Get 6,000 Emirates Skywards frequent flyer miles with a Sixt car rental

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Car rental group Sixt is running an exceptionally generous deal with Emirates Skywards.

Via this link – and only if you book via this link – you will receive:

4,000 Emirates Skywards miles with a 3+ day rental of a standard car

6,000 Emirates Skywards miles with a 3+ day rental of a Premium car

Each other also comes with a free additional driver in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States

You need to book by 30th September for rentals until 30th November.

Whilst you might not be an existing Skywards collector, it is worth remembering that you can convert them into Heathrow Airport shopping vouchers (6,000 miles = £20) or use them for a discount on a hotel stay.

How to earn Emirates Skywards miles via UK credit cards

As a reminder, Emirates no longer has its own UK credit card.  However, you can earn Emirates Skywards points by converting Membership Rewards points earned from selected UK American Express cards.  These are:

American Express Preferred Rewards Gold – 10,000 Membership Rewards points sign-up bonus

The Platinum Card from American Express – 30,000 Membership Rewards points sign-up bonus

American Express Rewards credit card – 5,000 Membership Rewards points sign-up bonus

Membership Rewards points convert at 1:1 into Emirates Skywards miles.  The cards above all earn 1 Membership Rewards point per £1 spent on your card, which converts to 1 Emirates Skywards miles.

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  1. re Radisson/Amex offer T&Cs – how do you read the one saying the transaction must be in GBP, when most of the hotels are in continental Europe? I can’t see me asking to be charged in pounds not euros.

    • And that you must “rent” online. Even poorer T&C drafting than the usual Hilton debacle. I’m not going to pile in until I hear elsewhere that it’s working without fuss…

    • That is an error. All of the hotel promos say that now, including the Hyatt one – which triggered perfectly fine for me when I paid my bill in Madrid in Euro.

      • Great – thanks, Rob. Though as you said, shame not all their European properties are covered, and some EU countries not at all.

    • Amexes can’t even be charged in GBP outside the UK

      Main issue is I wouldn’t want to pay the 3% Amex non-sterling fee without the offer

  2. Bits!

    For domestic AA redemptions using Avios – How to calculate the Avios requirements, is it simply distance related off the standard BAEC chart?

    Does the flight have to be direct or is any valid trip with sAAver availability OK?

    • It’s distance related but zone one (4500 avios) doesn’t exist. Two legs would be charged as two flights

  3. It now seems clear that Amex is heavily restricting the offers put on the co-branded cards, presumably in an effort to encourage people toward their own cards.

    • To be fair, I get very few offers on my Gold, a reasonable amount on my BA blue card and absolutely loads of offers on my Red AMEX that I’ve had since 2006

  4. OT: Can I pool my brothers SPG points (or soon to be Marriott) with my own? Already have my wifes linked. Does he have to share same address?

  5. O/T Hello. I’m hoping to receive some advice re transit times in Hong King. I need to get to Brisbane this winter and am hoping to utilise 2 x BA Amex 2for1 vouchers as far as Hong Kong. BA27 arrives Hong Kong 16:55 and I can book QF98 to depart 19:05. As these will be two separate tickets I’m assuming bags will not be interlined between BA and Qantas. Therefore will 2hours and 10 mins (assuming flights on time) be enough time to collect and recheck bags for flight to Brisbane? Your advice and guidance would be gratefully received.

    • Unless you’re short of time, isn’t this a perfect excuse to have a night in Hong Kong and head to Brisbane the next day?

    • It is enough if you rush and know exactly where to go. If the BA flight is late by a few minutes you will be stuck though. I wouldn’t do it without interlining and BA absolutely won’t.

      If there is availability on BA31 then I would go for it – but BA31 is now the B777 (or will be soon) so maybe less likely

      The HK transit desks used to be able to retrieve bags and retag them on your behalf when on separate tickets, but I’ve heard that this has stopped, and I never really transit HKG since I have a place to stay there.

    • Every time I’ve been through HK airport I’ve found everything from check-in to baggage reclaim to be absurdly efficient. I’d say you’re more likely to have problems with your BA flight being late. If your pilot announces a delay leaving London, you’ll spend the entire flight having palpitations, and won’t enjoy your LPGS.
      I’m with Lumma – have 24 hours in Hong Kong instead! Go and eat at Din Tai Fung, explore Temple street night market, get on the Star ferry, climb Victoria peak, and then experience the check-in at Kowloon MTR station, rather than the airport, just for kicks!

      • Thanks very much for these replies – very helpful. Will consider best course of action.

    • HKG has a very congested airspace, I recommend you take the advice and go for longer layover or stop overnight in HK.

    • Lady London says:

      Personally I wouldn’t do it. even if you would be departing from the same terminal you have absolutely no margin for any lateness on the incoming flight at all.

  6. OT: Just upgraded my cat 1-5 Marriott TP to a cat 7. I was short by 9000 points so purchased on SPG and transferred across as it was slightly cheaper than buying points on Marriott site (in hindsight should have purchased those points during spg 35% bonus!)
    Wouldn’t have needed to buy the points if the Amex CC points had transferred in time!

