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Transfer your Shell Drivers Club points to another person (and onto Avios) for free

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Shell Drivers Club is a partner with both and British Airways Executive Club.

It is a simple system.  You earn 1 Shell Drivers Club point for every litre of basic fuel you buy and 2 points per litre of V-Power premium fuel.  Until 11th July, there is a double points offer running on V-Power which gives you 4 Shell points per litre!

When you have collected 500 points, you can exchange them for:

Shell Drivers Club

250 Avios points (see the BA website for the official details, scroll down)

£2.50 Waitrose voucher

£2.50 Shell voucher

as well as donating your points to a number of charity partners.

It is worth noting that, because of the relatively poor conversion rate, you may want to take the Waitrose or Shell vouchers instead.  You are effectively ‘buying’ Avios points for 1p by taking the miles option so you need to be confident they are worth that much to you.

One advantage of taking Avios is that it is a better deal for small spenders.  If you set up auto-convert, you only need as few as 20 Shell points to qualify to receive Avios (in this case, 10 Avios) at the end of each quarter.  You need to buy 500 litres of fuel to get enough points for a Waitrose voucher!

There is a little tweak to Shell Drivers Club which few people know about.   It offers free transfers of points to other people.  

When you log in to Shell Drivers Club, you will see a menu option at the bottom – “Transfer Points Between Drivers Club Cards”.  This will let you send your points to someone else, as long as their card is not already linked to yours.  This could be useful if you have any other family members who have a handful of points they won’t use, or even if you have a spare account in your own name.

Remember that you get 100 bonus points just for registering a card with the Shell Drivers Club phone app.  Details are on the Shell Drivers Club home page here.

It still doesn’t make Shell Drivers Club a great deal, but it improves it a little!

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  • Max says:

    Off topic. I remember reading somewhere that you are only allowed to hold 2 no MR Amex credit card at one time. Is it correct? Does that mean if I already have SPG and BA Amex, I need to cancel one in order to apply for other Amex card?

  • the real harry1 says:

    The additives really help clean out the fuel injectors, which helps performance.

    You can get a similar effect by adding Redex System Cleaner, often on offer so cheaper than paying a premium for the top diesels/ petrols.

    I run 3 cars now getting vintage ie 96, 97 and 98 – they all go much better – purr like a panther – after either expensive fuel with the cleaning additives or Redex. We got 2 more 2010 and 2017 and they also respond well – probably don’t need it though.

    If further proof needed, I stuck some Redex in one of my old lawnmowers, it spat out a load of gunk then started mowing same as new!

    I’ve got a video link I could look up if anybody interested? 🙂