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LAST CALL: Get 1,050 Avios for £12 – plus 12 copies of The Economist!

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We have seen a lot of promotions for The Economist magazine over the last couple of years.  These generally involve buying a one-year subscription with up to 13,200 Avios points thrown in as a bonus.

British Airways has been running a smaller scale offer in recent weeks.  It is also a better deal, since you pay just 1.14p per Avios.  A 12 week trial subscription costs just £12 and earns 1,050 Avios.

You have only a few days left to take part as it closes on 12th August.

I wouldn’t normally recommend buying Avios at 1.14p each but this is different, because you will also get 12 issues of The Economist posted to your house.  This makes it a good package if you can find time to read them.

Economist Avios special offer

Here’s what you do

The home page for the offer is here.

You can choose from print only, digital only or print and digital.  The price is the same – £12 for 12 weeks.

You can pay by direct debit, credit or debit card.  I recommend using direct debit because it is a lot easier to cancel via online banking.

You must be a UK resident to take part.  Avios can only be credited to British Airways Executive Club accounts.  The offer closes on 12th August.

I signed up myself two weeks ago and the magazines have started arriving, although no Avios so far (and no £12 taken from my account!).

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

Comments (24)

  • Bails from Oz says:

    Hi Rob,
    quite off topic, but just wondering if you’re aware that Avios redemptions by IB+ of BA flights originating in HKG are charging YQ that BA doesn’t charge for the exact same redemption. This amounts to EUR 224.41 overcharge for the same redemption by IB+. Last year the View from the Wing blog exposed similar overcharging by AAdvantage for award flight on BA ex HKG, and managed to get AA accept their error and to refund all overcharged bookings. I was wondering whether you might be able to use your influence with Avios, BA and IB to get them to see their error, and fix it?

    • Crafty says:

      For a direct and entirely off topic question like this, why not just send him an email?

      • Bails from Oz says:

        Probably because this is a blog, and the question might be of interest to others as it’s quite topical with the Avios blockage at IB+. Also the word Avios was in common. Just joking.
        Oh, and I don’t know Rob’s email address, even though I am a daily reader of this blog for years.

  • KBuffett says:

    The BA shopping site has the same offer with 2667 Avios for £12z

  • Andy F says:

    Thanks, Rob I just signed up to this. I did just notice something on the terms and conditions on receiving my confirmation email it said at the bottom. “In order to qualify for the Avios in this offer, you must maintain your subscription for at least one year. This subscription is non-refundable” yet on the website when signing up it says “In order to qualify for the Avios in this 12 week offer, you must maintain your subscription for at least three months (12 weeks). Once Avios have been awarded for the 12 week subscription, the subscription can be cancelled, but will not be refunded.” It may be something to watch in the future…Thanks again!

    • Genghis says:

      Copy and paste drafting. I signed up when the offer first came out. Got the avios a couple of weeks ago. DD now cancelled and Economist informed.

    • I noticed the same… makes one wonder why this happens so often with these Avios offers? E.g. Iberia and now this also… Of course, the two are very different cases, but what is common that they seem to make a lot of “mistakes” with the T&Cs related to Avios offers…

  • Charlie Gray says:

    I purchased this a month or so back and i still haven’t received the avios…

  • Charlie Gray says:

    Sorry, my mistake, they have been credited today.

  • Del T says:

    Just found the BA Shopping link for this. Indeed it is 2667 Avios.

    • KevMc says:

      That is because you are getting the points via the BA Shopping portal, and not from the Economist themselves – clicking through the link will (should) get you the points the same as any other ba shopping portal transaction.

    • Pug206 says:

      Thanks for link. I have ordered for myself (I made sure I was signed in on BAEC first). Do you think I can sign up for OH thru his BAEC account or might it be restricted to once per address pls?

      • Letterbox burka says:

        Multiple orders per address will be fine – make sure you use unique ID details, though (email address etc). Think about houses in multiple occupation, maybe at one extreme 7 Economics students sharing a house & all wanting their own copy etc.

        Expensive way to buy points unless you and your OH can’t share the magazine…

    • luke says:

      If you are in the uk expries at the end of the year.

      • Mark says:

        It seems both of the offers for 2667 Avios hve been pulled now.
        “Page does not exist…”

  • Michael says:

    Note that the deal on the BA Shopping portal for 2,667 Avios states “Your reward will be awarded 90-120 days after your subscription is confirmed and not if cancelled within this timeframe.” which I believe means you will be forced to pay for your next quarterly installment as the deal is “£12 for your first 12 weeks. Auto‑renewing at £53 for every quarter (13 weeks) thereafter”. So unless you’re willing to pay another £53 for the extra Avios you may be better off with the “1,050 Avios for £12” deal which you cancel within the 12 weeks.

    • Roger1* says:

      See Genghis’s comment today at 07:41.

      I signed up for the earlier 1,050 deal. The Avios were awarded a week or two ago – in two transactions, one at 350 Avios, the other marked Triple Avios for 700 Avios.

  • Ben says:

    Hi Rob,
    O/T but I was wondering if you have ever considered doing an article on Eurowings Boomerang club? Most Europe flights are 10,000 miles and you earn 10 miles per euro spent. Taxes and fees are charged, but not fuel surcharge, so these can be quite reasonable (20 euros out of STR for example). Potentially a 10-20% rebate on flights given how expensive intra Europe flights are at the moment (Damn Lufthansa monopoly). Potentially makes more sense than using M&M and getting 125 miles per flight.