2,000+ Heathrow Rewards points with your first Rocketmiles hotel booking (converts to Avios and more)

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Heathrow Rewards, the Heathrow Airport shopping loyalty scheme, has an interesting partnership with hotel booking site Rocketmiles.

What is Rocketmiles?

Rocketmiles – if you are not familiar with it – is a similar website to PointsHound, Agoda and Kaligo.com.  You can earn airline miles and other loyalty points in a wide variety of schemes when you book your hotel stays via rocketmiles.com.

The one downside of Rocketmiles is that your stays will be treated as ‘non-qualifying’ by the hotel.  This means that you won’t earn points in the hotel’s own loyalty programme and you probably won’t get your status benefits either.  Rocketmiles, Kaligo.com etc are best used when booking a stay at an independent hotel or at one where you don’t actively collect their points.

Heathrow Rewards

Before I get to this new deal, let me repeat why I like this new partnership.

Why is this new Heathrow Rewards partnership interesting?

Usually, when you earn miles via Rocketmiles, they are sent directly to the partner of your choice – Avios, Virgin Flying Club, Etihad Guest etc.

However, if you credit to Heathrow Rewards instead you will get substantial extra flexibility.

Why?  Imagine a hotel stay booked via Rocketmiles which would earn 2,000 miles or points.  Send those to Avios and you get 2,000 Avios.  Send those to Heathrow Rewards and you would have the choice of:

  • 2,000 Avios
  • 2,000 Virgin Flying Club miles
  • 2,000 Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles
  • 2,000 Royal Brunei RoyalSkies miles
  • 2,000 Emirates Skywards miles
  • 2,000 Aegean Miles&Bonus miles
  • 2,000 Miles & More miles
  • £20 Heathrow Airport shopping voucher
  • £40 Heathrow Airport parking voucher

…. and you could even mix and match across the various redemptions.  You can leave your points sitting in Heathrow Rewards until you are firm about where you need them.

(Note that Etihad Guest is no longer a partner with Heathrow Rewards.)

There is also the opportunity for a transfer bonus

Heathrow Rewards has been running some aggressive transfer bonuses recently.  We have seen, for example:

  • 100% bonus on redemptions for Heathrow shopping vouchers
  • 50% bonus on transfers to Virgin Flying Club
  • 50% bonus on transfers to Avios
  • 100% bonus on transfers to Miles & More

Even if your only interest from Rocketmiles is earning Avios, it may well make more sense to credit your stays to Heathrow Rewards and wait for a transfer bonus.  If there is no bonus, you can still convert at the standard rate and you aren’t any worse off.

You can learn more about the partnership on the Heathrow Rewards website here.

Rocketmiles and Heathrow Rewards

Get 2,000+ Heathrow Rewards points with your first Rocketmiles booking

Via this special link, you will earn 1,500 bonus Heathrow Rewards points, on top of at least 500 base Heathrow Rewards points, when you make your first booking through Rocketmiles.

You have until the end of September to book and the stay can be at any point in the future.  There is no minimum spend.

Think this through.  You will pick up 2,000+ Heathrow Rewards points which – at the very worst – you can, at a time of your choice, move into either 2,000 Avios, Virgin, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Royal Brunei, Aegean or Emirates miles.  You could also take a £20 Heathrow shopping voucher or a £40 Heathrow parking voucher.

However ….. if Heathrow Rewards keeps running transfer bonuses ….. you would get somewhere between (as a minimum) 3,000 and 4,000 airline miles depending on the size of the bonus when you transfer!  Alternatively, if they repeat the ‘100% bonus on conversions to Heathrow shopping vouchers’ offer, your 2,000 points would be worth £40 to spend at Heathrow.

And, with no minimum spend, you could do this on a £50 hotel room if you can find one!  Even without a transfer bonus, you could redeem the points for a £40 Heathrow Airport Parking voucher and almost break even.

The special booking site is here.  Remember to select Heathrow Rewards as your earning partner.   You must be a first time Rocketmiles customer.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Nigel says:

    +1 Jonathan

  2. The_real_a says:

    I think we need a heathrow rewards credit card!

  3. Rocketmiles offer worked nicely for me – I took advantage of similar offer in the past, booked Comfort hotel near CDG airport for 42£ and 3500 points were showing on Heathrow account within 2 days after stay…with occasional Heathrow reward offers I may get better value than I actually paid for the hotel.

    • Out of interest, how fast does Rocketmiles credit? After booking, or only after the stay?

      In that vein: do you actually have to check in at the hotel? 😉

      • the real harry1 says:

        There might be a hotel in India or SE Asia that you could book @ <£10/ night, but if you didn't actually check in it would be hit or miss if they would take your money and the stay be recorded as having taken place. You could always ring them to 'check in', I guess.

        I had a half-hearted look this morning for cheapo hotels but it seemed to be £38 minimum in Bangalore, Calcutta, Beijing.

        Probably too up-market 🙂

      • Peter K says:

        Credited after the stay.

  4. Mikeact says:

    I have to say, that looking at the App reviews for Rocketmiles, they are mostly pretty poor, in fact pretty awful.

  5. ankomonkey says:

    I used my first Rocketmiles booking bonus for 4000 TK Miles & Smiles miles. Seemed a much better deal than Heathrow Rewards, and I needed the TK miles anyway.

  6. palcsaky says:

    These offers land regularly in my inbox but as has been mentioned they are too overpriced to make it worth. 3000 bonus points to a program of your choice with this link: https://www.rocketmiles.com/textiles
    Book by 11:59 pm CT 18 June, stay by 31 March 2019. New accounts only.

