Excellent LATAM (Avios earning) business class fares to South America for December

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If you don’t have your Christmas plans lined up yet, LATAM is offering some excellent fares to South America.

These fares will earn Avios and British Airways Executive Club tier points if credited to BA as LATAM is a BA partner.

These deals are only valid for travel in December 2018.  Christmas is included in theory but you might struggle to find availability unless you leave early in the month.

You must book by 21st August.

The only direct routing available is Heathrow to Sao Paulo.  Other destinations are available with changes on the way, either in Europe or the Americas.

Some options include the ability to route via Madrid or Frankfurt with a BA / Iberia connection in Club Europe / Business Class which is good for another 40 tier points each way.

Typical pricing booking on the LATAM website is (all checked as of yesterday):

Sao Paulo – £1280 (direct)

Rio de Janeiro – £1314

You can also route through to other cities in the region such as Manaus or Recife for a similar price.

It is also worth looking at third party booking sites such as Expedia or Opodo as they may offer lower prices.  As with the recent Gulf Air promotion we covered, smaller airlines like LATAM are often happy to dump capacity via third parties at lower prices than they charge direct.  It is also worth trying a ‘flight and hotel’ or ‘flight and car’ package via Expedia to see if that brings it down even more.

Be careful on the seating as not all aircraft have fully flat seats.  Our review of LATAM’s brand new Boeing 787 seat, which is good, is here.

The LATAM website is here.  Hat-tip to Flyertalk.

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  1. O/T can reward flights booked through Iberia Plus (for BA flights) using the 90k promotional avios be cancelled for a full refund minus the €25 penalty after December 1st?

    • I would have assumed not, or at least that the refund would be followed by a debit of 90k points for promotional avoid essentially unspent at Dec.

      But as with all these things there’s only one way to be sure – and that is to take the gamble

      In any case of course if anyone did answer your question in the positive, publicly, you can rest assured it’d be a self un-fulfilling prophecy…

    • Lady London says:

      I’m expecting to be able to move mine if I need to. Because the promotion didn’t say anything about not being able to move any resulting flights. But they did have to be booked by 1st December
      I’ve sent Iberia a legal notice informing them that I am not accepting the more restrictive conditions they sneakily tried to impose, in an email sent after the promotion when flights under the promotion had already been booked

      If you wanted to refund I think this might be a bit different . But I am fully expecting to be able to change mine. Not that I’m planning to . But as my work and travel can be unpredictable I needed to maintain my right that existed at the time I bought under the promotion, to change the bookings I made using the miles, the same as is normal for any other avios booking.

  2. I am flying to Brazil with Latam in a couple of weeks, Do you know which planes I should be avoiding so I don’t get stuck without a flat bed?

    • The 777 is very comfortable, and I didn’t really notice it not being entirely flat. Don’t get a middle seat. Screen is big, service good, best sleep I’ve ever had on a flight.

      Don’t worry too much!

  3. Frenzie says:

    Rob, can you please include how many avios and tier points would these flights earn?

    A lot of your readers will find this very useful:

    Thanks a lot.

  4. Are we sure Z code is point earning with BAEC?

    Also, my BAEC membership year ends on Dec 9th. If I fly on Dec 8th or 9th will the TP still count towards my status this year? Just fear it might reset to zero immediately before those flights are credited, thanks.

    • Yes we are. It was a BAEC typo – they put R instead of Z online. They don’t have R.

    • Rantallion says:

      Your tier point-earning year will end 8 Dec. Flights taken on 8 Dec should be automatically credited to your old year. Flights taken on 9 Dec and later will credit to your new year. If you want flights taken after 8 Dec to be credited to your old year, you can ask BAEC for a fortnight extension and they should allow you to credit flights taken up to a fortnight after your year end to your old year.

  5. O/T I have a £17k settlement fee to pay later this year for BMW finance. They say they accept all forms of payment except credit cards. Does anyone think curve will work backcharged to a credit card? If so any recommendations on which travel reward credit card with offer the best return? Or is there another way to earn a reward on this payment?

    • You could try negotiating with Billhop. Normally this would be an expensive way of paying but they might give you a preferential rate which would be worth it if there’s the possibility, say, of earning one or even two BA companion vouchers. Of course this would depend on how many cards you have in your family and when the spend year re-starts. I’m going to be in a similar position (though less money involved!) next Spring so this is what I would be looking at.

      Also, there is no reason that Curve wouldn’t work if your credit limits are high enough.

    • Unless you can pay it online in chunks the Curve day, week, month limits will hit you.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Can you overpay the monthly? Or make a one off payment say 2-3 months before settlement? I paid my monthly for years with my amex then had to settle after a write off and ended up just using a bank transfer / debut card as they wouldn’t accept a credit card and it wasnt worth any fees to chase credit card points.

  6. Michael C says:

    This is an amazing price for GRU, where usually there’s nothing on offer.
    Having said that, if it’s a non-flat, for me you’re getting nearer premium economy, as LatAm isn’t really famed for its food/IFE….Great points, though!

  7. I’ve experienced quite a delay/job getting points credited to my new BA exec account which had gone into my old exec account post flight. Seems they’re not automatically swept over to the new account. Mentioning this because I have 4 flights on Latam coming up which were booked crediting the points to the old BA number.

  8. LondonFoodie says:

    Any idea how to know if the 787 is used?

  9. Mrs_Fussy says:

    Totally OT but is there anyway to earn miles for paying stamp duty now that credit cards are no longer accepted

  10. OT but South America: Lufthansa mileage bargains currently featuring Rio over Xmas and New Year for 70000 in business class.

  11. Tried to book in Dec, many times, but the website says “Due to problems on the website, the transaction has not been completed. No charge has therefore been made to the selectedmeans of payment. Please try using our sister website to finalise thesale.”
    Even the EU website doesn’t work. Each attempt sees that the prices go up on certain dates. Now most dates in Dec are gone. I think it’s a bit of a con to be honest.
    Anyone managed to book anything?

    • Kenny, I booked through TravelUp via SkyScanner. I initially was getting the same error messages and it was because the flights had sold out so I went for flights showing more than 1 seat still available. Hope you get sorted!

      • Thanks Nick.. just got my airtix to Lima from LHR instead, via Travelup (phone booking) which is way better than Latam’s website. In fact for anyone wishing to go during Dec your return can be in Jan (mine’s mid Jan).. and even cheaper at £1080 business class. I added a Sao Paolo stopover, which costs a bit more to £1248. Which is still a steal as I don’t need to buy a return from Lima instead.

  12. Peru return business class for just over £1000, don’t mind if I do. 3 x 140 tier points and 1 x 40 tier points not a bad amount. 1st – 15th Dec. It’ll be a 777 & 350 outbound with LATAM and 340 and 321 with Iberia inbound. Just need to decide on best lounge at T3 now as I think I’ll have dropped to Silver in Dec sadly ????

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