The 90,000 Iberia Avios start to drop into accounts!

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We interrupt the England v Colombia game with this important announcement 🙂

Avios from the Iberia ‘9,000 Avios for booking any flight (up to 90,000 Avios)’ promotion last weekend have started to drop in.

Here is a screenshot courtesy of Flyertalk:

Now we need to see how convertible etc they are  …..

If you missed the deal, you can read the details in this HFP article.

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  1. James says:

    Well done to Iberia for making AND HONOURING this offer.
    Lesser airlines would have backed out.
    Just hope the award availability doesn’t suspiciously vanish 😉
    They have earned some respect from me.

  2. Crafty says:

    0 for me so far… long held account and an entirely ungreedy 1 flight booked. Hope they appear tomorrow. Don’t fancy my chances getting through to customer services this week.

  3. Strawb says:

    90K in my 5yr old account tonight, although I missed out on the cheapest fares but for £212 in total I ain’t complaining! And England through to QF on Saturday! #sangria #tapas #cava #iberico #avios #ohmygosh!

  4. Martin Pelant says:

    Just redeemed some of them for a BA flight TO London. The prices for flights to the UK seem to be almost exactly the same as BA reward flight saver. It’s flights FROM the UK that have bigger fees. Also they seem to be refundable with just EUR 25 which is cheaper than what BA offer AFAIK

    • Harry Kane says:

      Also, if you book an ex-UK BA segment at an off-peak Iberia day you have the option to buy 1,200 Avios for £5: for example, EDI to LHR is 4,000 plus £26, or 2,800 plus £31 (which at £10 per 1000 Avios is nearly identical to BA 4,000 plus £17.50).

  5. BlueThroughCrimp says:

    All miles showing on AwardWallet for me.
    Thanks Rob

  6. Janicee says:

    Mine dropped. Madrid to New York booked. In business. Total cost £483

  7. Jamie says:

    I’m 9000 miles short 🙁
    I can see this being a pain to rectify.

  8. BCN – OAK premium economy return in july 2018. bargain.

  9. BCN – OAK premium economy return in july 2018. bargain for 87k avios.

  10. Simon B says:

    Mine landed (54,000) and I have booked 2 x business class London to Madrid which I needed anyway. Net cost £270 compared to published price of £650 plus.

    So a MASSIVE thank you to Rob for the articles explaining this offer, and the contributors with their comments. I got the original Iberia email but couldn’t quite see how to make it work for the flights I needed to book, but after the explanations and comments on this site 20/30 mins of my time has saved me nigh on £400.


    • we were told we would be able to get them out….hmmm… looks like all was not right

      • the real harry1 says:

        1st article: ‘What happens, though, if you transfer the Avios you earn under this promotion to British Airways? Does that count as ‘redeeming’? Or will your Iberia Plus account go into negative territory on 1st December?’

        2nd artcle: ‘Transferring the Avios to a BA account instead of using them through the Iberia Plus programme will result in a negative balance in your Iberia account on 1st December’
        ‘Spending those Avios will not be totally straightforward, however, and will leave you with some mess to tidy up, even if it is nothing more than having to abandon your Iberia Plus account due to a negative balance.’

        I thought Raffles got it in writing from IB Marketing that the points COULD be transferred to BAEC…

        • i feel duped now 🙁

        • Yes, I have an email from IB which specifically discusses what would happen to your IB account (ie the implications of a negative balance) if you did transfer out. Clearly not contractually binding though as you have needed such an email to be sent to you personally.

  11. I can’t seem to transfer my 45000 Avios to Avios from Iberia ????any advice and help please?
    There seems to be issue with Combine my Avios after l spoke to Avios team. Anybody else having issues?

    • Brian W says:

      They have switched CMA off for Iberia due to the terms of this promo. Doubt you’ll get them out of IB. Maybe doing it over the phone might work but I doubt that also. Avios > BAEC still works fine for me but in and out of IB blocked.

  12. @Rob – didn’t your first article advise that we would be able to transfer out to BAEC? And that any negative balance would sit on Iberia?

    Now it seems we cannot even transfer out?

    • I have an email from Iberia which discusses that but clearly it is not contractually binding.

      • well great as that is…if one can’t use the redemption, one has lost money based on your advice. Should have flagged the risks up on this more

        • the real harry1 says:

          matt – were you running a points balance in IB, ie before the promo points dropped in?

        • CountryKerry says:

          Why can’t you redeem via IB?

  13. Mr Philip Evans says:

    Just seen the 90000 AVIOS in Iberia account. Went to combine with BA and this came up:
    Combine my Avios was unsuccessful
    Combine My Avios is currently unavailable
    I have broken down my family account in BA as instructed and I’ve had an Iberia account for ages. I’ve combined AVIOS before without issue.
    The phone number given for Iberia does not work
    Can anyone assist in pointing me in the right way to combine the points?

    • ditto here. seems like we won’t be able to do it:( If I had known this I would never have done it.

      • KevMc says:

        What exactly are you wanting to redeem them for with BA that you can’t do with Iberia?

    • the real harry1 says:

      see today’s IB thread

      • @therealharry1 thanks. yes I was. And I know there is reverse way to pull this in small segments. But the fact it, they clearly don’t want you to do this and so it will be clawed back ultimately. Otherwise why block it in the first place which was different to the advice given.

        • the real harry1 says:

          They’ve just said you will get a negative IB balance, no more. You can then close the IB a/c – so there’s nothing left to amalgamate with BAEC when the Avios platforms all join up.

  14. David says:

    A huge thank you Rob and to the rest of you for your comments and practical explanations. I’m now sitting on 180000 Avios between me and my girlfriend which I’ll use for once in a lifetime business class flights to Lima (£360 total plus the £400 invested originally), and my kids have a further 150000 which they’ll use for a gap year next year. I do have to provide passport copies for those new accounts but that’s only fair. My only disappointment is I didn’t get more family members to enroll!
    An unbelievable promotion which I wouldn’t have taken advantage of without your rational analysis 🙂

  15. Nobil says:

    Still can’t sign into my account shows error with membership number or pin which our both correct checked multiple times new sign up to Iberia for this promo before purchasing my flights all 10 of them ? Any advice I have dropped them a email yesterday with my details and flight numbers ???

    • the real harry1 says:

      yep it’s ‘an’ email

      we make it ‘an’ before words beginning with a vowel

    • David says:

      Hi Nobil. It seems like many (all?) accounts opened during the promotion are being requested to supply a copy of the relevant passport/identity document. If you try to reset your pin you’ll probably get the message that the account is locked and it will redirect you to download a form with further details which needs to be submitted to Customer Service.

      I don’t think it’s anything to worry about but best get this done soon as I’m sure many more people will be needing this service (including me!)

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