming private jets!

  6. ChrisC says:

    re status matcher – there dosen’t appear to be a way to enter that I have say Gold status with BA and for a list of what’s available to appear.

    It’s a rather tortuous system of looking at individual airline / hotels etc and seeing what people have had success (or not) with

    • Lady Londonh says:

      Next time they’ll plate it up for you.

    • guesswho2000 says:

      There is, select the status you have from the menu (say airlines, BA), scroll down to the bottom, and it has reports for leveraging status matches using the provider you selected.

  7. Benylin says:

    OT: Currently have the PRGC. About to get my second card which will be a BA one.
    Is this feasible:
    Get the BAEPP and benefit from 25k bonus from £3k spend
    Donwgrade to BAECC
    Hit 10k spend then upgrade again to BAEPP and get companion voucher
    Downgrade to BAECC

    Is it too many upgrades/downgrades? Obv I’m trying to pay as little of the annual fee as possible.

    • the real harry1 says:

      Should work. Also, refer yourself from your Gold referral link to get the PP card and you should get a few more points both cards. Or ask Raffles to refer you if you’re feeling generous 🙂

      Consider upgrading Gold—>Plat first to get the 20K upgrade points on £1000 spend before referring self for PP, banking 38K Plat points then cancelling – you’d get 20K + 18K + 26K (?) points in that scenario ie 39K more points that you thought. Maybe get a couple of lounge visits on top before cancelling Plat?

      • Benylin says:

        Thanks! Thats initially the plan but I’m worried about my credit score (applied for PRGC in April-18, along with HSBC premier CC to earn miles same time). I’m worried I’d have to hold onto the Plat for a bit and pay the high annual fee pro rata.

    • Nigel Williams says:

      I would ask yourself if the haslle of the minimal saving of the up / down / up / downgrade of the BA card is worth the loss of miles earned on the free card vs the paid card.

    • Nigel Williams says:

      I would do this.
      1. Upgrade Gold charge to Plat charge via the upgrade offer
      2. Spend the £1k in 3mths to trigger the 20K bonus
      3. Claim your hotel status’s etc
      4. Self refer for the BA paid card (18K referral from Plat card)
      5. Self refer for the Gold Credit card (18K referral from plat) – This is to replace your existing gold charge which they no longer issue
      6. Cancel the plat to avoid the fees (If the benefits are not worth it for you)
      7, Go for the 10K on the BA as planned.

      • Benylin says:

        Thanks – what’s your view on impact on credit score? I’m not concerned about not being accepted, but the hammering my score might take.

        • the real harry1 says:

          depends if it matters, ie will you be applying for a mortgage in the next few months? or ‘purchase’ credit cards? or credit cards to switch balances?

          if not, then why worry? – as your credit record should improve after a few months in any case

      • the real harry1 says:

        isn’t that what I said? except I didn’t recommend the Gold credit card as Benylin wouldn’t get the ‘new start’ points, would probably still get the 18K referral points I suppose

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