    • Thanks for the link, it earns more points than Robs one

    • Cool, thanks

    • Given that you could book a £50 hotel via that promo which, if credited to HR, would get you £35 of shopping vouchers, 3500 airline miles or a £70 Heathrow Parking voucher, I am struggling to see your point 🙂

    • Best I’ve found so far after 10 mins searching is a £39/night place, crediting 500 HR points.

      Anyone able to beat that?

  7. Why does HFP keep promoting these rocketmiles signup bonuses when it has been reported many times in the comments that people have been experiencing difficulties with the bonus being honoured?

    • the real harry1 says:

      We got our bonus no problem when we signed up way back when

    • I have not had a single complaint. The guy who runs HR is a mate and if I’d heard of any issues I would have had him sort them.

    • Mr(s) Entitled says:

      The cynic in me answered: Because they get remunerated in some shape or form.

      Then the smaller non-cynic in me decided to fact check this and followed the link to view the affiliated partners and Rocketmiles are not listed. The list itself being current as of June 2018.

      One assumes therefore it is a genuine interest to put before you an alternative source for collecting miles which came with the caveat at the start that this may not be right for everyone (e.g, no status). That seems in keeping with the site.

      For what it is worth I recall lots of comments pertaining to value when Rocketmiles appears but very few pertaining to miles posting.

      • No-one ever posts when they get the miles due! They only post when they don’t.

        • Bagoly says:

          I am a fan: 1,500 HR = 3,000 M&Ms which is 5% of a milenschnäppchen Business LH return for EUR500.

          HR customer service on the ‘phone is the best I have come across for people like HfP readers.
          And Rocketmiles promptly recredited in response to an email when I found a credit missing because I had mistyped my wife’s HR number.

          What is annoying is that Rocketmiles keep sending these offers to existing customers, when they are restricted to the first booking with them – I have run out of family members.

        • Mr(s) Entitled says:

          Agreed. That was my point but perhaps I could have been clearer. If it was a big issue I am sure there would be lots of comments. Bad news gets reported. Good news ignored.

    • I had a quick scroll back and I could find 2 comments from people who had struggled to get a bonus and substantially more comments from people who loved them, eg:

      “I must admit that i find the “best hotel chains for airmiles” discussion a little redundant without considering the likes of Rocketmiles or Kaligo.

      I stay in a hotel on business 1x night a week. My average stay of between £100-£125 earns me in average 2,500 airmiles which a) can be credited to nearly ANY airmiles program or b) converted to Heathrow Rewards (which I’m currently doing) where you can decide later where to credit them.

      So, in terms of how much hotel spend is needed to earn 10,000 avios, then with rocketmiles, you’re looking at £500 spend, and that doesn’t even require any status! This frankly craps all over the $2,500 spend required for Hilton to get the same!!!

      Yes you can’t credit you stays to a hotel loyalty scheme if that’s important to you, but if you’re intersted in getting air miles for hotel stays, then this is a brainier!

      Appreciative that im all about airmiles over hotel miles but I’ve earnt nearly 200,000 miles in 2 years….”

      As you noted, they don’t pay us anything – in fact, let’s be honest, by recommending you use them I probably lose money.

      • Rocketmiles/Kaligo&co are great if you’re spending Other People’s Money, particularly if your expenses get waved straight through as long as you’re below £whatever per night it’s up there with the bonus point rates that the chains offer in terms of being a poorly-disguised kickback scheme. Milk it while you can.

        If you’re spending your own money, the calculations are a bit different.

        • Tricky for work due to the lack of VAT receipts.

        • You think everyone needs a VAT receipt – or indeed *any* receipt – to be able to claim expenses? Hahahaha 🙂

          Last week I had a client’s finance bod on to me to ask if the boss had taken me out for dinner on a certain date. Bemused, I confirmed that he had, and asked why.

          “He’s claiming it through expenses, and can’t produce either VAT receipt or show a charge on his business credit card charge to support his claim. It’s also a suspiciously round number.”

        • You don’t need a VAT receipt to reclaim expenses but your employer needs the VAT receipt to get back the VAT!

          A £96 hotel (in the UK) costs your employer £96 with no VAT receipt or £80 with a VAT receipt.

        • the real harry1 says:

          but that (the absence of VAT receipts) is why my wife dissuaded me from using them any more – no problem with her Finance people putting thru the odd claim with no VAT receipt, but neither she nor they were comfortable with it.

          even in my 90’s more high-rolling days on ex’s, I was always pretty sure to always use the corporate Amex & get a proper receipt, as they would otherwise potentially question your probity – they didn’t seem to care how much I put through, ‘justify it & provide proof it was a business expense’ was more the maxim, on that basis I never got hard questioned about anything though I’m pretty sure I was expensing 3x more than some of my oppos, I got out more in the evenings & met more people, invited more people out to my territory & had to entertain them so of course my ex’s were higher

        • the real harry1 says:

          Invited the Chairman out once, knight of the realm, we had a great couple of days! 🙂

          ex’s took a punishing lol

      • Glad my post came in use. I can confirm I have no affiliation with HFP or Rocketmiles, just a regular and loyal customer to both that has benefitted greatly from both. Unless things change significantly with rocketmiles or my financial situation anytime in the future, I will continue to use them and see them as a valid route to collecting loyalty points!

  8. I’ve also found similar when looking at Rocket miles offers in the past… Sadly the days of being able to combine hotels.com rewards, 10-12% cash back and triple Amex Gold reward points are long gone, but they are still usually quite competitive.

    May be worth reevaluating it though.

  9. Eugene says:

    Just had a Rocketmiles 25pct premium on HR targeted offer. Took that.

    As Rob said earlier, their bonuses beat the HHonors scheme ( as an example) hands down. I get Gold HH thru Plat card which gives upgrade etc without accumulating at their duff rate. In fact Rocketmiles sometimes offer Hilton stays with HR rewards that are more than the HH programme offers. No brainer..

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