    Irish call centre did the upgrade and applied to reservation in about 10 minutes of hold time.

    • Roberto says:

      Data point..
      My SPG points that left amex on the 14th of July hit today. Managed to book two award nights before they go up later this week.

      • Mariusz says:

        Suspending the transfer from Amex MRs to SPG without any prior announcement means I can’t maximise this great deal 🙁

    • Would you mind sharing why you chose to do this now rather than wait until after 18th Louise? I’ve been pondering a similar decision all day, my main concern is that there will be a flood of bookings soon after merger and availability might be an issue one month later when existing certificates are sorted.

      • I upgraded from cat 1-5 to 8 today as my plan was always planning to upgrade when it came to book bt this would most likely cost a lot more points post 18th assuming they use the new travel package rates.

        Interestingly the Irish CS rep said the categories were going to map directly across so my current cat 8 would become a new cat 8.

        When I asked what would happen to cat 9 and above he said they would become cat 8 and have points refunded so no-one would lose out.

        This would be great if it’s true but seems a bit unlikely I think, especially as cat 8 doesn’t even exist until Jan.

        • Thanks Mark, did you have to make a hotel booking or is it possible just to upgrade the certificate without using it? The mapping described to you is consistent with what some have been advocating from the outset. Not long until we knos for sure.

        • BJ – wouldn’t let me reply to your message below…

          I didn’t have to make a reservation. Just called up and asked to upgrade and he knew what I was talking about and did it straight away. Took about 10 mins including wait time.

          The upgraded voucher was in my account when I checked 20mins later with a new expiry date of 15/8/2019.

          Yep we shall see very soon what happens! 🙂

        • Cheers Mark, I will upgrade one of my two tomorrow then.

      • BJ, As Mark said I didn’t want to pay more points to upgrade post 18th
        Original plan was to use for cat 9 but don’t have the points in time so settled for a cat 7.

        I didn’t get a new cert issued, my reservation actually shows daily reduced points which I think is normal for upgraded certs applied to bookings

        • Thanks Louise, after helping my partner buy a cat 1-5 package I am left with 72k Marriott rewards points. My dilemna is to use those to upgrade to a cat 7 on my package like you did or keep them for miles or hotel. If they map both old cats 6 and 7 to new cat 5 which seems likely to me I would then be hoping to get 30k points refund due to difference between old cat 6 and 7. In effect it would mean a new cat 5 for 30k points net instead of 60k points if I upgrade after 18th. Those 30k points saved could be 3 nights in a decent tourist class hotel in Asia. I think I’ll get on the phone.

        • And better still, if what Mark was told is true then I will end up with a new cat 7 🙂

  7. I’ve got 25 current offers with my BAPP card that I’ve had for 5 months. Probably took 2-3 months before I started to get a significant number of offers.

  8. OT: Anybody able to confirm yet if we get the 2500 M&M bonus points on Hilton group rewards stays paid entirely with points but with incidental on the bill?

    • Cormac McCaughey says:

      Also tried this on 3 stays – no M&M points showing

    • TGLoyalty says:

      I had a cash stay and registered for the promo but no M&S miles here either. Either they fixed the it so you can’t get points and miles anymore or something went wrong.

      I registered for the promo and have it set as preferred travel partner so can’t see what went wrong on my side

      • Presumably you are chasing it up? Don’t see why you should not get both points and miles and there is no way to opt out of points. Special miles bonuses have stacked before. Sounds to me more like they broke it than fixed it.

  9. OT: Does anyone know if bonus points are still given for adding a supp card to the new amex gold credit card>

  10. O/T re Curve just had an email they are changing my credit card to a debit card, asking if I want a personal debit card or a commercial one, anyone know the difference?

    • They didn’t ask me anything, just sent a new card and my partner got a new one as well, albeit slightly differently packed.

  11. O/T – Tried to use Tesco Pay + today for my shopping and got told they are withdrawing it as people have been committing fraud. Oddly no mention of this in articles or on Tesco website. My Avios earnings now drop from 5.4 per £1 to 4.8 🙁

    • Ah that might explain why I’m locked out and it won’t let me in even though i reset the password

    • TGLoyalty says:

      I don’t understand how you can commit fraud any easier than any other payment method.

      Surely the answer isn’t to withdraw it but to make the system more secure.

      • For the last couple of weeks we have had to have management authorisation when using the Pay+ app. The guy at our local store said some people had gained access to photographs of staff pay+ codes and were using them to get staff discounts – hence the security check at the tills.

        • You would think Tesco had a lot more to worry about than a few people getting unentitled discounts 🙂

        • Ahh I wondered what was going on – had that issue yesterday and was asked if I was a staff member! Also had to have code rescanned a few times. When I contacted their Twitter team they said it was a known issue if you had a Tesco Bank Clubcard attached and to switch to a regular Clubcard instead (they confirmed usual bonus points would still be applied).

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